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Nokia rolls out Music+ service in Spain and Portugal

Nokia Music Plus

Should you be residing in either Spain or Portugal, you'll want to check out your Lumia Windows Phones as Nokia has just hit the green button on its Music+ service. If you're into Nokia Music, you can now upgrade to take advantage of extended functionality. For just  €3.99 a month, consumers can enjoy more mixes and advanced features not available to free subscribers.

A quick recap on what's included in the Nokia Music+ monthly subscription:

  • Unlimited downloads for offline playback
  • Unlimited skips
  • Higher sound quality
  • Multi device use
  • Lyric streaming

Note that there's a free 7-day trial available. You can access the Music+ upgrade in the Settings area of the Nokia Music app, available for Lumia Windows Phones.

via: Nokia News



There are 21 comments. Sign in to comment

hub_by says:

Please make it available in Indonesia!

tissotti says:

Is Nokia Music available in Indonesia? If not then you are probably in for a long wait. 

UnnDunn says:

Nokia Music+ is AMAZING. Such a great music service. Almost makes me want to ditch my Xbox Music Pass.

greg2k says:

How well does it compare?

DJCBS says:

Going to check that. Thanks for the heads up!

chucky78 says:

That's what I'm saying. Where's Canada? I bet the CRTC has something to do with it.

the92playboy says:

Absolutely they do. They were the reason iTunes and especially Zune Pass/Music were delayed so long.

Coan says:

CRTC's still trying to figure out how they're gonna regulate the internet or deal with people complaining that someone else is offering music for free or 'free'. See also: CBC's online radio BS recently (citation: ). The music industry in canada is good for making a good case for piracy...

quinndupont says:

I would love for it to come to Canada too, but we can't really blame the CRTC (or, we can only blame them in the general sense, in which our copyright policy is challenging, and crappy)

gc8rex says:

Still nothing in Canada... Wow

waiting for Music+ in Russia! Go Nokia!

Daakkon says:

Canada please?

the92playboy says:

I have given up hope of ever seeing it in Canada.

stridley says:

Any idea when this is coming to Australia?

splash112 says:

J J J J Jessie J...

Andreas H says:

Available in Sweden as well :)

kimlo91 says:

Please make it available in Australia

Available all around Germany, guess they want to ensure it is running perfect first. All the others are beta testers ;-)

simplescheme says:

Music+ is not yet available in Germany. Think it's due to GEMA agreement.

HappyHank says:

Canada is starting to feel like a technology "have NOT" country. No Nokia Music, no Amazon Prime Video, No Skype In Canadian Phone numbers, half the Netflix library...the list goes on. Our government is asleep at the wheel when it comes to all things technology.