Tango VOIP has no current plans for Windows Phone 8 or Windows 8

Tango Video Calling

Tango, the popular VoIP and messaging app has quite a cult following in the Windows Phone community. There are a handful of you out there that prefer the app over Skype. And that’s ok, we’re about choice for the consumers. However, Tango has been absent from the Windows Phone 8 Store for quite some time and it doesn’t look like that’s about to change.

In an interview with TruTower, the Tango team spoke about their past, present, and future. Part of that future had to do with whether or not they have plans to support Windows Phone 8 or Windows 8. Here’s what they had to say:

“We’re currently watching the Windows Phone 8 / Windows 8 space very closely to see how it takes off before we commit to supporting it.”

Sorry to rain on your parade, but we might just need to wait a bit longer for Tango on our Windows Phone 8 devices. This is one of those rare moments where an app is available for Windows Phone 7.x and new users are left out.

While looking into future messaging apps on the platform, TruTower also got the dirt on whether or not we could see IMO Messenger pop up in the Windows Phone Store. IMO Messenger is another messaging service that has a following with iOS and Android users. They too are actively observing the Windows Phone 8 space, but don’t have any current plans to develop for it.

Anybody still looking forward to Tango on Windows Phone 8? Let us hear your cry below.

Source: Tango, IMO

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xrs22 says:

Yes, I like it better than Skype. Its like trying to find aftermarket parts for a new car, b-o-o-h-o-o.

deadwrong03 says:

I like Skype and oovoo better than tango id rather oovoo come over to Windows Phone

pnhd says:

well nokia sold 2 million lumias(920t, 820 and 620, not counting the 610 and 510) in china in the last 3 months and the 720 and 620 are about to be launched. so i guess they should start coding for a wp8 app. and seriously even if they ignore the phone app, why ignore the windows 8 one? it's windows ffs,it's everywhere

lerimer says:

100% agree!!!

These guys were pretty pumped when they released their app for Windows Phone 7.5. The only reason for no support for WP8 that I can think of is that the response they got in terms of usage was less than what they wanted.

rdubmu says:

Yeah, they provided no support, HTC TITAN 2 didn't work with Tango. It had an audio problem where I couldn't hear the other person. They said it was a firmware issue, yet Skype worked.

Bilal_Fakih says:

Ah who cares! Tango is on Andriod and Ios and i seriosuly never used it...Who cares Skype is way better then Tango...Thanx Tango we dont need you here 

Yeah because Skype is just so awesome on WP8

paulxxwall says:

So right Skype for wp8 is worst than the old cup n string

xpxp2002 says:

I don't understand why everyone hates Skype on Windows Phone 8? I upgraded to a Lumia 920 and I've been using Skype on it. It works great. You can receive and maintain a call while you're doing other things on the phone. Much better than Skype on Windows Phone 7.

Saying that it's much better than Skype on WP7 is like saying it's better than dog sh**. Not really much of a comparison.

Paragon99 says:

"Thanx Tango we dont need you here "
Yeah, keep up that attitude. Keep the choices for Windows Phone as narrow as possible....scratches head....

Bilal_Fakih says:

Really?! On tango! Its a stupid app that lags and crashes on the other platforms! Yes Skype needs alot of work to be great but once u initiate a call it a video call it worked fine and never crashes ! Please use Skype before u talk crap about it! The reaosn why tango has no plans for windows 8 is becuae Skype is available and I'm sure in the next updates it will be much better and no one will use it

Cyruss1989 says:

Ever tried to call a landline with Skype?


Thought so.

TMavC5 says:

What's wrong with the desktop version to handset? Mine works great...

gsquared says:

I personally agree with Bilal_Fakih. If this, or any other software developer does not want to support a particuliar platform then I'm sure someone else will. I'm not familiar with this application personally but from what I'm hearing in these comments the application does not work too well on any platform there writing for.
So, lets just get right to the meat of it. Any devs out there that do half-assed work please stay over on the Android / IOS / BB platforms. We'll gladly hold out for the real professionals.

ninny1176 says:

So what...Skype is more widely used. Anyone I know that's used Tango stops using it and goes back to Skype anyway.

paulxxwall says:

Have you tried Skype for wp8 lately? You would be complaining about no tango too

rdubmu says:

Actually video calling works great once you are actually calling. Tango provided no support for the Titan 2. Yet Skype worked on the T2

AFuentesJr says:

I don't understand why Skype is still as shitty as it is, it should be on par with FaceTime by now.

edjr07 says:

This. ^^^ when ms bought Skype I was so excited to see the integration like face time.

Shoftiel says:

Tango isnt even a blip on my radar. I would love to use skype if it got a lot better and soon! Seems so choppy to me. I have tried WeChat but not a lot of people I know use it...

aitt says:

I use Tango quite often but am forced to my Nexus7 for use which I don't always have and Skype for me personally isn't up to par. That's the problem for me. So many apps missing has me keeping Android near. But I been through before when nobody cared about Android and wrote it off as a waste of time. I love to be a part of something before its considered socially acceptable. But Windows do need both consumers and developers for it to succeed and as long as major apps are missing hinders the growth of WP to an extent.

Zeroplanetz says:

i dont understand these companies. if everyone just sits and watches it will only be natural for windows to move slowly. dont the companies get it? like pnhd said its windows. it will have the market share why not just develope it and get it done already? people want wp8 but since it lacks many certain apps and news about wait and see makes people hesitant to jump on not because its microsoft. stupid companies. AAAAARRRRGGGGGGG

Yes, the tango team has no plans and they removed most of the comments from feature request page





Not only that, they also change dates! I have follow-up emails (for the first request) from 1 year back from the same thread. Now its showing  that first post was made in September 2013!!


Here is a catch, Spotify is acquiring Tango and Google is allegedly acquiring Spotify. Which simply means, no tango for Microsoft OS after Mango.


Must be the deceiving Scroogle paying these companies.


Conspiracy theory?


Not really: Remember back in Sept/Oct 2012 Microsoft recompiled all the WP7 applications for WP8 in cloud? For advanced migration, there are whitepapers and tutorial available. Tango was available for 7.5. And when Microsoft converted it, I saw it on HTC store for first two weeks, before they revoked it. For what reason exactly? I don't believe that a .NET developer don't have few hours to spare for (yes a very very) SIMPLE migration in the whole YEAR, we are talking about few hours for a published app to support a whole ecosystem!!  Unless its intentional..

david90531 says:

Yeah I facebooked them and the just keep saying "we hope to support WP8 in the future". Sigh.....i don't see it being that difficult when they already have a wp7 app

geniophoto says:

Should support it. Windows only going to better not worse....

Don't know why anyone would use Tango when Skype is available, it is do much better.

paulxxwall says:

Skype for what wp8 ? You are kidding right?

walter1832 says:

No, he's not.  It is do much better!

bitnisse says:

I used Tango, Viber and Skype on the Lumia800. Skype had the best audio quality while the Nokia released Viber had the best UI and supported hands free over Bluetooth. Tango was left with 3rd place having poor audio and no integration. So personally i don't miss Tango on my L920.

jlynnm350z says:

We need the main stream apps to make Windows 8 phone enticing for new customers but we cannot expect to get every single mainstream app ever made. In reality we should be happy with a few for now hopefully more will jump on board later.

paulxxwall says:

Ok so no tango and literally no Skype we need something fast

afgzee says:

have you ever heard of WeChat? Free HD video calls and voice. check it out in the store

paulxxwall says:

I appreciate alternatives but all my people use mainly Skype then tango so to call all my friends all my family to download another app that they may never use any other time seems useless.

Usmcbob says:

People still use tango? Lol

ej1024 says:

Who cares.. Its shitty any ways

what the hiell, they have been telling us from november that its on the way hang on, and now we get to know that they havent even started developing yet???  f u tango.. i hope viber releases soon as they have told on they twitter that viber calls coming very soon for wp8

afgzee says:

who cares. they promised on their community an app coming soon, now they changed their mind, forget them. we have lots of alternatives like WeChat and Skype.

wechat is like shit, u need to first invite an friend and then u can call and it takes one minute to get ur call on other device so m´buggy.., in skype u cant call on other devisec when they are not online (android or ios) and my most of friends have those phones so useless right now..
Plz viber come on, i have been tweeting on viber twitter everyday one massege to bring it sooner

DJCBS says:

I don't believe it will come. They said on their FB they were not "wasting" their limited resources on WP7 (that's why the WP has so little compared with iOS or Android) let alone on WP8. I don't see that changing at least until WP gets a firm a considerable hold of the 3rd place in the mobile OS world.

The companies don't underatand that in order for people to jump on a new platform, first the developers need to make the apps, and as the OS gets traction, THEN they decide wether it's worth improving the app & services or leave it for good.You can't expect people to just buy devices & only after to create content for them.
I don't understand this hate surrounding WP8! When iOS & Android were young, all the developers jumped to create apps for them, but now that other OS have arrived, they need to analize whether it's worth it.....THIS IS JUST STUPID! People need to have choises, not developers make the choise for them.

vincemendez says:

Tango,Tango,Tango!! My kids need you, my hole family has WP 7. And I have wp8 and it sucks that I can't tango with them.

Skype works great for me, and like every other app/service on windows , its only gonna get better, funny though how people are downing those saying "who needs tango" but they themselves are downing Skype when ms is trying to get it integrated into the people hub. Why not support the platform fully instead of just saying how sh*t everything is when in reality, its not as bad as you make it out to be? Choice is good, and the same ones whining about tango will ditch it in 5 seconds once we have true Skype integration, and I bet the dev team knows this...hence why we have a wait and see..

edjr07 says:

My mom asked where tango was since she got an 8x ... Very sad..

EMajor75 says:

Tango is better than Skype to be honest! You can really tell in the picture and sound quality! Crystal clear!

mrshamoozoo says:

dont you have to pay for skype? i liked tango cuz it was free

CX1 says:

Video quality was far superior on Tango WP7 vs Skype on WP8. Call phone to phone both on Wifi and the video is unbearable 90% of time on Skype. Lucky is you get 1 fps.

wintel says:

Tango is toast.  Way to kill an App you tango folks.  SKYPE will be integrated with Office in the future and Tango will go bye-bye forever. 

abond32 says:

Voice your opinion @tangoMe on twitter. I did

Montpbm says:

I did lol... I hate Tango because they won't support but I also want it on the OS for more options.

ihavewp8 says:

Skype been giving wp many updates and been working great. I wish Skype contacts showed what people joined. So I don't have to search if the person have skype

Haxcid says:

I think I would have to say... Who cares. Tango is not instagram... I am not reading daily headlines about "OMG no Tango on WP"
I did not even know they were still around. Tried their app on android a few years ago but was not overly impressed.

link68759 says:

I liked tango because there was no offline/online status. It was like a phone, you answer the call or you don't. With Skype, if your status is set as available, then people expect that you can talk to them. If someone sees you're online then they think you're ignoring their call and might message you about it. "you there?" I just ignored your call so no, I'm not there. It is a hassle to manage my away state every time something comes up and it's just easier to have something always online, but you don't have an obligation to answer...
I guess since Skype is always logged in on PC and phone now I can achieve the same effect by just being invisible 24/7...

MediaCastleX says:

Is development of apps hard? Sad that these people are all talk and no substance...present company excluded =[

sinister1 says:

Screw you Tango! Go jump in a lake along with Instagram and Google, no one really needs you anyway.

4x4 says:

With Microsoft owning Skype, I'm almost wondering if there is any conflict here going forward with Windows Phone 8?  I could be wrong, but just a theory.  Thoughts?

arallan says:

I think Apple and Google(Android) is paying these companies 2 not support windows phone Like for example Google Pay $1 Billion to Apple for being Default Search Engine in Apple iOS every year, I don't know but may this what happens in the backstage......sorry for my bad english

Omar Salim says:

Where did you get this stats from?

IAmBay says:

Windows phone 8 really needs Tango. This shit is ridiculous

Deaconclgi says:

Sam, can you check on the status of a possible Windows Phone 8 Tango app again? The ecosystem and user base for Windows Phone 8 has greatly improved since the Tango developers made those statements.

Thank You