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Nokia releases Cinemagraph app for Windows Phone 7.x Lumias

Nokia is still evidently on a roll this week as they have just published the super fun and popular Cinemgraph app for their non-Windows Phone 8 Lumias. Coming in as version 1.0 in the Nokia Collection, the app is essentially the same as the one for its Windows Phone 8 brethren except it obviously has no Lens feature.

Cinemagraph works by taking a short video of the scene and then lets the user animate certain areas. It creates a neat effect and is a great way to blend a photo with some video qualities. Using your Nokia Account you can of course upload and share your creations to your favorite social networks.


In trying the app on our Lumia 900 we had no issues capturing a ‘graph and for all intents and purposes, it feels the same as on the Lumia 920.

You can pick up Cinemagraph for free here in the Nokia Collection.


QR: Cinemagraph 7x



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debsky318 says:

This is withh all sincerity..

Awesome Nokia. Thumbs up.
HTC learn something from them stupid people. -_-

bokchoy1 says:

Two thumbs for Nokia!

Prodigy11 says:

*Byyh, Byyh* No support for WP7.8, traitors,

sqlchicken says:

They see me trollin'...they hatin'...

jlynnm350z says:

Get Windows phone 8, it's absolutely wonderful and glorious.

CJ Thunder says:

Now my 7.8 feels more like 8. I guess getting a Lumia 900 wasn't so bad.

btbam91 says:

Downloaded on my L900! Can't wait to try it out!

backlashsid says:

Sadly Nokia apps are bifurcating the platform...i have an 8x and I wish to run this app too !!

WinFan1 says:

This is an app made by Nokia why would it be available for your 8x? This is nokias way of creating incentive for you to buy a Nokia.

backlashsid says:

Sadly you dont see the big picture..its a common platrom. I only hope this gets released for other WP just like Here Maps and Nokia Drive was.

Jnbs says:

Well next time around you should buy a Lumia instead of an HTC/Samsung device.. IMHO Nokia offers the best WP experience

theefman says:

The common problem is htc's lack of focus on their WP devices. That's not a problem for Nokia to solve.

WinFan1 says:

again this is to create incentive for nokias devices not for wp8 as a whole. why would nokia use their limited resources to create incentive for you to buy a rivals product.

backlashsid says:

yeah ur right. i guess i have to be happy with what i have. enjoy cinemagraph :)

Residing says:

backlashsid...It seems you didn't get the big picture, thus your purchase of the 8X and gnashing of teeth.

backlashsid says:

yep !! thanks for opening my eyes !

Prodigy11 says:

Well, you really should contact HTC then to do something about it.

backlashsid says:

i would have if it was my friends company :)

Jakeway says:

I wish I had the large HTC clock.....

That was going to be my reply to this comment!


Amran Nagal says:

Nokia is killing it :D

Trust1421 says:

Says "the app uses features my phone doesn't have" on Lumia 920. Wished it worked on the newer device.

WinFan1 says:

Lol? Its for the wp7.8 devices. the windows phone 8 version is in the nokia collection of the store.

windev says:

Android is to Samsung while Windows Phone 8 is to Nokia.

You can't go wrong with these two when choosing Android or WP8.

drunkard says:

I would love this app if GIF file export was an option.

Just save to SkyDrive?

awesumjon says:

Can't directly.

I have downloaded to my Lumia 900 and is funny like hell :))
THX Nokia !

Amran Nagal says:

camera extras also updated, brings smart shoot feature of windows phone 8 on windows phone 7.x devices.
I love Nokia. :D

Planblover08 says:

Wow didn't notice that. Boom Shocka Locka. Thanks Nokia

debsky318 says:

tnx mate for the tip, dowloading/updating now...
This day is awesome!

Apoc says:

This is why I never have any doubts, when buying a Nokia device. At this point, really wished MS, would just hand over the platform to Nokia!

sunnybyday says:

Why? So they make a Symbian out of WP ;)

Apoc says:

This time I feel MS would be the one to make Symbian out of WP. I know that is really not the case, but let's be honest, Nokia is doing everything for the platform, none of the other OEMs are doing anything at all(app development wise). But hopefully MS, is really working hard to really making a seamless experience over the entire W8, WP, Xbox, etc. And for God sake, would it really hurt to buy an app once and be recongized on all your devices?

Finally!!! I was actually looking forward to this! I'm a happy camper!

Planblover08 says:

Nokia is the best!

so stoked for this

scotech says:

This is brilliant. Good to see Nokia continue to support WP7 and go to the expense of porting this app. If only MS could get their act together and finish rolling out 7.8 I'll be very happy until the end of my contract.

DeacoN_Jo says:

Love You !! Love You !!!! LOVE You !!!!!!!!! NOKIA !!!...
Still so damn proud that I've never used anything besides the Wonderful Nokia handsets .

MooCoo says:

Works fine with my Lumia 800!

cypripri says:

Real shame I can't run this on lumia 610 :(

vitaliano says:

Awesome!!! Will try it my kid's 710 tonight.

raxnw says:

Great! :D

gcdc_lumia says:

been loyal to nokia ever since. and forever i will be. from my first 3310... to c2-03... to e7 .... and now this lumia. nokia all the way! THANK YOU. :)

uopjo6 says:

I'm still confused on why 7.8 users are still complaining about not being "8" enough. Seriously. It's like iPhone 4 running iOS6, you don't get all the best features, not even Siri but it's still called iOS 6. At least Nokia is honest saying you won't be getting everything. Isn't this common? 7.8 users still gets updates unlike other iOS and Android devices.

I hope Cinemagraph shuts some users up. 

zephyrwala says:

Nokia living up to their word !
I love Nokia !

zephyrwala says:

Smart shoot also updated to WP8 looks and likes

zephyrwala says:

I love my lumia 800

rohitsingh says:

Elop's singing, "We like to roll, we roll like this!!" And I am singing along. :D That's one thing I really wanted from my girlfriend's 920

sdreamer says:

Hope bluetooth share comes soon as well. Lovin' the Nokia experience :D

Xaphoon148 says:

This app is just hilariously funny :)

Dafuq, my poor 610 :(
Why nokia why!!! Ahu....

Djal Tropoje says:

Nokia you'r the best  , you kept your promised features !! Thnx u for all :)

Abhilash1212 says:

Hi i am from India, I am checking the marketplace since the news has popped up, but i dint find cinemagraph in marketplace. 

Also i am using lumia 610 WP 7.8, will the app run on it ?