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The Coffee Bean

Official app for 'The Coffee Bean' available for Windows Phone (and it's great)

American coffee chain The Coffee Bean & Tea Leaf ( has released an app for Windows Phone. The official app enables consumers to create custom beverages, including all of the signature beverages offered by the coffeehouse. As well as the customisation of drinks, the app provides a number of features that makes it a must-have for those who love coffee.

The store locator enables users to find the nearest coffeehouse. Should you be looking for a specific facility or feature, the app sports full profiles for each establishment. Such details include free WiFi, Custom Oatmeal Bar, Drive-Thru and more. It's definitely the more convenient way to locate the right coffeehouse to suit your individual requirements.

The Coffee Bean

There are also a handful of surprises included in the app experience with the ability to unlock some of the secret menu drinks through exploring the app - though it's not revealed exactly where said drinks can be unlocked.

We haven't ever personally gone to the Coffee Bean, but there are numerous locations here in NYC. Indeed, after trying this app we're going to try and frequent their establishment because to be honest, this is a nicely done app. It's fast, smooth and cleanly laid out.

Some bonus features in the app include accessing their music play list (via Nokia Music), which you can then save for offline listening and NFC tap-to-share your drink (which we think can be used for orders). It's an impressive app, to say the least.

Your move, Starbucks.

You can download The Coffee Bean from the Windows Phone Store (available in select regions only). Thanks, @EasyPeasyJD, for the tip!

QR: The Coffee Bean



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Wish there was a REAL Starbucks app (card and drink one). Then again, some devs made amazing Starbucks card apps.

adrian1338 says:

sbux card has card and store locator. everything in $ and broken rewards for england though

topleya says:

Yeah, really need Starbucks. I have to use the one on my work S3.

erasure25 says:

You can try the "My Starbucks Card" app. Allows locating sbuz and can generate a code for your Starbucks card to pay.

abhishek8605 says:

I have a question, how do you know specifically which regions certain apps are available in? I ask because most of the time they just show supported languages.

Zokudu says:

Glad to see these second party apps picking up speed. This is really where we need the most help.

Curtieson says:

I wish the coffee chain would now pick up speed.  The only one within 500 miles of me is in Michigan, and even though I go to MI a lot, the only location is in the Airport which I never visit.

chadwick611 says:

wow this joint is no where near me to bad looks nice

J4rrod says:

WP is getting official apps like crazy

AriesDog says:

From your lips to developers' ears.

AriesDog says:

Too bad. None in my state.

Cool, but never heard of them.

mtg1974 says:

Starbucks! Where are you?

dalydose says:

Wasn't Coffee Bean the company that said they were going to put Qi charging in their stores too? Sounds like they should be the official coffee chain for WinPhans.

I don't like the taste of coffee, but downloading to support, plus when I go with a friend I can order for her! :)

CJ Thunder says:

That should be on the list of special features along with WiFi. Unless they all of the Qi.

CJ Thunder says:

It does show which ones have Qi! Sweet

jabtano says:

This is one nice app....

PipoDj says:

I was surprised it works here in the Philippines and what is cool is it utilizes the HERE Locations services from Nokia. Oh i love how it gives walking directions to the nearest CBTL store. Thumbs up

UnnDunn says:

I've been going to the Coffee Bean ever since Nokia announced they'd be putting Wireless Chargers in many Coffee Bean locations.

This just gives me another incentive to go there.

Curtieson says:

So you have been going?  Are they getting the chargers installed?

jubbing says:

Why do you say 'we' haven't been to the coffee bean, like the whole WP central team hasn't been? Come on Rich, proper English please :P

someoneinwa says:

I use SBUX and I am happy to support a developer who worked to meet my needs when Starbucks wouldn't. That said, I am pleased to read about Coffee Bean & Tea Leaf because Starbucks pays attention to what its competitors do and then copies it, so it could be a further motivation to do the right thing and support the platfrom of the company on the other end of the bridge.