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Think you misplace your phone too much now? Taiwanese company creates transparent smartphone

A Taiwanese company by the name of Polytron Technologies has built a device seemingly from the future, or our dreams. Their creation is an almost completely transparent smartphone made up of smart glass with liquid crystal molecules that can display images. The result is a see-through phone, with the exception of the batteries, MicroSD card and some electronic components.

Though this protoype is not a fully functioning phone, according to the makers, one made of this material would be lighter and more durable than an iPhone 5. When powered off, the glass goes opaque, only to clear up again when powered back on. The folks over at Polytron Technologies say that opaque glass can also be put around the visible components to make the phone look bit snazzier, though I kind of like the idea of seeing all of the parts, like my old Swatch "Jellyfish" watch.

Even though this is just a prototype designed to entice OEMs, it clearly (no pun intended) demonstrates its potential for camera, speakers and expandable storage. The invisible body does nothing to inhibit functionality, though it does increase the chances of accidentally sitting on it.

Polytron Technologies expects to have a fully functional device by the end of 2013. We are excited about this to say the least. And if we were in charge of such things at Microsoft or any device manufacturer, we'd be working like gangbusters to get an exclusivity deal with Polytron.

Transparent Smartphone Prototype by Polytron Hands On Video


DSC04907 150x150 Transparent Smartphone Prototype by Polytron Hands On VideoDSC04910 150x150 Transparent Smartphone Prototype by Polytron Hands On VideoDSC04911 150x150 Transparent Smartphone Prototype by Polytron Hands On VideoDSC04914 150x150 Transparent Smartphone Prototype by Polytron Hands On Video

Source: MobileGeeks; Via: The Huffington Post



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diplomat696 says:

That's crazy cool!!!

phil2415 says:

It's not shown doing anything - how do we know it's not just a couple of pieces of glass? ;)

spcdog says:

It is just a couple pieces of glass. Also, even if this weren't a steaming pile of BS, considering that there are no transparent batteries (or other energy storage devices) it would be almost entirely pointless since the batteries are basically as big as the phone.

ps4rh says:

Correct: this is nifty, and might make for interesting desktop displays, it's useless for a phone or tablet for exactly reasons you cite: no transparent batteries of mainboards exist.

There are tranpertant batteries, they are just not perfected yet. Also, they are flexible.

borasar says:

I hope this tech comes before the transparent phone

Jean80 says:

Seen this a while ago. Same fake crap. Just two holographic images showing 0 and 1 at different angles.

Why on earth are you posting this?? It is a scame/fake.
It's nothing more than a plastic case with random parts glued to it, and a holographic film that switches between 1 and 0 depending on which angle light is passing through it.

Beshoy Hanna says:

"The clear phone, which currently is without an operating system, is lighter and more durable than an iPhone 5"

Seth Brodeur says:

That was worded terribly on my part. Fixed it.


paulheu says:

Vapourware.. No hardware in the device at all and they will have a working prototype end of year.. sure.. O and BTW, Nokia has shown a 'prototype' of a similar device about two years ago. Difference is they called it by it's name.. A mockup.

suraj.das says:

What :O no camera, no MOTHERBOARD? LOL good one!

cedarlog says:

good luck finding your phone

Tafsern says:

Good luck trying to use to glass pieces that's not a phone. 

jlynnm350z says:

I don't see it

Miesjh says:

No picture.

Prodigy11 says:

I had an invisible (transparent) calculator back in the 90's, so where is the news? :)

dinchy87 says:

I had also a invisible phone back then, but with a cord :) but its the same in some way :)

I would by it day one if it runs Windows OS, absolutely beautiful!!!!

walter1832 says:

It will go perfect with my invisibility cloak!

L2nak says:

Made me laugh, nice lol.

Planblover08 says:

Its cool but would benefit would some gain from an transparent phone? May texting and driving?

lippidp says:

No functional gain. People will just want it as they do a cyan or yellow phone, for example. That said, Sony released a phone with a clear display and it flopped.

FearL0rd says:

Apple will sue them lol

Piro.Garay says:

Probably not Apple, maybe Microsoft for using Windows... I mean glass. Lol...

Alphageek_UK says:

Too early for April Fool.

Seth, please don't post anything, EVER, again. 

Sorry but this is fuckn stupid idea lol

bramstone123 says:

These guys must be on a commission for every post they upload! What a load of crap.

Ticomfreak says:

"more durable than an iPhone 5"

That's not really saying much...

Cellus13 says:

Let me keep my colors! Besides something like this would probably get you a lifetime contract instead of a 2 year contact. Too expensive.

Sebbe138 says:

This device can also warp time and space. But the software aint installed right now.

L2nak says:

It wasn't fake, saw this a while ago.. And it's pretty cool idea. Bunch of fucking babies in this thread lmao.

ymcpa says:

Who wants to bet that if this actually becomes reality, the first thing that someone who buys this will do is put an otterbox case on it.

dinchy87 says:

Hahahaha so true :) all phones have already cases to protect the tech inside there is no need to protect the case :) so true

madmoondog says:

Oh look, vapoware that has the battery life of one video

chucky says:

Oh wow smh lol

lippidp says:

Holy crap, that's so true.

RyanDaLyon says:

The home key looked like a windows icon?????

The ZennyBoy says:

It'd be pretty funny if this thing actually did come out this year, lol.

DaveSC says:

Umm this is nothing but a plastic shell with a hologram in the middle and a couple batteries hooked up to a pcb that plays some music.
This is nowhere near a phone.
Missing: proper battery, cellular radio, wifi radio, bluetooth radio, GPS Radio, CPU, RAM, sensors, Display, etc. Basically there isn't anything in that device that makes up a phone.

ColeHarris says:

Its fake, just a couple of pieces of plastic and a holographic sticker.

morpheus1982 says:

Do people read the thread before posting? How many times are you going to repeat what others have said??

Ali Assaedi says:

i dont think its fake, the whole part of the mobile(cpu/gpu/battery etc etc,) is at the bottom(to be covered ,area)..
and we have the transparent screen(tech exists i think).. and speakers at top connected via wires at teh sides of the phone..

nothing special if u ask me :S

DavidinCT says:

Neat but, is it Android or Windows Phone 10 based ? :)

dinchy87 says:

Adn when they come to the point to ad an circuitboard and a camera they will have only the edges invisible... And they will say sh** investitor sorry we have no more money to produce this :) but it would look cool with an invisible case to see all the tech inside, like lumia 920 and their lens, baterry, antena and so on...