Developer experiences revenue improvements with Nokia Ad Exchange

Canada based Health Pack Games, the team behind titles such as Chicken Story 2 and Monster Stack 2, has been interviewed by Nokia about the company's switch to the Nokia Ad Exchange (NAX) programme. Nokia launched the developer programme late last year, which enables developers to monetise apps and games using Nokia's partnership with inneractive.

To sum up Health Pack Game's experience with NAX, the publisher has witnessed higher click-through rates, conversion rates and subsequential revenue improvements. Accumulating more than 2 million downloads, the company has also created a cross-platform social network, allowing players to track game achievements, share content and connect with other players.

It's an interesting success story. Be sure to read up the full testimonial over on the Nokia Developer Blog.



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Awesome all hail the king Nokia, plz viber come sooner than soon

CJ Thunder says:

Seriously, makes your wonder why their own os failed.

Their OS didn't fail. It was the best OS for years even IOS had to compete with it. Its just that gradually it became outdated.

CJ Thunder says:

If something isn't alive now, it is dead. Nokia failed. It isn't 2009 anymore.

BoBallistic says:

OS just wasn't as intuitive as ios android or WP that being said there a great company and love my L920

blackprince says:

I have Viber in my Nokia Collection so why don't you?

Viber is available for Nokia Lumia wp7 devices not wp8 users

Yeah, Symbian was bad but meego was actually pretty good, but since elop got the job he decided on to take windows phone, otherwise maybe Nokia had now meego as the main OS.

i love windows phone and only miss viber otherwise pretty awesome OS

hopmedic says:

I'm making far less with NAX over PubCenter ads.

rictersmith says:

hopmedic ~ you serious? I've been looking at NAX because PubCenter ads dropped revenue a lot over the last year and still remains very poor for me. Rediculously poor at least compared to what the impression rates used to be.
I was hoping that maybe swapping out to NAX might be the solution, sounds like it may not be.

joeymk says:

How much would be that?  I want to transfer to NAX but i'm not sure should i do it or not.

DarthVeda says:

I added the nokia ad and then i started seeing crashes in the inneractive namespace when it was trying write to isolated storage, removed it till i figure out why it did so, as of now sticking with MS ads and ad duplex.

seriously wpcentral. I find it unacceptable that your site, especially the comments section, functions better on chrome instead of ie10.  I cannot even edit a comment on ie10, it works fine on chrome