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Sensu Brush, an artful accessory for your Windows 8 touchscreen

Sensu Brush

One of the advantages the touchscreen on our Microsoft Surface or other Windows 8 device is the artist uses it presents. You can basically turn your Windows 8 touchscreen into an art canvass.

The Sensu Brush is a tool that can help you draw with not only a stylus point but also mimic brush strokes. It's not your run of the mill Windows 8 accessory but it can come in handy if you like dabbling with art/sketch apps.

Sensu Brush

The Sensu Brush is a two piece brush that is about 4.5" long when capped and weighs about as much as regular paint brush. The body of the brush has the stylus tip on one end a comfort grip in the center and a brush on the other end.  The cap can be placed over the stylus to give the brush a more traditional feel to it.

While my artist skills are rather lacking, the touchscreen on my Acer laptop, Surface RT and Windows Phone was very responsive to the stylus and brush. In using the Sensu Brush with Windows 8 RT apps such as Draw and InspirARTion you can feel a difference in using the brush as opposed to your fingertip. You do have to apply a little pressure when you're using the stylus to avoid skips in line draws.

Sensu Brush stylus tip

The quality of build with the Sensu Brush feels as it will hold up to use but you do have to be careful in placing the cap over the brush for storage. If you aren't careful, you can bend the bristles.  Then only real nit with construction is that the rubber comfort grip is a dust magnet.

Sensu Brush

All totaled, the Sensu Brush is a nice accessory for the artist and their Windows 8 device. The brush is currently running $39.99 and you can find it here at or directly from Sensu's website.



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I must admit, as an artist I'm curious about it for digital painting, a lot of digi / CG work is governed by the capibilities of the program and flat out user skill so I can't help but wonder how a "brush" tip on a touch screen will change things, if at all.  Luck permitting, I may be getting a win8 pro tablet this year and hopefully have a chance to try it out!

ladydias says:

Funny because I was just looking for a stylus to draw on my RT. Fingers just don't cut it for detailed artwork. I'll have to look up the apps you mentioned though it'll be hard to beat the sketchbook express app for drawing.

CX1 says:

Sadly fingers work better than most of the styli I have tested.

Bruno H says:

This is no solution!
This thing works on an iPad to and that, frankly, is all you need to know.
If it works on an iPad then its not digitzer technology but capacitive technology. As I have a Samsung windows 8 tablet at home with a digitizer, I can tell from personal experience that the difference is like night and day. Only digitzers give that exact control that you need when drawing. Everything else feels like toys in comparison... iPad toys ...

snakechia says:

I want this toy, anyone willing to gift it to me? ;)

bilzkh says:

Microsoft should come out with new styli for the Surface Pro, maybe a little kit that contains different tips? Heck, maybe produce a stylus that is also made out of the Surface's VaporMg casing, that'd look cool.


erasure25 says:

Do all capacitive stylii have to have a clumsy rubber nub? Is there nothing more pen-like? I know there is the JotPro that has the plastic disk, but I'm scared of the potential for micro scratches on that one...

Adenohedron says:

This is cool but I'm a little concerned about touch screen sensitivity. I have a zagg invisible shield on my surface and capacitive stylus don't work that well (skips around and doesn't register very well). I'm sure without the screen protector on it works fine. Anyone find a good stylus that works a screen protector?