Samsung Galaxy S4 versus Nokia Lumia 920

Quick take: Samsung Galaxy S4 versus the Nokia Lumia 920

Today here in New York, Samsung finally pulled the sheet off of the Galaxy S4, their next big flagship Android phone for 2013. Due at the end of April, the phone looks almost exactly like the S3 save a few minor differences, but it’s the guts and software that make this a killer device. It will launch on a massive 327 operators in 155 countries for complete global reach.

We’ll spare you all the details of the S4, though it does feature 2GB of RAM, an eight-core Samsung Exynos 5410 running at 1.8GHz, a triple-core PowerVR SGX 544 graphics chip with a massive 2600mAh battery. Oh yeah, it also has a swanky 5” 1080P Super AMOLED display at 440 PPI and various sensors, including Infrared gesture, temperature and humidity sensors, which while gimmicky is still really neat. Finally, it sports a 13MP rear and 2MP front camera, with some new "innovations" like two-way shot.

We briefly put it up against our Nokia Lumia 920 in a video and while this is far from a controlled “versus” battle, you can at least get an idea of how Samsung’s beast looks against Nokia’s.

Should Windows Phone and Microsoft be worried?

As much as we hate to admit it, yes. Samsung is a juggernaut right now with a lot of momentum. Just as the S3 is peaking globally they’re showing off the next version, which nicely builds off of its predecessor. For all of Android’s faults (and yes there are plenty), since the 4.2 1 update the operating system has stabilized with a more coherent feel to it.

Samsung Galaxy S4 versus Nokia Lumia 920

The problem is becoming clearer with every release: Samsung (and other Android OEMs) can out maneuver Microsoft and its partners, both for phones and new iterations of the OS (though carrier updates are a separate issue).

Don’t get us wrong, loyal readers, we’re not down on Windows Phone at all and still prefer it. But we’re not blind either to recognize that tonight, the completion just ratcheted up to a new level. And if you saw the money and determination behind the Galaxy S product line, you’d be concerned too.

Samsung Galaxy S4 versus Nokia Lumia 920

For more hands on video of the Samsung Galaxy S4 and more information, head to our sister site Android Central for all the details.

Samsung Galaxy S4 versus Nokia Lumia 920

Samsung Galaxy S4 versus Nokia Lumia 920

Samsung Galaxy S4 versus Nokia Lumia 920



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kushki says:

S4 has a bigger screen and better resolution... Higher ram and new sensors like infrared, temperature and humidity... WP cannot even catch up with s4 specs with limitations... Now I know what open sourced means... It is a good replacement for my Lumia 900 which was marked outdated by MS in just two months of purchase... It is the anger and frustration with Microsoft that is making me to switch

rmichael75 says:

Enjoy your infrared and humidity censors.
BTW other than these sensory, all the others are software gimmicks, why cant samsung send the sofware updates to SGS 3?.. and you dont complain about it.

Podunks says:

You seemed to have completely dodged to part about screen size, resolution, oh and throw in PPI for good measure. 

Plus thinner, and muuuuch lighter....

Prodigy11 says:

Nokia phones had infrared and temperature sensors in the 90's ...

badMojo69 says:

Where is my DRM for xbox video MicroShaft!  I mean WTF!  I am going to get the HTC One and keeps my 920 just in case.

mythos13 says:

As expected, an impressive phone but as with every Samsung, it will require a sturdy case. The dealbrdaker is that it will come with CarrierIQ and TouchWiz.

cannon#WP says:

Non-techies have forgotten about CarrierIQ already and techies will just root and flash a vanilla rom. Neither of those issues will stop sells.

mythos13 says:

Whenever a non-techie asks my opinion about mobile phone, I give them pros and cons for all platforms but I always list CarrierIQ as the biggest negative to Android.

travisel says:

Galaxy S3 became the ATIV S!

Galaxy S4 became ATIV S2!

cannon#WP says:

We can only hope.

larspassic says:

Exactly what I was thinking!

rmichael75 says:

i dont understand what you guys want from Samsugn. they dont care about wP and their offering as so unimpressive. if you like them so much, get a S4 and be satisfied. We have nokia releasing a ton of phones with very uniquely designed phones and you cannot appreciate it. you guys just want the andriod phones without andriod in it and the one who doesnt care about the OS. enjoy waiting for crappy phones.

jlynnm350z says:

Looks just like S3.

rmichael75 says:

Exactly. I am bored of Samsung phones. Cant they recruit a decent designer which can design new phones?

Paul Bamber says:

why do you have the 920's screen at such a low level of brightness...   it looks totally washed out compared to the Galaxy 4...   Way to make the 920 look bad...  

HIllste1 says:

Samsung treats cell phones as a core business, Microsoft treats them as a hobby. Nokia is a fantastic phone manufacturer using an out dated os. If anyone doubts the above compare updates, apps, events, and advertising between Microsoft, Samsung and Nokia and it becomes apparent that two of the businesses are invested in mobile and one isn't.

ChMar says:

Microsoft made an outstanding os and it's not for them to advertise it. It's not like you can buy an WP8 license and a install cd and install the os on any phone. So it's up to OEM to do the advertising. So MS can't advertise to people something that OEMs decide or not to bring to their phones. MS OS is the biggest investment on an OS for mobile phones. Live tiles push the boundaries not because they are cool but because of what that means. You get rid of the android background services for syncing (sucks battery keeps using data and hog down your phone especially when a new internet connection is discovered) and you move to real and I mean real push notifications. MS made a great job for developers to create new good performing apps. It's not their fault that people are lazy and unprofessional and just want the quick and dirty ways of the android.

OMGbrandon says:

Its just nasty, can't really compare.

HIllste1 says:

And fyi I love my 920, but we all know for all their faults Android flagships and iPhone 5 out feature wp8 2 to 1.

cesar ruiz1 says:

I've been reading some rumors about the Nokia eos and I think Qualcomm is holding there snapdragon 800 for windows, ain't it wierd that no OEM has it being there most powerful it holds up to 55 megapixel's. My guess is that Microsoft already took of there gloves for wp9.

rareohs says:

I love not being a fanboy anymore. After suckling incoherently on Apple's test for 5 years I finally woke up and left them for my 920.

And while I like it a lot, I am nothing but stoked to see Samsung making some awesome phones. Can't wait to see what their Tizen OS is like, and can't wait to see what Apple pulls out for iPhone 5S and iPhone 6. And yeah, excited to see how Msoft reacts and hope they can make WP truly relevant...

So many great options.

cybermoose89 says:

Im happy to wait for the next Nokia my 920 kicks arse ill just be glad when there next flagship comes in to take the thrown yet again done it ones they will do it again!

Had a Samsung galaxy nexus as my in between phone ... Wp7(omnia7)-android(SGN)- WP8(lumia 920). Although it was a nice phone, android is garbage. If you wanted to do anything then you had to get an app, with wp7/8 most if the day to day stuff is intregrated. Widgets hammer the hell out of your battery and the apps are so different from each other that I never knew where options where. Apps also had a nasty habit of downloading adverts to your phone too, either in the notification bar or your home screen.
I'm not blind to WP limitations and the things that bug the hell out of me but on the whole I prefer it... Alot more. With googles recent fun and games towards wp im very close to deleting my google accounts.
Oh and what the hell is gonna use 8 core cpu... Make project butter even more buttery? Over kill on a device will only ever get apps that use 2.
/end rant

abond32 says:

Man I hate android but the darn S4 has some super killer features. Windows phone better jump up not step up. Big leap!

rmichael75 says:

which ones are you talking about?.

abond32 says:

I don't use android or care for it.

cybermoose89 says:

They will rocket ahead soon enough Nokia number one!

LucasLumia says:

The 8 cores are 2 4cores processor, a Cortex A7 and a 15, that changes be
tween each depending on usage. Try to repeat the specs and feastures loud and it's not such a leap forward.

The problem i have is that is not gonna be any support at all in fact the S3 owners they are not going to get any updates or something more now that S4 is out ther and buying a phone each year is not posible for a lot of people right now 'cause the contracts of 2 years with the carriers , My 7.8 phone is getting updates new apps and good support thanks to Nokia , Samsung is not that good when it comes to quality compared with Nokia .... and Samsung copy nokia 920 super sentive screen and the wireless charging i have to say that s4 did not bring anything that good.........

MrA2Z says:

8 core processor, 2 GB RAM..individually they look great and people will buy it. But when combined together will it not limit the processor efficiency....

cesar ruiz1 says:

So this means that the note 3 will have octo core with lte and the s5 next year will have this years specs.

cybermoose89 says:

Far as design goes Samsung used little to no imagination to the next flagship and with all that power that 2600 battery wont last a day!


...or even 8 hours for the matter. With that 1.8Ghz processor, you'd expect a battery with more capacity.

larspassic says:

This just made me think... Samsung could make this phone into an Ativ S 2 and we are all winners...


Yeah, but since big Sammy didn't sell the ATIV S in US shores, I'd expect the same thing to happen with an ATIV S2.

mr toes says:

Im shocked by the disloyalty of some of the wp community, saying that they would jump ship for a slightly upgraded s3 that looks the same, lets face it android has improved slowly but its nowhere near as slick as wp, its just a much worse experience, we haven't even seen what nokia will counter this with yet either, lets eat popcorn and watch :)

Podunks says:

Since the only viable Windows phone 8 right now is the Lumia 920, it should not be hard to understand people jumping ship. The Lumia is ok, but a beast of a brick in the hand and pocket, and Microsoft has hindered the resolution, so the screen is out as well. Shoot even the HTC One X has a better screen...

All in all I do not see Windows Phones making a stand for awhile... With the infrequency of updates, the lack of solid choices, it is getting dismal.

Jed Cutler says:

Why whats wrong with the resolution of the L920? Can't see clearly with it?

Podunks says:

Nothing is wrong with it, but as long as Microsoft hinders the device hardware through limiting what companies can put in the devices, it will stay an almost niche OS. 

Xaphoon148 says:

Most of all, it's still Android...
Specs doesn't matter so much to me, I want a smooth UI without lag and irritation and WP on my yellow Lumia is giving that to me.
Why should I need higher resolution on my screen?? It's better than my 21" pc screen... Don't see them pixels anyway...
And photo beamer, smart shot, rest of the Nokia apps, office...
All running smooth as silk and think that updates will come :)

Zeroplanetz says:

two things, can it blend????? And does it have native office?



Zeroplanetz says:

exactly!!!! Samsung can be so called fancy but its still just cheap plastic to me.

The thing that got my attention is that some of them will come with Qi wireless charging out the box. I am hoping that will help push for wireless chargers everywhere

kushki says:

Good stuff... I think I will switch... Waited for MS ling enough and now I am frustrated... They cannot even catch up

I think gizmodo nailed it.  They didn't love it and it left them cold.  Sorry, I'm happy with my 920 and it copies much of what it does.  That's innovative?  I think not. 

WinFan1 says:

Just a bunch of gimmicks being added. And before anyone comments on how I am against advancement in technology,I own a 920 so its good. I think we like to consider the phone market a competitive market but actually phones should only really need to do 7 things imo 1)phone calls 2)text messaging 3)music player 4)camera 5)internet 6)emails 7)social networking. Everything else is just extra and not really needed.

glassran says:

Stand pat my good fellows. S4 Shmess4. This is the part where people who like numbers and the idea their phone is better excite themselves. We all know Android devices are never the sum of their parts. Until the phone works well and our competitor somehow completely sucks no one should be worried.

conanheath says:

After seeing specs and options on android, I've learned my lesson. No more small fry. No more BB and no more WP. I like the underdog but I'm sick and tired of having little to no features compared to a+a. There is a reason they dominate: They have the options people want/need and deliver product before we know we want/need it.

Another lession you should learn, be happy with what you have, don't get jealous with daily changes. I have a samsung focus (1st version) and still happy with it, and am not upgrading it anytime soon.

luizmeme says:

I'd rather buy an iPhone 5S or 6 when they come out.


Oh god, please don't defect to the dark side and turn into iSheep, iFag, etc.

Micah Dawson says:

Way to sound like a Dumbass


You don't seem to understand the the comment I replied to states that they'd prefer to buy an iPhone 5S or 6, which in no way relates to Windows Phone. Plus, the mentioning of one wanting to buy a phone running an OS that's significantly inferior to other platforms in every way except for app selection? Oh please, that just shouts "Hi, Apple rules and so does iPhone! All other phones suck ass!".

Really though, if you still have that nagging desire to try and provoke my nonexistent anger, consider another way instead to calling me a "Dumbass", which is an ignorant way to start an argument. Is there any way for you to scientifically prove that I am yet a "Dumbass"?

Dare2Blink says:

From the little we know about the 928 im willing to bet its already better than the S4 because it will have a better camera (complete with xenon flash) better design and build quality. I could not care less about 8 cores until there are actually any apps that make proper use of it. To call that infrared sensor a mini Kinect is a joke unless it does much more than useless gesturing while web browsing ( something that nobody will do because its much easier and more precise to actually touch the screen) the improved voice recognition is the only thing that I applaud and I hope Microsoft caches up in this aspect quickly.

tlegend2012 says:

This device will wipe IPhone... I think it will hurt it badly!

lubbalots says:

The HTC One is dead. Wp9 better pack something spectacular. Tiles I think need to be more live than ever. For example, allowing tiles to play videos. No matter what I still favor WP for its beauty and ease of use.

procen says:

Same here WP tiles has arts.

cybermoose89 says:

My bets are still on wp and Nokia no matter what they dish out there going to top Samsung!

procen says:

+! Nokia innovates. Samshit copies and without Android they could have not made it.

LucasLumia says:

It seems as Samsung is trying to get rid of Google Apps in their phones. They're making new apps so that, when they release Tizen OS, people choose Samsung (and it's OS) over Android. Also the Galaxy S4 processor is for battery saving, it isn't octa-core, even though the clock is somewhat faster and the graphics are better. It was more about the services. I also liked the temperature and humidity sensor, it's a nice touch.

dula714 says:

It is your turn Nokia. :D

procen says:

I have four Aces your move :-P

cybermoose89 says:

Im loyal to wp and Nokia no way would i go for that piece of crap my 920 amazing i used it last night at a metal rock gig band called Wednesday 13 the photos and 1080p recording on my 920 were fantastic!

theflew says:

In the end I feel sorry for HTC.  WP is finally starting to move and most of the sales are going to Nokia.  For people that love Android the S4 is going to be the phone to get without question.  If you're an iPhone fan you'll wait until the 5S/6 comes out and you have B10 devices out there as well. 
Where does this leave HTC? Sony and LG have their hands in a lot of pots so this isn't the end of the world for them.

wpbazaar says:

the declining manufacturers aren't bringing their own customizations, apps or cloudservices. if HTC aren't going to make their own goodies then they need partners to complement their cool hardware

cybermoose89 says: this i recorded on the 920 bare in mind i was fighting to stay still ! Lol

procen says:

That looks great!

dula714 says:

I sense that Nokia will have Snapdragon S800 and 1080p display screen for the next generation of Lumia flagships. S800 means USB 3 support and wifi ac support. I cannot wait for the next generation of Lumia flagship phone.

cybermoose89 says:

Sounds good to me if it kicks samsungs arse again then im happy bunch of smug buggers the lot of em lol

Podunks says:

As far as I know Microsoft has barred WP8 at 1280x768 so it doesnt matter, it will hinder the device. 

WinFan1 says:

Podunks you seem so negative

rmichael75 says:

Guys, All they have added is a bigger screen a better processor. and some soft ware gimmick.. Will they allow SGS 3 to get the software gimmicks?. If not why not?. We keep complaining that this is not available here and there.. .why are pple not complaining.

ferazzz1985 says:

Sticking with my 920. Not that impressed and I'm sure that our 920 camera will still reign supreme. Love wp8 and waiting for next generation of lumias.

gandhule says:

Spec race over usability? Smartphone must have become status symbol instead of productivity tool.

WinFan1 says:

^^^^^^ THIS!!!!

giffis says:

S4 copied everything from other platforms and packed and presented very nicely. Google itself will doubt android is their product or Samsung’s. Hope all the features work without any crash. I think it is pretty easy to Microsoft to beat this. S4 has only 2 additional feature than Lumia 920. And Lumia/WP has so many features already integrated which people use daily. But Apple and Motorola had a lot to catch up.

Dratwister says:

Can we officially say that Android and its apps require more than a desktop OS right now? I don't even think my desktop, which run W7, has that spec @.@... For god sake, it's a smartphone.

Regardless of the specs, design, horsepower or innovations, its not windows phone which means its not for me. I love my Nokia and I love the windows OS, and more and more people will realize that the WAY your phone works is far more important than how much your phone is capable of.

hary536 says:

Scrolling using your hands is hardly of any use except the cases which they mentioned in the presentation which doesn't happen often. 
It looked such a slow scrolling compared to natural finger scrolling.

Chris_Kez says:

I just don't find the S3 or S4 the least bit attractive. That said, the internals are compelling.

I am a huge Nokia fan but for me, them being able to do a world wide roll out is impressive. I mean Nokia took almost four months to bring their phones to India. Which is ironic considering how much money they make here. Heck, their entire line up of Asha phones is because of Indian market.

rmichael75 says:

when you have a phone which is almost similiar to its predecessor with some upgrades, why do you think it will take time?. these is nothing ground breaking. OIS is ground breaking.
Also when the audiance will buy any crap you give, you can cooly produce how much ever you want with the tons of money you have.
NOKIA is cash strapped and does not have that luxury. If they had gone andriod may be crazy guys will buy those and they will be better.

Montpbm says:

Yes they should be worried..

rattown says:

I don't think I see the S4 in the same light as you do. I mean S translator ... we've had it on windows phone since forever.... using gloves ..... 920 .... taking people out of images .... 920 ....
Octa core .... my battery on the 920 already dies fast enough with a snapdragon dual core ..... I'd hate to imagine how fast the battery would die if you actually needed to run something that requires 8 cores.
the only thing that made me go ... oh .... I could do with some of that .... is the 1080p display, but if thats all thats changed I can live with my 920s screen and enjoy windows phone.
then you have the fact that not everything was announced, like the wireless charging capabilities, but then again the fact that operators can choose to remove it's wireless charging capabilities sucks.
I don't know.... for a next gen phone, I am not as aww struck as to say, "the completion just ratcheted up to a new level".

Le Huy says:

The man who used Air Gesture look like he was catching a fly.

pookiewood says:

I'd leave WP for Android only for HTC. That would be after my 2 years is up with my Lumia 920 and if Nokia is still WP and releases the something better. Also After looking at Canonical. Then I would Go Android with an HTC phone.

The great thing in s4specs is samsung uses its own cpu, so qualcomm supply constraint is not a problem with other phone makers including nokia, supposely a small player these days and might not treated as fair. Qualcomm s4 quad core 600/800 is more than enough for mobile apps.

Yangstax says:

The S4 specs would probably pressure Nokia to upgrade their Catwalk or EOS specs.  The competion is good for all.  I'm patiently waiting for the EOS model.

Ecurb87 says:

Should WP & MS be worried? I thought they already were? Anyway, S4 is impressive just like the HTC One, but I'm all in with WP. I don't see how leaving the OS will help it reach the level Android currently is. I'll just grit my teeth, wait patiently and one day I'll be able to say "I told you WP was the ish".

If that Imate comes out with windows 8 then windows phone 8 would be a waste of money just have to wait till Nokia make a real windows 8 phone running windows 8 and not windows phone 8

uopjo6 says:

"Here's how it goes guys. Tweak a millimeter of everything, bump the specs just a bit, oh change the 3 dots above the screen to 4, ok increase the screen size just to 4.99, not 5 coz that'll look too overwhelming, keep everything else cos it's selling. One more, maybe add a bit of the S2 elements to it so it 'looks' a bit different. Call it the S4. Oh sh*t one more, market it as high-grade plastic aight? Fans will be all over this."

- Samsung Executive

Micah Dawson says:

I am not impressed with this at all. I personally think HTC one phone is much better and deserves more recognition than what the s4 is likely to get.

reloaded17 says:

Agreed. HTC One looks to be all around a better android experience. SAMSUNG just has the $$ to advertise the hell out of this phone.

theefman says:

No matter how we would like to diss the S4 the more pertinent question is will Microsoft finally wake up and make WP truly competitive? Not all this half assed stuff we have like no easy playlist creation on the phone or no access to our Xbox video purchases. If they don't get their act together and give WP some real selling point beyond tiles then it doesn't matter if the S4 is made of plastic or has no new design, WP will continue to flounder and eventually might just as well be non existent.

b- says:

Just seeing infobar UI and how similar it is to WP but so much more advanced shows how slow MS is. Small tiles being biggest change in idk how long to MSs metro UI, sucks.

reloaded17 says:

Its butt-ugly next to the Lumia! All function, no style. Its like having the guts of a Mercedes in the body of a Honda Civic. The U.I. is still chaotic, mixing widgets and icons, blah blah blah...

ej1024 says:

No thanks...

reloaded17 says:

They add features to add bullet points to their advertising specs. None of these new features, while cool, are really gamechangers. It still comes out to phone with tons of functions, no style. If that's what you want, there you have it.

ej1024 says:

If I was an android fan.. I will buy the the HTC one...but with nokia its just feels right.. So good luck to crapsung lovers

saulgould13 says:

S4 on some serious Droidz!!..

Here in the US, Samsung wil be using a Qualcomm Quad Core Snapdragon 600 or 800 CPU/Chipset, at 1.9 Ghz.

phatboy66 says:

Touch wiz is so ugly

snakechia says:

You need a Oct core to power the phone?
Don't you guys feel that, that is totally bullshit?

Podunks says:

I undertsand this is a windows phone site, but the amount of people blinded by OS sides it astounding...
I mean really, the biggest refresh to Windows phones since 7 was resizable tiles, and kids corner? When will Microsoft decide to go big, also allow WP8 device makers to go above the 1280x768 resolution it caps them at... Open up developement etc... Shoot how many apps are we missing out on because we are stuck with internet explorer, no flash, no dev access to the phones guts... It is quite sad. 

Well said.  Microsoft *needs* to open up development.
Most of the missing features in WP8, would have likely already been covered by third party applications, if Microsoft had allowed more developer access.

Podunks says:

Exactly, we would have had a lot of these things in WP7 phones, which would have meant WP8 could have actually been an OS update, and not a WP7.5 update. 

joeynox says:

Look at all that lost screen space n the Nokia compared to the s4. Its ridiculous that on the top.and sides wp8 doesn't use the whole screen .also the large black area where the buttons are has to be trimmed. It looks horrible. I wish Nokia used something other than wp8 for their devices. The lumias would be much better

Clodderes says:

Meaning your dislike regarding the OS cloud your judgment, how come different OS can make you like the hardware more if not because of that.

Xaphoon148 says:

That's one ugly phone...

RenatoFontes says:

I really like that you were honest and humble about your opinion. I wish Microsoft could do the same. 

Clodderes says:

S4 is a great gadget. And the software from Samsung also very good. I think Nokia need to keep up with the innovation

forked says:

The only thing I think Nokia needs to take away from Samsung's approach is releasing their top of the line phone unmodified, simultaneously across carriers.  Coming up with something catchier than '920' or some other numeric designation would help too.

MDboyz says:

After watching the releasing of Samsung S4, now I only need to see the iPhone 5S.  I don't know about you, but I have the feeling that Nokia will make the statement with next release.  It's time for Nokia to move up again, because they can delivery new innovations.

Davis Allie says:

I'll agree that the S4 does sound nice on paper but how much of it is really needed? 5 inch screen with 440PPI - even at 320PPI the human eye can't distinguish individual pixels so why the need for 1080p? 8 core processor - I have never experienced any lag on my 8X and that only has a simple dual core (OS stabilisation means a lot). 3 core GPU - why? I have never had any graphically intensive games lag on my 8X, if people are playing games so intensive that they need a triple core GPU, they just need to play on a computer/console because that game should not exist as a mobile app. 13mp camera - we clearly know now that megapixels aren't everything, the HTC One only has 4 but it makes up for that with its great sensors, the Lumia 920 as well only has 8mp but has amazing low-light performance. Massive 2,600maH battery - sounds good but is completely neccessary for a phone that powerful if it wants to have a decent battery life. Finally there's the design - I know from the iPhone 4S to the 5 was a pretty pathetic update for a lot of people but at least you can easily tell the difference between them. To be honest when I saw the first leaked photos of the S4 I thought it was an S3 and when it's actually released, from a distance people aren't going to be able to tell really easily whether it's an S3 or an S4. Oh and wireless charging? The S4 might have it but I sure haven't seen it anywhere...

wizzackr says:

Couldn't agree more, well put.

Siren33 says:

used to be a big wp supporter until i got a 620..Its not the apps but the basic os functionalities that i auto rotate task manager or file explorer..yes one might argue that you don't need these things but I certainly do..on top of that there's no mkv support...heck not even a third party media player that can play mkvs. again i can convert them to mp4 but who has got that kind of time..overall not happy...this OS definitely needs more work..

Shimmy Adler says:

the lumia 920 successor is supposedly going to have, a 1080p full HD screen, be completely waterproof(not just water resistant) have some sort of solar screen, that is supposed to increase battery life up to an additional 20%, and have a camera experiance much closer to the 808, if all these things come true, people will indeed be climbing over themselves to get nokia's this fall, as one of the executives's hoping

Luminatic says:

I guess in this spec-hungry world, yes, WP has to worry. Most users don't buy a new smartphone using rational thoughts and proper evaluation (= do I really really need this feature and will the specs really make my personal user experience better), they buy emotionally.

FunGuy13 says:

These phones are just getting too big for me. A 4.5" screen is really the biggest I want on my phone. If I need a bigger screen I will use a tablet.

mshaw2k says:

Why don't they spec a wp8 like that. Gimmics n all.

gandhule says:

Nokia, please take pureview phase one, OIS, big battery, wireless charging and dont forget to sculpt a nicely designed body because its going to be big and thick. Slap them altogether and I'll buy it no matter how heavy and costly it will be

wizzackr says:

To me it's all about the display: I wish Nokia had a 4.8" display. I know it's personal preference, but whenever I see someone on the tube with an s3 I find myself wanting a bigger screen... And 720p on 4.8 would definitely suffice if you ad me.

ChMar says:

The specs battle is running unopposed. In desktop space software demands better cpu do to more. On smartphone oems advertise their new brand cpu that is not utilised just to drive sells. And people they are the other problem. Instead of using some money to augment their devices to their needs buy buying apps they spend their money buying new phones with more powerfull cpus that won't be used

myjota says:

Lumia 920 much nicer.

Mhe She says:

With such rapid hardware upgrades in Android, Microsoft and Nokia simply cannot compete. They are doing the next smart thing! They are focussing on the mid-end phones in India and China and low-end phones in Africa.
With Lumia 520, 620, 720, and 820, they can target most of the Europe, Asia and Africa and get some sales. There is no way they can compete with Samsung or Android in the Developed world.
As an example, Lumia 920 in India costs almost the same as the latest Android phones like Xperia Z!

MrUniq says:

Love WP. Put down my Gnex for an 8x...but the S4 is giving me second thoughts. I owned a Trophy before the Nexus. MS moves too slow. Like someone said WP is still lacking core features like notification hub and file management. I love the stability but eventually Android will catch up...then I'll never have a reason to remain with Windows Phone. I don't think MS is serious about mobile...they are distracted by their core businesses. They should quit chasing apple and worry more about Samsung. Its not acceptable to be at feature parity with just the iPhone anymore.

ChMar says:

MS is involved in the mobile bussiness. Just because oems don't feature more powerfull phones is because they don't have to. As for feature parity there will be a notification center in WP too and it's better that it is not in the current incarnation. Devs have not made their apps wp8 ready and giving more feature will just create more havok in the ecosystem. As for the file management I presume they will choose the windows 8 way so any app can be a file system provider. But you need to give time to developpers to chew and get used to the platform. In this state the live tile and the way they were suppose to work is not understood. Whatsapp is using clumsy background audio hacks. And you cant say whatsapp do not have money at their disposal. It's just that mobile devs are so used to write crap for android that they are too lazy to write good code for wp platform. And I include skype developers here too

cybermoose89 says:

There doing that at for now dude and will compete soon enough !

I have buy Nokia Lumia 920 yellow (4 days) and today i sent back because Always Frozen. :(   So no way for me again WP8 (the nokia lumia 920 is perfect phone but OS WP8 crash anytime). shame Microsoft and Nokia.
And this is the reason for low % worldwide.

Mobile phone is almost mature and not much gains that are actually valueable to consumers. Smart pause, smart scroll... are just for kids to show off, they won't change the way people are used to handle their phones. MS + Nokia should better off come up with something more useable, connecting people better.

lemonsteveo says:

Most tech blogs weren't really wowed by it including Gizmodo:
Windows Phone needs more features software wise not hardware.  1080P? I rather have a longer lasting phone.  Design wise, many fanboys were hoping the leaks were just prototypes and that Samsung had some ultra secret new design...
Microsoft/Nokia actually have some breathing room to up their game now.

Great link...summed up here... When flicking between screens, opening apps, and taking photos there was clear lag on the Galaxy S IV, whereas everything was almost instantaneous on the One. To be fair, this wasn't the final production version of the S IV, and who knows which processor was in the model I had. There's a chance it'll be faster at already lags!

But even purely from a design perspective, the One absolutely crushes the S IV. When you pick up the One, you feel like you're holding something amazing, both in the build and the screen. When you pick up the S IV, you feel like you're holding an S III with a few extra bells and whistles...lmao for once I am rooting for HTC to take Samsung down a peg

CommonBlob says:

This is clever. They have an 8 core that the OS Cannot use. As it flips between 2 four cores. Engadget said performance was worse than the HTC One. Touchwiz is also crap. I'd rather have a nexus 4, or get cyanogenmod on there.
As usual it will sell in droves because people have no intelligence to go out there and try devices. They just buy what some douche tells them to buy.

bigbosseby says:

People who have recently purchased galaxy may not throw it away and buy an S4 simply for eye scrolling or a picture in picture feature. The next billion smart phone buyers are budget conscious buyers. That's where Lumia 520,620 and 720 is going to win. Nokia and Microsoft just have to keep up their good work.

Wevenhuis says:

Smooth ui and upgraded specs is only part of the story. Currently Im getting the feeling that Samsung is delivering powerful standalone hardware. But Im noy getting a Samsung love feeling. Its seems ti be het anither product and the previous already seems yesterdays news. Nokia on the other hand is giving a feeling of support with more relevant apps, recently acties the Windows phone ecosystem and truing to integrate it with the Windows 8 platform. Dure Windows phonr could improve on specs, but its the ecosystem that makes me stick with Nokia.

leonkehoe says:

Android is a mess in so many ways. The restrictions Microsoft impose result in the consistency of the OS and its apps that so many of us enjoy. Windows Phone is control, Android is anarchy.

CobraJ82 says:

S4 looks good love the 5" screen, but!, i only see white and black with the S4, my Nokia 920 Red is still better :)

namikral says:

lumia 920 looks like an oudated brick next to the s4. i hate samsung phones with the cheap plastic and the shapes but i will give them all the credit for increasing the screen size while decreasing the bezel which give it a lot of advanatages and makes it look great. nokia has too many bezels which makes it looks really funny and cheap with all that wasted area...

RN50 says:

It does make me think that my lumia 920 could do with being on a diet.
Hopefully the next Lumia flagship is alot thinner and weighs slightly less.

Jed Cutler says:

Hell I'd even take a bnew HD2 over the S4. I loved WM6.5! Felt really like a mobile PC for me.

wpbazaar says:

jeez what a load of short sighted anxiety in this article. wp needs market share before it can throw its weight around at the top level, and Nokia is proving to be a superb partner, selling tons of excellent product at keen prices into vast developing markets while also releasing a headline grabbing high end model that every new phone gets compared against, AND doing what they can to address platform/app shortcomings. the s3 was not an overnight success, it was completely dependent on a critical mass of android market share as its launch pad, and the same is true of the s4. I won't be willing to declare the war lost until wp plateaus at a less than sustainable market share for several years

Well said, my thoughts exactly.  I'm not feeling the S3/S4 design of the phone.  Sure the specs might be nice but with the L920 I'm not feeling any envy.  I rather have the Sony Xperia release on W8P platform.  Now that is one beautful looking phone.

S G says:

Same boring, plastic design. The functionality is decent, but really nothing earth-shattering. What is most concerning is the amount of money they are willing to spend to promote it. Then again they will do what they always do, copy everyone else...

Samsung really can not build a quality phone. I picked one up the other day, the s3 and i hoenstly couldnt get over how cheap it feels in the hand, not only that but it feels really flimsy, not durable at all and thats backed up by the stories of randomly cracking plastic which can occur even if the phone is being gripped in the ahnd. HTC know how to build a quality phone, as do Nokia. Samsung, no chance. The S4 looks way too similar to the S3.

That is all.
No actually. Nice try Samsung.

Dethzilla says:

recognize that tonight, the completion just ratcheted up to a new level.

Dethzilla says:

People continue to knock Android but the thing is.. the Operating System has come a long way.  I think Windows Phone was more polished when it was first released but it had predecessors that had pretty much pioneered the user experience that people had come to expect.
I have a Nexus 7 Tablet and it's pretty bad ass.  Android 4.0 was a muturing of their platform.  They had a simple operating system prior to that that was able to be placed on many different devices and people were buying them.  They didn't limit themselves to phones either.  Now, they're a leader in the Market.  
Microsoft is really limiting themselves by making such a drastic change and I know something different had to be done because they just weren't as profitable.  I'm hoping the platform doesn't die on a vine... but rest assured when Samsung makes the switch to they're own operating system... it will be they're downfall.

S G says:

Samsung is not remotely committed to Windows Phone, they only did it so they could say they have one available.  When i was in their store in HK, they were actively recommending away from it to Android.

Mroofie says:

This feels like an android commercial and Nokia bashing wow why don't they call it androidwpcentral ??

Nakazul says:

327 operators says it all, end of discussion. What can Nokia be on, 30?

treetownal says:

Reading the number of people here arguing against putting better specs, better resolutions and more features in windows phones really makes me wonder whether I'm on the right platform.  
I want bleeding edge technology, not "sufficient" or "good enough" and I don't want a company telling me higher resolutions or more advanced processors aren't necessary.  I want them.  That's enough.  Put them in your phones or I will move on.  

sdreamer says:

There are a lot of consumer forward features there that really make the S4 unique. The face tracking knowing if your looking at the phone and how you're oriented to your phone is really thinking forward. Then there's also the hover touch, while not new, will get known from thus device, and again consumer forward thinking. It seems like the S4 is what the S3 should have been. I think Microsoft needs to open up the OS more so Nokia can have more phone making features like this too. We've seen it with the super sensitive screen, now they just need to up it one more time this year; don't just focus on the camera, but the overall package now.

iHuGi says:

Iphone 5 is alot better than the shitty Phones Samsung is bringing to the Market. And Iphone 55 will beat the crap out fo Galaxy S4 it wont even be funny. The Only reason Samsung sells more Phones than Apple is because they have Phones at 49$.
Nokia has the most beautiful Phones in my Opinion, Those Lumias are jaw dropping beautiful.

uselessrobot says:

Ehhh... This was inevitable. The Lumia 920 is running on the same hardware as the Galaxy S3 having adopted it towards the end of it's lifecycle. Same as the Blackberry Z10, except that they're even further behind in the hardware game.

The fact is that this is all incremental and reminiscent of the CPU clock-speed wars of the 90s. Except that back then if you were crazy you could spend $2000 on the fastest CPU on the market. That isn't possible today. So the Galaxy S4 will be the head of the pack for a few months, and by the end of the year, or early next year, there will be a Windows phone running the same hardware. And either way, it isn't going to be a huge leap for anything but benchmarking tests. With the resolution increases they'll be just above parity.

What matters is the OS and software. In this Apple still has the edge, at least in terms of perception. They could copy Windows Phone wholesale and take all the credit like they invented the interface. Based on what I'm seeing in the press, where critics feel the incremental updates to the Galaxy S4 are a disappointment, the incremental updates to the iPhone 5 meant the best iPhone ever.

bilzkh says:

The premium smartphone market is saturated to hell with Samsung's Galaxy S3 and S4, HTC One, Sony Xperia Z, not to mention iPhone and Blackberry Z/Q10. There is barely anything Nokia or even Microsoft do to penetrate this market, even if they put out a beast of a super phone, they'll barely be able to scratch the surface.
But it doesn't matter. As good as Android is when paired with the right hardware, it's not that great of an experience on mid and low-end hardware. These are the only markets where Windows Phone and Nokia in particular have a real advantage against the likes of Samsung. This is where we're most likely to see market share and user base growth, and where Windows Phone devices stand out rather well (e.g. Lumia 620 and 720).
Microsoft needs to be more aggressive and prompt with keeping the OS up-to-date, and Nokia needs to aggressively focus on bringing Windows Phone to even lower price-points, e.g. <$150. Sure, keep two premium models with one of them as a flagsip showcasing the newest/best technology, but be mindful that those devices aren't going to be shaking ground.

ihavewp8 says:

I saw s4 video and 1 feature I saw a copycat of wearing the gloves similar to 920. Yes I love the other features s4 have but having a 5 inch is way to big. I still prefer a 4 or 4.3 inch size. No matter how cool features s4 have I still prefer 920 and still prefer user interface of 920 over boring icons of s4.

lovebill says:

 Who needs slimmer and lighter design, true HD 1080p, 8 cores instead of two, 2 gigabyte of memory instead of one? I jjust say screw them. I'm happy with my Nokia 800. Its  so much cuter.  Screw instagram, screw vine, youtube etc.  Long Live WP. 

DavidinCT says:

Biggest issue here is, Every carrier in the US will have the S4 but, only AT&T has the Luima 920.... and it was the same with the 900....
and MAYBE Verizon will get a so called 928 but, nothing but rumors at this point and no one really knows the specs yet....

gcdc_lumia says:

lol. definitely just like S3. rubbish and cheap looking. any phone with chrome on it looks like a potential fake phone to me.
i never liked the OS eversince. so i dont care.

armagezon says:

I think, nevertheless, that those who have to worry the most are the other android makers and apple. 

myjota says:

Microsoft must todo more than wp8. Better music hub albums manegment not good. Tellme sucks. Web browsing there something are missing, element of mobile browsing. And more more

Just because you cant buy an S4 because you have JUST bought a Lumia dosent make S4 lame, in any way. Let the sales talk later this year.

mateole17 says:

I hate to admit it but I feel like I'm being pulled to the darkside. Same dimensions as my 920 but half the thickness and a 5inch 1080p display looks pretty good. Not to mention a lot of the "gimmicky" software upgrades actually look pretty nice. Why won't Microsoft innovavte with WP!? After 3 Windows Phones (Focus, Titan, 920) it's hard not to be getting bored with the operating system. The only thing that is really new since the first round is tile size.

tomatoes11 says:

I still can't get over how fricking HUGE the L920 is. I mean the GS4 is an engineering feat to cram a 5 inch 1080p display into a body no bigger than a 4.7 inch phone and at 7.9mm thinness to boot. But the catwalk better be a lot smaller if the screen is only 4.5 inches.
I was a huge Lumia 800 fan but they really screwed up the sizing of both the L900 and L920. I would have purchased the 920 if it wasn't a brick.

terchoo says:

No doubt S4 is very Brilliant Hardware wise....Because this is Samsung NEEDs
if they will not use Q-Core processor no will buy there Phones. Just look at behind when S1 came then S2..every time most of the time SAMSUNG's PROCESSOR was changed because of ANDROID OS. they produced WP Ative S look at hardware because Windows Phone OS no need such BIG hardware.
Google need real WORK on their Andriod.

Jazmac says:

I'm just tired.
I know the WP OS is smooth. It runs its apps smoothly.
I like Windows Phone. Its safe. It doesn't take risks. Live tiles? Great stuff.
But what I want and I think we all want what IOS has. Not IOS but an OS that is fearless. We want what Android has. Not android but an OS that is FEARLESS and BOLD.  
I don't want to watch another demo of Belfiore's kids and him talking about how the kids can't get to the important stuff on his phone. I'm the parent. Kids can't play with my phone unless I give permission. PERIOD.
Why didn't we get notification in Windows Phone 8? We expected it in WP7, hoped to get it with Mango in WP 7.5 Sure to see it in WP 8. But no notification.   "We  ran out of time"? Seriously?  That's the excuse?  BS! 
We could get a room for kids on the phone  "IN TIME" but not notification?  What happened to official Pandora first quarter 2013? What of the official FoodSpotting app for Windows Phone 8? They had a developer working with MS on that but suddenly, he's gone. Something is mad wrong.
I don't want to see another WP demo from Joe Belfiore telling me about possibilities. Show me proof of concept and killer code in practice I can use. 
Big woop. I can send pics to Facebook with lightning speed. Yay. But we are in 5 months into Windows Phone 8. That was WP 7. I'm not impressed by that anymore.
I don't even care about the next NEW promise with code name "Blue" whatever that is.  I see it as more dragging of one's feet.
No more hobby. No more beta test. No more BS. 
Make WP a reality Microsoft or give the reigns over to Nokia and get over this chatter about fragmentation.
I'm not an impatient man, but I do get tired.
I'm tired.

tyk7733 says:

The s4 is all specs my Lumia 810 would probably kill it in everyday tasks.

For a minute I thought I was on android central. But it's hard not to feel that way with the love fest that happens with ever new android phone released.  Man, where is the love for wp8. 

Cosmin Reti says:

Where is the love ? Where is WP8 ? Where is Microsoft Surface ? Only o few countries have Nokia, look at Samsung S4, launching in 133 countries and 165 carriers all ready to sell, promote, do whaterver to mae a profit of it. Microsoft is not ready to make money with windows 8, no matter the form. Not enough touch screen notebooks on stores, Surface available only in few, very few countries, Windows RT a poor experince, Windows Phone 8 really coool, but no promotions in many countries, nobody here about nokia htc etc with WP8 in east europe, Nokia 920 appear on Vodafone last week, 5 month after release, hidden somewhere on vodafone website. I have never seen such a poor marketing from Microsoft as i see with windows 8. After 5 month from launch i haven't seen a surface tablet, and i sell a lot of microsoft software, next week i go to a presentation maybe i'll see one. Right now there are not selling any wp8 or tablet through any reseler.

The sales numbers won't lie and this phone will probably be as popular as pizza in a frat house. I'm sure the "octo-quadra super extra deluxe" cpu runs Android (and whatever else Samsung has thrown on top) just fine. I just like the look and feel of the 920...subjective I know but one man's "brick" is another man's sculpted art.

John Korondy says:

Great phone -- BUT... It crashes several times a day and I am unable to get the new firmware. My Lumia 920 (open phone) is on the Vodafone network in Hungary. Nokia tells me see my network provider. Vodafone does not have the Lumia 920 here yet, so no firmware. Grrrrrr. Do NOT buy the Lumia 920 unless you can get the latest firmware!!! The nearest warranty service is conveniently located on the other side of the planet, in the Philippines -- no global warranty like with the iPhone. THIS SUCKS!!!!!