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Deal alert: Get any major Windows Phone 8 device for $30 on Rogers

Windows Phone 8 Devices

Canada is the land of moose, hockey, and maple syrup. You can now add crazy low prices for select Windows Phone 8 devices on mobile carrier Roger. We just got an email from a rep letting us know that right now you can pick up an HTC 8X, Lumia 920, or Ativ S at some crazy low prices.

Our friend within Rogers let us know about this current deal. It’s too good to pass up, so check it out. All Windows Phone 8 devices are now available on 2 year deals without internet at the following prices:

HTC 8X 8GB - $0 / 2 years

HTC 8X 16GB - $29.99 / 2 years

Nokia Lumia 920 - $29.99 / 2 years

Samsung Ativ S - $29.99 / 2 years       

There you have it. If you or a friend/family member were about to jump on board Rogers and wanted a new Windows Phone 8 device you’ve got a fairly impressive deal to check out. With all the flagship Windows Phone 8 device from each OEM available for a cool thirty dollars I’d have a tough time deciding which I wanted. Go take advantage of this!

Thanks for the tip Kevin!



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2 years? Nah, change that to 3. No way Rogers would subsidize that much for 2 years. You pay full price minus 100 bucks for a 2 year contract with Rogers.

This is the land of moose, hockey and price gouging mobile carriers

Sam Sabri says:

And British Columbia. I need to hike the West Coast Trail. 

apocacrux says:

My thoughts exactly.

KQ17 says:

On new activations, plans without internet are maxed at 2 years and 3 years with it. If you upgrade, it's 3 years.

I guess the question is then, who gets a smartphone with no data?

dreamfly says:

I have been using smartphones since the mortorola mpx220, that's 2004 and have not have a need for a data plan. I am paying $10 a month as part of a grandfathered family plan.

schlubadub says:

I could probably get rid of my data plan... I use WiFi 95% of the time. But at $5/month I might as well keep it ;)

Kevin M gave the tip? :)

Sam Sabri says:

Nah, a different Canadian Kevin. 

Link or source? Everything on points to a 3 year contract, not 2

Sam Sabri says:

Sorry no, a store rep told us about it. Nothing to link to.

KQ17 says:

On new activations, plans without internet are maxed at 2 years and 3 years with it. If you upgrade, it's 3 years.

mythos13 says:

I will have to find out about that. I just ordered a yellow 920 from them but I was planing on buying it outright for $599. But if they really are going to offer it on a 2 year for $30 I'll defintey go for that.

To bad its with Rogers! The phones may be well priced, but the service is expensive!

I should add, if you purchase and activate a Lumia 920 between March 5th and 18th, you get a free wireless charger (Model DT-900)

Easy-G says:

Also from CostCo, get the 920 for $20 on contract + $100 CostCo cash card + free wireless charger + free car charger. Bonkers deal.

Nataku4ca says:

REALLY??!! im going to Costco after work

Costco in Canada or the US?

Purge_GT says:

Sad thing is, (at least in MB) you have Ford choice (any colour, as long as it's black).
:( Matte finish FTL.

dynamic_cast says:

I would buy an off-contract lumia 920 if it was discounted, too.

I just love how early adopters who promoted and supported Nokia get shafted with the free wireless plate (intro for US customers), and now offer it. Frustrating.

Pisses me off actually

100% pissed about this. I got 3
4 others in my family to get the 920 on Rogers and none of us got the free charger.

schlubadub says:

That's been happening for the past 5 years. NEVER buy until they release the new phone deals, usually at least a few weeks after they start selling

phatboy66 says:

Rogers is expensive but in my opinion they have the best network in Canada. Also after 6 months into your contract with them you can call them and they will lower your monthly bill if you know what to say (threat to leave). Always worked for me haha love my Lumia 920

"Best network" would include service coverage, and Rogers lacks that in some areas. For example, in Saskatchewan, SaskTel/Telus (shared facilities) offers vastly superior coverage.

mrolympia74 says:

I wonder how these phones are selling on Rogers? If its 2 years then I'll get my wife an 8X

arrow22 says:

Any fellow Canuck know what the cancellation policy is like with Rogers? It seems to me it might be a good idea to get this deal, pay for the month of service, cancel, unlock it, and use it on a carrier that makes sense.

pulkit10 says:

You'll be paying $20 for each month remaining on the contract but with the new FlexTab they are offering, you'll be paying the balance of the phone (they take $10 off each month on the full price).

But I'd still with them due to the 2 year timing. That could change stuff for you. Regardless, not a bad deal as without data, their prices aren't too bad.

so how would one get this deal?  cause the option of no data with 2 yr isn't available online?  do i have to go into the store?

ChiX017 says:

Ok, so I went into Rogers once I saw this got the phone for $0 with a $100 deposit. So right now I'm typing this from my new 920.

sorry but I'm not understanding what  you mean.  what was the $100 deposit for?  did you get it for the 2-yr no data plan.  excuse my ignorance but it's late and i'm dieting and this is my "munchie time"  so I have brain fog lol

mythos13 says:

I have a 920 on order from them right now so could you share exactly what you signed up for as flower_petals asked.

muoreh says:

got mine for $0, one month free, and no activation fee during boxing day...

plus 12 months free streaming

tried to go into Rogers and get this deal and she didn't know what I was talking about. that the phone had to have a data plan.    so i grabbed the deal on the HTC one x Telus had going on ($0 2 year- any plan).  I figure by then Nokia will come out with a better phone with Micro sd card and everything.  So until then...

dead_lo says:

this is a bunch of bull.  Went to a Rogers store and asked about this and no one seem to know about this promotion.  

Duffau says:

I wish I was closer to Canada (in Texas) so I could go over the border and Craigslist one. Rogers handsets are more readily unlockable than att's and im on tmob. Anyone wanna ship me a 920 or Ativ S? =D

Purge_GT says:

Remember that isn't a 100 discount UNLESS:
1) your phone is still useful in 3 years
2) your phone is still functional in 3 years
3) your phone interests you in 3 years
4) You don't end the contract at any time early.