myAppFree, helping you find Windows Phone app deals


myAppFree is an interesting deal finder for your Windows Phone 7.x and 8 device in that it finds deals on apps and games. The developers of myAppFree work with other developers to provide discounted prices and score the Store for other deals.

myAppFree has a page highlighting the App of Today, a page listing the current deals, and a contact page to easily reach out to the developers.


myAppFree has support for push notifications to alert you of new deals and the app can be pinned to your Start Screen to keep track of the deals. Deals are updated daily and future updates will bring myAppFree points into play that you can earn for bonus rewards.

myAppFree is a free, ad-supported app for your Windows Phone device that you can find here in the Windows Phone Store.

QR: myAppFree



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Whodaboss says:

Now this is nice.

kubimonsta says:

could be useful.

CJ Thunder says:

Correction: Scour the store?
Why is this better than Store Deals?

david90531 says:

Already have two apps like this, but I'll try and see if its any better

what are the other two apps?

The idea is fine. Then again wpcentral site/app keeps me posted on deals round the clock.

Micfur says:

I use App Highlights, great app that has a section for paid apps that's are free for a limited time. But I'll give this one a go.

AmilM says:

I use WP7applist.com RSS feeds.

FastTrack76 says:

Used it for a while,now deleted.do xboxlive games ever go on sale? Want plants vs zombies but I'm not paying £3.99 for it