Nokia releases Cinemagraph and Camera Extras for all Windows Phone Lumia hardware

Nokia has begun rolling out its updated Camera Extras and Cinemagraph app to all Windows Phone users this month, with the Lumia 900, 800 and 710 smartphones receiving the new features to bring functionality up to speed with what Lumia owners can enjoy with Windows Phone 8 (see above shot of the Lumia 920).

While this doesn't add all functionality that's missing from the 7.8 update (compared to Windows Phone 8), it's a welcomed update from Nokia to bring Cinemagraph to those who chose first generation hardware.

So what's new in both Camera Extras and Cinemagraph? The former introduces object remover when editing photos and will provide consumers the ability to enrich pictures with "increased freedom and fun." Which features are brought across to Lumia Windows Phone 7.x handsets? We're talking about Smart Shoot, Panorama, Action Shot and a self-timer.

The updated version uses burst mode to take a sequence of photos so you can choose your favourite shot and then remove unwanted moving objects (as noted above with the object remover). With the UI improvements implemented, it feels like the Smart Camera found on latest Nokia Windows Phones.

We're all familiar with Cinemagraph, so it doesn't require much explaining. The app will provide Windows Phone 7.x Lumia handsets with the popular and well-loved image movie creator. It's a useful feature that enables users to record a video and have it turned into an animated image, which can subsequently be shared with friends over social networks and / or Here's one we made:

You'll have click this link to view the animation in action

It's good to see Nokia implementing new features for those who continue to use older generations of Windows Phones. In the blog post detailing these improvements, it's stated Lumia 510 and 610 owners will see the updates in the coming weeks, so stay tuned. You can download Camera Extras and Cinemagraph from the Windows Phone Store.

Source: Nokia

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WinFan1 says:

Nokia is killing it

kpupadhya says:

Nokia Camera extras is already there in WP 7.8. But the self timer option, which is available in WP 7.5 & 7.8, is not available in WP 8. Thats something i'm missing in my NL 920 ! & even the Nokia Data Counter !

Nazaroth says:

Yeah i second this, I recently had to find an alternative and the choices where pretty poor :(

I have a 920 and would love the nokia self timer for the win phone 8 as it is the one thing that i think it lacks from the camera

absolutshame says:

Try the Readyclick lens. It has a timer for both single and multiple shots as well as voice control.

Montpbm says:

I'm mad T-Mobile didn't get the 920! :S

koenshaku says:

Grabbed these for my ATT Lumia 900 haven't had a chance to try it yet though.

Warren Dance says:

Thanks for the info!

WPfreak8 says:

cinemagraph is aviable for wp7 since weeks now.. you and wmpu reported about it. Camera extras is aviable since months.. why is this "new"?

WillBrown says:

It hasn't been available for non-Lumia phones until now.

WPfreak8 says:

HAHA :D Still it is not aviable for non lumia hardware. ;D
So please (!) .. could someone explain me the news here?

WillBrown says:'re right. I misread.
Oh well. Maybe one day!

Everybody is reporting it now because Nokia today published a blog detailing it on Nokia Conversations, thus making it news once again. ;)

WPfreak8 says:

Lol.. THIS is no reason to make this old thing = news :P

gmantione says:

Yeah I got all excited lol

I waited so long for this to come and I'm super excited to share that it works better than expected. It's amazing! The only thing I would like is a way to share Cinemagraphs to SkyDrive or see my own personal gallery on the web so I can download them from there on the PC. Best solution I've found so far is copying the URL to OneNote and open it from there on the PC.

Still an amazing feature for Lumias. ;)

Jarocookies says:

Is it only me that thinks Nokia apps are never really necessary, they're already included in W7.8/WP8

Jarocookies says:

Sent from my HTC Titan (tomorrow I'll be using a Nokia Lumia 920)

Jarocookies says:

So don't bother commenting since Nokia apps aren't anything newer / enhanced, they've been developed by Nokia instead of default MS stuff....

Jarocookies says:

Maps, Drive, get it?

tonyluo2001 says:

It seems my L920 can't download the camera extra. It says it doesn't support the resolution. It is only for WP7.8?