United Airlines releases its Windows Phone 8 app


United Airlines has released it's Windows Phone 8 app, United, today. The app is a feature rich connection to the airlines to help you make it through your travels.

The United app's main pages cover your basic menu options (book a flight, check on flight status, check in, etc.), a log in page for your United Airline's account, a travel tools page (flight reminders, games, currency converter, baggage charges and more) and an Airport Maps page.


Key features of the United app include:

  • “My Travel” section – easy storage of reservations, boarding passes, flight status alerts and United Club one-time passes
  • Check-in and mobile boarding pass storage – quick access so you’re ready on the go
  • Flight booking – book your flights, including award travel, from your Windows Phone
  • Review your reservations – once travel is booked, you can access your reservations, change seats, add to your device calendar or send your itinerary via email
  • Flight Status – view the upgrade list, seat map, in-flight amenities and departure gate for your flights
  • Flight status notification and live tiles – monitor a selected flight
  • Account access – enroll in MileagePlus® or view your current account activity
  • United Club locations – find a location or purchase a one-time pass
  • FlightView – view flight maps showing current flight status and weather 

United comes across as a very well laid out, feature rich app and if you fly United Airlines this may very well be a must have app for your Windows Phone 8 device.

United is a free app that you can find here in the Windows Phone Store.

Thanks, Travis, for the tip!

QR: United



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cdbstl76 says:

I've been waiting for this!!! That's who I fly into NY L for work. I hope its good!

zikifer says:

Neat. But I'd love a JetBlue or Southwest app, those are the airlines I generally fly with.

MediaCastleX says:

Absolutely, JetBlue...where are you? =P

fardream says:

The only app on my wish list now is Charles Schwab.

PeterFnet says:

Holy cow. What other apps are coming today?

xirsteon says:

Me wonder how many official apps are in the pipeline. Wp8 seem to be on a some kind of streak over the last month or so. Hope this trend continues. This will definitely cement WP as a solid 3rd platform.

Jeff Kibuule says:

Well, the SDK dropped in November, so a 3-4 month dev cycle seems about right.

rubenbest says:

Why did they drop it so late

WinFan1 says:

Nice to see official apps gaining momentum.

mmoses1978 says:

I hope you guess agree, "WPcentral" should get an award for this app and there news update on WP. If it was not foe WPcentral I would never know about the new apps.

cdbstl76 says:

It where I get all my app news. I don't like going all over looking. If its not here, I generally don't know about it.

CPnextdoor says:

Me too! I love this app worth every penny!

lorettaboy says:

Says it's not available for my phone; lumia 900 on Rogers in canada

sri_tech says:

Its for WP8 phones only.

andrewq911 says:

Cause you have a WP 7.xx its for wp8

KeegdnaB42 says:

I'm actually shocked at how good this app is coming from United. They may be late to the party especially compared to Delta and American but it's leagues ahead of either of them. The only thing I see missing is Wallet integration which seems a tad shortsighted given their iOS app supports passbook but according to their twitter, they are looking into adding it.
I just wish Southwest would get on board (no pun intended) already since I fly them more than anyone, although I'm willing to bet most of their mobile development is on hold until they sort things out with combine computer systems with Airtran.

KeegdnaB42 says:

The irony of United releasing this today is that all my friends in Chorale are at O'Hare boarding a United flight to New York right now to sing at Carnegie Hall tomorrow night...a trip I was sadly unable to go on.

Chrispcrust says:

As a frequent business traveler. This is awesome to have as United is probably the most "universal" airline across the US

kiddj55 says:

Umm no wallet features?

Umm new awesome official app?

Dinky89484 says:

I second this. 

cddigi says:

Just in time for my spring break flight with them tomorrow.

cddigi says:

Added my flight info by confirmation number and last name, pulled it up and added it to the flights section with no problem. At 24 hour mark I went back into the app and when looking at the flight info again it showed a notification telling me I could check in. Allowed me to change my seats if I wanted or upgrade. Then, the boarding pass showed up in the boarding pass section with no issues. Now, just to see how it all works while at the airport.

ricardios says:

Wow before I had to do all that on a PC. Post an update after you board to see if your boarding pass would scan

Guitarpik says:

Hmm, the app crashes when I type the first letter to book a flight.

nyc_rock says:

This is great!  The app is very nice too.
Now, if I can get an official concur solutions and Uber app I will be all set!

CobaltDragon says:

Darn, was hoping this might be a WP7 and 8 app.

goanruss says:

Atlast.. About time.... Works perfect... Now I need discover card and Charles Schwab..... Come... On... Give it to is

KLinCHI says:

Grr! I've been waiting for this app, and now that it's out, it's only for WP8. Bit at least WP got it, so that's a good thing! Now if Starbucks will release an official app.

Microsoft, hurry up and release a Surface phone so I can upgrade!

murani says:

I fly United most so this is a must have. Looks well done. Now Southwest needs to get one out for WP.

edsal says:

Finally i've been waiting for the this app all my friends have this apps and now i get to have it as well.

mistacombs says:

This is great. This is the one iOS application I really missed. I hope they add wallet integration.

I am sure they will once they get some feedback and see what is missing.

sqlchicken says:

On related note,just got confirmation from USAirways that they're working on one too due out soon. Emailed tip\screenshot in to WPcentral.

FearL0rd says:

Very nice designed... Beats iPhone and android versions.. I'm very happy that the developers are getting engaged with WP now

nice, i see an increase in apps developer support for Windows Phone. we are not there yet but making good progress,

humdinger says:

Haha this is perfect timing since I'm flying today!

Awesome. Flying United on a trip to Disneyland this October! Check-in will be nice!

fbendotti says:

Etrade and PNC bank please!!

Chrispcrust says:

Etrade app has been out a while

clausl says:

I can't download this app in the Danish Store, I frequently fly United when in the US.

TechAbstract says:

Change your region/country to US in phone' Settings

clausl says:

Did not work, so this app is only available in the US Marketplace, crap:-( Flying with United tomorrow and would like to check in.

nadoj says:

I like how they included a "home" button. An often overlooked feature. Lots of apps will leave you stuck pages deep inside them, with no easy way to navigate out.

GSOgymrat says:

My partner works for United and I have travel benefits so, for me, this was probably the most important app that was missing from Windows Phone. It looks great!

Hankerin says:

As a GS multi-million mile flyer, this was a must-have app and gets me pretty close to being able to ditch my iPhone and carry just my Lumia 920.  A Star Alliance app would be nice.  So would Concur.  And Outlook - though in MS's defense, the other platforms, of course, don't have that.

Jarocookies says:

Did your company supply your Windows Phone or iPhone?

Madeye234 says:

Delta please get your App in  gear!!

EliteMikes says:

My only complaint with the app so far is that it only allows you to put the first flight of a roundtrip on a calendar.