Pandora for Windows Phone 8

Pandora for Windows Phone 8 is now available and we go hands on

Pandora music has always been one of those apps that served as a metric for mobile platforms: so long as Windows Phone did not have it, it was behind. Luckily, last October Microsoft finally announced that indeed Pandora was coming to Windows Phone 8 in “early 2013” and a few weeks ago we had hints it was near.

Well, that day is today.

Yes, the official Pandora app for Windows Phone 8 can be downloaded from the Store and is now available in the US, Australia and New Zealand. What’s more, Microsoft carried through on their promise of an ad-free experience throughout the year. Indeed users won’t have to pay a dime to experience the premium Pandora experience on their Windows Phone.

Pandora for Windows Phone 8

In addition, the Windows Phone 8 Pandora app features some unique trimmings on it, including:Live Tiles (double wide, flip to reveal artist info) and Kid's Corner support. That latter feature will enable the explicit language filter automatically if the app is accessed via Microsoft's child controls on Windows Phone 8. Clever.

We’ve had an early chance to play with the app extensively and we’re impressed. It’s fast, smooth and the Live Tiles work perfectly. Having access to that amount of music (and entertainment like comedy) on our Windows Phone is quite fantastic, especially since the audio fidelity is quite high. Nothing in the app feels “ported” or rushed but rather built from the ground up for Windows Phone 8.

From doublewide Tiles that flip to reveal artist and track info, to the ability to pin numerous stations to your Start screen, the Windows Phone 8 Pandora app has it. If a track is playing that you want to purchase, simply head into the Xbox Music Store with one-click to buy. Equally, the app integrates with the social API on Windows Phone, meaning you can share the track you are listening to with ease to Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn or share the station with your contacts directly.

Watch our video hands on with the app to see Pandora in action, or just head here to the Windows Phone Store to get it now. Full press release below. [Note: links may take awhile to go "live" but it should happen soon enough]. 

Windows Phone 8 only, 512MB of RAM, region restricted.

QR: Pandora


Pandora Extends Mobile Reach with Windows Phone

Microsoft to offer Windows Phone 8 customers ad-free personalized radio through 2013

OAKLAND, Calif., March 21, 2013 (8:30 a.m. EST) – Pandora (NYSE: P), the leading internet radio service, today announced the availability of its popular mobile app on the Windows Phone platform, extending the company’s leadership position as one of the top apps across all connected devices.

Through more than 1,000 integrations including smartphones and consumer electronics devices, Pandora continues to be an industry leader in mobile and device usage. More than 140 million registered users have accessed Pandora via a smartphone or tablet and more than 75 percent of Pandora's listening occurs on a mobile or other connected device.

Pandora listeners on Windows Phone 8 will enjoy ad-free personalized radio at no cost, courtesy of Microsoft, through the 2013 calendar year in addition to features unique to the platform, including Live Tiles and Kid’s Corner:

  • Live Tiles make the Windows Phone experience highly personalized, allowing people to easily access the features and apps where they spend most of their time. Pandora listeners can pin their favorite personalized radio stations right to the Start screen of their phone to see what’s currently playing at a glance and for easy access to stations recently played without having to launch the app.
  • Kid’s Corner offers a worry free way for Windows Phone customers to share their smartphone with the entire family. Launching Pandora in Kid’s Corner will automatically activate the explicit content filter for instant kid-friendly listening.

The extraordinary embrace of personalized radio on smartphones has enabled Pandora to reach massive scale in mobile listening and over 1 in 3 smartphone users in the US have listened to Pandora in the past month.

Pandora Chairman and Chief Executive Officer Joe Kennedy said, “Pandora has reached a level of ubiquity that allows music fans to tune-in to the best internet radio anytime, anywhere and we are thrilled to bring the experience to even more mobile listeners through the highly personalized platform that Microsoft has created with Windows Phone.”

“Pandora pioneered the personal music experience with individualized stations and it’s a perfect match for Windows Phone, the first truly personal smartphone experience with unique features like Live Tiles and Kids Corner,” said Joe Belfiore, VP, Windows Phone Division, Microsoft Corp.  “Pandora for Windows Phone takes advantage of these features and more to deliver a free personalized music experience exclusive to the platform,” he continued.

Starting today, listeners in the U.S., Australia and New Zealand can download Pandora for Windows Phone 8 from Windows Phone Store at More details, including a video are available via the Microsoft Windows Phone News Room at



Pandora (NYSE: P) gives people music and comedy they love anytime, anywhere, through connected devices. Personalized stations launch instantly with the input of a single "seed" - a favorite artist, song, or genre. The Music Genome Project®, a deeply detailed hand-built musical taxonomy, powers the personalization of Pandora® internet radio by using musicological "DNA" and constant listener feedback to craft personalized stations from a growing collection of more than one million tracks. Tens of millions of people turn on Pandora every month to hear music they love.



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aaa6112 says:

There's no way to block this app in the list of background apps, no? Currently, it only shows up in the "advanced" list. Is this a requirement to allow music run in the background?

deansmilk says:

Can somebody give me a W8 phone so I can have a proper experience? I love my WP7 but damn I'm feeling left out, ha. 

mblanco7 says:

I am glad that it is here but I will still primarily use Xbox music since I do go in the mountains of Colorado where no service is available and Xbox music doesn't take data to use

+1 on the mountains! :)

It does seem well polished, maybe this will replace my Last.FM. Lately it's been acting up.

RayWP7 says:

Holy pandora's box Batman! Welcome, finally. I stopped using them when WP7 first came out. Maybe its time to check it out again and consider resubscribing.

And yet us with the Nokia 900 running win phone 7.8 will never see this. Makes me think of the Android segregation over and over. At least all of my iphones can use the same app even on different OSs

WixosTrix says:

Pandora is taking advantage of capabilies WP7 doesn't have, but that doesn't mean it will never come to 7.8

ajftl says:

Now. Make a decent Facebook app. Update please.

Sean D. says:

What exactly does that mean??

ihavewp8 says:

I knew this already found out on this 2days ago from another blog site. Just too slow Danny boy lol...

RyanAMG says:

Worth the wait. If all apps are this good and not a quick port I will be happy.

There's a download on Xbox music button!

cashcar1979 says:

About damn down, many to go (Instagram, Wells Fargo, Mint, etc)

Uh oh live tiles just stopped working

Purchase Purity WH-920 yesterday. Pandora released today. Coincidence I think not.

willied says:

So glad to see this happen. I don't even really use Pandora, but I probably will now. This is just awesome.

deloa84 says:

Glad it is here. Plus no ads and unlimited skips through the rest of this year.... Some people really need to stop complaining and just shut the fucl< up.. Be glad you got it now rather then never. I just hope the WP 7.x guys get it as well. They have a reason to complain...

Sean D. says:

Finally, somebody else understands! 

izzykahn says:

This is great news! I personally won't be downloading this app; but its just great to know that Microsoft is patching up the holes. They should at least go for one new, popular app a week.

cdbstl76 says:

Quote by my GF..."I love the Pandora app! Its better than iPhone! I have 8 stations pinned to start so I don't have to even go to the app!"

TechAbstract says:

Pinning is the best feature of WP :)

tcman88 says:

Finally an App that works and looks so much better than IOS or Android. Sound quality is impressive!

tone84 says:

With metroradio you get unlimited skips..same as the other third party Pandora apps. So I don't see the need to switch

eortizr says:

so you guys get the actual 'Pandora One' feature (no ads, higher bitrate) or just no ads, regular bitrate.?

jamon723 says:

I had a question along the same lines and can answer part of yours.  The App is ad-free and higher bit rate (although you can un-select higher bit rate option in settings if you're in a poor signal area or something like that).  But the 'Pandora One' part is what I'm wondering about.  When I installed the app, I could either sign-up or sign-in.  I wanted all the stations I've rated songs on for years, so of course I chose sign-in option.  I don't know if new users signing up for the first time or just creating a brand new account are having a different experience but I feel a little misled.  The issue I'm having is that although I do have the better bit-rate and ad-free music on my WP8, the option to upgrade to 'Pandora One' is still there on my phone and ads remain using Pandora on my PC.  This was advertised as "One Year of Pandora One coming with App to WP First Quarter of 2013".  I hate to complain about a "gift" here but I made my decision at the end of last year to not renew my 3 yrs running Pandora One subscription due to all those press releases following Microsoft's announcement.  Now the App is finally released about a week before Second Quarter only actually giving a few days more than 9 months ad-free music and it is not 'Pandora One'.  Anyone else feeling a bit deceived? Or know if I'm only not getting 'Pandora One' because I didn't create a new account?

chataddicted says:

Finally its here now waiting for instagram

tallgeese says:

Somewhere a turnip is devoid of all fluids.

sjhippie says:

So AWESOME! Well made app and it's great to see it on WP now. Well done!!!!!

rpm5101 says:

I'll stick to metrotube. No ads and no skip limit :)

The_Traveler says:

Wish it worked in Canada.

isupaphresh says:

Excuse my language but why the hell can't Pandora be available for WP 7.8 users?!?

eortizr says:

Because Microsoft  initial scope was only for WP8 (to boost sales), now that is on WP8, it will eventually go to 7.8

Sean D. says:

Contact Pandora to ask them why they made it WP8 exclusive. I doubt this has much to do with MS.

So I can only assume this is not available in Canada like Nokia Music, Spotify, Hulu, HBO GO, and all the great services?

iggypop120 says:

Its not on WP 7. This OS is officially dead

scdkad says:

Sucks, doesn't it? Not that I use Pandora but WP7 getting left behind rapidly..

paulxxwall says:

I just got on windows and I feel so bad for you guy on wp7 I hope wp8 does it better for there customers and hope you wp7 guys switch over

Lol, searched for Pandora in the store from Canada and got Fark Nuke Pro... I wonder what makes it pro...

Thank You Great Flying Spaghetti Monster!! Pandora is here and the sun shines a little brighter and the air is just a little sweeter.
Now, if we can just get Insta.... awww, nevermind! Let's just enjoy this for now.

ej1024 says:

Omg im happy for my wp8 brothers and sisters, although I dont care for this good job msft!! Instacrap next

wpbazaar says:

Something lost in translation it seems..."available" appears to mean "you can't have it for a few days for no good reason" when referring to the southern hemisphere

eortizr says:

So how is it working, do you guys got a Pandora One subscription for a year (no ads + higher bitrate) or only no ads with the regular bitrate?

dula714 says:

No Canada! :(

simon4503 says:

Fantastic. Another great app windows 7.x doesn't support.

EBynum says:

Does the Pandora app allow you to cache stations for offline listening? Didn't see that option listed when Daniel was demonstrating the app in the video.
Personally, I really like Slacker Radio, and they told me they're working on an update for their WP8 app.

gcdc_lumia says:

i dont care about pandora... but its a good news for WP! bring instagram next pls!

sleby says:

The app is not available for your device.
on 8x..

stevethenerd says:

It probably your country not your device...

stevethenerd says:

:'(. I'll have to stick with Xbox... Its not available in my country. No Nokia ir Spotify either.

paulxxwall says:

Soon my friend soon

I'm so glad this is finally available because it was one of my favorite apps on my iPhone. Downloaded it as soon as I realized it was in the store!

rickc1961 says:

Anyone else have an issue where after closing out the app it will suddenly start playing music? The app doesn't even look like its running in the background but a song will suddenly start playing.

Sean D. says:

Sorry, but you have to direct that toward Pandora. For whatever reason they made it WP8 only.

duoFurious says:

This is so about time, its not even funny...haven't stopped listening since I installed.

Kellix says:

When I went to the marketplace today, my boss gave me a lumia 822 we got Verizion at work, to try out and I saw Pandora I about freaked and grabbed my Lumia 920 and got it and love it. All we need to get is that damn instagram and the apple and droid fanboys will shut up. :)

sinister1 says:

Who cares? Really? After waiting so long for this, it doesn't really matter anymore and the same thing will happen to instagram.

jimitndiaye says:

How come it's not available in the UK???

Finally got on this wagon.  Worth it so far. 

Sicarius123 says:

Is anyone else having problems stopping Pandora from playing? If I disconnect from bluetooth (ie, turn my car off) it switches to loudspeaker. If I unplug headphones, it switches to loudspeaker.
I'm having to use "Stop! The Music" to kill the process.

EliteMikes says:

After pausing, it seems to start up randomly for me too. Doesn't seem to matter if it's on BT or headphones.


Of course, us WP7 users are left in the dust.
I don't really see how this couldn't work for WP7 anyway. It basically uses music services (app is located in advanced section of background tasks), something that the "dead" OS has ever since its release.
Whatever, I don't really care anymore. It's gonna be a long wait 'til I receive my "serviced" cyan Lumia 920.

vegdaze says:

Who cares?! Nokia Music is way better... And I have also been using Slackr, which I've found to be better than Pandora. So long!