Prominent Swedish blogger Blondinbella enjoys the Windows Phone experience

Swedish Lumia Blogger

Isabella Desirée Löwengrip Rydberg, better known as Blondinbella, is a prominent Swedish blogger who runs blondinbella.com. The blog attracts thousands of visitors on a daily basis, who enjoy reading articles of her fictitious alter ego sporting a glamorous lifestyle. As well as being photographed wielding the Lumia 920 (a yellow one, we might add), Löwengrip has also blogged about the platform itself (about how it helps to keep her life in check).

Many of those who reside outside of Sweden may not be aware of who this blogger is, but it's good to see publicity is going strong in a number of areas. While the blog itself may have been criticised in the past for the owner positively reviewing products, we can't imagine Nokia or Microsoft would have funded this as a paid advertisement. Nonetheless, Lumia is everywhere.

Source: Blondinbella (2); thanks, David, for the heads up!



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rodneyej says:

She don't look half bad either!!! Lol!

baandoptager says:

Another angle!

baandoptager says:

Only problem is, that sh'es a f###### pinhead. She's a complete idiot and most people with a brain in Sweden hate her.

rodneyej says:

Oh come on now.. Lol!

Rich Edmonds says:

I think we could says such things for many folk in the spotlight, but people still follow them. It's promotion at the end of the day :-)

baandoptager says:

I agree. But rather a smart Swede than a dumb one. Ohhh well, you cant have it all.

ogracia says:

Well i won't call anyone that has build a blog that thousands of people follow...stupid...it's probably really cleaver. Other thing is what I think about the content or her ideas. And a lot of stupid and selfish people use iPhones because some people like this girl tells them is the thing to look for and the more people in the platform the better for us...

Whodaboss says:

I'll have to take your word on that. But she does have a pretty smile. :)

rockstarzzz says:

How many people visit your blog?

baandoptager says:

3: Me, my dog and a homesless guy who lives acroos the street. :) PS: If everyone jumped off a clif, would you follow? If so, then follow my blog at: www.blondepatrick.com Thx

MediaCastleX says:

Right and you're the TOAST of the town...people line up to be your friend because you're SO selective ;)

baandoptager says:

She's a self absorbed money machine and she looks like a pig. True, bad promotion is better than no promotion.
@MediaCastleX: You can be my friend. :)

paulxxwall says:

She is kinda hot!

blackhawk556 says:

I'll hit it. ^_*

kiddori says:

Definitely paid blogging and product placement. Nonetheless, it's probably good for MS and Nokia.

Nakazul says:

Wow, sombody in Sweden is using A WP! :P

MediaCastleX says:

Excuse me while I drop everything, learn swedish (or rely on Bing Translator) and throw everything I have into hanging on her every word...oh, don't mind me. I'll just be over here in my own world...stop looking at me! Lol =P
I'm sorry, there was something about Windows Phone, right? ;)

Mirtas says:

Dutch Fashionblogger Ellen used to have the Lumia 800. I wonder if Nokia is finally understanding that you need fashion and lifestyle websites to write about your phone and not only focus on tech websites.

mr-nothing says:

I cried when I read this !  .... because no longer will the world hear of real honest stories, there is always an agenda connected... my tears are for this