Temple Run Windows Phone Tile

Temple Run for Windows Phone 8 gets rapid update, fixes Tile issue

With yesterday’s crazy day of game releases for Windows Phone, the popular (and free) Temple Run was released to mostly mixed reviews. Forgetting the fact that Temple Run 2, which is arguably way better, just came to iOS in January, Temple Run for Windows Phone is lacking in a few areas. For instance, no Xbox LIVE support, the Tile pinning to the Start screen was blanked out, some stuttering issues and no support for devices with 512MB of RAM.

Well, version 1.5 was just pushed out and guess what? At least the Tile has been fixed.

Users who update will need to unpin and re-pin the game to the Start screen, but upon doing so they will see the proper Tiki icon on their screen. Unfortunately, there is still no support for 512MB RAM devices, though that may be addressed later.

You can pick up and/or update Temple Run here in the Store. Windows Phone 8 only. Thanks, Naveen, for the tip!

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almdudler26 says:

Why can't it run on 512MB devices? Why?

Simple. Ports usually involve doing the basics first. Later, once the game is running fine on 1GB devices in ideal environments, developers can optimize the code...fixing bugs, improving performance, etc.

Everyone here should already know this: V1.0 of app/game comes out, is nice but not optimal. Developer releases v1.1 soon thereafter to address bugs and optimize the code. It's so routine it's practically boring ;)

Jf.Vigor says:

Daniel, let me be a writer for the site. I have my resume all prepped and ready to go. Just tell me where to send it ^o^

CJ Thunder says:

Saying that from your comment handle is brave. That's searchable!

Jf.Vigor says:

lol thst's okay because my posts are filled with personality, good grammar, and rarely any typos ;)

Bring it to WP7 while they're at it.

Beezie84 says:

Why is there not an Xbox version with achievements? Sigh,, waste of time with no achievements.

frugo says:

That was quick!

Jf.Vigor says:

Quick yes but it was probably something they noticed before the release of the game, but AFTER it was sent to certification. So they probably worked up a quick patch and had it ready for a while but just waited to push the button until they knew temple run had officially been released to the masses instead of pulling back the game and delaying it. Similar to how xbox360 titles get like day 1 patches lol...

schlubadub says:

That's what she said :(

The ZennyBoy says:

Really dude (lolol).

PipoDj says:

Great! Imangi Studios is serious on the platform then. I just wish this becomes an xBox title

ninnghizzida says:

Has a game been released before as a non Live game and then converted to Live? Just wondering. If so, can't wait for Where's my water? to be converted.

schandlich says:

Yes. Wordament.

Jakeway says:

And AplhaJax

Los says:

And Chickens Can't Fly

Jowiso says:

It has happened before (Wordament, for example), but I certainly wouldn't say it's the norm. Nor would I hold my breath for an Xbox version of Temple Run. There's still hope for Temple Run 2 to be released as an Xbox title, though.

I saw that yesterday, but seriously, doesn't support anything with less than 1GB of RAM, only 3 WP devices have that amount of RAM, nokia really had to add another 512 MB of RAM to the 720
anyway, subway surfers is much better, I hoope that one comes to WP8

mad820 says:

I count four: HTC 8X, Samsung Ativ S, Lumia 920 and Lumia 820.
(and I also think most WP8 people have one of these, at the moment)

OK, so there are 4, and how many 512 MB devices? the 520, the 620, the 720, the 8s, the ATIV Odyessey, the Huawei Ascend W1, the Huawei 4afrika
and actually more people buy budget devices than flagships, not the opposite

mad820 says:

True, but the 520 and 720 haven't been released yet, and the 620 hasn't been out very long. And because Nokia has a lot of the WP market share, that probably means there are currently - but probably not for very long - more devices with than without 1GB of RAM.

TonyDedrick says:

So which game is better? 1 or 2? I hear some say the first one is. Now Daniel says its the second. Just curious as I have not played either one

Your statement should tell you that the answer is a matter of personale preference, though the consensus seems to lead towards the first one.

a7un says:

I dont understand.. Why can it run with 512 MB..i gues..   Lumia 520,620 and 720.. all are 512 MB devices.. only 820 and 920 have 1 GB of RAM.. so badd....

PipoDj says:

Quoting Daniel's comment above "Simple. Ports usually involve doing the basics first. Later, once the game is running fine on 1GB devices in ideal environments, developers can optimize the code...fixing bugs, improving performance, etc.
Everyone here should already know this: V1.0 of app/game comes out, is nice but not optimal. Developer releases v1.1 soon thereafter to address bugs and optimize the code. It's so routine it's practically boring ;)"

ricsip says:

In the decade of Gigabytes and Gigahertz there is no more such thing as optimising software. Its not MS-DOS and Assembly source code. If a program requires 1 GB at the first release, its completely unlikely the developer makes it to work also with 512 MB, there was no such thing in the modern history, so its useless to expect the wonder. Its not gonna happen.

Tech King says:

Plz!! WP7.8 support when app gets to v2.0

Jamdot says:

It runs on Unity which only works on 8, so there's no chance.

mrnavkhan says:

Many Microsoft apps not support 512 mb ram then why Temple run support 512 mb ram devices....go to hell microsoft

Jf.Vigor says:

Oh that's right. Microsoft developed this game *rolls eyes*

mrnavkhan says:

Then why Microsoft own apps not support 512mb ram ...last time when i switch to 710 to 620 my 710 support all apps but know 512 ram nos of not support

dakranii says:

Yes, Microsoft (a company by the way), Mr Navkhan damns the soul you don't have to hell.  How dare Imangi Studios, which has nothing to do with Microsoft, develop a game that doesn't run on 512 MB devices.  Microsoft, you've ruined lives over this!
Get a little perspective.  Not getting a game for your phone isn't a life problem. 

mrnavkhan says:

Then how i can say my friends that window phone is batter then Android or ios

dakranii says:

Feel free to express dissatisfaction, but telling Microsoft to go to hell? That's a little overboard. Enjoy Windows Phone for what it is. I sell it on the merits of its user interface and stability, not what games it has.

mrnavkhan says:

I really love window phone and Nokia last 3 year when Nokia launch there window phone but now i feel that microsoft not really support there customers...but I love Nokia they really think for there customers

vijay varma says:

the thing is that if windows phone had to compete with ios & android they had shift to dual core, as well as the coding.
*if u love apps & games so much just try an android for 10 days u get irritated due to the lag in the interface and games.
*i have a 710 and i login in to this site daily to check if there was a new app.
*but the point is android doesnt or can never have a lag free or smooth ui as wp ever ever!!!!!!
*coming to iphone i dont understand why people spend nearly 45000 INR every year to buy the same old thing for 0.1% new software.
*wp-its a beauty , i would be showing my phone in this way.

Montpbm says:

You can but you would probably be lying if u were talking about features but as far as for a better platform not including apps & games you could say that they are better. :)

vijay varma says:

its a matter of few years then again we will be changing the phone.
then we can have a better one than the 720 s probably 730ss.
what do u say?

Jason_JS_G says:

Even if it gets a tile fix, it still drops frames, has slow start up and has a very rough touch.

Jason_JS_G says:

BTW, I have a lumia 920

PipoDj says:

It's a version 1 game. The fixes and optimization comes later which i think the purpose of publishing this is to get it to the hands of people who want it, and people who will tell them what needs fixing.

Jason_JS_G says:

Well I will continue to support temple run and I will wait for the fixes.

I have absolutely none of those issues with Temple Run on my 920.

Jrexxx says:

You forgot to mention (or maybe you didn't know) that there are major issues with the background if a light theme is used.

Jason_JS_G says:

I didn't know that, I use a dark theme

sarim_xyz says:

i can't update it :(
when I tap 'Update', it immediately says, 'No downloads in progress'. On going back, it again shows the option to 'Update'.

sarim_xyz says:

I uninstalled and reinstalled it. I think the updated version hasn't hit the servers yet. It again gives the same white live tile issue. And it still shows 'Update available' in Store.

mondokjm says:

I'm seeing the same thing. I suppose I'll wait until later in the day and try again as its not a crucial update. I rarely pin games to my home screen.

Restart your device and it'll magically start working. Seriously.

sarim_xyz says:

Thanks, it worked :-)
Though I lost my one-day progress by uninstalling and reinstalling the game.

sueha says:

Rebooting my phone helped me solve this.

Restarting my phone worked for me too.

Rick Smits says:

Mine still has the white tile

WinFan1 says:

remove it and pin it again

dakranii says:

Unpin it, then repin it, if you haven't already.

Rick Smits says:

Thanks peeps. Although that wasn't the problem. I click update but it would disappear. I just installed it again

adrian1338 says:

you have to repin it

adrian1338 says:

23mb download for a live tiles - great incrmental updates :)

CJ Thunder says:

So were these games the big apps promised by Joe?

1101x10 says:

They can optimize it by removing some of the graphical elements, such as the monkeys for the 512MB release.

zulu69 says:

Mine also has a white tile. Removed and repinned- no difference. I'm just glad that its out but it is probably one of the most buggy v1 I've seen in a long time esp with the white background bug. I'm sure in time the stuttering and issues will be ironed out. I'm just happy that its out and it really is a great game. Now where is jetpack joyride??

sarim_xyz says:

+1 for Jetpack Joyride :) (must be free with xbox live achievements!!)

zulu69 says:

Scratch that. Although I was downloading the update it wasn't going ahead with it. I restarted the phone and update went fine. Live tile fixed!! Good job.

adrian1338 says:

Livetiles in kids corner fixed itself for me :)

A54D says:

Its saying its not available on my device even though I've already installed the game and have got w Lumia 920

M getting the samer error on my 920 eve though its already installed

Laziej says:

Still not reading most of my swipes.. Still unplayable imo.

Go to options in the game and turn up sensitivity. Fixed it for me.

KingKapa says:

Same, swipes randomly stop working all the time, can barely play the game!!

realwarder says:

I thought the touch was pretty poor too - misses a lot of my swipes to jump etc. which is odd because the phone otherwise works perfectly swiping-wize.

RoyalAdonis says:

Ruzzle is up in the market for $2.99, if anyone was waiting for it.

ChrisDaFlash says:

Ruzzle is in the Windows Store

dKp1977 says:

For those who can't perform the update: just reboot your phone, look up the game in the store again and update. It'll work.

Somehow I'm not able to download the update.

kiddj55 says:

Tile is still broken for me and the app is still useless when using the light theme on your phone

Amran Nagal says:

And again they leave 7.x users out.
I really don't like Microsoft these days.

vijay varma says:

ya i feel the same
its like take how much ever time u want to develop the app for 7.8 but just confirm that we l get it
its frustruating!
i wonder what the 620 guys did wrong?
what about them having 512  ramwas wrong?

Ingramator says:

You're an idiot mate. First of all, Microsoft didn't make this app.. Second of all, this was a native port from the iOS version and native code is only supported on WP8 so they would have to completely rewrite it for WP7 if they wanted to make it work which was never going to happen.

Delin95 says:

Plus, wp7 doesn't support in-app purchases.

Coperyte says:

So what about the issue with swipes not registering? The update hasn't fixed that and right now, its basically unplayable for more that a minute or so. Not gonna play until this is addressed.

sirgrant618 says:

I get an error that says it can't be installed. I tried uninstalling and reinstalling but that doesnt work either.
It downloads but it wont install.
EDIT: A reboot fixed the problem.

so basically if you don't have a Lumia 920 you're screwed.. I don't know why they even bother with cheaper phones.. So %@(*%  up!! .. Nice! 

travisel says:

Works fine on my ATIV S.

Arcalis says:

My Temple Run broke after updating. It's not listed in my apps list anymore...I can't unistall from the store either as all it has is the 'share' button. So it seems that it's installed by M.I.A. I've tried a reboot and still have the same issue. Wierd.

Mohit Jethva says:

What about WP 7.10 :-( disappointed with MS & Nokia

Villain says:

Unity just launched on WP so this is probably just a test launch for them... Also unity doesn't run on WP7

From all these I think the bugs and no support for 512MB ram should be because of Unity3D beta, and unoptimized code from imangi...
Hope we will get new versions soon..

kyriacou48 says:

The gesturing and swipe issue is definitely evident. The game tends to freeze up at a constant rate on my 920, and by that I mean that every 10-15 seconds it has a small stutter, and sometimes that stutter time falls when a gesture is needed, which doesn't register and causes the end of the run. Hope Imangi sees this since I believe this is the issue.

kuhio3 says:

Is anyone having problems with temple run screen redraws on the 820??...i think I will remove it until this bug is fixed

Amran Nagal says:

No point of this app being only for 820/920 cause majority of the windows phone is covered by WP7 and in the future low end WP8 devices.