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HERE Maps for Windows 8.1 updated

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HERE Updates

Nokia updates its collection of HERE Windows Phone apps

Nokia has released a number of updates for the company's collection of HERE apps. HERE Drive+ Beta, Maps, Transit and City Lens have each received a minor bump. While no change log appears to be available for any of the mentioned Windows Phone apps, we can speculate that performance and minor improvements have been applied.

Be sure to shout at us in the comments should you notice anything we've overlooked. Here are the new version numbers:

  • HERE Drive + Beta (version 2.2.2164.8)
  • HERE Maps (version 3.2.315.8)
  • HERE Transit (version 3.5.1034.0)
  • HERE City Lens (version

You can download HERE Drive+ Beta (Lumia Windows Phones), HERE Maps, HERE Transit and HERE City Lens from the Windows Phone store. via: Plaffo

QR: HERE Drive

 QR: HERE Maps

QR: HERE Transit

 QR: HERE City Lens



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TruPlaya187 says:

Now are those updates only for Nokia's phone or it applies to all WP8 phones?

Quin 2013 says:

I think it's only available for any Lumia.

TruPlaya187 says:

Tweeted HERE and they replied that the updates was for all WP8 phones except CityLens since it's exclusive to Nokia phones. Thanks for your reply ;)

Quin 2013 says:

Well that's good news with the exception of citylens.

I think the other way to find out is by clicking on the download and seeing if it.really is available to your phone.

Good luck

TruPlaya187 says:

Yeah I know but I've been having some store notification tile problem lately so I'm waiting to see if I will get notified for all the updates today.

Quin 2013 says:

You don't have to wait. If you're using the WPC app, you can swipe to the right and click on the link to download. If you're using the webpage, click on the link and it'll take you to the dl page.

In regards to the dl issue, try restarting your phone.

TruPlaya187 says:

Yeah I know, but the only reason I'm waiting is to see if my store tile notification has been fixed. Since the last couple of weeks I didn't get notified for any updates and today since I know I have some apps that did receive updates, I want to know if my store live tile will notify me.

Anaron says:

I can't download the update on my HTC 8S in Canada. When I click the HERE Maps link in the article, it brings me to the store page with the following message: "This app is not available for your mobile device."
It's the same message I got whe the HERE app were first released. If it's publised by Nokia Corporation, then it'll only work with Nokia devices. If it's published by NAVTEQ EUROPE B.V., then it'll work on any WP8 device. Unfortunately, the NAVTEQ EUROPE B.V. version hasn't been updated yet.

Sarang68 says:

I sent a tip to you concerning storage setting along with some screen shots . Has anyone at WPCentral got it?

HaibaneReki says:

open a thread on the forums, it will get noticed there too ^_^

Sarang68 says:

Thanks. I did create a forum with the name Storage setting. But i cant seem to upload screenshots. Any ideas?

Sarang68 says:

Please go to forums & search for Storage setting in 920

WPFanboy says:

Does City Lens work in Tunisia? please someone answer!

OmarOzzy says:

Yes, it does. :)

Exactly for how long nokia drive is going to be in beta O_o

ade333 says:

As long as they need an excuse for it being half-assed

Nakazul says:

+1. The only one I have is maps because its hard being without any mapp apps.

There is a Bing map launcher in the marketplace. It will bring back the original maps on a Lumia phone.

bitshifts says:

You get a +1 ... I really miss waze

Huime says:

while you struggling to get 3G signal for waze, I had arrived using offline navigation.

bitshifts says:

Except, if you're in the us using Nokia maps, while you may think you've arrived at the correct location, you instead find yourself in the middle of a residential condo complex : p

aschettler says:

I've found that if you search for the address in maps before you click get directions, you won't end up getting a route that runs you 50 miles out of the way. But you also need to ensure that you have the best route selected before you start navigation.

hitchhiker90 says:

I don't necessarily need it for navigation but more for traffic patterns. If I leave work knowing there is an accident on the highway I can go another route.

hitchhiker90 says:

Me too, I wish they would bring Waze to Windows Phone

Rick Smits says:

Hopefully until they fix the GPS.... Ever since the HERE update everything went downhill.

bartholomew says:

When I open HERE Maps, my location is correct, but the app closes on its own after about 10 seconds.

Looks like they added the DC Metro train and bus system to Transit.

Odog4ever says:

Sweet! Time to test it out.

Antistatic says:

I have just one question to the author.... where do you find those QR-codes for each app? Do you generate them, or do you copy them from a "secret" place? :-)

Rich Edmonds says:

We use the URLs from the Windows Phone store, it's viewable for all :-)

Hopefully this aids in keeping my L920 from getting hot while using the drive app.

Curtieson says:

That is the processor cooking bits of data for you.  You want a powerful computer in your pocket, you get a warm phone.  Play Skulls of the Shogun.  Your phone could cook an egg in a couple of seconds.

carlosrdd says:

Is there anyway of stopping that because I can't play any game without it getting super hot....

Odog4ever says:

Problem is, it's not warm. Warm is acceptable and understandable. Going HOT for a few minutes and then rebooting all by itself is a problem l would like to see go away from my L920.

carlosrdd says:

+1000!!!! Nokia please fix this ^^

aafa says:

Not able to update apps on my non-Nokia as of right now...even with the provided HERE Drive+ Beta (non-Lumia Windows Phones) link.

explosive0 says:

Does Drive+ Beta still totally stop your music when it wants to voice prompt?

Aaron M says:

Wouldn't that be what you want it to do?  Or do you mean it stops the music and fails to resume it afterwards?

explosive0 says:

I don't want it to stop my music totally. It should just reduce the volume. It's very annoying. 

Thank you! Words can't express how annoying I find this. Fade music volume lower, speak your directions, and fade music back up. Other phones/apps do this. Drives me crazy, especially listening to podcasts when you lose 2-3 seconds of conversation.

dalydose says:

It used to play the voice over the music, but there was no difference in the volume, so directions were hard to hear. The "fix" for that was to completely mute the music which is annoying and disruptive. Ideally, you could choose between having the music (or podcast) volume lowered, but not muted, or have the audio pause during directions.

explosive0 says:

This. It's little things like this that annoy me about Windows Phone 8. Is it that difficult to implement? Same goes for gapless playback. I have no idea why it's taking this long.

andrewkeith5 says:

Indeed, I like the fact that it is clearer now, but I don't like that it simply mutes instead of pausing, I'd rather it pauses and resumes than miss 5-15 seconds of the track...
I tend to listen to podcasts or the talk bits of radio so it's very annoying missing that very short amount of time! 

ncxcstud says:

What I find really annoying is that I WANT Drive+ Beta to stop my music/podcast and then resume it when its done telling me where I need to go.  Right now it is frustrating listening to podcasts and going to new places because I miss about 3-5 seconds of what people are talking about... just annoying...

mab664 says:

+1 ncxcstud. This is a huge problem for me too. I want it to work like Xbox music and completely pause what I'm listening too!

Bill McGee says:

This.. Tired of missing podcast chunks... This is smartphone 101. T-minus 1 year 6 mos. to fix these little standard things.... Would hate to have to get rid of this awesome L920 b/c of these basics....

TiLoBrown says:

Once the prompt was over, my music started again for me

aschettler says:

The problem is that your music won't pause, just mute. Then, you've missed a few seconds of whatever it was you were listening to.

poddie says:

Yes, bothers the heck out of me! Garmin StreetPilot does this right... why can't Nokia?

Raesu says:

Can't prove it but maps seems to launch faster by a sec or two.

I noticed this, as well.

Antistatic says:

Same here.... :-)

aeschylus says:

I second maps opening a bit faster

I find one thing really annoying about the Drive application. It never mentions which road to take while navigating. So instead of saying turn right to take 1-77S, it just says take right. Hope they fix that soon

Rick Smits says:

If you have a wp7 turn by turn voice directions won't be coming to wp7. (I read around here somewhere)

ncxcstud says:

On my Lumia 920 it tells me the road names... though you have to 'turn it on/download' the voice pack from the Drive+ Beta settings menu under Navigation Voice. Just download the appropriate voice (male or female) and the specific one that has 'announced street names.'

Fuad Bhuri says:

no maps for Pakistan ??
maps are available for india and bangladesh but no maps for Pakistan ?? lolx ... why !! ??

Its because of security reasons most probably.. you dont want everyone to know how to get to some Embassy building or a Mosque.

Melus Haque says:

BD doesn't have Nokia maps coverage, nor does Nokia have navigation license. Just one or two roads, very old data. If you actually zoom in, you'll get what I mean. Come on, one of them goes right through the airport!

nokiageek says:

The Nokia City lens is installed on my Nokia Lumia 620 now but when i go to update it it says this app is not compatible. Uum what is that all about ?

tone84 says:

The drive app always gives me the really long way to my destination... They need to fix that!

aschettler says:

You can work around this by searching for your destination in Maps and clicking Get Directions there. This will find the best route and send it to Drive+. And you won't have to go 50 miles out of your way to get there.

tone84 says:

The drive app also needs to say what road..instead of take right or take left..

TiLoBrown says:

It started saying which road for me an update or two ago

ncxcstud says:

Tone - you may have to download the approrpiate voice pack.  Go to your settings - navigation voice - download new - and select the appropriate language/voice that has 'announced street names' under it.
My L920 has been giving me street names since day 1 because of that (or relatively very close to the first time I used it).  it wasn't turned on by default though.

Chris Yahya says:

Uh. I've read user's review on here maps. They said always crashed after update. So i'm scared to update :/

Antistatic says:

Yes, it did. But that was the last version.... I believe the bug was located, and fixed in this version.... :-)

larspassic says:

Seeing as how the Nokia feedback thing got updated yesterday these updates are probably to help work with that app?

mrdeezus says:

Wfhats missing for me on the drive app is showing destination address on the screen like every other nav app. I use nav all day as im in the home seervice industry and its sucks to arrive at a destination and just see a black flag. I then have to look at my calendar or the paper address is written on, please fix this!!!

mnbulldog says:

+1 - Agreed. This is beyond a no brainer. I have had email conversations with VPs at Nokia and supposedly they have all these big plans - Never really see any changes.
But the not showing or saying destination address at arrival is complete failure and makes the app useless.

AlexNYC says:

Almost 6 months of beta for drive app. Still no alternate route, insufficient traffic data and lane transit app (at least in NYC)

Bring back speed cameras please¡ They were in simbian... Some countries ¿most? publish their fixed speed cameras locations so they become a deterrant not a cash making machine so it would be so easy to add them as POI, they are already identified in many data bases. 

Shambels says:

It would be nice if they could allow notes so we know what they are dong.

Nejcooo says:

im wondering why nokia released drive for all windows phones only in few countires. this sucks

Anaron says:

Has anyone been able to update the HERE apps in Canada? The upate isn't available for me and I think it's a regional issue.
Also, are you able to sign in with your Nokia account? In the version before this update, I can't sign in because it stays at the "Connecting..." screen without doing anything.

Bull1012 says:

is this available for South Africa?  Been checking for it store but cant find it

Bull1012 says:

is this available for South Africa?  Been checking for it store but cant find it