Fatal error on Windows Phone 8 reveals its roots [Update: April fool's]

Fatal Error Windows Phone 8

Update: Turns out this is an in-app joke by Baconit developer Quinn Damerell. So if you see this in the next 24 hours, you can stop sweating.

We all should know by now that Windows Phone 8 is based off of the NT kernel and overlaps significantly with Windows 8, a merger that will only get closer with future releases for both platforms i.e. Blue. So with that knowledge it should be of little surprise that things can go wrong, or some oddities pop up (if we had a time for every “tip” we had on the C:/ root installation thing happening, we’d be rich).

Fatal Error

Reader of the site Alvin P. has sent us the above screen shot (and re-created on our phone in the photo) of a “fatal disk corruption error”, which sounds kind of nasty. The event happened when loading the popular Reddit client Baconit and Alvin reports “I tapped back and it showed "goodbye" and tapped back again and it brought me back to the start screen.” (We don’t think there is a connection between Baconit and this event, by the way, just coincidence).

Regardless, it’s a novel reminder that these smartphones are just mini-computers and glitches can happen. Luckily for us, they’re few and far between on Windows Phone. Anyone else experience a similar issue? Let us know below.



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Mic98 says:

So, does this mean that there will be some jailbreaks coming for WP 8?

brianLTE says:

Phone died, better put it on some leafs and take a picture! Interesting error.

That's my phone and a screenshot of the event but not the actual event ;)

aienjell says:

Just made me lmao, thnx pal!

Iskassasya says:

Haha, cheers man. That made me smile.

MattLFC says:

Was any data lost?

No problems so far. I'd be pretty devastated if I had to do a factory restore- lots of pictures and whatnot. Oh, and Happy Easter for anyone celebrating today :-)

MattLFC says:

I'd be more devastated at the possibility of losing the BBC News app now!! As bizarre as it sounds, the loss of this app is actually something that could seriously dent my Windows Phone experience and push me towards droid for my next handset!!!!!!

I've never really considered the fact our phones could die and lose everything, even though I know technically it's a possibility! There'd be a gaping hole on my homescreen if I were to lose my BBC News livetile on my 620. Fortunately, my 710 and 610 have remained rock-solid for over a year, so I live in the hope that the 620 survives... the NT operating system however, dents that faith!

venetasoft says:

Thats why we have Skydrive. Choose apps that offer SkyDrive backup too, so a catastrophic event will not be a problem any more.

Bruno H says:

In windows blue it seems like every app storing data on the computer will have it synchronized to SkyDrive automatically... Hope for same functionality in windows phone blue...

MattLFC says:

AFAIK, SkyDrive will NOT backup applications. The BBC News app has been removed from the store, and Microsoft and Nokia between them, are unwilling to do anything about it. A little bit of pressure on the BBC Trust, or negotiation with the BBC would be a good starting point, but alas, neither seems particularly bothered about the future of Windows Phone...

Surprising I know, given both of them depend on Windows Phone being a success!

kwajr says:

Pics should be on skydrive

aka P says:

Lol! April Fool's? 

Well, it's not April 1st yet and if this were a joke, it's not very funny or profound, so no...

aka P says:

The 'original post' had the '...' More option like how you'd get when browing through pictures. The 'edited' post has it removed. :p If the party's being spoilt, I'd delete the comment ;)

fwaits says:

I expect Instagram to be released tomorrow. ;-)

TonyDedrick says:

Lol, I expect tomorrow to be filled with some surprises that'll get folks riled up

But it was a April Fools joke Dani. :)

I agree, don't/won't have the app (don't even know what reddit is, and don't care), but not cool, not funny.

MediaCastleX says:

...and that reaction makes it a priceless gag! =P

schlubadub says:

It's funny that you replied "it's not April 1st yet" when the timestamp on both the article and your comment are well into 01/04. 01:26 and 01:33 respectively for me, but Sydney folk would've been at ~04:30 and for Kiwi's it would've been ~06:30 already :P I wonder where this "Alvin P" guy is from or if he just had the date set wrong :P

Rocketman63 says:

You must feel so silly now. Reporting on something that becomes self evident if you wait a minute. Lost a lot of respect for this site today.

Leo Jacobs says:

Several times a total fall out of lumia 920. Start again with a soft reset!! very akward

Dadstar0410 says:

Daniel, where's your beautiful 620?

Battery is dead, needs to charge ;)

The only time I had trouble with my phone was while running words with friends. God! That game was buggy and made me remove the phone battery at least twice a day. After a week I removed that app and will never install it again.

kaynachtsman says:

You're using wparea app?

Quin 2013 says:

That wasn't me

sholokov says:

Checking partitions...OK.
Checking "Headlight Fluid Levels"...OK
Very funny

DuxTechnorum says:

How can he recover the screenshot ?

Appmek says:

"File under: interesting"

File under: deal breaker.


Big Dad E says:

I had an error with Bacon It. It said 92% of memory was being used and shut down. It only happened once.

Dejan D says:

if you scroll to quickly it does that, just scroll a bit slower and you'll be fine ;)

frenzydude says:

When updating to the latest firmware, my 920 got stuck on the gears for hours, and I had to flash it through navifirm (again). Lost all if my games level progression and more. Why can't they save the game progress at least for Xbox live games ? Thankfully, gameloft has their own server for asphalt.

sholokov says:

Actually there is a way to get out of that without resetting to factory defaults. Click "Volume up, volume down, power and then volume down." This resets the phone as if you pulled the battery out. When the phone resets and shows the Nokia logo, do it again quickly.

frenzydude says:

Thanks man. I'll try it the next time. Just to clarify, do you mean to press the volume up, down and power buttons together, or one after the other ? This is different from a hard reset (volume down, power and camera). And I have to do it twice, the second time when the phone is restarting?

stephen_az says:

It would be nice if this site would stop actively and passively spreading misinformation BS about the mythical Blue updates. Nothing has been put forth that there will be any enhanced convergence of WP8 and Windows 8. It is a rumor based upon nothing more than idle speculation. The only thing that is even remotely true is that the updates are (sort of) happening on a roughly parallel schedule. The idea of any convergence, again, is pure speculation from people with too much time on their hands and no more real information than the average user. Get over it already and wait for some actual announcements with those silly things called facts. Every time you spread this misinformation, you are sowing the seeds for one more rant thread and one more negative article when it does not happen. How about trying responsibility just once? You might find it has some benefits....

Tsyokiss says:

You can also just ignore it, or decide to not read it. They are allowed to post w/e they want. Hence if they want to post about shit they post about shit.. :P

MediaCastleX says:

How about trying RELAX, don't do it...where you wanna go to it. =P

sholokov says:

Relax! It's just tech news, including rumors.

xboxyp says:

He he. Good joke :)

Jabid21 says:

April Fools before April 1st? Not having fun here (United States EST)

schlubadub says:

But it was 01/04 somewhere in the world already ;)

Shantek says:

That's not a cool thing to do at all

Warren Dance says:

Its not called an April Fools Cool.

Shantek says:

Not something you do to your customers and can only hope it leads to some bad app feedback :)

AskaLangly says:

Heh heh, corruption. Been replaying Metroid Prime 3 just for kicks.

AlbertJelica says:

Remove the article, don't soiler it for all Europeans! :-D

FearL0rd says:

Looks like he tried to mess with root and the secureboot locked him

jamsjordn says:

I got this this morning. I thought it was a bit when it was checking my headlight fluid but by the time narwhals were mentioned I twigged.

Dejan D says:

this just happened to me :D, made me laugh


I would've guessed this was a joke, considering that the T-Mobile exclusive Nokia Lumia 810 was used to "recreate" the situation....

Chris Yahya says:

Hahaha, nice troll bro, and where i can get (troll) error in twice times?? I want to scare people.

JW888 says:

Some news from a Chinese wp forum...If a Lumia Wp8 reset to factory setting, you won't able to download HERE Drive again, with an error code 805a0194......Any idea??????

Chris Yahya says:

Sorry Out of topic, why my comment on wp central via pc, i've got message : your submission triggered as spam"? I'm not spamming. And, on wp central apps by windows phone, i can comment. Help me.

#sorry for my bad english.

jonathonpm says:

Got this this morning, great April fools.

tilemaster says:

Crap win phones!!