Liquid Daffodil giving away apps for free, preparing for Unification release


Update: Pricing alterations for Windows 8 apps should now be live for the next 24 hours (note that Windows Phone apps offer has passed).

To celebrate the launch of Unification, Liquid Daffodil's answer to a notification center for both Windows and Windows Phone platforms, the developer has altered pricing for numerous apps so consumers can download highly rated content that are Unification ready and prepare themselves for when the Unification app is finally listed on the respective stores.

If you're not familiar with Unification and don't understand what this is all about, Liquid Daffodil is preparing to release its own notification center that will enable consumers who own Windows Phone 7 / 8 and Windows 8 / RT hardware to enjoy a unified experience, with third-party developers able to bring notifications and other alerts together in a single app.

This is an exciting deal with almost $50 worth of apps available for absolutely nothing. So which apps from Liquid Daffodil are now listed for free for consumers to enjoy?

For Windows Phone - Unification Ready:

Others (that do not currently support Unification):

Unification App
The Unification Windows Phone app

The developer also supports Windows 8 / RT. For Windows 8 - Unification Ready:

Others (that do not currently support Unification):

We previously looked at the array of apps before, so be sure to look up each title and read more about the apps. As for Unification, be sure to check out our quick video walkthrough of the app itself (if you haven't already done so).

You can download the apps that are currently free for the next 24 hours by using the links above and QR codes below (in same order as above list, left to right - price alteration have been confirmed to be live though some apps may take some time before reflecting the price drop). The devloper urgers consumers to rate the apps accordingly and to fire emails with feedback for improvements to be implemented.

When can we expect to see the actual Unification apps released for Windows and Windows Phone? Very soon indeed. Everything is currently being approved, trickling through Microsoft's systems. 

QR: Cowlick     QR: flyby!

QR: Gleek!     QR: Locksider

QR: Cumulotweetus



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Downloaded Unification already...

Sarang68 says:

How come? Its yet to be released.

mjfadaway says:

Actually it is available. I have it too. No joke! Last night Liquid Dafodil tweeted saying it was available so I clocked on their link and it too me to it in the store.

Sarang68 says:

Yes. The notification on WPcentral came now. I downloaded it. Thanks

TonyDedrick says:

I've had the app for a good three days so far

Jason94 says:

<p>Are you sure? Dont be a troll, provide the link!</p>

davidtayo says:

How did you get the Unification app? Couldn't find it in the marketplace.

kingkoopa09 says:

Yea I've had it a few days now its pretty nice just needs more support from devs

dnmartin98 says:

Liquid daffodil are superstars. Thanks chaps!

FrankEpr says:

Yes they are! The only reason I'm using Mehdoh instead of their apps is cause of the souncloud dashboard...

A54D says:

The Windows 8 Apps don't seem to be free, the Windows Phone apps however are.

not free in Greece :(

paras chugh says:

i don't have my phone right now
any way to get them free and install them after a week ????

Andygoes says:

Log in to windowsphone.com and "purchase" the apps there. So long as you already have a Windows Phone on your account then you should be golden.

Hagenlund says:

If the phone's on and has coverage, you can send apps to it from windowsphone.com. I think there's a limit on how many you can send every day.

buster471 says:

Yes but only after one week but you have to keep them in the fridge, if not they will start smelling bad. You might deep-freeze  them, but I am not sure that you will be abel to wake them up after that.
God luck and have a happy 1st. of Avril

walter1832 says:

Your joking right!?

Codesmith says:

Folks, seems to be a slight delay on the Windows 8 price update. We'll keep those free too, at least 24 hours from when they update. Should just be a few hours delay.

Hector1van says:

Still not free...

sholokov says:

Even the WP8 ones are not free. I already own 3 of them but rather have them all when free ;)

WPenvy says:

Every article today i've skipped to the bottom for hints of April humor, prior to reading...

Codesmith says:

Yeah, funny coincidence but no April Fool's here! They're giving it all away for free, just because they love their fans!

DarkSpirit58 says:

All them are Twitter apps...

Codesmith says:

No...flyby! Locksider+ and Translator! too.

DarkSpirit58 says:

Those apps are WP8 exclusive, but i can't complaint, is not Liquid fault that I don't have a WP8 device :)

joeynox says:

Its was available for download yesterday. LD posted a tweet with the dl link

AmilM says:

Awesome news. Thanks! ;)

cybermoose89 says:

Release the app already!

davidtayo says:

Hello, anyone. How do I get the Unification app? Can't find it in the Marketplace.

Morgan Rees says:

Im in the UK and i cant find the unification app in the store and the other apps arnt free, but when i scan the QR codes it takes me to the store and theyre free?????

bsetno says:

Doesn't seem to work yet, though.

buster471 says:

Same here dosen't work either, though using gleek as twitter client and loocked in to Microsoft accounts on both apps.

Micah Dawson says:

Can someone explain to me.....are the windows rt and 8 apps free too cuz they only show up as paid on my surface.

Unification is (surprisingly) available on this link http://www.windowsphone.com/en-gb/store/app/unification/5952dafd-fc61-41cf-83ff-185e97dc5cf8
All the applications mentionned on WP8 are downloadable for free, but not in windows 8.

Sad the apps weren't free in Windows 8 at all today. 

mauriciod73 says:

The Windows 8 apps are still not free... :(

amazingAG says:

Windows 8 apps are FREE now. Grab it before the offer expires.

muness says:

Sigh, I tired late last night and again on seeing your comment, but both times all the Windows 8 apps were not free. :/

Sarang68 says:

Still not free in India

bono5112 says:

DL'd app 2 days ago, and it still doesn't work... Right now 5* idea, 1* app. It just simply doesn't work on my 920

Jrexxx says:

Not showing up as free for me :/ US store. (WP)

dortyboy says:

I thought this app was released a few days ago. I've had it for a few days now

Rob41664 says:

not showing up free for me in US Store either

Nikumba says:

1550 UK - still showing as a priced item not free

(note that Windows Phone apps offer has passed).
What you mean? special offer has already ended? 

amazingAG says:

No. He meant Windows Phone apps offer has expired but you can still get Windows 8/RT apps. 

This is exactly what I meant. WP8 offer is gone. Somehow they didn't published the news fast enough.

amazingAG says:

I guess either you are not following the site regularly or you have missed this post. This is a 2 days old post, just  re-published to alert the Windows 8/RT apps price alteration.
There have been some problem with the Windows 8 store and that's why it took 2 days for price alteration. 


News: By Rich Edmonds, Wednesday, Apr 3, 2013 at 8:26 am


My post: Posted on Apr 3, 2013 at 10:51 am - 1 day ago


So 2 days old means Apr 1. Nice an offer during Easter Eve. The best way to limit the number of people who can use it...

amazingAG says:

Its still FREE for me. BTW I have checked US, UK and IN store and it all showed as free.

I don't see these apps as free. Do I need to do something different?

l_n says:

I'm still waiting for the win8 apps to update in the store as well (TN, USA).

pankaj981 says:

Isn't this an old article?

l_n says:

It was updated due to some Store issues LD was having with their Windows 8 apps.

Agent-P says:

Currently when I search for an app like Gleek in the Windows 8 store it says it's free, but when I click it to open up the app description it still says $9.99 (this is in the US store).

l_n says:

Just click Buy. It won't charge you (per @LiquidDaffodil on Twitter)

joltcoder says:

If you go through the "Buy" process you'll receive a notice saying that the details have changed and it will then show as free.

Agent-P says:

Thank you to both of you. I tried it and it worked.

Nikumba says:

Still showing as money on the UK store, even if I click buy still has a price

Tjalsma says:

Darn.  I missed out I guess.