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Series Fan for Windows Phone 8, keeping track of your favorite shows

Series Fan

Need a little help keeping track of your favorite television shows? Series Fan for Windows Phone 8 will help you manage all the episodes in your favorite series by tracking what you've watched, when what you haven't might air, and give you quick overviews of the entire series.

Series Fan has Miso to let you see what your friends are watching, earn points and badges for checking in and share your check-ins on Facebook or Twitter.  The app has potential but has a bit of room for improvement.

Series Fan has your favorite series listed on the main pages and from there you can drill down to find out information on the series, individual episodes and mark episodes as "watched".

Series Fan main pages

The problem with Series Fan is that while it provides a ton of information on your favorite television series, it's a confusing app. For example, when you re-launch the app, after adding series, the main pages are blank as if you've launched Series Fan for the first time. You have to tap the "refresh" button to populate the main pages with your series information.

The main pages includes pages for your series, a "what's next" page, and a "to catch up" page. You would think that your favorite series would be listed on the series page but they aren't. The "what's next" and "to catch up" pages seems to cover the same material; the next episode in the series you need to watch.

You can hit the refresh button that you would think would update your series information but it seems to randomly change what appears on the "what's next" and "to catch up" pages. At the bottom of the screen you have a "+" button to add series to your library, a refresh button and a settings button. The settings button did not work.

Series Fan episode pages

As far as the series information is concerned, you have pages listing the next episode in the series that is un-watched, a listing of the various seasons, and a general overview of the series. You can not access the next episode from the "what's next" page but instead have to tap on the series number on the "series" page.

From the individual episode page, you can tap the check button to mark the episode as watched and scroll through the other episodes within that particular season as well as other seasons.

Navigation isn't Series Fans' strong suit and while the app has potential, there is a lot of room for improvement. Too many buttons are non-responsive and while there is a "tips & tricks" section in the About screens it offers little help in understanding the app.

At first I thought the quirkiness was in using the trial version but the oddities carried over to the paid version. All in all, Series Fan is a rough app that needs a good bit of polishing.  I like the simplicity of tracking which episode of a series you've watched and knowing what you've missed but the app left me scratching my head.

There is a free trial version with the full version running $1.49. You can find Series Fan here in the Windows Phone Store.

QR: Series Fan



There are 39 comments. Sign in to comment

Let me be the first of many to say it....just get 'TV Show'.

RyanMac4203 says:

I second that... with a vengeance!

Ramonis7 says:

I agree. I'm pretty happy with "TV Show". 

IceDree says:

Even though it doesn't update NCIS LA , I'll +1 you !

jcw108 says:

Yep, TVShow it is. @IceDree: NCIS L.A. updates fine for me. Suggestion: Remove the show, close+open TVShow, add the show again. This has helped me a couple of times when a show was seemingly "stuck".

IceDree says:

Thanks J , I'll try it out !

topleya says:

Totally agree, just get TVShow

Idofr says:

could you link it? i can't find it for it probably has some german name in my store. thanks

K_lando says:

I'm surprised TV Show wasn't mentioned in the article.   Everything about it is far superior.

The only thing missing is a 8/RT version that stayed in sync with the WP version.

Wael Hasno says:

There is some kind of regional restriction with this app. I will try TV Show.

walter1832 says:

While I commend the effort of any developer to create an app for WP, if your going to charge a fee, at least be as good as or better than the competition.

Jonny8X says:

Surprised a UK SkyGo app hasn't been released.

CommonBlob says:

Im not sky are a bunch of morons

tribexx says:

Stopped reading the description after I saw "The Mentalist"...

Ratstorm says:

Not available in Australia...awww...

Nik Rolls says:

Odd, it's available in NZ ...

phatboy66 says:

Can't download it, region restrictions

myrandex says:

Not available in my Lumia 920on ATT US :/

ihavewp8 says:

Hahaha it's available on htc 8x I guess nokia it's not exclusive hahaha

Not available for me (920)

Jamdot says:

The artwork will have been provided by the broadcasters and not just shamefully taken from Media Browser, right?

ihavewp8 says:

I have tv show for past 6 months now and there live tile don't work.

dalydose says:

Why do people keep building these TV apps that track what you already watch? I'd really like to see a TV Listings app, like TV Guide.

Pacs_R_Us says:

Bc they are actually useful? I watch a lot of television and sometimes I forget the episodes I haven't watched for a particular show. With the TVshow app I don't have to leave tv shows in my DVR forever in order to just remember what I need to watch, taking up space, forcing me to always be aware of how much space I have left. I can now delete low priority stuff and watch it online, ondemand or on Netflix at a later time and now exactly what was the last episode I watched. For us tv addicts the TVShow app is a godsend. 

K_lando says:

You don't understand the use of these apps. Its not about keeping track of what you previously seen, but being able to keep track of what you actively want to see.

TV Show (the app) tells me, of all the TV shows I watch, what series have NEW episodes for that week and when they come on. Actually, it tells you everything upcoming for the next 2 weeks.

It reminds me that a show is on, if I turn the reminder on. Without the reminder, I just glance at the live tile to know what is on for that day. Then I check off the episodes I've seen to remove any reminders.

Its not quite a TV Guide in that its not going to show me a grid of all tv stations and a schedule for that day, but that's not what I need or want or would use. I only care about the shows I care about, I don't really give 2 craps whats on the Disney Channel at 7:30 next Wednesday.... I only care about when the next new episode of Breaking Bad is.

Yes, some shows are easy... Walking Dead and Game of Thrones is going to be every Sunday, not really hard to remember or need a reminder. But if they skip a week (like for a holiday or something), I'll know to not bother tuning in or searching the net for an episode that day. But then again, I like this dumb show called Happy Endings. It's been on a break for the last couple of weeks.... then last week there were 2 new episodes on a Friday (it usually airs on Wednesdays!). I would have never known there was 2 new episodes on a Friday without TV Show app (well, that's not 100% true... since I've added Happy Endings to my Hulu queue, they eventually would have appeared in my Hulu queue).

Anyway... for a person who doesn't have cable and relies on searching the internet for all their TV shows, these apps are extremely helpful in keeping track of what I need to search for.

dalydose says:

I understand how apps like TVShow are used and I use that app and paid for it. I'd also like an app that does basic television listings. I wish I didn't need my laptop to bring up

I don't get why a dev would make another of one kind of app when clearly there's a hole than could be filled with a different, but related one. That is the crux of ny question.

Pacs_R_Us says:

Bc they are actually useful? I watch a lot of television and sometimes I forget the episodes I haven't watched for a particular show. With the TVshow app I don't have to leave tv shows in my DVR forever in order to just remember what I need to watch, taking up space, forcing me to always be aware of how much space I have left. I can now delete low priority stuff and watch it online, ondemand or on Netflix at a later time and now exactly what was the last episode I watched. For us tv addicts that app is a godsend.

Pacs_R_Us says:

oops, i meant to reply to dalydose. not meant a brand new comment. how do you delete comments? i dont see an option.

Darkgift says:

I'll stick with TV Show. Before that I used Prime TV.

Blackwood504 says:

WPtrakt - that's is the best for keeping track of your tv shows and movies watched. I used to use TVshow but WPtrakt is much more useful.

ScarletStar says:

I use MyAnimeList...But that's because I pretty much only watch anime

Too bad we don't have an app.. I have been thinking of making one for WP.

Owen Ye says:

TV Show it is.

gabrielavara says:

Hi, I am the developer of Series Fan. The issues (shows not appearing second time the app started, app bar settings icon not working) described in the article only exists in the WP8 version of the app. I don't know yet what is causing them. But I hope I can solve them soon.
Thank you for the article.