Nokia Lumia 920 firmware update rolling out in Europe, adds "other" storage tool

Lumia 920

Reports have flooded in that the 1308 firmware update for Lumia 920 Windows Phones, which improves photo quality and implements the tool to help consumers manage the pesky "Other" storage, is rolling out in multiple European markets. The update has already been released in the US, but Europe wasn't far behind. 

As well as the alterations made to the image quality and the storage tool, there's also improvements that include proximity sensor parameters, improved automatic display brightness adjustment & performance enhancements. Overall, it's well worth downloading. We took a look at the firmware on an AT&T Lumia 920, but the same rules apply for other Lumia 920 Windows Phones.

Be sure to check on your Nokia device to see if the update is available for you. Note that WiFi is required for download.

Thanks to everyone who tipped us!



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Vb2012 says:

And when Will this Reach Africa mainly South Africa rich any news on that ?? Please reply :/

Vb2012 says:

Anyone please reply

sanien says:

Damn you are impatient lol. Someone will reply if you give it just a little time.

snailium says:

Not reached Canada yet.

Vb2012 says:

Lol im gona get in 2015 :P

tjecco says:

Well South Africa got the update last night, Mtn got LTE support enabled as well

e4et says:

Just manually checked, nothing. 920 on mtn

makaone says:

When would it get to Nigeria

ricsip says:

at latest in the summer of 2014. Seriously.

makaone says:

What do you mean by that?

OluSegs says:

Just arrived automatically on my phone today...downloaded and installed a few minutes ago.

makaone says:

Thank you already installed mine on Monday and the camera is better but doesn't seem to take care of the battery and heating issue when playing games and using 3g. Generally a great update phone seems smoother in operation

YianniGR says:

Just got it but nothing changed in storage.. Or it will come as an update of Nokia apps/settings?

Heavy Rain says:

Restart your phone. Storage check should show up after that in the settings at the bottom.

Sergio0694 says:

You should have another option in the settings menu, scroll down to the bottom, it should be the last one.

Vb2012 says:

Isnt it a app :/ ?? Lol im also confused now xD

Heavy Rain says:

@vb2012 - yeah it is but it shows up in settings. (Nokia Fix)

rjpmateus says:

It´s not under "phone storage". Just check the new option at the end of system settings called "storage check"!

endacrowley says:

Thank you!!! I would not have looked there!!!

Sergio0694 says:

It's not available for branded 920 in Italy yet. I hope it becomes available soon, we had to wait for 3 months for the last firmware update here... :/

ricsip says:

Following your logic it should appear in 3 months from now, not sooner, right?

chaserutz says:

I also got mine from Italy, with Wind... When will be the update out for us?

danielgray says:

Not in Australia yet

rath79 says:

I have got this on my 920 and 820 in australia

cliveontoast says:

How did you get this for your 820?

danielgray says:

Strange checked again, still no update. Just how is Nokia distributing updates? Annoying. Unbranded unlocked phone as well.

williewillus says:

Like any other OEM, in waves

xblane says:

Nothing here either (Australia, Lumia 920 on Telstra)

TheContact says:

Nothing on Telstra..
Derp, too slow haha

DeviousD says:

Nothing for me UK O2.

m4tthall says:

Seems odd, I got it on giffgaff which is essentially O2. Did you do a manual check?

Nebulaeus says:

Nothing in Rogers/Canada yet :(

Cormango says:

Nope. Rogers was one of the first for the last firmware update.

rjpmateus says:

Portugal -> Updated! (Unlocked)

TheSuperject says:

I wonder if this also screws up connectivity or if that was only for AT&T's OTA update...


Again, suprised this issue has not had an article posted here about it...

dalydose says:

I also wonder why this isn't getting any "press" on WPC.  It seems to be a major issue and I would avise anyone who hasn't upgraded to avoid it until they figure it out.  They ARE working on it though.

Heavy Rain says:

I haven't had a problem whatsoever with my service. Glad this hasn't affected me.

Thank you! I thought I was the only one with this problem, it's driving me nuts! I love Nokia's dedication, but it seems you trade one problem for another every update!

hellboarder says:

Mine had the same issues after upgrading but after a few soft resets and airplane mode toggles there are no issues anymore, it essentially healed itself

chaudi says:

Nothing on unbranded in Sweden....

Nakazul says:

Nothing on branded here. :-(

link5a says:

Where's here? Just wondering what kind of branded Lumia 920s there might be in Sweden, I mean, what's your carrier?

Nakazul says:

Sweden and 3. Maybe locked would've been more correct . Sorry.

link5a says:

No problem, m8, thanks for the info. I was just very curious :) My Lumia 920 from Telia is unlocked ;) No update yet, though.

takisrock says:

Greece - updated 2 hours ago...
Storage check  is not working

m4tthall says:

In what way is it not working? There is a new settings option?

takisrock says:

yes there exist in the settings
But it just turning  forever... with no results
Sorry I have the 820..

mipe NR says:

The same here. Just keeps turning forever. Restart did not help.
Lumia 820.
Got the update maybe an hour ago, Slovakia, Orange.

kingll says:

Updating it now T-Mobile (UK)

pankaj981 says:

Not on 810 in tmobile us

Nothing here yet.  Kinda annoying.  At least storage shrink helped a bit with my other. 

ryansstuff says:

EE UK Downloading

rockstarzzz says:

Good luck guys - screw your network connectivity and data as soon as you get 1308.x Nokia or Microsoft don't see it as a problem but if you updated, you are doomed as much as we are! Come to the forums ;)

frnlh says:

No problems at all here on at&t after 1308 update. Everything is great, I'm happy to report. Be not afraid.

Be afraid, be very afriad.

dalydose says:

Definitely a concern, but I know that Nokia is looking into it.  I wonder if it is just AT&T's network.

rockstarzzz says:

Really? Nokia UK told me there is no issue and I was the first one. This is last night!

tcman88 says:

On att with a lot of connectivity issues which causes battery drainage in less than 4 hours

Sean Burns1 says:

Where's the 620 update?? :-(

Vb2012 says:

In your arss lol just playen :)

Adam Czapski says:

Available in Poland.

Tomasz S. says:

Not on my 820 :(

mandartd says:

I have a Unlocked Lumia 920 (Model RM-821_eu_poland_360 / Poland Orange Branded) purchased from GSM Nation. I am using the same in Mumbai, India. No update yet for the same.

Tomasz S. says:

The good news is you'll probably get the update by the end of this month.

mandartd says:

Thanks for the information.

Just installed and firmware now is:
Country Latvia, flashed with UK operator EE.
"Other" space deleting feature present, but display and touch section remains the same

Corvodin says:

Could you be a bit more specific, which countries, carriers only ?

MrA2Z says:

Downloading now on EE UK. I didn't get notfication but checked it manually through settings-->phone update.

ssarma says:

My lumia 920 on orangeuk is downloading some update. Guess its the firmware update. :)

fredie12 says:

same here installing now on orangeuk :)

Abdul9 says:

I already update via Nokia care suit and the only thing i realized is that i didn't get updates for my installed apps for a long time or else everything else works as it should and the camera quality is better than before. Almost forgot, the storage check app made me like my lumia more and more. MS is lucky to have Nokia on their side.

qsr786 says:

Germany - Update wohooo

sueha says:

Unlocked or Vodafone?

HaibaneReki says:

nothing yet on Vodafone branded (unlocked) used in Czech

Corvodin says:

Same question here.

Seems like Vodafone, got an unlocked and nothing to update...

DaSchnee says:

Nothing on my unlocked german 920 either... I bet we'll get it last again

qsr786 says:

Lumia 820 - Telekom

Nick Garza says:

So is the 820 and its variants ( 810, 822 ) getting this anytime soon. Everything I see is for the 920 and to be honest, the phones with 8gb are crippled by the "other" storage issue more than the 920. I had to remove apps just to send a text last night or receive email.

Narr says:

Same here, I'm so low on memory that I constantly get a warning popping up. 820 needs fixing as well as the 920.

larspassic says:

Did we decide if this firmware update introduces data connection issues? Can't tell if its the firmware update or just AT&Ts network

Unless ATT started having issues the second I installed the firmware, then for me and all of the others it is the firmware.

rockstarzzz says:

EE, UK - screwed up connectivity since day 1.

MrA2Z says:

Are you facing signal problem for network or data connection issue?

rockstarzzz says:

Both, mainly data

mr-mac says:

installed OTA 3UK Seems generally a bit snappier all round... will check photos later (is it a big improvement?) 

Mayur says:

Trying manual update since last night. Still nothing on my 3UK 920 :(

joeynox says:

Yay now Europe and Canada can have unusable phones as well . Yayay

Any word on when this will come to the 820?

Nick Garza says:

That's what I would like to know. I have an 810 and am sitting at 0 free space. I'm sitting at 4.89 in other. Add that to the 1.9 in system and I don't have shit left. Just kills the 8gb phones.

mipe NR says:

I got it on my 820, did a manual check about an hour ago and there was an update waiting.
I'm on Orange in Slovakia.

ElDzsi says:

I installed this new update and I discovered a strange thing.
In the Settings, phone storage I can see my other map is 2,34GB and in the Settings, storage check my other map is 1,1 GB.
So what???
I do not understand.
And I did not get the chance to change the color intensity in the Settings, Display and touch.
I am using sim free 920 in UK.

rockstarzzz says:

That's not included. Read the article.

ElDzsi says:

You mean the color intensity?
It is only for At&T?
And what about my first observation?

rockstarzzz says:

Clear the temp files and see if it helps. Mine is all the same. Color intensity is for future firmware update.

larrybon says:

After update, battery drains 10% per hour while not in use! Good luck, searching for answers here.

rockstarzzz says:

It defo improved battery using since 3 weeks. Reboot phone

I just got this on ATT in the US.  Storage Check is very cool.

phatboy66 says:

Please bring it to Rogers Canada! Everyday I search for the update in the settings

thomppa79 says:

Another good news! Amazing day for WP and Lumia

YasinLumia says:

No update yet for T-Mobile UK on contract..

AlexxZD says:

Update installed on my unbranded 920 France :)

falconx#WP says:

Nothing here in Spain, unbranded 920

greg2k says:

No luck on Vodafone ES either

doogie17 says:

Can confirm. No updates yet on Vodafone ES

Fran_FLV says:

Nothing yet... (unbranded 920)

Al_2 says:

Updated on CV GB in the UK. Took a minute or two to download, then almost 15 minutes on the spinning gears and another 15 on the migrating data step.
Used the storage check tool and got 3.3GB back. Awesome!

freerider189 says:

That's weird, my 920 is unlocked from Clove too but no update :/

MDak280 says:

Same, CV GB and no update yet.

windev says:

Strange. Mine was bought at Clove too but I was prolly the first to report the update to the forum.

Warren Dance says:

How would you ever know that? lol

robnewton says:

2 CV GB 920s in the house & no update on either.

PNewark says:

Really random, but has anyone else noticed that the haptic feedback (e.g. When pressing the back button) is a little softer since the update? Just updated on EE UK...

DreadVenom says:

Yep. Tested as soon as i read ur post. It does seem softer.

PNewark says:

Much prefer it! In all honesty there really should be an option to have it on or off, it's one of my annoyances, so more subtle is better in my opinion!

MrA2Z says:

Yup, I also noticed that.

jamsjordn says:

Apparently this update fixes issues with the vibration because it was too strong and many models including mine make a rattling sound. I don't have the update yet but this is what I've read.

Ron_2155 says:

Does this update fix the random reboot problem? As my 920 had no issues until last update & the phone came with portico pre installed

paul axx says:

Does it also fix the random locking issue?

RN50 says:

Downloading now on EE in the uk.

UK, Orange. Updated after asking phone to update twice. Cant say I've noticed any improvements?!

david90531 says:

Rogers is sucking ass, again

M4RC says:

I'm on T-Mobile on contract and have got the update.

procen says:

I'm on T-Mobile but I don't get the update.

c5thunder says:

This update ruined my phone service (Lumia 920 on ATT). Has anyone confirmed Nokia is working on a fix?
For people who havent experienced the problem: after the firmware update the phone constantly switches between E, 4G and LTE in areas where it used to get full bars on LTE. Text messages get delayed or cant be sent, calls get dropped or go straight to voicemail if someone is calling you. I called ATT and they didn't have a clue.
WPCentral PLEASE bring this to light.

afgzee says:

can someone let us know what is going on with other handsets like the 820?

DreadVenom says:

Just updated on EE UK. Took about 20min total. This is a great tool. Dropped my other from 9GB to 2.2GB,superb. IMPO, this update has put WP on track to be the best mobile OS. Just need a better implementation to terminate apps and a notification center and ill rank WP above webOS which is still king of multitasking and had the best and most efficient and well executed swipe gestures.

Latin America has gotten 0 updates :( Stock OS.

those that have installed it have you noticed your data connection be awful. for alot of us in the states theres an obvious problem with the last update.

dKp1977 says:

No update for my open market Lumia 920 in Germany so far.

Doddsy1975 says:

Updated on EE uk with no problems at all only took 15 mins. Data connection seems fine at the moment.

Sam Wong says:

I want it now!!

Nick Garza says:

Tmobile in the US?

camptime says:

Not available in Thailand so far. Shame we have to wait longer for updates then those in the USA. Hope this update has a fix for my 920 shutting down randomly some days when placed on the wireless charger.

DeepK7 says:

Not available yet here in New Zealand for Lumia 920.

ramonq619 says:

I hope this update comes to the Nokia Lumia 810. It really needs it when you have 8gb to work with for apps.

Holycraplol says:

Nothing for branded telenor 920 in Norway. :(

Montpbm says:

I hate HTC!!!!!

Warren Dance says:

They hate you too =]

Daakkon says:

Come on Rogers!!!

Smooth installation! Got rid off of all the "other" from my phone!

Lumia 920 - Orange, UK

larrybon says:

Had update two days now. No shutdowns so far. Finger crossed! Battery drain is new problem though. Weaker signal strength and right to voicemail has also happened.

Its because of the connection bug. Missed calls and weak/loss of signal.

Mike Smit says:

You said, no more shutdowns?? Finally soms good news! My phone still had the overnight freezing problem.(however not with battery saver on, or on airplane mode)

so finally i can use my phone as a reliable alarm. Now hope that Vodafone NL Will push the update this week.

Nothing here in India

Denashi says:

Nothing for Denmark yet (unbranded).

invisik says:

Just got it in Minneapolis today

dkxs says:

Nothing for Singapore yet

uopjo6 says:

So I get the feeling Asia is always last since it rolls from the West to the East. Couldn't it go both ways so it reaches Asia first too lol. I WANT MY UPDATE (*#QPQ*&6-#@076-Q&6. JK i can wait. 32GB Lumia 920 still going strong with lots of space. I've got a 820 user nearby that is not happy though....

link1873 says:

Blahh rogers is talking their sweet ass time with this one -_-....

mepaulrye says:

Got it in Latvia.

dosek says:

Proximus - Belgium, still nothing (L920)

fredynavas07 says:

Did anybody have problems with heating and draining battery after the new update because I never had problems before the update... Please help!!!

My Lumia 920 bought in UK currently updating in India :) 

VSparxx says:

Nothing on Orange Poland as well :(

Tomasz S. says:

I just got it for my unbranded 820 :)
I hope this adds the storage cleanup tools.

When will we see this in UAE?

sarim_xyz says:

Nokia Lumia 920, bought in UAE, using in India. 1308 not available yet.

Dare2Blink says:

Same here, no update yet for 920 bought In UAE, being used in Angola

erg1507 says:

nothing on Turkey / Turkcell yet...

asdqwekl says:

Kardeş biz daha çok bekleriz gibi geliyor bana :))

deerfaced says:

Nothing here yet. Unlocked 920, on EE/Tmobile uk... Oh well

Mark Longley says:

Same unlocked 920 on EE/Orange UK (Now on O2) downloading now ;)

premium11 says:

No update for 820 Baltics CV yet. (Latvia)

Jarbarator says:

No update for Lumia 920 in Finland either...(Sonera)

weis says:

Yep, not yet for DNA either...

jmrfi says:

And not for Saunalahti either.

Chris Yahya says:

No updates for Indonesia. :/

Me neither, fufuuf

AndyGriff says:

Got the update last night (UK, T-Mobile).  No data connection issues that I can see.  I never had random rebooting or locking problems in the first place so can't comment there.  Phone seems generally more "fluid" now -- I can't quite put my finger on it but it just seems smoother just doing basic stuff.  Camera was, I thought, perfectly OK before but are the colours slightly more vibrant post-update or is it my imagination?  Storage management -- brilliant.  Recovered 5 GB instantly.  The best thing of all, though, is that it fixed the issue I had with the proximity sensor, i.e. the screen blacking out on making a call and not coming back until the call ended.  I'm a very happy camper now; if it's not tempting fate I have literally no remaining issues with my 920.

sarim_xyz says:

wow, that's lucky of you :)

TechnoBull says:

I agree Andy with colours, after my update i took pic of an orange box but it came out as a yellow box, will play around with settings and see what happens, on EE Liverpool UK

AndyGriff says:

That's weird.  If anything, mine come out slightly redder (although pretty well imperceptably so).  I imagine the automatic white balance could affect this quite a bit, though.

That's what I want to hear! Proximity sensor troubles are killing me. Can't wait for this update to arrive! :)

popmart1970 says:

Some people in The Netherlands do have the update since yesterday.....myself unfortunately NOT YET!!
Trying manual searching for updates on a regular basis  

Im unbranded on Voda, nothing yet but I am currently working in kiev so wonder if that will delay it even more :(
I am hoping it fixes some issues of slow resume and often apps crashing, INNCLUDING settings as thats been pissing me off a lot!

Jobel93 says:

Nothing in Sweden yet!

Jivko Ianev says:

Lumia 820 - Bulgaria - still no update :((

MattyBoy83 says:

I'm in Australia and have an unbranded (non-carrier specific) Lumia 920, and my phone is now updating.

Redfox41 says:

Moscow calling - Update is available! Lumia 920, MTS. Huge camera improvement, storage tool, that's what I already checked

Keefo says:

Noticed my phone prompted me for an update first thing this morning.
Really happy with the Storage Checker, as I had 4gb of Temp files!

Suedezu says:

Guys, those of you that downloaded and installed the update, please make short post update reviews and tell us of the improvments,bugs and problems the update solved or brought.

Warren Dance says:

EE - UK. Updated last night, never had any issues before other than storage and now everything is fine. The 820 users have been screwed over though, there's no reason for them not to get it with us, they're drowning out there!

Nothing yet on my unlocked/unbranded 920 in Cyprus. Turning OCD continuously checking for updates! :D

how1ard says:

Unbranded UK 920 nothing yet, usually get updates about two months after branded phones. Hardly a reward for loyalty and buying direct from Nokia. 

TechnoBull says:

I got mine yesterday, im on EE in Liverpool UK

TechnoBull says:

After my install and reboot my wifi wouldn't connect or see any wlans. After another reboot all was good , EE Liverpool.

adrian1338 says:

And of course stupid favorites updated again.. every single time !

Jrexxx says:

Is the location based on the carrier or IMEI (i.e. the palce of purchase) of the device?

GSzah says:

Nothing in Finland, L920

makaone says:

Nothing in Nigeria

Dimi7287 says:

The update is avaialble for phones bought in Thailand!

camptime says:

its still not showing on my unlocked Thai 920.

hovesteve says:

Downloaded on EE in UK this morning. All seems good, not noticed any issues. Love the storage section.

Yh i got the update as well this morning and i am with ee in the UK but i cannot find the storage section anywhere. i have reset my phone like 3 times and watched the video but still there is no sign of it, where is yours?

BPuk says:

Updated my EE Lumia 920 yesterday. The storage section is within Settings - at the end of the list and called 'Storage Check'.

well then i dont have it then :/ even though im with EE as well in the UK

RN50 says:

Thanks for that. Now found it.

Dumbed says:

is there are vibration fix in 1232.5957.1308.0003 firmware update? (my 920 vibrates very loud)

It's 11-36 pm on the 3-April 2013 and just done a manual check on my 920 for the update and there it was now installing, this is on T-mobile in the UK

N_LaRUE says:

Hi, not sure if anyone has run into this problem or not, I'm going to check with Nokia as well. I got the 1308 update but the new Storage app is not showing up in my settings section. I have a Nokia Lumia 920. My wifes 820 got the Storage app. In the UK. Everything else appears to be good though.

i have the same issue, really annoying but i am about to uninstall the update if possible and reinstall it to see if it appears

N_LaRUE says:

If you know a way to uninstall the update please let me know. The only option that comes to mind at the moment is doing a phone reset and I'm not happy about that idea though it may fix other issues I've had as well. Like not getting app updates.
I wanted to contact Nokia but their 'support' is purely in the 'discussions' area and they only take complaints by email. I guess this could be considered a complaint!

Solved it!!! You need to update all of the Nokia apps e.g. The settings ones and then storage checker appeared :) as i suddenly had 9 updates waiting all from Nokia built in apps

N_LaRUE says:

OK I'll see when I get home and connect to the WIFI to see what happens. Thing is I don't get update notifications so if I can't see updates how do I update the settings apps? My wife's 820 updated just fine and receives updates my 920 on the other hand doesn't. It's been a frustration from day one. Hopefully something shows...

guyverl says:

You might also want to 'check for updates' again.  For some reason (i'm on EE UK too) after i'd installed the update the first time i didn't get the 'other storage'.  
So I checked again and it prompted me that there was another update; after installing again I finally got it :) 6.6gb feed :D

N_LaRUE says:

Well not only did I not get updates I tried resetting my phone and it's now dead. So need to see about getting a new one now. Hopefully it's not an issue but we'll see. Hopefully Phones 4 U will be helpful.
I'm not impressed. This is a real disappointment.

g3das says:

Does anyone knows based on what firmware updates are roling out? Carrier? IP? App Store country?

Bodzianek says:

Nothing with my unbranded, unlocked 820 in UK. Factory unlocked phone bought in Germany.

uopjo6 says:

It'll be everywhere in 2 weeks. Can't be that hard to wait.

You already have it, I presume?

TechnoBull says:

My screen has now developed a slight flickering since my update last night, more annoying when looking at pictures or lock screen, not so noticeable when viewing normal home screen tiles.

GustavN says:

My "other" section takes up 9GB right now (some kind of record?)

So please, bring it to Sweden, ASAP! :D

Nakazul says:

I wish you had the record because then the rest of us would have more space :D But I have currently been trying to uninstall apps to keep other down. I'm currently at 10,97. And other reports I seen 11-12GB even.
Vi lär väl få vänta oss grå antar jag :/

link5a says:

12.3 GB over here :(

No issues here on AT&T with the update on my Lumia 920. The only bad thing is ##3282 for Field Test no longer works :(

Chris Lound says:

Proximity doesn't seem to have been fixed.  My Lumia 920 screen still stays blank on a call when i try and look at the phone during a call.  Have to press the power button to get the screen back on.

Tht's terrible! I figure that if this update doesn't fix mine I'll send it back to service again and then every other week after that since they don't actually fix anything in the repair shop.

guyverl says:

6.6gb freeeeeed! 28gb used to 22gb :D I can finally install new apps without feeling bad :)

Nakazul says:

So much for the current flood of updates out there :-)

ozz srn says:

Nothing in Turkey, unlocked Vodafone

ozz srn says:

Can anybody write The experiences, The difference after Update?

chadbr says:

Same here 1308 screwed up connectivity... I go hours with 5 lte bars but no connection... Texts fails, no email... Have to reboot. Then walk down the hall... And it happens again. I never had issues before the update.

One of the things that i notice has been solved is that i can now send MMS messages now, have tried everything even called T-Mobile support and Nokia support but now the MMS works perfectly on my 920 :-)

Freuder says:

Yes! After buying my 920 the first day they hit the shops in the UK the camera is finally giving me the kind of images I expected.

dosek says:

So I was restless, then I manually flashed 1308.20 EE UK through Nokia Care Suite. Everything works flawlessly, no data , signal or battery drain issues. Storage Check works, but ddint show immedietly after flash. It was necessary to update Bonuses+Info manually (search for in at WPC, links marks this comments as spam). Then the Storage Check appears as last in the Settings list.

STi says:

that's weird, i update my lumia 920 to the last update manually but the "storage checker" is not in the option list as seen in this video!??!?
ver: 1232.5957.1308.0007


ozz srn says:

Got it here in Turkey lumia 920. Battery improvement and more bright and fluwently screen.

Sasu Sasuke says:

It is mildly irritating that people try to explain the 'other' folder in terms of maps, texts, emails, app data etc, when it is clearly a fault in the OS. An example is if one uploads photos or videos to the Sky Drive, 'Other' will grow until all memory is used and the phone will become unuseable. It will not even be able to make calls. Several people have reported this, in other forums.

So, anyone claiming that this memory will be "restored", "recycled", or the phone will somehow manage to re-allocate the memory elsewhere, may be describing what was intended (I don't know), but it does not work. 'Other' will grow over time until the phone needs a factory reset; or an OS update is installed, which also resets 'other' to something like a normal level.

In anticipation of people suggesting we delete all emails, some maps, texts, don't upload to SkyDrive, reduce calendar entries, maybe get rid of contacts we don't phone often, don't browse (or at least clear caches and passwords etc), clear searches, clear pretty much everything else that makes life convenient, I would suggest that if that is what is required, to avoid a factory reset every few months, then the WP8 system is pretty much useless. I have read some people with 920s are already seeing nearly 10GB in 'Other'; so there is little hope for 820 users trying to 'survive'; and those poor people with 4GB WP8 phones are in for a nasty shock.

When I got a Lumia 820, I had researched it thoroughly. It suited me better than the 920; primarily because of the ability to install a 64GB card; as I carry videos and music of about 30GB, for when I'm away. I have about 2GB of maps permanently; as I did with my old N95, which I need. I guessed that would leave, with the apps I use, not much short of 3GB (allowing for the 1.9GB operating system); which I assumed would be a permanent 'safety net', for caches, emails, texts etc. 3GB is a hell of a lot of texts, emails, caches, calendar entries and the like. I have over 10 years of emails, contacts, calendar entries and tasks in Outlook (and in archives), on my computers, and they total less than 3GB! To be honest, I also held a secret hope (albeit remote) that there might come an option to install map data to the card, one day; but could still live without it, as I didn't need the phone's memory much, with about 30GB free on my card.

However, the reality is that I have had to limit my map data to 1.2GB, and cannot use autouploads to the SkyDrive (or even back up to the SkyDrive if I wish to clear the camera roll of stuff) or download Deezer albums, because all these bring me nearer to a factory reset. Even then, and clearing caches almost daily, I still see 'Other' continue to grow; and it becomes an obsession I could do without. Deleting caches also deletes various passwords; which I expect the phone to remember, for goodness sake! Moreover, since the OS is relatively new, it is only now that some dedicated individuals are starting to experiment with various settings, trying to discover what has the most detrimental effect on the 'other' folder. My thanks go to them for their efforts, and the 'Factory reset' trauma they have to endure; the main irritation being re-configuring the front screen, together with the time required. That said it does beg the question, "how on earth did this problem not manifest itself to all those that must have been testing this system?". Surely, in testing, one would be uploading vast amounts to SkyDrives and downloading from them? If everyone reporting this issue is, presumably, only using the phones 'normally', and this has become an issue within weeks, the fact this was passed as 'fit for purpose' beggars belief, in my opinion.

So, advice on how someone should have researched better, or how they could conserve memory, is not really the point. Whether they realise it or not, people have a sense of how much memory they require, vaguely; certainly if they are long time computer users. It may be very rough, and not exactly accurate or scientific; but it should be close enough.

No; the truth is that there is something wrong with this operating system, and it needs correcting quickly. In the meantime, and assuming this problem is not easily resolved, a "Clean 'Other'" button would be useful, in "Phone Storage". If new OS updates refresh and reset the 'other' count, then it seems to me that one could arrange that fuction without an actual 'new' update. A "reinstall last update" would even suffice, for now, to achieve the same thing, without the need for a full factory reset.

As a final thought, can anyone here, who is advising on preserving memory as if it is a user problem, please put around 1GB of photos on your phone and upload them all to the SkyDrive, please? Ideally, repeat that until the phone runs out of memory; then get back to me. I would be interested to read the results you experienced; with stats for how your 'other' responded. Does it recover that memory and reallocate it? I would be fascinated to know; because my Lumia 820 doesn't