Viber gets free HD calling and Live Tile support in latest update

Noted VOIP client, Viber, which just submitted its beta 2.1 version for approval a few days ago, has already gotten a significant makeover that adds a bunch of features for Windows Phone 8. Most notably, version adds free calling with HD sound quality, but it also adds Live Tile support. You can now pin conversations to the Start screen and receive lockscreen notifications.

Viber integrates with your address book and allows you to have group conversations with up to 40 participants. You can also share pictures directly from your photo gallery and tag your conversations with your current location.

This goes beyond a simple update. It's a complete makeover.

You can get Viber for free here.



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KoreyTM says:

Well played, Viber. Well played.
*curls mustache*

PipoDj says:

No it's not.

afgzee says:

are you completly thick or something?

It's working! It's calls for a celebration from all the avid suitors of this app.
It's really great to see most of the big apps from the big players are being ported to WP.  A very good step. Keep moving forward WP. I'm really loving my L920

ihavewp8 says:

We got a jealous troll here. Do bad viber is now in wp

jes1888 says:

Shut up u dumbasses, I said it like that cuz I though it was a joke, (cuz of Easter Sunday everyone is doing jokes ) I thought that cuz when I tried to download it It wouldn't let me, u assholes thinks everybody is trolling because of a misunderstanding, this is what has become of wpcentral? What a shame...

schlubadub says:

"Because of Easter Sunday"???? More like "April Fool's Day"

oh my god best news ever, absolutly love this app, i love u viber so much, cant believe, someone wake me up from dreaming.. oh shit viber is for real here, thank u so much i love viber so much

Jupast says:

lol...wow. Settle down there Cowboy.



TMavC5 says:

Checking it out... and thanks.

sri_tech says:

Popular android app camera360 is now available on WP.
Happy to see the official and popular apps coming to WP.

Nakazul says:

Looks cool, gonna try it out.

eolorvida says:

the viber for 7.8 with calls is already available.... this one is for wp8

Duffau says:

Can you like us to that? I thought only lumias with 7.x had voice. Did something change?

bt66 says:

Too bad. It's not syncing my contacts on 920. Not sure what's wrong..
Deleted & reinstalled it. Did not get the code this time. But i used the previous code & it just shows "your contacts are syncing" But does nothing.

bt66 says:

Oh..just got a toast message "welcome to Viber" but contatcs don't suync yet..Useless for now. Any suggestions???

TMavC5 says:

Yeah, its been hours, it still not sync with my contacts. 

Dratwister says:

My contacts were synced just fine and quick. But seem like Viber's having issue with background running and push notification with my phone (920). I couldn't get any call notification while my phone's locked. After unlocking it, a whole bunch of notification keep flushing to my phone, even the calling notification appears while I weren't making any call...

eolorvida says:

try using this format +(countrycode)(areacode)(phonenumber)

dvasudreddy says:

It has been synchronising the contacts from last night! What the heck is that? im using L920

Same here. I am using L620 and it keeps synchronizing.
Microsoft, now that Viber is out while Skype still in beta, FB gone with Android and Samsung has no mood for ATIV, make sure anything arrive in your stores is NOT half baked!!

Sarang68 says:

I sent this tip!

mcivor88 says:

Does it run properly in the background? Like does it come through like a normal call or is it just the same old crappy toast notifcations? I lost my windows phone at the weekend so I can't test

hbkzara says:

It comes in as a call

Dratwister says:

Not if your phone's locked for a while. I did make some calls to my device after it's locked up for a while and couldn't get any notification. Now if I unlocked it and place a call back, just right after that call I can get notification from other phones call to mine.
Don't know if I mis configured something

isupaphresh says:

I doubt its for 7.8 Users, we never get as much love as 8 users.

......or we will get it, but it'll be super late. -.-

v4nandu says:

Nope... Its for WP8 not for 7.8... We are losers... 7.8

Tips_y says:

I don't know what both of you are talking about because just like what monlosez3 said, Viber for WP7 has been out for some time now.

TechAbstract says:

Viber already came out for WP7 long time ago.

Duffau says:

Again with people posting that same line. Viber came out for 7.x but without voice; only lumias have the voice option on 7.x. Even the app listing says voice coming soon. Voice is the entire premise (Aside from the other features added) of this article.

bashbaliga says:

Anyone having issues with viber not sending the code ?

happened for me too, but that other option on when viber calls u and tells the code worked

bashbaliga says:

Lucky you, no such luck for me.

Xpider_MX says:

turn off wifi and turn on data connection, and try again.

Lol, it won't let me make calls because it says it's a beta and that they're bringing voice calls soon

zfarooq says:

update it mate, or uninstalla and download again from the link in article. 

i re-installed it, and now it works, thanks 

bashbaliga says:

You have downloaded viber messenger, download the app viber linked in this article.

Lilleverden says:

Cant install get error code

igoramadas says:

Same here (Germany). I guess it's not available in all countries yet.

pitakx69 says:

i can download it im useing it now in thailand have no problem to download i can call  whit viber now

Etios says:

Lumia 920 is losing the WSJ poll against Blackberry as crackberry guys are using the incognito trick, guys vote for Lumia 920: http://online.wsj.com/community/groups/question-day-229/topics/smartphone-do-you-plan-buy

theefman says:

Pointless poll, just like all the previous ones the 920 "won".

afgzee says:

Not found in the UK store, and doesn't work either when i scan the link. what is going on here?

Dratwister says:

Installed it but still something isn't right here. The call and receive is kinda hit and miss. I used another phone, make a call to WP8 using viber and nothing happened. But right after I unlock my WP8, the notification keep pushing to my phone telling me that I missed calls. Now with the WP8 just lock for seconds I made another call, now WP8 can display viber calling UI...

Andy Quek says:

Same issue here. Right after installing the app, I test call myself using my wife's iPhone 5 and the phone rang. But when I answer the call directly from the lock screen, I and the other pary cannot hear each other. So I proceed to unlock the lockscreen and there is an error message but the phone call is still connected. After which, I tried calling myself again and this time round, the phone doesn't ring. Shortly after my wife hung up her phone, my phone prompts that I have a miss call from her. Same goes for outgoing calls as well, sometime the phone rings when I called my wife, and sometime it doesn't ending with a miss call prompt again.

Dratwister says:

Luckily it isn't just me. Seem like the push notifications of Viber is super delayed here

zephyrpawan says:

Contacts are not syncing

MikeTheYid says:

Restarted phone and was able to see it


poddie says:

A random shouting person on the internet. Must be legit. :-)

No im not shouting false things, go and see on twitter, Vibers CEO Talmon Marco confirmed that they have publishing voip calls for all wp7 devices today

poddie says:

Didn't say it was false... :-)

rahul4aug says:

Still do not see update on lumia 710

Jesuszc35 says:

Want it so bad, can't wait for the version for my wp7.8!!!!!!

naullsy says:

Still cant make voice calls

what are u talking about? i just made 10+ minute viber voip call

bonieboy says:

I have DL app but my contact are still syncing... What is wrong?

Roach26 says:

Only got 3 people in my contact using Viber...

bt66 says:

Atleast it synced for you...does not sync my contacts

try re install it, worked for me

bartwilleman says:

same here, does not sync. it seems a rushed app. many features aren't working....

mrnavkhan says:

Thanks viber

YasinLumia says:

Just tried to install on my Lumia 920 in UK, link in article errored

MrVol84 says:

Loving the momentum!

A_Hel says:

So why the hell does Microsoft need years to bring us skype?

poddie says:

Uh... what? Skype is out. Viber was the delay. And it looks like this uses the same new os hooks that Skype does...

YasinLumia says:

Whoops, working now for uk lumia 920. Any idea when the version for WP7 is out?

MooCoo says:

- Can't use the twitter feature.
- Didn't activate by SMS.
- Syncing contacts takes forever

poddie says:

So why would someone use this over Skype? I've never heard of anyone using viber... I suppose if my friends used it that would be incentive. Legitimate question, not snark.

on skype u cant call on android or ios devices when they have skype closen but on viber u can call  on ios and android even when they have app closen, (like skype wp8 to wp8).. huge difference

Painbearer says:

Viber for wp7 just got updated to US market! Now with voice calls and a revamped UI!

Painbearer says:

Viber for wp7 just got updated to US market! Now with voice calls and a revamped UI!

has anyone got the update notification in the marketplace for those who had the previous version installed?

anthonyng says:

On my 920 I get a lot of "Oops... and error has occured in the contacts screen.  Please try again."  Not sure what the error is and it looks like my contacts sync'd ok.

anthonyng says:

I get similar errors in converstaion view too... not quite ready app..

WoWNyx says:

The app is 100% working! Finally! Good job viber! First app with free calls! Not considering Skype ofcourse

Peter Farkas says:

I haven't received my SMS verification code either. So, I used the alternative link provided on the verification screen. However, after the setup my contacts are still syncing...
I had Viber Messenger, then saw this article and installed Viber.

Peter Farkas says:

Wow. all viber products gone missing in the AppStore.
So, now I cannot do anything. Terrific.

v4nandu says:

Where are stickers.... No stickers in this viber

Also not syncing on my 920

afrostyle126 says:

Is anyone else experiencinng a lot of battery draining and heating up with their lumia 920s and the new viber?

bonieboy says:

I have 920 and after many re install I still have problem with syncing contact... Any idea?

afgzee says:

Syncing contacts is a problem for me too. All my contacts were there at first, now most of them are gone.

sramesp says:

I have the same problem with sync...
And i cant find any more in store?????

Andy Quek says:

Me... After installing the new Viber, my phone battery dust drain from full charge to battery saver mode in just half a day.

themax2 says:

Live tile support, full mesage preview from lockscreen, working tested calls, the perfect comunication app for wp8.

TweetNiBerto says:

this is also available in 7.8 devices.. viber messenger is now updated.. you can now makes calls..

rockstarzzz says:

Nothing works. Super delayed notifications here.

dalydose says:

Interesting that I had never used this app/service and figured it would be just another communication app that I'd have to beg someone to test out with me.  Imagine my surprise when 55 of my contacts already had accounts.  (I know, I have too much time on my hands if I scrolled and counted!)  I think maybe only Skype has more of my contacts.  WhatsApp and Kik are WAY behind.  I've even seen some people on here that I haven't heard from in real life for years...I think this'll help me catch up with some folks.  :)

oscarcanada says:

This is perfect and busy what we needed. Slowly but surely my wp8 is getting the apps it so sorely needs in order to be my main phone. This app is one of my 5 daily most used apps

TMavC5 says:

Shit ain't workin'. It won't sync. Waited entire day still not sync.

metsfan421 says:

My 920 is not syncing contacts either and I wasn't able to find it in the store, I had to find it through the wpcentral app.. Perhaps this dl is only for windows phone 7? Or there's a bug with it and the 920 syncing contacts.

Mikel D says:

how about us???... Windows Phone 7.x

rahul4aug says:

No update yet.. Stuck at tried region trick

sramesp says:

Program is back in store...
i have reinstall but i have still problems with sync. When i was started program first time contats was sync full. When i was started program 5,6time the 90% contact not sync....
something is going wrong...

pointclouds says:

it works perfectly on my Lumia 920, no sync issue or anything else.
I think it's better than ios version. I loved it. Thanx Viber!

bonieboy says:

You are lucky, on my 920 don't want to sync :'(

popmart1970 says:

All my contacts I had on my "expired" iphone 4......are also showing on the Lumia 920!!! So it works in The Netherlands!!!

nalinbarola says:

Can't answer calls....bull shit update...any body else facing problem on WP 7.8???

reyfbernardo says:

This is really a great! I just downloaded it! Keep it up and more power WP team!

Is this supposed to show up in a Contact Card like Skype?

bonieboy says:

are there any news for Viber ... now I cant even instal it as I am not getting sms from them and when trying calling I get stupid info tgat something is wrong .... anything please ? Thanks

tabraoui says:

I have the same problem, since 3 days ago... Is this a common issue or just a few of us?

ra05 says:

working prefect on my lumia 820 work good in background i easly recive call i think important thing if your using wifi click always on in wifi setting and once u open viber just click window button after that u even locked ur window phone its work fine in back ground .

Arlensu says:

What do you recommended me viber, wechat or line? I am having trouble with whatsapp and i am thinking to change

Peter Farkas says:

Well, app is back. Or maybe not?! I have downloaded the latest from AppStore, it says v2.23.0.0 but on my phone it's still v2.2.2.0 that I have problem with. Reinstall, restart won't help.
So, I'll be patient: I have uninstalled the app. I will wait 24 hours then install it again. I hope Viber will sort out this issue very soon.

Linkestis says:

please fix problem

hamphlet says:

Sorry. Still not usable. I sent my friend on Android a message this morning & they got it 13 times. On my phone it still shows as unsent??? Messages sent to me can take an age to arrive. It's just not reliable enough. Does seem to work better on wifi than 3g though, but still not great. Can't speak for calls because I haven't made any. Please get it working properly and can we also have smileys & stickers. Still feels like we're the poor relations on Windows Phone. (Lumia 920).

Excellent however i use a Samsung ativ s and the top rear of the phone gets quite warm even when only using text. I assume its a cpu use thing although its not massively affecting my battery. Hopefully they can address this soon.

adaptor says:

Did anyone notice the App is out of sync with the phone in upright or lying position. i hope u know what i mean.
when my phone is upright and vertical the App is still in horizontal and vice versa.

rotkod says:

After last update call often does not work... Samsung ativ S :(
No ton, but on iphone 5 see calls, but no ansver or any audio from my, and from him :(