Cyan updates

Canada gets Lumia Cyan for Lumia 520 and 620

Cyan Updates!

More Lumia 620s begin getting Cyan update, including India

Lumia Cyan updates

Lumia 620, 720 and 820s begin getting Cyan


Is the Lumia 1520's tap/scroll bug due to 'screen flex'?

Windows Phone News

Update 3 and Lumia Black now available for the Lumia 620 on Telus

Windows Phone News

Lumia 620 supplants Lumia 920 as the second-most popular Windows Phone

Windows Phone News

Lumia Black now available for the Lumia 620 in India

Windows Phone News

Nokia Lumia 620 Black update finally gets underway in select markets


Trouble with your Nokia Windows Phone? Restore it with the official Software Recovery Tool

How To

DIY - Add Qi Wireless charging to your AT&T Lumia 1520 Part 2


Nokia releases update for Play To, addressing issues with GDR3 Developer Preview


Surface Pro 2 firmware fix to be delivered "as soon as possible"

How To

DIY - Add Qi-wireless charging to your AT&T Lumia 1520 with these replacement shells

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Aio Wireless finally approves Amber update for the Lumia 620


Having an issue with Xbox One's Party Chat? 'It will get better.'

Windows Phone News

TELUS to roll out Update 3 to Lumia 520, 620 and 1020 in Janurary 2014


DIY: Shortcut Tile for screen rotation toggle in Update 3 for Windows Phone


Suffering from the spinning cogs issue on a Nokia Windows Phone? There's a fix for that

Windows Phone News

O2 UK and Telus begin Lumia 620 Amber update, also available on Navifirm for some

Windows Phone News

Amber update rolling out soon for the Nokia Lumia 620 on Telus

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Video tutorial shows how to open up and take a look inside the Nokia Lumia 620

Ever felt like getting stuck into the Lumia 620? A video published by YouTube channel LE55ONS shows exactly how to disassemble, reassemble and fiddle with the insides. It's 27 minutes long and provides an in-depth walkthrough on what to do to achieve the task on opening up the Windows Phone, as well as identifying each component.

While it's an interesting watch, we don't recommend it for the average Joe. Nokia's support channels are pretty good, but if you do happen to want to replace a component, or check out what magic is happening underneath the display, be sure to take extra care (unless you're wealthy enough with a stash of Windows Phones). As usual, we don't take any responsibility for hardware that self-destructs.

Source: YouTube, via: Windows Phone Italy



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RyanAMG says:

Looks like fun :)

Sean Burns1 says:

Always watch this guys videos he's very good

I like this guy videos .
You can save a lot off money.

Matt Sharp says:

Awesome video as always. Pretty sure he sliced his finger applying the new tape.

DJCBS says:

I must say I got L620 to use as spare when my L920 goes to Nokia's factory to fix the bloody dust problem and I now understand Daniel's love for it. (I got the black one though. Only black phones for me, thanks lol)

walter1832 says:

Once you go black, you can't something or other, I forget

Onerunjunior says:

His Lumia 920 video is incredibly good!

muitosabao says:

His videos are awesome. Unfortunately found that out because my wife dropped and shattered her 820. So I'm gonna try and replace it following his video. He makes it look dangerously simple. So much so that also watching his 920 disassembly video I am tempted to replace my white hull, for the blue matte or black matte if I find it on sale somewhere...