WhatsApp beta reveals a few upcoming features for Windows Phone

WhatsApp Windows Phone

It looks like Nokia and Whatsapp are continuing to chug along, building up and refining the super popular messenger client for Windows Phone. Details of beta 2.9.6 and 2.9.7 have been revealed on the site PocketPC.ch and while not revelatory (nor final), they at least show some very minor changes scheduled.

First we should note that we don’t know what the release goal is for version numbers. It’s clear that WhatsApp have a few “betas” planned, adding features as they proceed, but it is not clear if 2.9.7 will be the one released to the Store or they are aiming for a “3.0” release.

It has been over a month since the last WhatsApp update, which is usually when they finally give us some new improvements, so maybe it's coming sooner than later.

So what are the big changes?

  • New smilies
  • Quicker app-start (2.747 sec)
  • Bigger Live Tile for Windows Phone 7.8
  • Some bug fixes (specifics, unknown)

That’s of course hardly the big changes that many of you would like to see with this app but at least it’s relatively fast and reliable with these latest versions. Hopefully the next update is right around the corner. We’ll of course keep you posted when it goes live.

Source: PocketPC.ch; Thanks, Giovanni, for the tip!



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V Turk says:

They need to add file sharing and video sharing

ttsoldier says:

Yes! Emoticons!
Hope that audio API will be gone too *cross fingers*

Then what's app will be great!

They need to modernize the interface as well :|

frostieDE says:

Yeah, this friggin' audio agent thing sucks - escpecially on WP8 where you cannot play a song from the position you stopped :/ *crossing fingers, too*

get rid of the stupid audio api thingie and i'm jumping back to whatsapp that very moment!

RaRa85 says:

Well since they never fixed the voice notes for 7.8 on the Titan I rather enjoy the audio feature.

uhh..what have voice notes got to do with the background audio api? o.O

RaRa85 says:

Lol sorry average Joe here. Misunderstood the whole audio API thing for voice notes.

malmen_tm says:

What is that weather tile on the screenshot? :)

RyanAMG says:

Gismetio is what I expected the HTC app to be like.

Sergio0694 says:

Wow, new smile!!
Dear devs, this is what's still wrong with the app:
• Fast resume lacking (when tapping on the tile with the app already opened in background)
• Better UI (attached videos and photos in particular, the chat is terrible there)
• Better handling for videos and photo (hundreds of times I tried to tap on attached photos, and nothing happened)
• The app crashes if you load too many old messages. Damn, a 512MB Android phone with WhatsApp is faster than my Lumia 920 with WhatsApp.
• The keyboard lags if you write a long message.
• You can't attach videos you've already recorded.
• When I tap on a notification, 99% of the times I try that, the app takes forever to load.
• Get rid of that damn AUDIO API!!!!
Good work :D

Prodigy11 says:

So far the latest Symbian version seems to be the best Whatsapp build I've seen, ironically.

bens770 says:

I miss my E72 sometime...

aafa says:

I just want to understand the audio API thing...
does Whatsapp need this to make the app run coninuously in the background? Is this because of making it compatible with 7.8 phones?

Sergio0694 says:

It used to, until a WP8 update added the ability to keep the WiFi on under locked screen.
So right now that fake audio stream is not necessary anymore, it's just a big, huge, enormous waste of battery... :/

purevibz says:

And also replying from lock screen notification take you to a blank screen, you would have to close the app and then reopen it.

kiddj55 says:


doron050 says:

LOL its all i think about to..

Jf.Vigor says:

When you say new features for windows phone, thought you meant for the OS itself lol. I rushed to read this article when I saw it on my start screen haha

lippidp says:

Me too. Just when I thought the writing on the site was starting to improve...

MacDaMachine says:

Sometimes the writing is fine. Then you get articles like this. That title just isn't good.

juniwalk says:

I switched to new Viber from WhatsApp because it work better for me. (Notifications mainly, I didn't get them with WhatsApp)

RyanAMG says:

I have the opposite problem. The new viber app doesn't let me know I have a new message. I've reinstalled twice and checked settings.

RaRa85 says:

All sounds good to me.

Unification would be my addition of choice, i never get messages until an hour after they have been sent :( On Lumia 920

YES!!! Who do we need to contact to add WhatsApp support in Unification!!! ;

I'll take a wild guess and say you have to contact.......drum rolls........WhatsApp!!

SnatchedIT says:

If you don't get messages that's a line problem, nothing to do with the app/SO. I do sometimes get the notification of messages and the preview toast of it, but can't read it yet in in whatsapp tho. After like a minute the notification is re-sent and then I can actually see the message in the conversation. Anybody getting anything like this?

Nick_Wilson says:

One of the bugs that I had reported was when switching from portrait to landscape on my 8X and the text is either shoved to the top or disappears all together. Hopefully it gets squashed.

KQ17 says:

Thank god for Nokia

CalumSK says:

Glad to hear this, my whatsapp occasionally bugs out/freezes, im hoping this will get fixed

Zokudu says:

Remove audio API and I will be content with whatsapp.

keol says:

Smileys yes please

J88NY R says:

All the need to do is remove the background audio stupidity and the app would be perfect for me anyway!

Jean80 says:

Whatsapp opens in under a second on my HTC 8X (I have 12 conversations) and while I dislike the use of audio API (annoying when listening to music) I never had battery issues with it. 

Exactly. Overall I think this app is pretty solid. I really can't complain that much.

Zeeshan360 says:

It sucks on WP 7.8 though

afgzee says:

i was hoping for mp3 and video sending, oh well

dkp23 says:

Now whatsapp is a beta?
Lets focus on fixing the battery drain problem with the app. 

All future iterations of software used for testing purposes that are not released publicly are called "betas". It makes sense to dogfood your app before you just release it...

Re: battery drain problem, I use this app regularly on multiple devices and just don't see it.

leviathan18 says:

Lumia 920 heavy wahtsapp user here. Usually under WIFI with my lumia 920 batery last 5 hours top, if for some reason I dont use whatsapp it can last the whole day.
so yep whatsapp its a battery killer 

Amran Nagal says:

Finally some love for the 7.x users. :D

Jrexxx says:

Dan, do you think that we will ever see messaging apps integrated to the messaging hub? Can they use the APIs like VOIP apps use them to look like normal calls? On the launch MS had promised tighter integration for Skype and all devs who wanted to use it...

leviathan18 says:

Microsoft needs to push this, people hub is almost useless only a few apps work with it and one of the most popular crossplatform instant message apps does not work with people hub 

colin24_7 says:

The app works pretty much flawlessly for me I use the 8X so maybe that's the phone of choice.

Narr says:

Until they stop messing with my music I won't be reinstalling it.

JimiDiGriz says:

I'd like to be able to save videos sent to me to my sdcard outside of the app and also attach videos taken outside of the app. So many videos sent from family that I can't back up until this is added

Anaron says:

I found it annoying to see one emoticon before sending a message and having it show up as something different. The emoticons in the screenshot are consistent with the app as well as the iOS and Android versions.
I hope they fixed the battery drain issue.

pankaj981 says:

Thats an issue with the emoticons in wp8 keyboard

Vb2012 says:

Lol I know how Yu feel about the emoticons


rockstarzzz says:

Stop shouting, go take your pills.

MiloSaurus says:

This font is not big enough! Double Caps that mother!

Neo Nuke says:

This app still sucks. Background audio API exploit is ridiculous in this day and age

Wevenhuis says:

So there are two versions of whatsapp on Windows phone?????????

MiloSaurus says:

Yep, for WP7.x and WP8.

theloz86 says:

Dan, do you know if the Background Audio API exploit is still in place in the latest beta for 7.8?

Oli Gill says:

Different colours for contacts in group convos would be a simple but welcome change....everyone looks the same!

purevibz says:

the one bug fix I want is for them to take the app away from the music API, so that when you answer a message it don't take over your music control.

Ok....am tired of complaining about this, but I haven't been able to use whatsapp since I bought my L920....i always get the same error"could not connect to whatsapp. Please check your network settings and try again later"....i tried everything......plz for the love of god and all things Windows, can someone help me!!!!!!!

Dude....when I say I tried everything, I literally mean that...from hard resetting to contacting whatsapp....nothing has worked....

uopjo6 says:

Whiners whiners. At least you're getting updated. 

Unlike LINE for WP. nothing what'soever and the current version sucks hard.

+1 to faster startup... Yay

Add 2G connection..to connect sucks on 2g

SomeGuy11 says:

I love this app!

sergioadh says:

Whatsapp should address the battery issue they cause for the freaking app doing things 24/7

Wafiy Tahir says:

Background please. Im bored with the black and white background -.-'

gerson72 says:

Disable toast notifications !!!!!!!!!

dalydose says:

Just get it updated and out to us before Google buys the company and removes the app from our Store because of a "lack of demand".

simplisagar says:

I will bow if they put an option to turn off that freakin vibration!

horvazs says:

on wp 7.8 Lumia 800 recently I am receiving strange toast notifications, it actually appears as Viber toast (can even see the number of messages on the Viber app tile) but the message arrived is actually a Whatsapp message and can read it obviously only when I open Whatsapp. Anyone else has experienced the same?