Microsoft announces winner of Windows Phone Next App Star contest: Wikipedia

Microsoft has announced the winner of its Next App Star contest for Windows Phone. Drum roll, please? It's Wikipedia! Congratulations to Rudy Huyn on a well-earned victory. The Windows Phone Central app was also featured in the contest, to which we thank Microsoft for the inclusion. Unfortunately, we were unable to get through the stages.

We've previously looked at Wikipedia for Windows Phone and the app recently received an update to bump it up to version 2. The Next App Star contest accumulated more than 600,000 votes and the winning app managed to beat ProShot in the competitive final - only 155 votes separated the two finalists.

Huyn will now enjoy having Wikipedia featured in a Windows Phone television commercial, as well as the full winning prize package. There's a good reason the app won the contest too. It's a must-have for any Windows Phone owner. Microsoft also handed out 21 Lumia 920 devices in daily giveaways to those who participated and voted.

If you haven't already got Wikipedia on your phone, you can pick up the app on the Windows Phone Store. Head on over to the Windows Phone Blog for more details, as well as a quick video of Huyn's app.

Source: Windows Phone Blog

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erzhik says:

Well deserved win. I can't imagine how Microsoft would have shown ProShot in an ad.

schandlich says:

I think it would have been easier than a Wikipedia app. No matter how good said app is. And it is really good.

AngryNil says:

Yep, now they are going to show a spot on a Wikipedia app. Killer app. Oh, wait...

Props to Rudy, but the app isn't ad-worthy simply due to its function.

kwambe5 says:

Congratulations to a well deserved win!

david90531 says:

It is a very nicely designed app with both visual attractiveness and usability, congrats to the dev, make more apps please!!

Kellzea says:

I was a bit surprised, but it does make sense really. Its a great app with universal functionality.

AskaLangly says:

Congrats to Rudy for the umpteenth time! :D
Inb4 someone says ProShot...

falcon304 says:

There really needs to be less damn picture filter apps next time. And how that random weather app got in there instead of Weather Flow is BEYOND me. Now we'll never know who wins in battle between WeatherFlow and Amazing Weather. (hint - it's all of us)

tavisdunn says:

was weatherflow really not in there? That's crazy, it's one of the best apps out there....

frenzydude says:

I think Amazing weather is much better than weather flow. I'm rather surprised it didn't win.

buggyglint says:


fwaits says:

Over 9000?  That's not possible!

Good choice. The app is great.

Jnbs says:

Awesome congrats to Rudy!! Very functional app..

Congrats Rudy!! You deserves man!!

tavisdunn says:

Great app. While proshot offers a lot of functianlity, doesn't really tap into the whole modern design UI like the Wiki app. People on other platforms would see proshot in the commerical and wonder what all the fuss was about.  
Though i still think the wpcentral app was #1.

RafRol says:

I use this app almost daily. Obviously I have it pinned...


Its Wikipedia. Who actually looks at this site? I don't. Plus, there are man apps that are way better than this app. This was a dumb contest as many well deserving apps were not included in the final voting rounds. Including WPCentral.

willied says:

Who looks at Wikipedia? I can only hope that you are kidding.

Many lost hours have been stolen from me by Wikipedia...


I wasn't kidding. I never use Wikipedia.

schlubadub says:

You must be the only one in the world :P

jlynnm350z says:

I already know everything so I don't need a Wikipedia
but thanks anyway. And congratulations

WinFan1 says:

Talk about humility lol

WinFan1 says:


MDboyz says:

Congrats to Wikipedia.
However, congrats to all WP developers for doing great job as well.  Hope you all continue to develop more great apps for WP platform.

CJ Thunder says:

Great and beautiful app, though any idea if we can ever download the Wikipedia data?

sueha says:

Now Microsoft has to advertise an app that works against their own Bing search button :)

Deemswick says:

Dragon's Blade should've won :/

Laura Knotek says:

Fail! Who needs this app when the Wikipedia site works fine via the browser? Useless app.

Micah Dawson says:

Yes because browsing the site is better than the app(sarcasm)

AngryNil says:

Apps are always slower to load content than the browser, in my experience. I quit using Wikipedia apps because they are all so sluggish on my Omnia.

adrian1338 says:

Well - maybe you can explain me the thinking behind multi plattform usuable homepages put into single plattform usable apps. as soon as you figured out that the app development is trying to destroy everything the web build up the recent years - you will get a cookie

CJ Thunder says:

Lol, most all apps only do website crap.

rockstarzzz says:

ProShot doesn't.... I could be wrong!

CJ Thunder says:

Ok, I give photo apps to you but that is lack luster Photoshop and real camera replacement, but it is convenient, I get that. Though having an app for every website you use takes longer than clicking on your favorites if the site is designed right.

rockstarzzz says:

It's an app that enhances camera performance AND fixes camera performance ie softness. Even if it wasn't photoshoped and made in paint - it's value would to the OS is way under rated! After all isn't that the reason we have so many threads where people want "features" v/s "beauty" of WP? 

rockstarzzz says:

Hahaha! ....and WPCentral had to cover this as a news story! ;) 
You've gotta love WP - can't wait till after 10 years all these will be internal jokes! Let's show case to the world and other platforms that we have a Wikipedia app on our beautiful, pureview, OIS, carl zeiss enable Lumia 920, shall we? Let's make people want this app on their iPhones and Androids and BBs!

Laura Knotek says:

It also says a lot about Facebook users, since those who don't have Facebook accounts could not vote.

rockstarzzz says:

It's not just that though. It's about how a free app can get larger audience to vote and how a deserved paid app doesn't get those votes. I think you are probably right though - WPCentral users loved Proshot more than WPCentral (both paid apps) - but I'm sure not all those who love WPCentral have Facebook accounts, else definitely WPCentral has some serious fans of Jay's work and Sam's jokes ;)

Etios says:

Ha! Ha! Proshot lost, you two are just butthurt, you guys were constantly hating on Wikipedia and urging everyone in forum and in comments section to vote for proshot but still Wikipedia won!!

iamoniwaban says:

I use to apps from Rudy. Wikipedia and TV Show. His apps are very good

danielgray says:

Congrats, but Wikipedia is not exactly going to give any wow factor to an ad.

AndyGriff says:

Well-deserved without doubt, although ProShot would have been equally worthy.  I have both on my phone and both are beautifully put together and powerful.  I probably use the Wikipedia app more than any other, come to think of it.

ZuNuKoo says:

Unrelated anyone know why that site ZDNet hates windows 8, I hate reading that site. I only get it because it's in one of my apps.

rodneyej says:

Why no prize for the runner up???

wetworker says:

They totally deserve to win. Sweet UI. Metrosexy.

Stupid. Proshot would be perfect for an Ad. Wikipedia app for an ad is just plain dumb. The wrong app won here. Microsoft better realize the opportunity they had by showcasing Proshot and Lumia 920 together. Exclusive app for WP. Man such a wasted opportunity.

Etios says:

Congrats Rudy for Wikipedia win , i voted for you :)

lubbalots says:

I have this app and its one of the most beautiful out there. So design app wise, I have not seen any better than this. Congrats!

milkybuet says:

A well deserved win.

Jazmac says:

Congrats. I'm glad they beat weather. Awesome.

eruptflail says:

Pointless. This app offers nothing the browser doesn't. I hate those style of apps. They're easily broken and they're almost pointless. It's a nice look and a good feel, but it's a waste when it's all said an done. WHen I look up something on Wikipedia, I'm going to use the search function on my phone. I rarely click the app to "google" something.

brebo33 says:

I have to say, I use WPcentral app every day, but the Wikipedia app was the first one I ever used the deep linking on. The dev is very receptive to feedback, too.

dalydose says:

I love and use the Wikipedia app. I am disappointed though that we didn't get an option that will showcase better on TV.

Congrats Rudy.
And when I say Rudy I remember the dinosaur from Ice age the movie. :P

Lx23 says:

Congrats to Rudy. I just like it when hard working people get rewarded. I played my part though. I already got the app :)

Really? How BORING!!!! Wikipedia is voted as the next best app on WP? hmmmmmm, I mean not to dis the app, I'm sure it is flash as! Just yea I mean Encyclopedias are...well.... ya know encyclopedias....

axxon says:

Did they announce the list of winners among the voters !!

Andr3sfc says:

With all due respect, bad choice here. I don't even use ProShot, but it would be a MUCH, MUCH better showcase to the platform. That's why I voted for it. Wikipedia is an excelent app, but is... Wikipedia, that you can access from the browser anyway — not comparing the two experiences.

ProShot gives you something unique. Imagine an ad showing the app and its tools being used along the 920 and its superb camera featuring Pureview technology and Carl Zeiss lens. I just can't imagine how a Wikipedia app will generate any interest from users of other platforms or people that are deciding which phone to buy.

Again, bad choice. But congratulations to the developer.

Zhao Jiuhua says:

Seriously a HUGE KUDOS to Rudy Huyn for all the efforts with this gorgeous app, and CONGRATULATIONS for winning 2013 Next App Star Contest! This is an app that I really determined to install on my Lumia 920.
However, to my utter shock and disappoinment, I found out that this app is not available in my region! Now I hope Mr Rudy can see this post and make an effort to push this to my region which is Malaysia. Shouldn't a champion of Next App Star become available worldwide rather than restricted to a few regions??? If there is some inevitable reason to block this app from my region, can someone kind enough to tell me the reason please? At least that would get me less disappointed with Windows Phone 8...