Exclusive first look at Nokia’s double tap to awake and on-screen clock coming to the Lumia 920

It was reported a few weeks ago that Nokia was preparing a firmware revision for the Lumia 920 (and other Windows Phone 8 Lumias) that would continue to bring Nokia’s vision of how a Windows Phone should be to fruition.

That update is now being referred to as PR2.0 and we have an exclusive quick glimpse of some of those new features for you.

One of those new additions was a ‘double tap the display’ to awaken the phone, a novel method first seen in Nokia’s N9 (and is much easier than BlackBerry’s current “swipe up” method in the Z10).  Windows Phone Central has also learned that a new, always-on clock will now be optionally allowed on the display and brings back memories of our Treo 800w days.

There are a few other things coming down the pike too including ‘Smart Camera’, another new Lens akin to the current ‘Smart Shoot’ but reportedly brings Blink like features Nokia-style. We’ll have more on that later.



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jddumawa says:

not to mention text message alert, chat alert, email alert and Twitter alert are also seen on the lockscreen on n9, now, im warming up to the prospect of wp, most especially if nokia can push these on their lumias :)

lennyk1313 says:

Love this feature. I missed it from my N9

Heavy Rain says:

That video made chuckle

ShadL says:

Double tapping -> going into more useful lock screen -> unlock phone properly

This is stupid. It is useless, just adds another step. You can see the time on the current lockscreen as it is anyway, why is this even a thing?

JussiRM says:

Adds another step? I think it's just alternative way to unlock the phone. Either you double tap or press the lock button, and double tap is easier if the phone is, for example, laying on the table. About the clock... the idea is to see the damn clock without unlocking your device! It's convenient. This, however, can be disabled if you so desire.

theroyboy44 says:

you are an idiot you already have to press a side button to go to the unlock screen. They just gave you an option of pressing a button or double tapping. Silly ShadL they didnt add a step. Do a count of the number of steps again and you will see the sillyiness in your comment

rav4kar says:

Double tap menu or home button will b e great too!!

jdhooghe says:

Unlike BB10, however, all of the screen lights up and you still have to swipe up to open the device. Not easier.

WinFan1 says:

theres no difference between this and pressing a power button. Either way its not meant to be easier its just an alternative way to turn your phone on that doesnt require the molesting of your power button.

ololmarc says:

How fucking useless.

dalydose says:

Are you referring to your comment?

ololmarc says:

its criticism. how is this more useful than tapping your power button?
i can almost hear the complaints about battery drainage on the 920 once again.
so instead of releasing something that can help the battery issues? they give us something that would drain it faster? very smart of Nokia

rmichael75 says:

The pple who talk bad about this are idiots. I for one dont use watch. I use my phone.. with windows i always have to press the home button to see the time.. such a pain when you have a cover which makes it much worse.
Give me this thing  and i will switch off or on. also the double touch is great.
All those experts who are giving suggestions about trying to make it each to unlock.. well all these are done with firm ware and hardware.. Unlocking is windows work.. Cant do anything without MS changing it. Or Nokia changes windows 8 to be more like how they want.. once they do that, no updates will be easy..

ololmarc says:

maybe its time for you to start wearing a watch.
much easier than reaching in your pocket for your phone.

Nejcooo says:

great! cant wait to get this on my 620 :)

uselessrobot says:

This is cool, but it concerns me a bit that this continues the trend of fragmentation on Windows Phone.

dalydose says:

This isn't "fragmentation". This is a manufacturer putting in development work and investment. Talk to me when HTC Hub is available for all or maybe Samsung ChatOn. Granted these aren't great innovations, but the point is that each manufacturer takes care of their OWN customers. Having a clock is a feature. There won't ever be a time (pun intended) that you won't be able to install an app from the store because Nokia put a clock on their screen. If you like what Nokia is doing, that might be something to consider the next time you are purchasing a device.

erasure25 says:

Goodness, why do people hate freedom? Don't like double tap? Don't turn it on! Don't like on screen clock, don't turn it on!

amirhj says:

Not available in Australia yet.

jfa1 says:

Brings back fond memories of my treo pro.  I wish they had made the screen 3.5 inches and ditched the physical kb and bumped the memory  that would have been a great wp7 device

cellneuron says:

Terrible implementation. The worst I ever saw.

s2w is the only way to go, unfortunately Nokia doesn't have the talent to implement it.

jlynnm350z says:

When is this bad boy coming

vlad0 says:

Now if they port the sleeping screen app, you can basically put any kind of image or text on your screen as an always on sleeping screen.
Like for example i had the Grateful Dead Bear on my 808 for a while
or you can type whatever
endless ways to personalize your stand by screen.

TechAbstract says:

Useful when you don't want to wear out the power button or a dead button.

katamari201 says:

Why can't you double tap to turn it off?
Thank the heavens Nokia is saying F-u to Microsoft and making the stale WP experience more usable. These two things are already infinitely more useful than whatever BS features MS will put in their next major update. I don't even think MS is even trying anymore. They are blowing all their money on Smoked by Windows and Scroogled and Phone for ME campaigns and tap-dancing Surface commercials that bombard me everywhere, yet Windows Phone still feels like a dinosaur with no improvement from 3 years ago.

Aykazu says:

This is one of the features that I personally miss from my old N9..

solution2u says:

Looks great.
For those don't want use it, simple disable it.

Devamps says:

Daniel, thanks for the news, I'm now waiting for the improvements that will bring GDR2.

Huime says:

LoL those new comers are funny. Trust me, once you use a nokia fucntion, you are forever addict to it.

Rod Laird says:

Where are the practical things like VPN support and exchange login fixes???

AoyagiAichou says:

Great, now my "smartphone" can be used both as camera and clock! Boy, that technological advancement is hardcore, this is totally incomperable to antique phones like N95.

houkoholic says:

Awesome stuff.  Sleep screen clock/notification and double tap to lockscreen are two of the features I still miss from my N9.  Now that they have the clock if only they add notification icons just like how the N9 did it it would be complete, as it would also address some people's concern for the lack of a notification LED/that you must turn on the screen to check notification.
For people worried about battery drain, for the N9 they use the proxmity sensor to turn off the sleep screen when it is in your pocket or when you flip the phone over having the face down.  I would think it works the same here.

iSingBass says:

I loved having the always-on clock on my old Sony Ericsson flip-phones. It was very convenient. Battery drain should not be a big issue because unless it's dark the backlight won't be required to see it. When it's off or showing black, the LCD is opaque. When it's white, all colors of light pass through. The room light should just reflect off of the backing through the "white" parts instead of needing the backlight.
I could be wrong about this for the Lumias, though...

Madeye234 says:

A much needed update for nokia!  especially since the side buttons can be obstructed with certain cases, or certain positions in mobile phone holders. 

Well its cool but i think its a battery eater, i rather have flip-to-silence, face unlock, or something like that, rather than this.
The hardware buttons blinking when we receive a new notification in my opinion is much more usefull than this!

abond32 says:

#screenShotsWp8 use this hash tag on twitter along with your screen shot. Microsoft won't show off the features of this great device then I think we should.

anthonyng says:

Already been said at various points but yea, love this on my N9, cover proximity sensor if you don't need it is good too.  Like that they are bringing N9 ideas over to wp8.
hope the N9 notificaiton center is coming
Also hope to have the same haptic keyboard feel from N9 on wp8.  I love the feel of the N9 keyboard.

theroyboy44 says:

I go on tangents a lot so just read what is in bold for the meat, but if you want your veggies too, then read the not bold.
I always wanted the 920 and waited for it for months but I have T-mobile sadly so I got the HTC 8X. And so began my hate of Nokia and their constant need for exclusives (honestly I hate exclusive content for any sort of system its stupid I know why it's done but it is still think its stupid....but I digress) then as more exclusives came out and nothing from HTC happened (we can't even get an HTC based pano app!?! just a piece of crap HTC app with weather that takes forever to update and is usually wrong with a giant clock and honestly if it didnt have that double wide clock live tile I would have deleted it ages ago) I realized that while I have grown to hate Nokia they at least actually care about their consumer base while HTC does not and if they do they certainly care not of there Windows Phone base. And so thusly I decree I will never (unless something drastic changes) buy another HTC phone ever!

migueli2 says:

Why not come to Lumia 820 since it have the screen for the effect! AMOLED

simonzo says:

Imagine that,
1., You work, your hands get dirty, you can't wear a watch during your job and you are payed by the time...
2., Ambience noisy, you cant have the phone in your pocket...
3., You pop out from the room for a sec without your phone...
Leave your phone near at hand, you can see watch and notifications at any time without touching it.
One reason why I'm still sticked to my E52 (and battery life and free navigation and editable Excel and...).
It's a simple TFT works with ambient light (and Large Time app.), no battery drain.

Geddeeee says:

I'm sure battery usage will be minimal.
Why would Nokia release something that eats your battery?? It makes no sense at all.
Battery usage on my Lumia 920 is close to 2 days with constant use. Never had a problem with battery life. I'm more impressed with battery life than any Android device I have owned.
Get rid of the battery 'monitoring' apps too. THEY eat battery life....

Devamps says:

Waiting for the improvements.

abi oberoi says:

sir will this update will be there for other nokia devices....??????/

Will this be practically applicable on the L620? Don't know much about power consumption and screen types.

Can someone please tell me how I can access this feature in my 920. Is this an app I have to download?