Light it up with ProFlashlight for Windows Phone 8


ProFlashlight is a feature filled flashlight app for your Windows Phone 8 device. It not only lets you turn on your camera light to act as a flashlight but it also has a battery level, compass direction display and a Morse code feature.

ProFlashlight also has a handful of themes to choose from that range from a keychain light to a multi-cell aluminum flashlight.  Many of the flashlight apps in the Windows Phone Store seem to be cut from the same cloth but the developers of ProFlashlight did a good job of making their app stand out from the pack.

The main page for ProFlashlight has the mock flashlight displayed, a Morse code button and battery meter to either side and your compass reading displayed at various locations depending on the flashlight theme chosen.


Settings include the options to run the app under the lock screen, turn on the light when the app launches, turn on the shake to toggle the light on/off, turn on/off sounds and vibrate alert, and to choose the sound for turning on/off the light.

The Morse code feature is neat in that you type out your message, turn the feature on and your Windows Phone light begins displaying your message in Morse code.

ProFlashlight has two versions in the Windows Phone Store.  You have a free-ad supported version that is limited to two themes and three sounds. You also have a paid, ad-free version of ProFlashlight that has thirteen additional sounds and six additional themes. The paid version is currently running $.99.

QR: ProFlashlight free/paid



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Xaphoon148 says:

And it actually works??
Every other flashlight has been mocked up since portico...

NaterBater says:

Flashlight-X has always worked for me.

devize says:

I use flashlight XT because I like the icon better than flashlight-x's.

ZuNuKoo says:

Since updating to the 822, I needed a flashlight app and this is what I've been using. Can't go wrong with that one. Works just like my old HTC app, but without selective brightness. Plus for flashlight-x is you can turn it on and off with the camera shutter button.

NaterBater says:

Didn't even notice the camera button toggle. That's sweet

sarim_xyz says:

Absolutely!! Nothing beats Flashlight-X!

Xaphoon148 says:

Tried both X and XT, problem is that light is on for about 10-15 seconds and then turns off...
Have to restart the app to get it in again...
Wasn't like that prior to portico...

devize says:

slow news day I think

x I'm tc says:

This is the Windows Phone blog.  They're all slow news days.

NaterBater says:

Wow you're funny man.

KQ17 says:

And yet, you're here.

NaterBater says:

So basically all this app brings that Flashlight-X doesn't have is a few customizations and Morse code feature.

Why do you need Windows Phone 8 to run a simple flashlight app? I bet I need NFC to run this app... And maybe some faster processor... And a new screen resolution...

NaterBater says:

Flashlight-X is wp7 compatible.

Shame ProFlashlight is not. It had a nice design...

Ratman826 says:

Flashlight xt is the BEST lol

Localhorst86 says:

I agree. It does the job of turning on the LED just fine. No fancy themes or useless features. Just a blank screen with a big on/off square. You can also use the camera button to toggle on/off.
The light turns on pretty instantly after running the app and turns off if you leave the app (even with the windows button, i have seen apps that leave the LED running unless you exit out using the back button)

traduma says:

Did you try Flashlight 7?

bayoeadjie says:

Lumos is quite good n simple

Taras Buria says:

Battery killer.

tone84 says:

All you need is a button that turns on and turns off..

tone84 says:

00.99 to turn on my flash lol this app is a joke a right???...right?

pychia says:

i think that morse code feature is pretty neat. that's probably the thing that costs .99.

Mattyh95 says:

Is that like a massive case around the phone? I can't tell if its the body or a case

how1ard says:

Most pointless app review ever zzzzzzzzz