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Get jotting with Metro Wordpad for Windows Phone

Metro Wordpad

There are a number of note taking apps available for Windows Phone, including Microsoft's own OneNote. Another one (like you'd need any more choices) potentially worth mentioning is Metro Wordpad. The app is a well-rated and popular Windows Phone notepad that enables consumers to create folders, send notes to others and more. It's a neat little app that's worth checking out if you're not digging the likes of OneNote.

As expected, Metro Wordpad shares numerous features and functionality with similar apps. It's worth noting (pun intended) that the app may not be as feature rich as Evernote and other apps backed by companies and larger developers, but as an alternative it's pretty neat. There are a few unique elements to the solution, which provides a few unique touches. Here are some of the features of Metro Wordpad:

  • Create folders for notes to be stored within and pin said folders to the start screen
  • App theme matches current accent setting
  • Search for notes with the built-in search functionality

The app was bumped to version 1.3, which included support and optimisations for Windows Phone 8. Advertising is implemented, with an ad-free version of the app now available on the store for a minute fee. One feature that's rather handy is the ability to pin folders of notes to the start screen, as well as individual notes themselves.

Metro Wordpad Free

The overall design of Metro Wordpad is heavy influenced by the modern look of Windows Phone and Microsoft's simplistic user interface. The app reflects the current phone accent throughout and search functionality is included to quickly locate saved notes.

You can download Metro Wordpad from the Windows Phone Store for $0.99 (an ad-supported, free version is also available - both listed for Windows Phone 8 only).

QR: Metro Wordpad



There are 14 comments. Sign in to comment

Wael Hasno says:

OneNote stands tall and proudly, nothing can really touch it. But it's good to have alternatives.

spacejovi says:

OneNote beats all. It's free, has no ad, and works well.

Choice is good but as things stand, One Note with its SkyDrive integration is simply too awesome

I like the metro style of the app, downloaded and will check it out

Jazmac says:

After the last update Evernote has my attention. Wp8 layout is a bit strange.

Agent-P says:

I'm also in the OneNote camp. It just works out so perfectly for note taking across all my devices (except my MBA since there isn't a Mac version of OneNote).

YetiBoney says:

Have you ever tried the OneNote Web App in your browser? I've done two years of law school using it on a lowly old netbook and it's worked great.

Agent-P says:

I completely forgot that existed. Thanks for reminding me!

djctz says:

One Note and Windows Phone 7.x suck

Aka Aka says:

ah a troll so awesome. 

helloyello says:

Bad troll! Bad!

tone84 says:

Doesn't the calendar already update you on the lock screen

AngryNil says:

Why are the folders underlined? This ain't no Web 2.0. And why are they arbitrarily indented? This is why some people call Metro ugly – because it can be done so wrong.

I hate one thing about OneNote - if I create note in start screen and make it small tile - there is no signs whats inside of it - its just an icon, so I must open it to see whats this note is all about. I have many notes on my desktop and all of them must be at least midsize tiles to now whats inside and it took awfull amount of desktop space. I think there is enaugh space on small tile to put some words allowing user recognize every note he puts on desktop