Joe Belfiore planning something for the Windows Phone community

Joe Belfiore

Now this could be everything, or it could be nothing at all, but Joe Belfiore has teased on Twitter that he may have something for the Windows Phone community (or rather the general public) in the next few days. The manager of the Windows Phone division at Microsoft recently celebrated his Birthday and was greeted by numerous messages on the social network.

To say thank you, Belfiore fire out the following:

So what do you think he could potentially have in store? Sound off your thoughts in the comments!

Source: Twitter (@JoeBelfiore); thank, Samst22, for the tip!



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rodneyej says:

I'm not really missing Flash on IE10. Videos seem to play just fine, and it's rare that one doesn't play at all.. I really believe in HTML5!

Montpbm says:

I have respect for Joe for real, he messaged me after telling him about my phone and told me that he would send me a new for my old one..

mdscj4 says:

Talk to any warranty department and they will tell you the same thing...

Montpbm says:

Actually they won't if you are our of your warranty smarty pants!

myjota says:

Nuclear bomb on android camp )))))

ebradley says:

From the court decisions, Android is being 'B' slapped. It was hilarious that the judge basically told Moto 'your FRAND IP is not as valuable as you think'.

sarim_xyz says:

Jetpack Joyride..for free :D

I hope it for the reason they made smartglass...MAKE IT WORK FOR THE WP not just the tablets and PCs....i got HBO for the sole reason lol

meathead88 says:

SiriusXM app!!

WP95 says:

Ooohhh, good one. Would love to see that happen.

meathead88 says:

Everyone needs to pitch in and email SiriusXM and ask where the winodws phone app is..

arterbizzle says:

I hope it's not another game, please. We already have tons of games.

arterbizzle says:

I don't think we need more games, that's all I'm saying. I'd rather have a better Facebook app or something. The temple run announcement kind of let me down last time.

theonedunn says:

What happened to the notification center???

afgzee says:

Official Facebook app, hopefully! i bet it'll be something shit though

carl800 says:

at least temple run for 7.8, no love for us?

A little something I put together for all the funage!

drmartin1 says:

Please please pleas Watch ESPN or MLB.

Quin 2013 says:

I would love to have at bat 13 for WP 8!

Geddeeee says:

NOT Instagram! How about GDR 2??????

ebradley says:

GDR2 released ahead of schedule?

Ultimateone says:

Instagram is next month, this could be anything

rodneyej says:

Knock knock Sam.

hepi says:

It's an app that puts Joe's hair on your self pic...

rodneyej says:

LOL! Right!... So basically it gives you an old Justin Beiber doo?

Tahiti Bob says:

Belfiore's surprises are always underwhelming. This time I don't care.

Quin 2013 says:

It's a brand new WP8 exclusive Angry Birds game! Wooo hoooo

beniboy1809 says:

Maybe updated whatsapp :)))

the92playboy says:

I like Joe, he seems like a very personable guy, and I liked that he brought his kids up on stage for the unveil; he seems like a really decent guy. But I also get the impression that he doesn't have a sense of urgency with the Windows Phone market in general (hardware or software) and really wish he was much more aggressive in ensuring Windows Phone gained traction, or replaced by someone who was.

Just my humble 0.02 Microsoft Points.

gerzhwin says:

I believe it's a better featured search button! Would make me feel more at home coming from webOS...

j_jabbar says:

Might be he's leaving for Apple....?

CX1 says:

Cash money?

920Walker says:

A free Bill Gates Windows 9 Condom, metro enhancified?

Something that he has to take back because he spoke to soon?

This guy does this a lot. I am not expecting anything earth shattering.

Luke Morris says:

I would like a notification center and a more stable OS that does not reboot at random interval's.

DavidinCT says:

I dont see the need for a notification center, I see a need for shortcuts to enable/disable hardware tho....
If you want a notification center to see new emails and texts, your using your phone wrong, that is what live tiles are for.

Luke Morris says:

Sorry i meant for the live tiles a better notification for them. I have had android and ios i prefer windows OS to those. But i would love to have the random reboots sorted.

danielgray says:

I don't have reboot problems, phone just hangs. Alarms don't work, missed my plane because my phone crashed and alarm failed!

CSJr1 says:

Here is what happens when Joe does this.  He gets everyone excited for their [INSERT APP HERE] app. Then one of two things happen..
1.  App is delayed/takes a while -> some complain
2.  App is released -> Some dissapointed it wasn't their app. (some happy)
So in either case, people are discontent.  It would make more sense not to give nebulous app announcements because then when the app is released noone expects it and everyone waiting for it is happy and noone is let down with dissapointment.
If Joe really wants to hang a carrot out on a stick to give us something to look forward to, he should at least tell us what is the carrot. 
Now he has us playing a version of the game, "Lets Make a Deal" and we don't know whats behind door #3. No Whammies... No Whammies.. Stop!   (Sorry had to mix two old gameshows there:)

MadSci2 says:

Pic Stich! WTFIT? and no trial version? Yawn

uopjo6 says:

Cool. Another new app the L820 can't install because there's no more storage.


Anyone for real racing 3?

shawnp582 says:

Not a damn thing. He needs to shut up with the giving us something nice...WTF Ever!!!

muvig says:

hope its GDR2 + addressing all other outstanding basic features

WPUser111 says:

Me too hoping fr this

Ticomfreak says:

We should get an Android emulator for Nokia devices! (breaks Googles TOS, so said manufacturer can't sell any android phones)

trinkner says:

Please -- enough with the games, instagram, etc.!  What I'd like would be good old-fashioned productivity boosters: a file manager, automated sound profiles, improved calendar, notification center, call whitelist/blacklist, etc.

MorganRW says:

Windows Enthusiast Program??? Anyone know what happened to this????

topleya says:

Definitely a new Fart Noise soundboard

How about a Bluetooth share app for HTC and Samsung phones (7.8)

phatboy66 says:

Can't wait to see what it is

WP95 says:

pic stitch just got added 35th most popular app on iOS, i dont think thats what hes teasing us about.

raul_junior says:

He could just be saying this is a popular app there could be more later this week

Miko1703 says:

Hopefully it's something useful like a truce with googleand get proper google calendar integration.

mdscj4 says:

Keep dreaming..Google declared war months ago.

I'll take some chocolate...

I think it will be (If it is a anything) the new cut the rope: time travel. It just dropped for iOS and android. Timing fits. I'd much rather draw something 2 though. That also has just released on iOS. My gut feeling is its either of the two.

DavidinCT says:

I would like to see the Windows Enthusiast Program and let the public test GDR2 but, I know what "gift" he is going to give us.....
Windows Phone 9 will be released in fall and you need a new device WP8 devices will not handle it :( 
Right before the Verizon Lumia 928 comes out, already outdated before released....

This is Instagram

Offical YouTube app

preriz says:

It is sad that  Andoroid platform is getting to a point where you control the device without touching the screen or eyes movement, whereas Windows phone platform users are excited about apps like Instagram and Temple Run. WP not only needs a huge leap  ahead of all these shortcomings, but something innovative that would give users a reason to switch or even try. At this point, even if MS throws in Notifications, its going to be "too late to the party" material.
Love WP, but hate this situation.

aitt says:

That's what happens when you have an open platform

mdscj4 says:

Facebook Home is basically a knock off version of the excellent People/Social integration already found in WP

nanoware says:

ok what apps would we need to shut everyone up?

lakrisnisse says:

I'll take a Cpt. Morgan Spiced and Coke please Mr. Belfiore :-D
Now! Damn It!

I find it stupid how so many people hate Joe Belfiore now just because he got them excited over 1 not so great app. It was one time and maybe he just made it sound really exciting because he thought it was really cool and everyone thought oh this is something people want. When he tweeted about temple run that sounded more like I'm excited for this new thing coming to windows phone not this is something you've been wanting on WP and people got excited then were let down and cant get over it.

Ryrafer says:

Well my wish is simple! The ability to change txt message tones to something other than the standard crap!

DarkKrystof says:

Would love this. Can't believe we still can't edit message tones...

danielgray says:

I would settle for an OS update. People hub enabled to like individual pictures. Facebook app to share posts, creation of albums and upload of multiple pictures in Facebook. Zoom on month calendar view. Skype chat integration to message hub. Podcast support outside USA.

boxa72 says:

Maybe its GDR2 or even perhaps "blue"???

mdscj4 says:

How could Blue come before GDR2?? The order is: GDR1 (Portico), GDR2, then Windows Phone Blue. GDR2 is due out in the summer.

boxa72 says:

Yeah my bad lol I was pissed last nite:P

mprebich says:

Hey Joe, just finish distributing 1308 to everyone and resolve the windows phone store issues.

tropolite says:

Agreed... or step it up with 1314.

Ken1ceo says:

Instafram it is

tropolite says:

I doubt that it is Instagram... Microsoft and Nokia know all too well how much this is sought after on the OS that there would be a ton more Hubbub about it coming in a few days.

paramsingh says:

I just came off android, windows phone 8 is so much better, but I do miss having a notification centre so maybe that would be nice or swiftkey or a better whatsapp

brebo33 says:

Just more apps, nothing too exciting.

gregsedwards says:

He's ordering us a large pizza to split.

B_RAD89 says:

Thinking its definitely instagram this time, picstitch goes hand in hand wth instagram. So we enjoy it, learn how to use it over the weekend and BOOM on Monday or Tuesday all our hard work in picstitch pays off by being able to post to instagram.

Mik29 says:

A fix for sd card storage maybe??? Not flipping likely. :-/

sparwen says:

Spoiler alert! I've Heard it is the new game Balance from Sparw Creations! Either that or it's instagram, but im not sure :)

kinaton says:

A fix for battery drain issues lol

iDonev says:

He'll pick a few people who've sent him birthday wishes and give them a Windows Phone phone! (I love saying that! :D I feel like I'm rebelling against the English language!)

p4nfa says:

Announce that heroin isn't as bad as everyone thinks. L920