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Nokia Lumia 820 Giveaway

United Kingdom, here's your chance to win a Nokia Lumia 820 (Reminder)

Just a quick reminder, if you're in the United Kingdom and are interested in winning a Nokia Lumia 820, you only have a few more hours to enter the Expansys/Windows Phone Central giveaway.

We have gotten our hands on (courtesy of Expansys) a red Lumia 820, a wireless charging pillow, and a set of Bluetooth Monster headphones to give away.

All you need to do to enter is:

  1. Live in the United Kingdom
  2. be a registered member, which you can do here.
  3. post in the comments below what local app you'd like to see come to the Windows Phone Store.  It could be a UK banking app, retailer app, or anything that would make life more covenant in your neck of the woods.

We'll shut things down at midnight on Thursday, May 9th and randomly draw one winner shortly there after. Again, you need to be a UK resident to qualify.  Good luck everyone!



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LiLCLEMO says:

Lloydstsb app

dstarr83 says:

HSBC Mobile banking app.

Muessig says:

Nationwide app, Lloydstsb app, data monitor app.

simccarthy says:

Barclays banking app.

MangoGuy says:

Barclays app had been confirmed to be released by the end of the year

jedibeckett1 says:

Barclays bank app, iplayer and sky plus

welshandy86 says:

Tesco Clubcard app.

Alex Dean says:

I'd love to see a DataSense-type app or a variation thereof.  Keeping track of your data usage, especailly if you're on a restrictive plan, would be massively useful, plus to see at what time of the day you use the most data will help to cut down what you use.

Jnbs says:

:( No U.S love :( .. Good luck mates!! And great additions will be Barclays app, and an Eurosport app.. (Anyone knows how to watch a match via flash player on the 620.. Thanks).. Cheers everyone..

Josh Harman says:

Fish & chips, tea and crumpets, pip pip, cheerio...

Flash doesn't support any mobile device anymore. Sorry.

Download the app FlashVideo + TubeMusic (it costs £3.99 in the UK, but it's worth it).

itsjonyay says:

Lloyds TSB banking app would be nice or possibly a working app with bus times for my local area.

j666w says:

TSB Banking app

Sure the HSBC app.
Would be great to see.

and in general an app similar to DataSense on V. Mobile .. i posted something about this few months ago.

xH4RRYx says:

Datasense for sure :)

A British version of the Santander app and a app. I reckon I'd be sorted then.

ngilbert89 says:

Rbs England app

Omar Sa says:

Lloyd's TSB mobile banking app 

ngilbert89 says:

Vlc player app

TheWPUser says:

Official O2 app, as I really need something to keep track of my data usage. Or Onavo.

Blocks9 says:

Halifax Banking app

gv306 says:

Visa Contactless Payment App.

Loz Blake says:

There are two UK apps i'd absolutely love to be released over here, first one is more for everyday use and that's the Lloyds tsb banking app, I have the natwest app for my first account and its so useful, however my house account is with Lloyds who dont have an app on Windows Phone, I get very jealous of my girlfriend who has the app on her iPhone!
Second one is the Download festival app, they only release the app on android and iPhone and it makes me jealous every year, its so much better than the rip off ten quid programs. I'm heading there again next month, and id love nothing more than them to have released the app for windows phone!

thomas moss says:

Barclays banking app

smallyz says:

Halifax banking app

Mike RB says:

An HSBC banking app for sure.  Only app I'd really want now.  Everything else pretty much covered for me. 

Workshop2 says:

iPlayer or 4od

Matthewh00 says:

For me it would have to be a HSBC mobile banking or apps about the local theme parks (Lightwater Valley/Flamingo Land)

Ganondolf says:

halifax and rightmove

Robbie95 says:

An orange app for data usage.

woogie_burns says:

LloydsTSB banking app, Now TV to watch sport and movies on the go. 4oD and itv player would also be good to see.

Eljonn says:

EasyJet app. Fully equipped. Managing bookings, check in, booking flights, accessing history of bookings etc

rockstarzzz says:

Official BBC app with iPlayer!

Lloyds Tsb Bank App :)

Stuart_Q says:

Lloyds Tsb app and BBC iPlayer app

AdzyBaby says:

Well done, WPC, you finally turned me from being a long-time lurker to a registered member.

Also, it's nice to see a lot of love for a Lloyds TSB app, as that is the first thing that came to my mind too. Unfortunately, given how much focus they're putting on the mobile version of their website, I really don't think they're even considering an app at the moment.

sp8y says:

Asda online shopping app.

twrist says:

Co-operative Bank/

HSBC Banking app please!

danjam says:

Haifax bank app & BBC iPlayer app

AaronP105 says:

I want to see a Lloyds TSB mobile banking app.

tvderg says:

I'd have to say Halifax banking the most, but then maybe a better Nectar app that I can scan would help too

mikeguinnes says:

I would like to see a Santander app come to WP.

Alekx3 says:

Barclays and EE mobile  :)

gv306 says:

BBC iPlayer App

stuartbritt says:

First Direct banking app would be nice, or a decent UK share dealing app

MangoGuy says:

Official BBC News

psteve2005 says:

I'd love to see an official BBC News app. We need more BBC love.

restlessdan says:

Mine would be nationwide too like other people, would be so much easier than using their website on my phone (i mean not even a mobile site for the banking page only a landing page, welcome to the future nationwide)

John20212 says:

bbc official iplayer app

ryansstuff says:

HSBC app so i can log in and find my balance anywhere.

King Benneth says:

HSBC app would be great. I won't have to keep logging on to my lapto to check my balances!

newfreeg says:

Tsb banking app needed badly :)

foxibs says:

Definitely an HSBC Banking app.

Mayur says:

I would love to see an UK app which gives shows, times and ticket purchase information for theatres, gigs and Festivals in London and around the country. Similar like what Flixster does for cinema. London is know for its theatres, this will be good for locals as well as people travelling to London/UK and want to see some great theatre shows.

parksy78 says:

Lloydstsb app and also a data sense app because in getting shafted on my data.

RandomGuyUK says:

Windows Phone UK needs Forex, Options & Stock Market trading applications. SaxoBank, MetaTrader, eToro, Hargreaves and Lansdown, FXCM, TD Waterhouse. Would help attract more wp users from the bussiness sector.

MikeTheYid says:

Has to be Lloyds banking app

newfreeg says:

BBC iPlayer would be a great addition to the windows phone store :)

djSupport says:

A BBC NEWS App, preferably designed and built by Lawrence Gripper.

ElDzsi says:

Lloyds Tsb Bank app

Maceo3121 says:

Official BBC NEWS app please!

It has to be sky go it's available on andriod and apple devices for the i sheep and with windows looking to grow it;s needed for the platform WP8 does have sky news and sky sports news but I would like to acess sky atlantic or my film channels from it I love my lumia but this would make it almost perfect to get this app !

I would love to see a Virgin Media on the Go app

JimiDiGriz says:

Lovefilm or Santander app

DeviousD says:

Santander app would be nice or a Glastonbury app.

djSupport says:

Or a HSBC Secure key APP those peices of crap last 7 weeks at the most!!!

Daniel Curry says:

I'd love to see the BBC Sport app come to WP. It's been released on Android and iOS, and it'd be a great addition to the Store. BBC Sport is the most frequent non-social networking website I it needs to hurry up :)

Rebecca Tong says:

London Midlands Timetable app

DarthSinus says:

lloyds tsb and iplayer

kasitechead says:

I know everyone says BBC News or BBC iPlayer, but I would rather have BBC iPlayer Radio, I am an addict to BBC Radio 1! Sad they don't have FM Radio on the Windows Phone, but iPlayer Radio is the next best thing

mans550 says:

I would love to see more banking apps, in particular Barclays Bank and Pingit.
And would like some more TV player apps, like BBC iPlayer, ITV Player, 4OD, Sky GO etc
Also would be great to have an official Expansys app

DreadVenom says:

Please, i just want one app. DATASENSE................. Come on EE.

jalala says:

Barclays Pingit. I need that mobile banking app.

buffig says:

Halifax banking app please...I'm this close to switching to Natwest!!!!

J88NY R says:

Sky Go, iPlayer and Barclays Banking.

Cheruman says:

Halifax banking app

Ben Toan says:

Nationwide banking app

ajnatto says:

HSBC and Lloyds tsb Mobile banking apps

HSBC app would be cool with support for their two factors authentication

zurikuk says:

Lloyds Tsb app.

soniiic says:

An app for

TheAsad_1 says:

Fast balance from hsbc!!!

SupaRawr93 says:

Seems to be a lot of banking apps... and that's exactly what I want too! - specifically Nationwide.

mcivor88 says:

BBC News App!!!!! Lawrence Gripper had a fantastic app but as you know was forced to remove it, if they do that, they should definetly step up and make their own. Also Ulster Bank / Santander banking apps.
Thanks, when can I expect my new phone? :)

nanomite says:

Barclays Bank

A virgin media TiVo app would be nice, Lloyds tsb app, tho the mobile site and webapps pretty much does that job. Oh and bto birdtrack for my dad so i can get him off using my old android. (i have asked and being a charity they have to follow the crowd) and finally an official sonos app, tho i appreciate the work done on phonos, i have the paid version.

nanomite says:

Barclay Card

churchwa says:

Lloyds TSB app

Pikestar says:

Yup Lloydstsb app and an official hukd app would do me a treat

conair346 says:

Ulster Bank (Northern Ireland), or maybe Vodafone UK, or SkyGo.

I'd really like to see a Nationwide banking app come to our platform. They recently made one for ios and android, but no love just yet for Windows Phone.

xdaDaveShaw says:

DataSense is a must for Windows Phone's as there is no alternative.
HSBC backing app would be nice too though

Thelmie says:

Bank of Scotland would give me suitably warm fuzzies, thank you kindly.

maximumGPU says:

HSBC for sure!

phytio says:

Give me an Oyster card app so I can just tap my phone to use transport in London!

That's a good one!

phytio says:

I thought it would be a part of Wallet, alongside NFC payments, when WP8 was first released, but not yet. Maybe one day...

It would be limited to some WP8 phones since not all of them have tap+send.

phytio says:

Of course, and how many WP users live in London and would be in a position to take advantage of the app? You can extend that perspective all the way to why develop for WP at all? iOS and Android have far more users. But it would be awesome if it happened :)

Narr says:

Apparently TFL tested NFC and it was slower than their current solution. I.e. Letting people through the turnstiles.

microdave says:

I think there's likely to be a regular Barclays banking app on its way sometime, but how about a WP version of the Barclays Pingit app? Used to find the Android version very useful to ping a few quid to/from my partner.

nablor says:

Halifax Share Dealing/Banking App and BBC iPlayer app

Bourbs says:

HSBC app would be awesome and maybe a app

Defiantly Barclays banking app!

I'd really love to have Halifax bank, BBC iPlayer and 4od!

talexe says:

Definitely like to see an app for my current bank, co-operative!

Juan Borges says:

A subway subcard app for windows phone 8! I always forget my subcard when i have enough points to get a free sub ;)

Mayur says:

Subway app is already there, but I think currently only for London.

Sean Burns1 says:

Either Co Op banking app which is on Android or Argos. Would love an 820 as my 620 broke :-(

Pen Billam says:

i would like to see an app that lets you know you have notifications. All the current notifications are all well and good if you are using your phone, but if you have missed the notification it would be nice for an app to remind you every few mins (or time frame to suite the user) this would save everyone constantly checking their phone - specially if you have to work in a quiet environment.
So, yes an audible notifications reminder pretty please  :) 

j_jabbar says:

A proper BBC news app...thats all guv!

bb1137 says:

Lloydstsb banking app

RagBuster says:

Has to be the Iplayer app.

MAHBUB_883 says:

HSBC banking app

MTorskyj says:

I'd love to see 2 apps hit the store. A Lloyds TSB banking app, on android it's pretty useful and that's one of the reasons I'm trying to take Captain 2 Phones title away from him.
App 2 is an official Three UK app so I can check my minutes, again the android version is perfect for what I need and I'd love that experience to be brought over to WP8.

Metrosity says:

Lloyds TSB app for me

Topacciolo says:

Nationwide Banking app!!!! It would be great!!!!

sidewinder11 says:

Sky go or ping it would be great for me

csd_images says:

DataSense on O2, that's about all.

Sheraz Ahmad says:

A video editing app of some sort. That supports all major video file extensions

bb1137 says:

Also tapatalk please please please

ArcticUK says:

A 'Pay by Phone' app to live alongside their ones for iOS, Android and BB and enable fast payment for car parking at their locations.

It would be either a Lloyds TSB or BBC iPlayer app.

trueblue92 says:

Barclays App would be ideal

fitzchivalry says:

Definitely LLOYDS TSB

Saintchubs says:

iPlayer would be nice, but mainly a Barclays app. Since NatWest introduced theirs, I've found it so convenient.

I would love to see a Barclays Banking app, but if I could choose anything to make my life a little easier, it would have to be a Nike+ Fuelband app.

jamiefinney says:

I'd love to see an app for Lloyds tsb

johnfrench says:

HSBC app. SKY GO, BBC iplayer, cheapest petrol price app,walking app - could probably name another 10 but will quit now

dongjunyang says:

Barclays banking app

Lloyds TSB, Just Eat, iPlayer (although that's supposed to be in the pipeline)

LloydsTSB app, National Rail Enquiries app and BBC iPlayer.

A B&Q App please.

Sam Weiner says:

Barclays Bank, LloydsTSB, British Gas, British Telecom, Cooperative Bank, BBC iPlay, Sky Go. Thats all on my list :-)

ewenmcmurdo says:

To be honest what we really need is some more banking apps on wp8, Lloyds, barclaycard etc its a pain having to use the mobile sites

sarahcraggs says:

Lloyds tab and data sense please

ewenmcmurdo says:

Sky go is a great shout too

Gibro says:

Barclays, of course!

mark9102 says:

Lloyds tsb banking app

Some sort of HSBC app

Lloyds TSB or BBC iPlayer app.

Jealy666 says:

Nationwide, I'd really like this app before I have to change banks! :(

mr-mac says:

Not actually an app but I'd like the perfonalised search results added to WP in the UK so the search app links in with Facebook etc offer local cinema listings, restaurant deals etc. etc. The feature to personalize and link in Facebook to improve deals and results all seems missing in UK

Yup... But its more down to Microsoft on that mate... We should start spamming their forms :P

gizzzmo says:

I'd love to see a Lloyds TSB banking app for my WP8 phone!

mr_rooz says:

Has to be HSBC Banking app

Alan Head says:

Have been waiting for 3 years for Sky+ app. The app that lets you manage your recordings and remote control your sky+ box. I don't have an iPad or android and there is now windows version of this app. So i would love BSkyB to make it for Windows8 & WindowsPhone.
please show love for WindowsPhone it is very much deserved!

Alan Harland says:

Barclays Bank and Sky Tv apps as Windows Phone 8 is way better than iPhone

HenriqueNL says:

Barclays Banking app and an official BBC iPlayer app.

Official 3pay app, Lloyds tsb app,a good taxi finding app,just eat app would all be welcome additions

immyperez says:

A sky go app would be nice...not fair that we have to pay for a service unavailable to us simply because we chose windows phone... :(

naz92 says:

Yourkshire bank app with nfc support so i can pay for things with my phone and everyone be like how u do tht :)

Chemilinski says:

The only thing lacking for me is a BBC iPlayer app, so I'd love to have that.
(Gosh this is exciting, I've wanted an 820 since Stephen Elop announced it last year! But I have never been able to afford one..)

Vic_Tye says:

My o2
BBC iPlayer
BBC News/Sport
Sky GO (actually the full load of Sky apps!)

mr_rooz says:

Has to be HSBC Banking app.

decyther says:

LloydsTSB app definitely

Poulton64 says:

Nationwide building society app or Channel 4OD


I would like to see Channel 4OD
Channel 5 Demand
ITV player
Temple Run 2
NFS Most Wanted
Real Racing 2
Real Racing
World of Goo
Angry Birds Friends
Draw Something 2
The Room
GTA Vice City
Minecraft Pocket Edition
Worms game
Sketchbook Mobile
Photoshop & Adobe suite apps
FL studio mobile
World Lens
Zen Bound 2
Loyds TSB

daveh101 says:

Yes to all of these!!

Mardinium says:

Steam and TeamSpeak 3 app ;)

greedypnguin says:

Steam is for pcs xD

An app that is a central database for where to see comedians. Would update you about tours and other material that they are producing and allows you to book tickets etc. 

tom_hill says:

Now they're out of administration, an HMV app. So I can buy all my goodies from my bed - or on my way home. 4od wouldn't be bad either though...

I'd have to go with a TiVo (Virgin Media) app to make it easier to set remote recordings and to manage recordings. 

markfirst says:

Barclays and HSBC banking apps

sonosp says:

Instagram would be nice.
Loyds TSB app for sure though. 

rebaser says:

Hsbc banking app or iPlayer with offline downloading ability

SergikUK says:

HSBC app would be excellent news if it came out!

deerfaced says:

+1 for visa contactless payments, +1 million for Barclays and HSBC. Would make life much more convenient!

mrbabu says:

I would like to see HSBC banking app or First Direct banking app.

Like to see a Halifax app or BBC Sport app

Tesco clubcard, quidco, gumtree.

daveh101 says:

I really want to get a Santander app. But in general, all the banks along with the ability to connect into the fact, I'll even change banks if someone brings that out

kalo88 says:

No real need, if you go to it is exactly the same thing used in the ios/android apps. The only difference is your going direct to the webpage rather than loading the webpage in a dedicated app.

AidenWill says:

I wouldn't mind seeing battleheart, or zombieville (2) on there. or an actual vodafone app detailing my contract info

Luke Morris says:

Capital One Credit Card App

daveh101 says:

Official support from the bbc would be good too :P


Marks & Spencer
First Bus app
uk concil apps
National Rail app for windows phone/ windows 8
Currys PC world
Macdonalds uk nfc app
Kiss Cube FM UK
the co-oprative bank
national geographic uk
bbc doctor who game
BBC the voice game
itv x factor app
itv britians got talent app
bbc bitesize app

dlusted says:

Lloyds TSB app

helios_ says:

Vodafone UK - And I don't mean "myweb360" or whatever it is!