Windows Phone 8X by HTC available for just $299 in Australia


The Windows Phone 8X by HTC (or just HTC 8X to the rest of us plebs) is the high-end device from HTC that runs Windows Phone 8. It launched last year and offers a premium experience for consumers with numerous features, including Beats Audio. A superb deal is on offer for those who reside in Australia. You can pick up a black 8X for just $299.

Deals website OzBargain has the Windows Phone listed with a coupon, which can be utilised when checking out on MobileCiti to knock $60 off the listed price. It's a great deal for those who are looking for a more advanced Windows Phone while saving a penny or two.

Source: OzBargain, MobileCiti; thanks, brent3000, for the tip!



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It's the best looking Windows Phone, hands down.

lin0x says:

Internal storage?

phatboy66 says:

Damn that's really cheap for a brand new phone!

AngryNil says:

$70 off, not $60.
Bought this at $369 a week ago, I feel stupid now. Great phone anyhow.

jcagga says:

Such an underrated phone.

The 30 counter on the email live tile is cut off, is that normal?

bennogf says:

Yes it is. it could say 30x or even 300x.

iggypop120 says:

Looks like they can't sell these. I'll keep waiting for a cheaper price

HTC hasn't been able to sell anything for a while now.

lin0x says:

They cant provide support as good as Nokia. My friend bought the htc 8s with only 1gb left of the 4gb internal memory and the other storage increasing day by day...

Ionut Seba says:

I bought a Blue one, last week, at about 335$.
I bought from Bucharest, Romania.