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Samsung updates both Now and RSS Times for Windows Phone

Samsung Apps

Samsung continues to support its Windows Phones with OEM app updates. Today we're looking at two apps from the Samsung Zone that have been recently updated. Both Now and RSS Times have been bumped to new versions ( and 2.0.2) with the former removing top tweets and adding in a currency converter. We're not entirely sure what's new in its RSS reader.

Let us know in the comments if you notice anything we've missed. It's good to see the company pushing out more releases. You can download Now and RSS Times from the Samsung Zone on the Windows Phone Store. Thanks, chataddicted, for the tip!

QR: Now

QR: RSS Times



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selfxd says:

Too bad ChatOn doesn't even compare to there other os versions. Update this one!

raul_junior says:

Hell must have frozen over

Nakazul says:

Anybody seen any flying pigs? (this another joke).

neo158 says:

The RSS Times app is now Fullscreen on 720p and higher resolution devices and the icon has been changed. No more black bar at the top of the app which is my biggest complaint with a lot of apps that are hard coded for 480x800 resolution.
The version number is 2.0.1 for RSS Times not 2.0.2 as stated in the article

Vb2012 says:

Lol who cares shitee apps

neo158 says:

They might be "shitee apps" to you but they are useful to others. Let me guess, you have an HTC Windows Phone with hardly any OEM apps available!!!

Judge_Daniel says:

*Cries onto 8X*

jlynnm350z says:

Screams out "Nokia" while 8x shorts out from tears

Josh Harman says:

Aren't Nokia apps available across the OS? Why not Samsung's?

neo158 says:

No, they aren't. Only HERE Maps, Drive and Transit are and even then they aren't Nokia branded.

dalydose says:

Ohhhhh, the fragmentation. Its the end of WP! /s

Jazmac says:

Oh oh. Samsung making moves. This could be good.

iamoniwaban says:

Samsung =awesome hardware -shittee apps ( seriously. Who reads yahoo news? Or uses this RSS reader?

can you please explain how the ATIV is better than the lumia 920

L2nak says:

He.. Didn't say that?

Lighter, 4.8 inch display, 2'300mah removable battery, microSD slot, different styling. For me it is better, but it depends on your needs. The camera on the Ativ S is no match for the 8X or 920. The Ativ S is also less tough. But it has a physical home button, which is real nice. Also less expensive off contract, about 25% less here in Europe than a 920.

iamoniwaban says:

can you read? Never surprises me when someone posts a question or comment, some have to jump the gun or can't comprehend simple english. 

Maybe he was asking a serious question...?

iamoniwaban says:

Maybe, but regardless the article was about the app updates not what is better. Perhaps his question could have been better placed.

The ATIV S is pretty awesome. It would be perfect with Nokia support and apps but unfortunately you can't have everything :(

James Allatt says:

I agree this phone looks really nice and imo nicer than the gs3 and 4. I really hope Samsung start to push wp and windows 8 with there next line of devices as it would be nice to see Samsung and htc try and go up against Nokia in the wp space but for me the Lumia 920 is still the phone to beat on the market at the moment but the htc one comes close.

mr toes says:

I loled at the first line

riteshbhatt says:

No good application from Samsung for Windows phone

Photogram and Live wallpaper and Mini Diary are nice apps on the Ativ S.

Mankku says:

Well I care about this app, It's really stylish

iamoniwaban says:

Stylish is in the eye if the beholder. Samsung's RSS reader will be obsolete in a few months. They should focus on integrating with other RSS services. Other wise waste of their time and mine.

pedenske says:

At least its an update, shows they still have at least one person who slightly cares about windows phone there.

Andr3sfc says:

This one guy is working at Siberia, and just received his food supply from Samsung.

sea_hawk says:

Samdung is fooling ms and people. If ur really looking for new apps and timely update, go for nokia

neo158 says:

Tell me, where was Nokia when Windows Phone was first released. I'll tell you where Nokia was, fast becoming irrelevant by flogging Symbian handsets and that dead horse called Meego, while slating Windows Phone. If it wasn't for Microsoft, Nokia would be as dead as Meego by now. If it wasn't for the likes of HTC and Samsung, yes Samsung, you wouldn't have a Windows Phone.

Josh Harman says:

I thought Nokia was the first WP8 released?

theefman says:

When did Nokia slate windows phone? And did they have to be there from the start to be recognized as the best WP OEM? How about LG who were there from the start, where are they now? SE who HP who bailed without even making a device? And regardless of their late entry, they have done more for WP since joining in Feb 2011 than both HTC and Samsung combined in all the years they have been making mobile devices with Microsoft's mobile platforms. Your attempt to portray Nokia's later entry as a WP OEM as a negative against them is misguided and totally inaccurate. Fact is without Nokia WP would not exist today, period.

sea_hawk says:

and plz , when u post any article don't show samdung ativ as wp8

The Ativ S is a Windows Phone 8.

neo158 says:

The ATIV S is a WP8 device, but you'd know that if you opened you eyes and saw that it's not just Nokia who make Windows Phones!!!

riteshbhatt says:

Yes same sound here

Dave Bhullar says:

Why don't they make Now for all Windows phones

rodneyej says:

Because, OEMs aren't able to do what they want with the WP OS, well Nokia kind of gets its way, but usually there is no personal customization for OEMs.. So, this is a way for Samsung to differentiate itself from the others... I don't see any harm in that.

Dave Bhullar says:

makes sense. But Now is from Google (isn't it ?), I dont know if Google is the actual publisher on Samsung Zone or if it's Samsung itself, but Now is a product of Google. At one hand Google says that they will not make any apps for windows phones and on the other hand Samsung Zone makes Now available on its windows phones. I hate when these kind of tactics are played to weed out competition. Now is available on iOS, then why not all windows phones? Fuck you Google and Samsung (google's little bitch)

rodneyej says:

Good point!!.. LOL "little bitch".. Lol!.. But, I still appreciate Samsung for what support they do give WP... Fu@k G.

neo158 says:

It's the same as the Sense Hub on HTC devices, it's the way Samsung can differentiate from other Windows Phones.

rodneyej says:

Yeah, I though about that too..

sbwright says:

Samsung "Now" app used to be a great app when it first came out, but hasn't functioned properly in a long long time. Despite many updates.

neo158 says:

When was the last time you used the Now Hub, WP7?

sbwright says:

The day I wrote the comment. The only thing that works correctly is the weather, every other function is broken in some way. Stocks don't function at all, News Links just take you to Yahoo lists. This app hasn't worked properly since the update that changed News to Yahoo, a long long time ago!

chataddicted says:

Samsung now is a very usefu app i ever found in market place. Basically its a 4in one app. 1st ly the weather section is superb nd far better than other weather apps present in market place. Weather not only update frequently but also it support gps to find ur current location nd show ur locations temp. The double wide live tile updates very frequently also. 2ndly if u pin the news sections in ur home screen u can see all important national and international news from yahoo news. Nd also u can comment or share it in ur social network. For best supprot u have to activate most view section as ur live tile news update. 3rd ly the stock index and products. This is very ussful for business people.and lastly in their latest update samsung add currency converter. I thing which is very very useful than previously available top tweet features. So Now is an amazing app. Thank u samsung for supporting wp.. \m/

travisel says:


There Apps are very useful!

Can't wait to see the Samsung ATIV S2 with 5" 1080p and 2GB RAM & MSM8974 processor in it!

mcmaui says:

I own a Lumia 800 and I love Nokia and the Lumia line. Still, I recommended my girlfriend the ATIV S. Why? Because in price / performance it's unbeatable where I live in the moment. Here in Austria you can get it for as low as 260€ (!) contract free, there is no Lumia that can beat that considering that it got high-end specs for the most part.

jlynnm350z says:

Must admit sometimes wish I held out for the s4, only phone that can give 920 run for the money in my opinion. I just dislike Sammy to much. Nokia is so much better. Samsung isn't trying to win customers it already has them

riteshbhatt says:

Out of the box :-) have u guys faced this problem: playing game, accidentally the search or back button pressed. I think there should be option to disable these buttons while playing or whenever we want.

xyronaut says:

Just got myself Ativ S & I'm happy w/ the decision. Same price like lumia 820 in indoneaia, ativ s offers more storage & better display. Initially i was looking for mid range wp8 & had huge interest in L820. I went to 3 stores & no more L820 stocks. One store offered me ativ s asalternative & that's it.