Joe Belfiore assures Windows Phone 7 owners they'll receive Facebook, YouTube and other app updates

Facebook Beta Windows Phone 8

Windows Phone head Joe Belfiore has announced on Twitter that the recent updates for Microsoft's Facebook and YouTube apps will be made available to those who are on Windows Phone 7. Currently only those with the latest hardware can enjoy the added features and improvements, but this will soon change. 

What's more is that Belfiore also adds "some others too" at the end of the tweet, leading us to believe that other app updates (possibly Foursquare and Hulu) will be rolled out.

Good news for those with older hardware. We'll be sure to update you all once the updates are live on the store for Windows Phone 7 users.

Source: Twitter (@JoeBelfiore)



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phatboy66 says:

Can't wait until more WP7 users upgrade to WP8, they're missing so much

beranger_v4 says:

Unless WP8 gets the bloody FM Radio running, I'm sticking to my WP7.8, dude. Sure thing, there are plenty of WP8-only apps out there, but also some WP7 apps that don't run on resolutions larger than 480*800. WP8 is not mature yet — maybe this fall...

dalydose says:

Interesting. I never used the FM on my Lumia 900, but I still keep it around as my music player because Zune is great but XBox Music is severely lacking.

Me too. I got the samsung ativ s at Christmas because in the description it stated it had FM radio.  Didn't know that it wasn't working yet. Returned it.  I'll wait.

Residing says:

^This!  Love having the FM Radio on my Lumia 900 - sometimes I like to listen to local stations, especially talk radio.
I bought my Lumia 900 in November, over the Lumia 920, and have zilch regrets.  Will definitely be purchasing the new Lumia flagship that is released in Q4 2013 though.

AriesDog says:

Podcasts is my most used feature. Until Windows Phone 8 gets native support like Windows Phone 7.x, I'm hesitant to upgrade.

gunnerou says:

Is that a regional thing? I use podcasts on my Lumia 920 natively.

ChrisLynch says:

Podcast support in WP8 is the same as WP7.  It's just locked to the supported regions.

ricsip says:

Region-locked, which means the rest of us (outside of the glorious United states of America, GUSA in short) can f*** ourself.

cannon#WP says:

From my short amount of time trying out the 8X and the 920, I'm extremely happy to stick with my Titan II. I'm not missing anything except for the official Pandora app.

kinaton says:

They should add dab radio for UK users. And 7.8 was bad enough, so don't think I will swap to 8.

Tom_90 says:

Sadly Nokia thought it was neccessary to upgrade the Lumia 800 to Windows Phone 8. It really sucks to miss out on some updates..

tendoboy1984 says:

Why do we even need a Facebook app if Windows Phone has Facebook integration built in?

Heavy Rain says:

Fb integration could only do so much. The fb app completes it.

Montpbm says:

Man don't use it then! I'm tired of people saying that!

walter1832 says:

Hallelujah!  Where's the Tylenol?

Montpbm says:

Hahaha lmao!

djmikebrady says:

The integration completely ignores private messages, makes it damn annoying (and hard) to Like pictures posted by friends, it's actually lacking in a lot of key ways.  Which sucks, because I greatly prefer using it, to the craptastic app.

Yu Cheng says:

but consider only the update post,s the Poeple hub is much faster than any FB apps.

djmikebrady says:

I know, and I love it for that!  That's actually what makes the things it DOESN'T do, so annoying!

fordcom says:

Finally, some good news for wp7.x users

q21701 says:

I'm hoping that we see a Hulu Plus for win 7.X

Neusyn says:

Yeah I would like that

DJCBS says:

LOL It's like he just woke up and remembered that WP7 users are still the majority...

jlynnm350z says:

I'm not sure about majority, but point taken there are alot out there. I'm sure first chance they get they will upgrade to 8. Thank you and good day

Wp7 still leads in market till this point

DJCBS says:

If you had read the latest reports you would have known that WP7 is still the majority. Thank you and good day.

kinaton says:

Maybe MS should offer a cheap migrate from 7.8 to 8

tiggscolo says:

The Foursquare blog says they are doing a 7.X version. "If you’re rocking a phone running Windows Phone 7, stay tuned for updates. Happy exploring!"
Link for evidence: http://blog.foursquare.com/

Awesome. I really like how Joe is more open lately.

jcagga says:

Hmm new YouTube?

larrybon says:

Sure receive app updates just like 7.8 .....really?

fredie12 says:

I'd settle for 7.8 it's about time somebody kicked some butt and got it released, because EE in the uk hav'nt even got a release date yet!!!!!!!!!!!!

twrist says:

Which 'bit' of EE, fredie? I was an Orange customer and got 7.8 a long long time ago - January, I think?...

fredie12 says:

i'm on orange every time i check it says i have the latest software! just tried again still no update?

iNaimish says:

Try forcing the update. Search WP central ;)

mtg1974 says:

I still don't have 7.8 on my Lumia 900. Nokia tweeted a couple of weeks ago that it would be out by the end of April but I think it was a cruel joke.

kenduro says:

Have you tried just plugging you phone in the computer and let Zune search for an update. I plugged my phone in to pit music on and the update just popped up and this was for hd7 & lumia 800

mtg1974 says:

I have used Zune to check almost every day since I saw Nokia's tweet. It always says I have the latest version.

Raesu says:

Connect to Zune, run update check then unplug Ethernet after 3-5 seconds (make sure WiFi is off). I had to do this for my 800 to get fully updated as there will be 3 or so patches to install. Took me about 10 tries to get the timing right

mtg1974 says:

I tried that several times a few months ago before 7.8 was pulled. Maybe it's worth trying again.

mazami says:

Download Seven-Eighter to PC...and then just connect phone, choose languages and wait until 7.8 version is updated...it keeps all files

mtg1974 says:

Does that negatively affect the AT&T or Nokia apps that come with the phone?

What I'm aware of it shouldn't

Ridlah says:

I used seveneighter on an att htc device and it didn't affect any carrier or manufacturer apps 

EAA575 says:

They still care about us! T_T

tribexx says:

No need to assure WP7 users, just release better windows 8 phones on Sprint, T-mobile and Verizon and there will not be a problem.

sakkee says:

you know everybody doesn't want/can to switch to wp8, including me. happy L800 user

karelj says:

I'll believe it when I see it.

KasakDesign says:

Exactly karelj. No offense but screw MS for nearly forgetting its WP 7. Users like it did. I bought this Lumia 900 thinking I had a good thing then not even a few months later the 920 comes out with 8 and my phone becomes obsolete. I hope all the wp8 users appreciate the attention they get. Lol

John20212 says:

I still don't even have WP7.8 update on my ATT Samsung Focus, so Joe can go screw himself with app updates until Microsoft finaly gets its OS updates together and bypasses the damn operators to push out the updates for older devices.
Rodgers in Canada released the update, so why the hell not ATT?!

You should probably flash your phone I did, it was the best I've ever done to it

Es yo says:

I use seveneighter on my samsung focus from at&t to get 7.8 since february. Trust me man its worth it. Nothing happens to the carrier.

Amran Nagal says:

Hoping for temple run to come. I freaking love that game.

DenniSundaY says:

Yeah okay, good for him but cam they finally fix the wp8 storage issue...

squibcakes says:

Amen!  Joe and everyone at Microsoft, let's first focus on basic functionality (like the storage problem) so we can actually load these apps on to our phones.  I honestly cannot figure out what the problem is (er uh, I guess MS can't either).  You are testing your code, right?  Right?!?

Does this mean that Windows Phone 9 apps won't be compatible with WP 8s and 7s ? This is fckdup? Don't they know how to build oses in Microsoft?

This can be only good for me. I plan to upgrade to wp8 when support for 7.x is over. Till then, thank you Microsoft.

ej1024 says:

There's nothing in wp8 that im drooling about... Until wp8 is mature enough then I will probably...but right now the Xbox music is a mess...zune is the best..im sticking with my l900.

Bratnikola says:

Thank You Microsoft...

MrProton says:

This only makes things worse. It's starting to feel like they're throwing us scraps. We take faith on a tweet like it has official validity? MS has gotten really good at insulting the hand that fed them when Windows Phone 7 first came out. People like me bought the Lumia 900, ads on TV calling other phones "Beta Tests". The irony of those ads make it that much more tragic that we ended up as the real beta testers for MS and Nokia. When I get that "oh yeah, you still here,so... maybe we'll give you some crumbs" attitude from MS, it makes it clear that there's no faith from them on their own devices. That's why we get the MS apps last, that's why we get updates to MS apps last, if ever. 
And for those that keep wanting those apps that are not here yet, think about this. If, and that's a big IF, we ever get Instagram, by that time, you'll want Cinemagram, or Vine, or VJAM, or Camera+, or Pinterest, etc. Windows Phone will always be last. As long as MS makes apps on iOS and Android their priority, everyone else will do so as well. 

Gunneranil says:

Exactly. here in India a 920 costs around 600USD. I paid approx. 300USD for my Samsung Focus Flash last year. I was hoping Microsoft to be more enthusiastic in supporting 7.x.  Now five of my friends have 620s. And, in a way i feel like i've been used by microsoft as a billboard for promoting windows phone.

dabs1710 says:

Good. For a change MS is making any considerations for the people who supported WP in its infancy..

bassjimmy81 says:

I have had windows phone 7.8 for some time on my lumia 900. I welcome these apps because they will will make 7.x better. Some of you people need to stop complaining about MS. Windows phone is great 7.x and 8. My wife has an iPhone and the racehorse app there does do more when it works right. I find Facebook on windows phone to be more reliable no matter if you the built in one or the app. I will be on 7.8 until December when I get my upgrade and the I think I'll go 8. I guess no matter how good something is there will always be some one around to complain.

uopjo6 says:

Can we please have the "other" storage fix. My 920 is just fine but the 820 is useless. 
I know I've done almost everything except Hard reset (shrink storage a lot of times, storage check beta, etc etc). I've deleted ALL games and left a few important messaging apps, all media files stored in SD card and still only have 1GB left. 4GB taken away from the other storage. Auto upload to SkyDrive is off. IE history all deleted. No downloaded Maps. 


If it can't be fixed then it is better to just let us know so I can throw my damn 820 away for another phone. The thing is the 920 is the best phone i've ever used, it's really hard to understand why the 820 fails so much in comparison. I have the 820 as a phone to use when I cross the border for work and enter another network, incase you ask. 
So can Joe assure of this also, or not? The storage check function / app did nothing to my Other storage. 

ihavewp8 says:

Spring will be having Samsung ativ s in may 27th first phone carrier in united states to get it

Chef316 says:

That will be great! Another reason to stay with my wp7.8 phone a while longer :-)

Jaco Ra says:

Had to come back to this.. I need YouTube

Gunneranil says:

Still waiting.

Paola1993 says:

Well I can't afford a Windows Phone 8 right now, bought a Lumia 7.8 in less than a month. I read Microsoft was going to keep the support till next year. Well, if you ask me they shouldn't sell more of these unless they're going to support it like ... seriously. There are really expensive 7.8 phones, over 1 million, see Lumia 900 in Colombia. What for? If you ever get an update it will be slower, missing features and treated a like a second class phone anyway.
The whole Zune idea is stupid, retrogade and useless. Yup I know I'll get a lot of hate for this but... A program to synch stuff? What is this? The 90s?
However Windows Phone has a gorgeous UI, the phone itself is gorgeous as well, but there are plenty of slow third apps like WhatsApp, Viber, Facebook, Foursquare that really make the OS look bad. I know WP 8 doesn't have this problem, but it doesn't resolve mine. All of these apps run on Android 2.3 and less, perfectly.

Tamellingham says:

Keep the wp7 developments going - I'm on a contract until 2015 with my Lumia 800