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AT&T pushing out Windows Phone update for Nokia Lumia 900

AT&T Windows Phone Update for Lumia 900

AT&T is pushing out a Windows Phone update for the Nokia Lumia 900. We saw the Lumia 900 make the jump to Windows Phone 7.8 back in January and the latest update takes the OS version from 8858 to 8862 (2175.2307.8862.13100 to be exact).

According to NokiaCare, the update adds theme colors, lock screen improvements, fixes Live Tile issues and makes updated Nokia apps available.  This is likely similar to the update Microsoft pushed out back in March to fix the issues we experienced with the original 7.8 update.

The update is cumulative and includes four seperate updates.  We're in the process of updating our Lumia 900 and let you know more on this update shortly.

Thanks, everyone, for the tip!



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bono5112 says:

I never even got the first update to 7.8 Does this mean that I'll just get the latest update?

Xsled says:

Yes, you will get a rollup of everything.

jfa1 says:

It's a cumulative update so you go all the way through to the  updates poshed out today!

John20212 says:

Same here, my brother who has the 900, never got the 7.8; not to mention I still don't have it for my Samsung Focus, damn ATT

peterfares says:

If you want it just use seven-eighter it's easy to use and it forces the phone to get it directly from Microsoft.

Xsled says:

Wife will be stoked, I took her upgrade so I could get my 920. Haha!

Haha, I did the same thing.

luimende says:

That's messed up!

Can everyone update this time or is it going out to different people slowly?

Xsled says:

Should be available for all, just plug in to Zune and hit the update section in setting.

Zulfigar says:

It'll go out slowly, usually does with WP7

Verkunder says:

7.8 for non Lumias plox.

btbam91 says:

I'm waiting to get it!

breaker119 says:

I never got the 7.8 update! Here's to hoping for the new one

iSingBass says:

+1 I told my mom that the tiles like my 920 were coming to her 900 a long time ago, and she's still waiting.

koenshaku says:

Stop waiting and just side load the update I did my Lumia 900 four months ago and glad I did the 3rd app worked better than zune ever did.

John20212 says:

Not everyone can afford to potentially screw up their phone with unofficial updates.

xconomicron says:

Not everyone can wait for nothing...if you want 7.8 on a non lumia phone.

Anyway, using the seven eighter, you will still be getting MS official updates as this program grabs the updates from MS's servers while doing it. 

scdkad says:

How would they be "unofficial" if they came from MS or Nokia?

John20212 says:

The update package may be official, but the update method is not, so if something goes wrong its unlikely support is going to help you out. Plus you are not getting the Firmware updates, so that can cause issues in itself.

What if I'm on NET10? Will I be able to get any updates?

the_icon12 says:

If your phone is branded with ATT, Net10 has nothing to do with it.

koenshaku says:

Better late than never I guess I already side loaded the update four months ago. I got tired of waiting on these scum..

kikaluka says:

The lumia 900s in our office never received 7.8, so lets see what happens with this one.

New colors for the theme? Does the 920 have these colors too?

paschott says:

I forced the update a while back to get the first rev of 7.8, but I am looking forward to this rev. Hoping it makes a difference in battery life as one of the bug fixes. I know that they tweaked a couple of things around live tiles to fix the data bug that was uncovered, but I also know that it's a pretty minor update compared to what was released in WP8 (even without the hardware-dependent features). Still, holding off on using my upgrade for the next generation of devices sometime near the holiday season after getting the 900.

Residing says:

This is so right on time for me - I was just thinking yesterday that I'd love to be able to add more apps to my homescreen, while reducing the scrolling, and the smaller tiles will help me tremendously.  I don't have a lot of apps, but I need 6 small tiles to accomplish my goal.  And the Steel, Crimson, and Olive colors are going to be icing on the top :)
Anyway, I really hope this goes well.  I will wait though and let the brave ones take the plunge first and report their findings before I update :)

Now I'm excited to go home and try the updating!

jbitner21 says:

Anyone else notice the scrolling is a bit slower?

ej1024 says:

Almost ordered the 920 today, but changed my mind..something is brewing.. I will be patiently waiting

Dre325 says:

I'm really surprised that this isn't getting more fanfare since, in my opinion, this whole 7.8 release has been a complete clusterfu^& by Microsoft. While I definitely enjoy the additional tile size options on my L900 and really enjoy the Bing lockscreen wallpaper, I have not had functioning Live Tiles in MOST of my apps (including WPCentral, Weather Channel, ESPN Hub, etc) since updating in January. 5 months and one 7.8 update in March aimed to fix the Live Tile issue (that didn't fix it) later, and I finally now have a release that is supposed to fix this problem? That's absurd. I'm very happy it's hopefully finally here, but to lose basic functionality in Live Tiles for so long is just a slap in the face to a loyal consumer.

mtg1974 says:

Just got mine! No more crying from me.

I like how Nokia gets updates on a regular basis and my 8X hasn't gotten an update since portico? Wtf is that? HTC... Come on. I have like 10 different bugs that im waiting to be fixed. By the time a new update is out I'll be buying a new phone. Bs. Never the less I love my phone. The bugs are still annoying... I guess I Shud b blaming Microsoft. Or shud I? O.o

ladydias says:

You'd have to take it up with HTC and your service provider. They like to hold up updates to see if you'll get impatient and get the next best phone.

luimende says:

If they had a swap and buy, or a way to get early phones at a reasonable price, I bet people would be buying the next best thing over and over, and they wouldn't have to worry about updating phones, but they don't have one, and they don't update phones either.

Agreed. Both of you. It just stinks!! I'm always the last one to get updates. Even my HD7. Still has the same bugs it had when purchased

Help!! Help!! Boys I would normally connect to Zune with my 900 and it would connect to the internet to check for updates. I've updated software i got from Nokia server a while back that got me 7.8 but Zune now says can't connect to internet. How do i reset my phone to put this new At&t update on.

TonyDedrick says:

Hope the 820 US AT&T is next

Updated my 900 a few hours ago without issue. anyone noticed that the mic and phone speaker don't work anymore? When in a call if i switch to speakerphone mode both sides of the conversation can hear and speak. When out of speaker mode nothing but silence.

mtg1974 says:

I just had a call with my daughter. No issues with the call.

Orlok1138 says:

My tiles open way faster then 8858!

jfreiman says:

Thanks for the tip. I completed the update and now have my L900 all prepared for the next time family or friends visit from overseas. :)

0neder says:

Worked immediately for me after i unplugged and replugged in my phone to my macbook pro. I'm in San Diego.

Cristoby says:

If Grandpa Focus gets I'll finally install a 32gig card and make it my main music player. I'll get the Nokia 920 successor if it slims down AND brings a microsd slot, a la 720.

Shobiz says:

My phone is super fast. Edit: I was fooled its the same.

Kenjoe says:

I got my old Nokia Lumia 900 updating right now

Meh. I updated 2 months ago with seven- eighter. Focus, Focus S, and 2 L900's and it worked for all of them

I received 5 update's, I must be special

Oldmajor says:

Finally got the updat eto 7.8, my phone must really be EOL now lol!

So what was this update suppose to do

Cornbean7077 says:

I live around Dallas, TX, and I just updated using Zune. I just plugged it in, and it told me there were updates. I do notice that the small input lag that sometimes happened when you press a tile is gone, or from what I've seen so far. Lets hope that continues.

gromanch says:

This update(s) does fix live tiles issues for WP 7.8 for those who could force an update to 7.8 back in February.
It is amazing how tricky was the "forced" upgrade back then, and how seamless this one.
It comes to mind, at@t is trying to please and "preserve" the L900 customers now because they could be first in a row to switch to Verizon L928

jfa1 says:

I got the 7.8 original ATT update no issues  came home this evening after choir and pulled out the 900 charged it up swapped the sim and did the update went very smoothly  switched tile sizes a around  and pulled the nsim and put it back in the 920  Life is good

mobilejk says:

Forced the update back in Feb and had an issue with 1 tile that was a pin of a tuned in radio station web page but other than that never had any problems. Saw this article tonight before racking out and decieded to update my phone, Took less than a half hour (and I have close to 70 tiles with over 50 apps), Update went flawlessly and like someone else mentioned I too remember the days that it didn't and you would be literally crossing your fingers that the update would go through so I'll give props to all those involved in these updates. Great job and keep up the good work!

sdreamer says:

Hahah, and right after I flashed it using NCS. Oh well.

Live tile still doesn't work for WPC....really annoying

brupub says:

Update not working on my Lumia 900 on AT&T in California. Just stalls at update 6/10. Never received the 7.8 update so the numbers do not correspond with your report. May run it overnight and see. Extremely frustrating.
Update 5/11/13 1pm PDT: My OS is 7.10.8779.8. Still no joy on any updates, even though my phone finally says that an update is available. Left my phone plugged into Zune overnight but it just hangs at update 6/10 (not the latest 2 updates either). My Zune says that it is the latest version, but I think I will try and uninstall and reinstall and try again. Any HELP out there? 
Update: Still hangs in download, MS support answer is to disconnect, remove the battery and reconnect, which of course you can't do on the Lumia 900. 

BiffC says:

Forced update and got 7.8 in Feb.
I did this update 2 days ago.
I have noticed that my phone seems to burn the battery quicker.