Android and Windows Phone square off in latest Bing ads

Bing vs Google

Microsoft hasn’t been shying away from the competition lately. Last week they finally hit a home run with an ad for Windows Phone. So here’s one highlighting the strengths of Bing over Google. It also happens to showcase a killer, but underused feature of Windows Phone. Videos below.

The following videos aren’t HD. Sorry, we got them from a reader before they were hidden from the Bing YouTube account. They were prematurely posted there, but not before our man grabbed them for us. Check them out.

Part 1

Part 2

Part 3

The videos above are great advertisements for television spots. Short and to the point, while highlighting something that Bing does better than Google. My favorite was using the Windows Phone to translate in real-time. Which did you like the best?

Thanks for the tip and videos Travis B!



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Ridlah says:

I like bing but my windows phone 7 disables wifi in sleep mode so when i hold down the search button for instant access to things like qr code scanner i have to wait for the wifi to connect I think it takes longer to connect since upgrading to 7.8 

Duracell23 says:

at least in WP8 you can make WiFi stay connected even when the lock screen kicks in.
Go to Settings --> WLAN --> Additional Settings --> Stay active on screen time out
As I have a German Phone settings might be called a bit differntly as the above is basically just my translation of the german settings
I too didn'Ät like to wait or be on mobile network although I am at home with WiFi. Changing the setting of staying connected worked perfectly. One must note though that power savings are of course better when WiFi shuts down in lock screen mode. For me it didn't change that much though,  didn't even notice a difference.

SuperSport says:

Actually, I see an increase in battery life. This is due to the fact that my phone does not need to continually search for a data network while I'm around WiFi. I'm on WiFi most of my day.. But, even when I'm traveling, I don't notice any hit to my battery life.

tonyluo2001 says:

I don't think so. I can see clearly that, the battery drains faster when Wifi is on always.

x I'm tc says:

People have done objective tests.  The edge is very slight, but it goes to WiFi on all the time as long as there is WiFi available.

SonOfJewel says:

How do u do that? I didn't know my phone did that

Rico says:

Hit the search button, then hit the eye.

Ridlah says:

When your lockscreen is visible just hold down the search button it will unlock your phone and jump into bing rather than having to swipe up and tap the search button

Conasca says:

You actually have to download the Bing Translator app and access it as a lens. http://www.windowsphone.com/s?appid=2cb7cda1-17d8-df11-a844-00237de2db9e

adrian1338 says:

Bing vision has translate option as well

RyanAMG says:

Hope to see on TV.

dkxs says:

Microsoft finally do what is expected out of them

pankaj981 says:

The wpc app shows just 1 link to the video

Sam Sabri says:

Not sure about that. Hit up the browser and I'll find out about why that is happening.

pankaj981 says:

On a side note, when selecting sd, it actually opens in the new youtube app

mikefeero says:

Ahh! I noticed this. Pleasantly surprised.

Jay Bennett says:

Yeah that SD option was programmed to interface directly with the old YouTube app, I'm glad that it still works with the new one!

pankaj981 says:

Can the hd option be enabled as well in the new update that's coming?

Jay Bennett says:

No idea, will find out though ;)

WixosTrix says:

how exactly do you get this to work? i'm having no luck, just keeps playing them in the native player.

FinancialP says:

The first vid is pretty cool but they accomplish the same thing, either way cool.

The second videos are blah, some like Google's approach some prefer Bing but the videos didn't show anything to sway anyone.

Odog4ever says:

In your opinion. But a lot of people, LITERALLY haven't seen a Bing results page, which in MY opinion, is more visually appealing and useful than a Google result page. So at the least they could persuade someone to "see" what the difference is and that's the point...

PolishHitta says:

wow! Did someone new step in to make good Microsoft commercials? IPhone v. Galaxy, now these? Finally showing off some features that WP can do... This should have been done since the launch of WP7

albertico says:

I really believe these are brilliant. They're very clear, have clever music soundtracks, and are highlighting actual Bing features. Whoever is responsible for Microsoft's overall marketing direction has clearly woken up or is finally in it to fight the good battle.

pr0phecy says:

Now if they only get aired here in the Netherlands, that would be great! But I doubt that's gonna be the case. Since advertising is something Microsoft rarely does over here.

Josh Harman says:

Too bad that good products can't speak for themselves and the masses have to be entertained into accepting something. We live in a MTV like pop culture where substance takes a backseat.

mrnavkhan says:

I really want to see on Indian tv channels

r4v says:

Maybe in US Bing is good, but in Poland it's hot pile of p.. compared to Google. It can't find anything useful.

Gaichuke says:

This is true in Finland as well. Trying to find something local with Bing Search is an excercise in futility. Google is so much better it's depressing.

Bruno H says:

... and same for sweden. It's a real shame that Google works so much better here than Bing!! And then all you have to do is set Bing to US english settings, and suddenly you get good search results!!!
Can anybody at Microsoft get their act together and fix this?

DJCBS says:

And the same for Portugal.
It seems Bing sucks everywhere except in the US. Oh well, I personally like Google better anyway.
(yeah yeah, blasphemy, I know. Sorry for not sharing the apparently mandatory Google hate.)

teom95 says:

Hilarious ads xD

fordcom says:

Love the all but love the second one more

m3kk says:

Love the ads and I wish Microsoft the best of luck, but since I live in Sweden ..once I press that "bingbutton"..well let's quote jax's Irish friend "It all turns to shiiaat"

Bruno H says:

Change to English US settings under "språkinställningar" in the settings menu. That makes bing useful in sweden.

So enjoyable watching the video on an actual Youtube app... Amazing!

brorim says:

That bing button on my lumia 800 is driving me insane

lpforthewin says:

In the third video they search for tomato. Does anybody actually get all those facts about tomatoes showing on the right of the screen when they do the search? I don't and never have, bing just looks so different in real life. It also always puts ad links at the top of the search results like google
Using bing in IE 9 in the UK...

DaiaX says:

Tried to search the songs using bing music search, no matching results.

I love these videos and can't wait to see them on TV!
And forget video rollover, just looking at the actual search results of the Potato/Tomato ad is fantastic proof.

lpforthewin says:

Serious question: do your search results look like that? With the facts on tomato pulled from Wikipedia and things? Mine don't and i cant work out why...
Bing looks rubbish for me compared to this video's version

Ordeith says:

Yes they do.
Try Bing us, not Bing UK.

lpforthewin says:

I'll give that a shot then, thanks!

tyrok says:

So when will they allow us to earn Bing rewards from the built in app?

Adretheon says:

Cool ads but the translator one is a little misleading. Sure you don't have to highlight or select the text to translate, but you still have to pick the language.
There are better things about Bing on WP that would have been better to show off on the ad than the translator(local deals, movies, top stories, etc. from the swipe to the left).

Sean D. says:

You're probably right, but since search is what google is comparing to that is the way to go. Also, damn enar every android phone is a little OEM specific except for the mandatory google stuff they all must have. That's what MS has to attack if anything... for now.

Kvoth says:

I did this exact test the other day. It was hard to hold the lumia 920 still long enough to register, so it was only slightly faster. And Google's translations were better, especially for vertical text like Chinese. So I'd pick Google translate as the winner, but I like bing's style.

lin0x says:

Which is better? Google or Bing?
Let me Google it...