Nokia Lumia 820 Giveaway

United Kingdom, here's your chance to win a Nokia Lumia 820 (Reminder)

Just a quick reminder, if you're in the United Kingdom and are interested in winning a Nokia Lumia 820, you only have a few more hours to enter the Expansys/Windows Phone Central giveaway.

We have gotten our hands on (courtesy of Expansys) a red Lumia 820, a wireless charging pillow, and a set of Bluetooth Monster headphones to give away.

All you need to do to enter is:

  1. Live in the United Kingdom
  2. be a registered member, which you can do here.
  3. post in the comments below what local app you'd like to see come to the Windows Phone Store.  It could be a UK banking app, retailer app, or anything that would make life more covenant in your neck of the woods.

We'll shut things down at midnight on Thursday, May 9th and randomly draw one winner shortly there after. Again, you need to be a UK resident to qualify.  Good luck everyone!



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ernonewman says:

Official Arsenal FC app like they have for the iPhone and a Barclays banking App

Asim2462 says:

Sky Go and the HSBC Fast Balance applications!

antonm93 says:

A HSBC app would be pretty useful 

Ajan Kan says:

Oyster Top-Up App

ntceline says:

Barclay's banking!

HSBC Mobile banking app

Jips says:

Looking Local - iphone app for reporting issues to local councils.

Rick_Air says:

An Argos app would be good with the ability to 'reserve and collect'

HSBC would be great yeah

mbrett says:

ViewRanger would be an excellent addition to the Windows Phone portfolio providing offline Ordnance Survey mapping on your windows phone with GPS overlay and route downloads from walkingworld and other sources. Used it and loved it on Symbian or a long time.
Others would be Sky+ and BBC iPlayer official apps.

Bibbleq says:

Barclay's mobile & ping it please!
they are working on it but still find it frustrating when they text me with mobile app adverts.

NifferJen says:

Barclays bank app

gnetx says:

Another vote for the HSBC mobile banking app here!

maxroper21 says:

Barclays banking app, I really wish we could have that!

maxroper21 says:

An official bbc sport app would be great!

maxroper21 says:

I would really appreciate a vue cimena app!

maxroper21 says:

I would an official sainsburys app if I could!

maxroper21 says:

I dont if multiple posts will increase the chances of winning but I would love a proper iplayer app!

timiterimo says:

I already have the marvellous Amazon, Ebay, Giffgaff, NatWest and Thetrainline apps. Next should be a Sainsbury's app. I'm tired of dealing with their terrible mobile site and spending an hour every time I shop because even the assistants don't know where anything is...

aphadon says:

The app I'd most like to see on Windows Phone (and Windows 8 for that matter) is LoveFilm. Netflix has been great in supporting the platform thus far, but Lovefilm has been sorely lacking.

mattp92 says:

I would love to see a National Rail app they have one for Windows 8 but no love for WP. 

JAllen25 says:

HSBC mobile banking app

Lloyds TSB banking app
Vodafone app
O2 App
Glastonbury festival

beezelBug says:

bbc iplayer app please. Allow to stream or download to play later.
But seriously Windows apps please be mainstream enough to appear on posters that say "download the app" along with Apple and Android marketplaces

Fynolt says:

Getting the rest of the banks on-board would be a major plus as well as some of the on-demand tv options. Those seem to be the main draw backs for people considering new handsets

Ian Mac says:

I'd like a VirginMedia TV Anywhere App.  It already exists on iDevices, and I think Android is coming soon.

tigernar says:

Barclays banking and pingit apps as well as Danske Bank (they already have them for the Scandinavian countries).

Tony Sibley says:

Fast food delivery apps! Pizza hut, get on it!

raka13 says:

I'd like an Arriva Bus app for Windows Phone 8. 

alexpriest says:

I'd like an app that could keep an eye on road traffic on my route to work and then alter my alarm wake up time if there is more or less traffic!

yosnoor says:

Co-operative Bank App

Local bus times app would be fantastic

becnsean says:

id love to see a cebeebies app for my kids so when we are on a long journey.

kharma45 says:

It'd be a Sky+ app for me. Was pretty handy to have whilst on Android and although I can get access to it on my tablet that's not ideal if you're on the go. Sky already have their News app on Windows Phone so hopefully they'll considering getting Sky+ onto it as the UK marketshare grows.

turnma says:

iPlayer would be great!

bbc news app and nectar app

It would have to be TomTom app. This app is a life saver on my iPhone, and its now avaliable for needs to come out for Windows Phone!! (With social elements included ofcourse..)

mine would have to be a voucher app so i can get all my discounts and special offers for all the shops in my area which i would love to do but with my 10 pound phone i am unable and do not know the names of apps available :/ maybe i could win and find out ;) :D

RyanR47 says:

Lloyds TSB App PLEASE!!!

vdubster says:

SkyGo would be good

Definately Flipboard, so helpful to have all your news come under one neat and tidy app :)

kadmus says:

Amazon Cloud Player!!!!

Chungie Li says:

I want Instagram Pleaseeeee! 

Murx says:

UK app.

Santander  app 

clickste says:

Virgin Media so I can set my TiVo to record :-)

dronkula says:

It's got to be official BBC apps - iPlayer, News, Sport, Radio.
And Sky Go as well - Sky and Microsoft have a partnership to get Sky on the XBox so maybe work with that to get it onto WP8!

Network Rail Appp

Gav86 says:

I would love an app to keep tabs and add to my record collection via my phone. 

anisbet2171 says:

I would like to see the Untappd app on the Windows phone. Love this app and love Windows phones. It would be a match made in heaven!

Ali Thorpe says:

A local news and travel app would be really useful.

dramill says:

Just one? There's a few I'd like:
Sainsbury's Bank App
An app to control my Sony Freeview+ PVR over the internet
BBC iPlayer

kid rodelo says:

a First Direct app! WIth a live tile containing current balance.

Daveyparrot says:

I would love a tide times app, particularly with local Devon information. Great phone too!

gavinlew says:

Love to see ; Sky Go, Instagram, Metro Bank Mobile Banking, Nationwide Mobile Banking and Tesco Clubcard

donimo78 says:

A better grammer app.

Lloyds TSB UK & Instagram please

Kellzea says:

A world of Warcraft auction house app

jimjam1970 says:

BBC iplayer the gf is always on it on her iphone and gloating also channel 4 and 5 tv on demand plus an app that let's you know if you can take your dog on the beach rather than a sign when you get there and finally on my wishlist more Xbox integration and some exclusive games

soitissoitis says:

An app to tell me where the nearest purveyor of Leeds Pale Ale is...

3do says:

Three (MyThree account management) so i can see how many minutes and texts i've used out of my allowance.

Just says:

HSBC app with tap to pay.

mvillau says:

iPlayer app with local news

badwolf188 says:

A decent VoIP client and a proper VPN client. That is all.

jml3_uk says:

Love to see a Lloyds banking app, Official Sky+ / Sky Go app, a proper Rangers app, Scottish rugby app that covers all leagues, same can be said for Scottish football.

barptad says:

It would be great if we could a Barclays App, although data sense app is even more important...

jml3_uk says:

Would love to see:
Lloyds banking app
Rangers app
Scottish rugby / Scottish football app
Sky + / Go apps
Just eat although their mobile website is quite good
Jewish Chronicle news app
BBC / Telegraph news apps
National rail app

encarta2013 says:

Now TV (for Sky Disney!)

vision123 says:

Barclays Bank App

Lloyds TSB, improved o2 app, SkyGo, iPlayer, itv player, 4oD.


I would actually really love an app for all of the GOV (formerly, DirectGov) services. An app which would help you sort your taxes, give you access to important information and to guide you through all Government services, and for the app itself to facilitate in these services. For example, if you need a specific form, you can request the app e-mail the app to you, or send a copy to you in the post. Or booking driving tests.
I'd also love to see a similar app for local Government services, whereby each Borough had an app (or again, a centralised app, and you choose (in-app) your local borough) to access all the local services and information.
And of course, these apps have the added benefit of helping those with hearing/speech impediments and further helps these services to be more user friendly and approachable.

the crux says:

THe App i would like to see is a app that tells you whats going on in the local area, shows, films, stand-ups, bands

futurix says:

Apps that cannot be replaced:
Barclays Online Banking
Barclays Pingit
BBC iPlayer
Apps that can be replaced but I'd rather not:
Tube Deluxe
Tube Exits
Oyster Info+

Kiszcat says:

Ooooooh, a haggis hunting app! XD
Seriously an app to source local produce retailers

ilikosha says:

Firtdirect's app.

kissmeraas says:

Local Holy Grail Finder - Well, you did ask what "would make life more 'COVENANT' in your neck of the woods" 

windywoo says:

It's not local any more but it used to be. Gumtree would be a handy app to have.

dirrtydavid says:

Banking apps in general, all we need is 1 or 2 decent banks (RBS/natwest don't count given their fiasco last year) to get the ball rolling and the rest would hopefully take the hint...

MattEvansC3 says:

Sky Sports News

amugofjava says:

It would have to be a Barclays app with local branch and ATM finder. Are you listening Barclays hmmm?

yeoldgreat1 says:

A Nationwide Banking app would be really helpful!

Mattway says:

Lloyds TSB banking app as many suggested is my first wish!

ajrbyers says:

Having the Lloyds TSB app would be great.

hturtle says:

Would love a sky go or bbc iplayer app please
and a free 820 and pillow would be nice also

SAM4532 says:

Skybet app would be nice make loosing money easier ;)

onwu says:

Lloyds TSB banking app

ngc891 says:

Halifax banking app would be nice, iPlayer and a little bit specific to my work needs, but a mobile MICROS app so I can keep a check on work whilst I'm out and about!

adrian1338 says:

HSBC App with wallet integration of course

adrian1338 says:

Dont forget data sense app

adrian1338 says:

And finally the support for NFC Payment in UK !
Why can i use my hsbc debit card to do it but not that smartphone? How smart can it be!?

andrewb65 says:

Nationwide banking app for WP8 please!

he_shark says:

RBS app for English customers

BBC iPlayer and TescoCard

kenduro says:

Lloydstsb and instagram just to shut up everyone complaining about it. Id personally rather lloydstsb since I use my phone to go on the site so often.

BBC iPlayer and TescoCard

Jammo says:

LloydsTSB app

phillips2207 says:

BBC News / iPlayer / HSBC App

cityhunterx says:

First Direct banking app

TheSammyE says:

Never thought i'd be adult enough to say this but I would definitely love to have the Lloyds TSB banking app on Windows Phone. Never knew how much I used it until I switched to a Nokia Lumia 800. Less adult choice would be the Virgin Media TVAnywhere app currently only available for iOS I think but would love love love that one!

Waitrose app or any other similar to the game app which is really good. Loyalty card apps which show live tile points and promotions

kuroneko0509 says:

HSBC app would be nice

richard_c says:

HSBC Banking App Please

Definitely need a betting app of some sort SkyBet, Paddy Power, Bet365. Pleassseeee! ;)

richard_c says:

BBC News App Please

kalo88 says:

Nationwide Banking App
(Already shown my support on the nationwide website).. even if they won't introduce one at least make a mobile website like santander did.

LllamaWP says:

HSBC Banking app. Or a good hyper-local weather app.

Official BBC app!!

rhodri22 says:

Really want an app. The site sucks in touch IE, so an app would be nice.

I would love a nationwide banking app and skygo. Life on windows phone would then be complete.

hahaha10000 says:

Barclays Bank pease!

marksuth says:

Sky Go, Lloyds TSB, BBC iPlayer and NHS Choices would be most useful

gtc69 says:

An official sky+ app so can control tv from my phone same as android, hsbc, iplayer, 4od and other tv on demand apps

peter prez says:

believe it or not i think everyone is forgetting the fact that windows phone is not compatible with adobe flash player for mobile browsing, i believe adobe flash player would make the experience of mobile browsing more interesting. 

Warren Dance says:

BBC iPlayer and Lloyds TSB banking app. I can't count how many times we've been promised the iPlayer now, such a shame.

I would love to see London24 release a series of Apps, these are the guys who run news papers such as Romford Recorder or Dagenham Post.
It would be great to get some local news apps on Windows Phone.

papikeiy says:

Asda and bbc app

Mellifluous says:

I would find a Nationwide app very very useful.

DJRedLine says:

A weight watchers points app so i can check to see if my missus is telling the truth when she sat there munching on a KFC :P

TechsUK says:

Nationwide app please.

Mellifluous says:

Also, a magazine app for reading subscriptions like Empire on the go.

Dking7 says:

It is seems everybody wants their bank's app, so I will go with Lloyds TSB

Dazzi says:

I would like to see the Sky Go app come to WP8

phatboy66 says:

BBC iPlayer and Santander banking app please

Cormannn says:

Official Three app, to keep track of data usage (apparently the Tumblr app is a black hole for mobile data!) - or enable DataSense for Three

An Asda online shopping app would be most welcome, followed by iPlayer and 4OD apps that allow downloading of episodes

Chris Tyas says:

BBC iPlayer, datasense and Lloyds TSB in that order :)

Virgin Media Tivo app and an Official HotUKDeals app

mprice86 says:

Halifax banking app, with links to the Wallet.

dan.booth says:

Sky Go
BBC iPlayer
HSBC Banking app
Official Football League club apps (e.g. Sheffield Wednesday)
Official National Lottery app

KingyOwl says:

Yes! Sheffield Wednesday app please, I'd even be on board with an unofficial one! haha

KingyOwl says:

HSBC mobile banking is the number one app choice for me!
But I would also like to see "Tesco Clubcard" and "BBC iPlayer" apps.

morpheus1982 says:

A proper o2 account app, first direct banking app,

Hooksie says:

Do I get to choose just one? We need a BBC News app, SkyGo, LloydsTSB, BBC iPlayer, ITV Player, 4OD, RingGo and a few others. Personally I'd like to see SkyGo coming to WP8 since most of the others can be accessed through i.e.

Eurovillager says:

I like the idea of a metro style Barclays banking app but then I have already pinned their mobile banking app and get to see balances, do any transfers, make payments, etc. I can log in with a 5 digit code and don't think it could easily be improved upon.
However a NFC app like an extension of Wallet would get my vote. I think it is really cool when I go to Aldi for example and just press my NFC enabled bank card on the reader and go. Don't know why more people don't pay this way. Yes that or any other app using NFC functionality.

Timbosaurus says:

BBC app, featuring news and iPlayer.  We have one of the top news sites in the world in public ownership, and the code already exists, but it's been banned from the Store.

steppyhen says:

Sky+ app to remote record / control Sky box like the iOS version can
BBC iPlayer
MyEE so I can check what data I have left through an app

RobCopestick says:

Id love to see a Native Instrument app for there Traktor DJ software.
Some DJing on the move!!

UKintel says:

Lloyds Tsb & a BBC news app

slysy says:

I'd like to see a Tastecard app (it's available for iOS and Android but not WP)

Oseph says:

I'd like oyster card integration in the Wallet app... does that count?
Paying for the tube with my Phone would be really convenient.

Need a B&Q app make my job alot more pleasant.

Divination says:

Just eat app would be cool. Operating the website is a pain in the ass on the go. 

Mr osi says:

HSBC app would be nice.

Marsamver says:

Halifax banking app.

afgzee says:

BT SmartTalk (so i can make free 0800/0845/0870 free from my mobile) !!!

nidO#WN says:

Yet another shout out for banking apps, i'd love to see a First Direct app.
And DS Cloud, from Synology.

Narr says:

Nationwide, Barclays, Pingit apps, plus the return of Counters for WP8.

ChiraagShah says:

Quidco app would be awesome.

Lloyds tsb banking app would be great!! And a decent tv guide!!

An oyster card app that allows me to use my phone using NFC on the tube to pay for rides

cudder says:

Lloyds TSB app.

Kellzea says:

World of Warcraft auction house app please

nokiageek says:

Would like to see a Lloyds Tsb banking app, Argos, Very and Halifax

kitty778 says:

Barclays Bank or Debenhams

iPlayer would be great! Also NatWest (and the other banks).

Stig says:

iPlayer, ITV Player and 4oD for me.

colin24_7 says:

First Direct bank app

gooper says:

I would love to have an official BBC News & Sport app.

peachy001 says:

A Major Nelson app

bdoust says:

Iplayer is a must, or Skybet (or any betting app really, there are so many on every other platform!) 

meax says:

Capital One app would be handy!

WPMan says:

Id like ab instagram app. Just to shut the critics of the WP platform up...

WPMan says:

Id also like a BBC news app.

PeeBrains says:

I'd like to see FlipBoard come to wp8

TopMark says:

I would like to see

  1. A LloydsTSB banking App
  2. An "official" BBC News App with a LiveTile
  3. A British Gas App linked to your energy account (incl. alert when meter reading due and input readings)


allin109 says:

Tesco clubcard app for me

Bagsy says:

Virgin Media Anywhere

Sponge920 says:

A LloydsTSB banking app would be useful, but a data monitor would be my choice.
PS 'Gotten'? Seriously?

Bagsy says:

BBC iPlayer

pkerrod says:

Keelham farm shop at Queensbury. Best food ever. Would live to know what specials the butchers and deli counter had each day and be able to order online.

Sponge920 says:

Also...a Withings wireless scales app, so i can check my weight, % fat, BMI etc.

scarlet0pimp says:

Please give me an RBS app that works in England

Been a long time wp user and reader of wp central so thought I'd use this as an perfect excuse to sign up and show my support for WP!...
Anyways my choice for a local app I'd like to see come to the Windows Phone Store, like many others have said, would be a sky app.

scarlet0pimp says:

RBS app please, current one only works in Scotland

Ben White says:

Would love to see a fully functional O2 app like ios and android also would be great to see a Lloyds tsb app :)

gs7oaks says:

First Direct banking app.


I would like the Barclays ap with ping it support!

trashr0x says:

Barclays Banking App

otymbj says:

HSBC mobile banking

Traldera says:

Id like to see a Tesco Clubcard app. Something that can display my barcode on screen (i lose the keychain thing too much). Would also be nice to be able to manage vouchers with it - more useful when they do the clubcard exchange thing around christmas. 

Gmotagi says:

Marcos ice cream app

taffyphil says:

Lloyds TSB and iPlayer.

shadoweye14 says:

Steam (Valve) App for Windows Phone

potxnoodle says:

a nice Betting app, preferably PaddyPower!

potxnoodle says:

or an On Demand tv service, BBC iPlayer or SkyGo

Drelyon says:

BBC should get up off their ass and give us a BBC iPlayer app!!! We need our shows on the go Just as much as iphoners and androids!!

Stu Malin says:

4OD (4 On Demand.)

N_LaRUE says:

There are three I can think of: HSBC, BBC and a good coffee app!

scottygb2k says:

Would love these:
Lloyds TSB
Skype (Fully integrated into phone and work the same as iMessage & Facetime)
Sky Go + Sky+ Remote Record
Sky Sports Score Centre
BBC iPlayer
Lotus Notes Traveller (Yes my company still use Lotus Notes and refuse to switch to outlook)
Odeon Cinema
Datausage (Calls,txts and data)
Microsoft Built in RDP App
Betfair (dont think there is any betting apps at moment?)
Games (Halo, Forza, Subway Surfers, Seige Hero)

newfreeg says:

Eurosports app would be great for windows phone

newfreeg says:

HSBC :) please!

someone57 says:

A barclays app would be useful!

Alphageek_UK says:

Santander banking app and a app for WP8.

hc_1540 says:

I'm going to be boring I'm afraid and agree with the others wanting a LloydsTSB app. Would make my life a whole lot easier

Gorki247 says:

There's a few local apps I'd like to see: An Orange Cash app. Orange Cash is a reloadable credit card and they have an app for Android so that you can load your card from your mobile; Boots Advantage Card and a First Direct banking app.
Also, I wish they'd introduce NFC payments already.

Mike_73 says:

Another vote for Barclays Bank app. iPlayer and 4OD would be rather nice too!

cypripri says:

Official BBC news app thanks!

nick_jp says:

RBS app would be great, as would a Met office weather app.

MAHBUB_883 says:

HSBC mobile banking :)

shankle_007 says:

The Sky Sports Score Centre (Jeff Stelling) App

Bodzianek says:

Out of Milk app

PBagshaw says:

Full metro iPlayer app with ability to download and watch offline.

Hannah Welsh says:

A hand warming app! 

jwilsher says:

I would love a Nationwide banking app. NatWest/RBS have one for WP, and the Nationwide app for iOS was pretty good, so I would love them to bring one to WP (I have alread asked them!).
I would also love a BBC Radio app. I like the TuneIn radio app, but I seem to miss a lot of radio shows I like to listen to.
I also think BT should launch a rival app to Sky Go. I would love to be able to watch BT Vision content on my Windows Phone.

wombat2k1 says:

Lovefilm app that plays the videos. A Barclays pin sentry for windows 7 phones.

Pingviini says:

I would like to see DataSense or similar come to WP in the UK. I signed up with Orange in January and they have awful signal where I live. It confuses me how my data usage (which is supposed to be 750mb) is double that for two months running now, when I'm always connected to wifi and do only my downloading there. I pay £31 a month for my contract yet, I've been charged £43 and now this month £58! The closest Windows Phone has to this sort of application is Nokia Express, exclusive to Lumia phones but unfortunately for owners, it only acts as a compressed browser. Useful for most, but not entirely like DataSense so I understand.

sparksy says:

iplayer and bbc radio app

Fyka says:

Data counter.
A merged app of buses due and tubemap would be great or something similar!

swaza says:

HSBC banking app for me please - although they have phoned me and told me in writing that they have no intention of making one.
Trello would also be very high on my list - they have a Windows 8 app already

Merecraft says:

An HSBC banking app. Sorely missed!

JoRdaNeK says:

Asda specials and discounts app :D

Omega Point says:

Lloyds TSB & A propper National Rail Enquiries App

Definitely Barclays banking app, Sky Go and a proper Facebook Messenger (the stock chat doesn't sync with the messages on the site)

Rotmm says:

Sky Go would be cool. But personally I would appreciate a couple of banking apps, Santander and HSBC

mikiebrown says:

KERRANG! App would be awesome I think - Life Is Loud after all!

corruptaim says:

A app to play music to my xbox from my phone so i can choose song pause skip and all that by using my phone instead of the xbox guide. It would be even better with voice enabled to understand pause skip and so on. I would die less lol

Jurassick89 says:

Lloyds Banking Group app, without a doubt

A mood app, cause im always in a bad one!

I really wanted to see whether I could find an app for independant coffee shops and cafés in London and the rest of the UK - it's really annoying to go and buy a coffee for, say, £2.80 to then see a shop further down the road with cheaper coffee and a nicer atmosphere! 
So maybe the app could list customer reviews ans recommendations too which would make it easier and less daunting to walk into a new coffee shop - I know this is something I often feel as I never know where to go and tend to stick to the places I know. 
It'd also be great to list other aspects such as whether they accept cards, cash, have food, snacks, whether the food is home made etc. 
It probably wouldn't be that hard to do but I have no idea how as I don't develop applications!

geekydaz says:

Virgin tv anywhere.

A mood app, cause im always in a bad one!!

CadmannUK says:

Id like to see Sky+ app to be able to remote record my Sky TV programmes like I could on IOS. Only thing I miss. Thanks.