Beem Plus for Windows Phone 8

DEAL ALERT: Beem Plus and Beem for SKY.FM are now free for a limited time

You’ve heard us go on before about Beem Plus, the dedicated Digitally Imported music streaming client and its new brother, Beem for SKY.FM. The apps are polished, well designed and deliver top quality music to your Windows Phone. Indeed, behind Pandora, Beem Plus is our most used music app (set it on Trance and hop on an elliptical for 40 minutes…it’s a good time).

Both apps usually fetch for a minuscule and well-worth-it $0.99 but the developer behind them, Den Delimarsky, is feeling generous as he’s dropped the price down to $0. And remember folks, once you “buy” an app for free, it’s yours forever.

Beem for SKY.FM

We rarely tell you “you must get this!” but if you like electronic music, then get Beem Plus and if you like to stream just regular 80’s, Russian Pop, Jazz, Solo Piano, classical and more, grab Beem for SKY.FM.

Seriously, if you don't at least try these apps out, Sam and myself will look down on you with shame!

Both apps feature the ability to record the stream and upload to your SkyDrive (!), share the track to your Last.FM account or social networks, link to the Xbox Music Store to buy the track, pinnable stations and favorite to Last.FM (scrobbling).

Heck, you can even copy the track name with one click in case you wanted to add it a note or another app. And if you have the paid “Premium” accounts for either SKY.FM or Digitally Imported (higher bitrate streaming, no ads in the stream), it even supports that.

Pick up Beem Plus (Digitally Imported) here in the Store and Beem for SKY.FM here. All Windows Phones supported.

QR: Beem Plus

QR: Beem for Sky.FM



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CJ Thunder says:

A serious but odd question for this site, anyway, anyone get freaky to this kind of music? Besides at a rave hopped up on acid.

yes, absolutely. ;)

L0gic Bom8 says:

@CJ Thunder: BIG TIME! Electronic music conveys emotion and stimulation just like any other music. For me, it's a stimulator; once something like a good melodic trance or psychedelic trance track plays, my mind, my senses, and my body seem to flow with the rhythms and I don't always mean dancing by that. Sounds strange and hard to explain, but that's what electronica does for me. But there are some sub-genres like dubstep that I'm not into. But trance, ambience, industrial, darkwave, etc., are the ones that I'm more in tune with.

Andreas H says:

Hence your nick ;)

L0gic Bom8 says:

@Andreas H: almost not quite lol. Bing logic bomb and you'll learn where the term comes from.

Not all electronic music builds it and then drops it.

CJ Thunder says:

Never really been into any background music but this sounds like a good place to start.

ah, already bought both apps but am very satisfied and happy to support the dev. just have two slight issues:

(1) this is actually a big one, but the music hub 'history' integration really needs to incorporate the station cover/name on the tile. currently, anytime you select a station it adds a plain blue tile with the beem logo and no way to identify what it was. these also add up very quickly when browsing through stations and totally spams-up the history section with useless tiles. in addition to the suggestion to make them identifiable, an option to disable this integration would also be great.

(2) more of a minor annoyance, but I think a bit more though should be placed into the naming of the apps. kind of confusing to have one called beem 'plus' and the other beem 'for'.. almost seems like the first one is an enhanced version of the second. think beem plus should be renamed to 'beem di' and the other one 'beem sky' (or maybe beem for di/sky, or beem di/sky ratio, ...)

ZeBond says:

Beem dev here. Noted :)
Last but not least, thanks for the support!

awesome! happy to help/complain. really love the app btw.

RE: #2 I agree, but the reason for that was there used to be "Beem" (free, ads) and "Beem Plus" (paid, no ads). Later, Beem free was phased out in favor of Beem Plus. Then just 2 weeks ago, Beem for SKY.FM came out.

Not sure if the app can be renamed, but yeah, "Beem DI" and "Beem SKY" would be more descriptive (plus it rolls off of the tongue quite well).

yeah, totally agree. been with the app for a while and remember the free vs. paid distinction. the naming thing wasn't really an issue until the version was added..

and can you really not change app names? i've never heard that before.. we all know Nokia did with 'HERE' rebranding, but then again, they're special..

Thanks for the info :)

Thank you developers both apps work fantastic

helloyello says:

I love both apps, purchased both. One issue I have with both is the stream gets temporarily interrupted from time to time. Just short "hiccups". I have a Nokia 920. I stream over my Verizon Fios WiFi. Any suggestions? It's happening now as I type this-listening to Piano Jazz on Beem Sky FM. Otherwise, I love these apps and am happy to have supported the developer.

helloyello says:

Update: Beem Sky.FM is simply dying when I move out to another app, such as this forum, but automatically resumes playing when I return to Beem Sky.FM. The short stream stops and starts happen within the Beem apps itself. I love Beem; have no regrets purchasing both apps, and suggest to all to try them out during promotion. I'm wondering what I could so to resolve this?

ZeBond says:

Is that the Premium or the standard stream?

helloyello says:

Standard stream

ZeBond says:

Restart the app - should be fixed now.

helloyello says:

Thanks for speedy response. Both apps are producing steady streams now, although Beem Plus takes awhile to begin initially. But no more stream hiccups or crashes. Thanks again! Great apps!

JimiDiGriz says:

Downloaded both and they look great only one problem...neither of them is playing any sound. Rebooted phone and check Nokia Music and that plays fine. Any tips?

ZeBond says:

Are you listening with a Premium key or just using the standard stream?

R0bR says:

I downloaded the Beem app about 30mins ago and it was streaming although the app crashed a number of times and had to re-launch. Just crashed a couple of mins ago and now it launches but with no sound. Standard here.

ZeBond says:

Trying to repro the same scenario and so far can't see the problem. Go here and create a new ticket with information about the phone and the OS version.

PS: Try now. Restart the app and see if it works.

IamJonso says:

Same thing happens with me. There is no sound for almost 5 minutes, then it randomly turns on for a few minutes, then back to no sound again. I have a Lumia 820

The dev keeps asking if it is premium or standard and you say the exact thing that doesn't help him. Btw I'm not experiencing this issue / standard user.

pmich says:

I also got no sound and my device won't turn off now as i tried to reboot it..

Update: screen is all black and i cannot turn it on (but the device is still on). How do i do a soft reset?

ZeBond says:

The screen part/inability to turn off is not connected to the app. If there is no sound - are you listening to the standard or premium stream?

em1ke says:

No sound here!(lumia 820).

ZeBond says:

Should be fixed now. Restart the app.

em1ke says:

It works! Thanks!

jasonstatham says:

no sound here :/ using the standard app no premium whatsoever. I hope an update will come and than I will be very very grateful.

ZeBond says:

Restart the app. DI.FM switched some of the server URLs.

JimiDiGriz says:

Back in business, thanks

3lmanana says:

There is no 720p support. On my 8X I got black bars.

ZeBond says:

Well aware of that. A Windows Phone 8 version is in the works.

3lmanana says:

Can't wait for it 

Shambels says:

Perfect this will complement my new sound system!

larrybon says:

No sound until I connected to my SkyDrive!

ZeBond says:

Probably because I just pushed a couple of server changes :) Has nothing to do with SkyDrive connection, but glad it works!

Kevin Barker says:

So I was planning to buy both aps yesterday but time just flies... Went on the store today, ready to purchase, clicked on the app, where is the buy button, have I bought it already, clicked installed, wow its for free, that's very good, and the app is fantastic hoowoowahaha way, but now I feel guilty, I want to buy it
When will it become available to purchase again? Thanks. :-)

ZeBond says:

Thanks for the support! I am currently thinking of switching some of the ways in which the app is marketed. One of them is enabling in-app purchases, for those that want to donate to the project :) Stay tuned for updates and the upcoming Windows Phone 8 release.