Nokia Lumia 521 heads to Walmart Saturday, T-Mobile May 22

The Nokia Lumia 521 marches on to Walmart and T-Mobile stores

The Nokia Lumia 521 continues to spread across the country. After a quick and successful start on Walmart's and Home Shopping Network's websites, the Lumia 521 will be coming to Walmart brick and mortar stores this Saturday, May 11, for a measly $129. The Microsoft Store will also start selling it this weekend.

Less than two weeks after that, on May 22, the Lumia 521 will start appearing on shelves at T-Mobile stores and on their website for less than $150 with qualifying plans.

Despite the affordability, the Nokia Lumia 521 is no slouch. It sports a 4-inch screen and a 5 MP camera, along with good ol' 4G connectivity. This all comes nicely wrapped in a sleek design variety of colors. Throw in the fact that wireless charging is also available with optional covers, all for under $150, and no you're cooking with gas.

The Lumia 521's bombardment of the retail landscape is all part of a new focus by Microsoft and Nokia on price-conscious consumers and emerging markets. It's a realm that Nokia once dominated back when it was the top phone manufacturer in the world. Others are hoping to benefit as well, as we've just seen with the upcoming US debut of Huawei's W1,

If early response is any indicator, the strategy looks like it could pay off.

Source: Microsoft



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Picked up one for my lol girl on HSN, should arrive tomorrow. Love the different price points for Windows Phone.

Sharpmango says:

Your lolgirl? Is that a thing?

I meant lil girl. Lol friggin auto correct

Ingramator says:

League of Legends girl bro.. seriously.

aaa6112 says:

Might get this one for the wife. But no FFC is making me think twice, since Skype is used quite often.

juan6996 says:

I thought that the 720 had wireless charging, not the 52X??

poddie says:

Yes, I mentioned this on the last article too. Why does WPCentral keep saying it has wireless charging? If it does my interest is higher...

mase123987 says:

It says that wireless charing is available with optional covers.  That tells me that wireless charging capabilities can be added with buying a cover (or back). 

Corepc says:

Nokia Sites Say's No, The 52X series do not support Wireless Charging. The hardware that is required is not built into the phone itself that would be required for it Work with a Wireless Shell.
720 Yes, hardware is built into the phone that support the Wireless Charging Shell.

If I had a choice I would buy it from the Microsoft store rather than WalMart, because if you have any questions or concerns they are better equipped to assist you. The Microsoft employees here are AWESOME!!! They know Windows Phone in and out!

MediaCastleX says:

I got mine from HSN and the Microsoft Store STILL helped me when I had an issue...yes, if you have one in your area DEFINITELY take advantage of it. At least you could probably get that Assure service from them..? =P

Forgot to ask what the price will be at the Microsoft store?

Andygoes says:

Looking to get this for mom in law for moms day. Any idea what bands the 521 will have/Canadian network compatibility?

penetronn says:

Dang, WalMart will sell it contract free for $129? I might get it just as a dedicated music player for the car with the microsd slot

navidee says:

For $129 off contract. I am seriously half tempted to buy this as a in between phone until I decide to use my upgrade with At&t. Then I can stop using this focus w/7.8
Edit: guess not...its tmo only

MediaCastleX says:

If you're ONLY going to use as a WiFi device, I don't see why you couldn't still get it..? Get someone you know who has a t-mobile sim to start it and then just use as a WiFi device...I got mine to use as a work phone =)

IamDefiler says:

If you get lucky, some Walmarts are already selling them in the B&M stores. Bring the sku with you and have them look in the back. Many people have already gotten them and are using them.

Choorp says:

Walmart is already selling the Lumia 521 in stores. I bought mine a couple days ago for $129.88. You can find them in the prepaid phones section.

dkp23 says:

Price at Ms store?

jgbstetson says:

Tmonews is reporting that the 521 sold in stores will come with WiFi calling equipped.

gibbage says:

Only the ones sold in stores? I looked and could not find wifi calling on the 521 from HSN.

Choorp says:

The Lumia 521 will receive an OTA update on May 20th that will enable WiFi calling.

Ridlah says:

Not gonna lie I could go mow 10 lawns in my neihborhood and probably have enough to pick up this phone.

hopmedic says:

10 lawns??  You're either in the wrong neighborhood or you're not charging enough! 

Sharpmango says:

Well his neighbourhood is nice enough to have lawns.. I guess hes being a 'good lad' and not price gouging old people. Im impressed, would love to know if ridlah gets the phone tho :)

hopmedic says:

True.  But no, I'm not getting this phone.  I'm waiting very impatiently for the 928 announcement.

redeyss says:

How to unlock? For use on at&t.

aaa6112 says:

It is being sold unlocked

darkoman4 says:

Actually, it is locked to T-Mobile network. I just tried.

navidee says:

Bah...well there goes that plan...

adrock107 says:

To expand, T-Mobile told me I'd need to have service with them for 60 days, and need load at least fifty bucks to a prepaid card to qualify for an unlock. Consulting their online support page for unlocking policy confirms this. I could ask a friend with a T-Mobile number to call for an unlock code, but since they're only allowed one unlock every 90 days I think I'll save that plan for when Catwalk is released ;)

poddie says:

Yes, I want to see someone report on AT&T usage with the real thing... Does visual voicemail work? Do we have to jump through any special configuration hoops? Or just pop the sim in?

WinFan1 says:

is this phone going to work with a nano sim? or is it microsim?

hopmedic says:

Come on!  First the 620 and now the 521???  This is supposed to be the day of the 928 announcement!

gibbage says:

I made and uploaded an unboxing of the HSN 521.  Really nice little phone!

iggypop120 says:

Appreciate it. I'm on the fence. Good to see what it looks like

WilliamC1972 says:

Super cheap. Wow!!!!

MikeSo says:

Alright. They got me. I'm cancelling AT&T, paying the penalty, and switching to T-Mobile. This will tide me over nicely until I need something more powerful... which might be never lol.

mccasive says:

I cant imagine how Nokia and MS managed to make such a great phone so affordable. This little beast competes fairly with my Veteran L900 and the Venerable L920 but blows my aging Htc Radar out of water. I've had it for less than a week but if first impression is anything to go by then I would say it's worth twice more than its price tag. Mind you if taking pictures, skyping and playing high end games is your thing then you might take a second thought before getting it but if you're like me and wants a decent second phone then this would be a perfect pick. Btw does anybody knows where I can get the colored shells? I checked EBay and Amazon and couldn't find any.

Fred0007 says:

well ,521 for tmobile and 620 for att in two weeks

adrock107 says:

Oh, I hadn't heard! Where is this news coming from? Any word on price?

namflow says:

Microsoft store has now

binthham says:

Can you save apps to the micro sd card?

Gino P says:

Went to my local WalMart today in Farmingdale NY, and they had the Lumia 521 in stock but not on display and the dumb arsh sales associate said the WalMart sale date is May 13 Monday not the 11th.