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PSA: You can now SIM unlock your Nokia Lumia 920 on AT&T

SIM Unlock Lumia 920 T-Mobile

Six months ago the Nokia Lumia 920 launched as an exclusive on AT&T here in the United States. A lot of users on Verizon, Sprint, and T-Mobile felt a little shafted not having access to the high end Windows Phone from Nokia. Well if you happen to have a Lumia 920 from AT&T in your possession you should be able to unlock the device now.

Erzhik, a Windows Phone Central reader, let us in on a little chat he had with an AT&T rep online. Since the 6 month window of exclusivity has ended with the Lumia 920 and AT&T he was able to unlock his device. It took him less than 30 seconds chatting with a representative to get the unlock code.

Unlock code 920

Why would you want to unlock your device? There’s a handful or reasons, but most people like to unlock it to increase resale value and for international use. Though, it wouldn’t make much sense for T-Mobile customers to run out and try and get an unlocked Lumia 920 with the rumored Catwalk around the corner.

Update: Fearless leader Daniel Rubino has successfully contacted AT&T and unlocked his Lumia 920. As can be seen in the image above, it's now running a T-Mobile SIM.

Anybody thinking of doing this with their device?

Thanks for the tip Erzhik!



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GhostITMG says:

Man, what I wouldn't have given for this 6 weeks ago before I went to London and Dublin for a week!  Had to keep my data off the whole time I was away:-( 

Axit Patel says:

after using At&t one on t-mobile did 4G network work
bes my sis buy one form amazon factory unlock and she just got EAGE network only.

People who want to get unlock code for AT&T Nokia Lumia 920 can buy it from here.

ibuyufo says:

No luck for me.  Said I was still under contract.

erzhik says:

Im under contract too. If chat didn't work, try calling.

iboypx says:

tell a lie... :)

ibuyufo says:

well, looks like i got an unlock code but I think I'll be going to hell for telling a lie.

PolishHitta says:

Im stuck with verizon and I get to unlock every phone I have. I believe I'm allowed to unlock one phone per line every 20 months. If you've been with Verizon for a long time they make exceptions too. Since ATT is as evil as Verizon I would expect them to do the same.

jbedoya says:

Actually, ATT allows you to unlock up to 5 devices per year. see below fromatt website
Additional Information about AT&T Mobile Device Unlocks

  • Current customers will be allowed up to five (5) unlocks per account, per year.
  • Former customers will be allowed a total of five (5) unlocks per former account.
  • In addition, AT&T will unlock any AT&T Mobile device for an active and deployed member of the military who is a current AT&T customer in good standing and is able to provide AT&T with deployment verification.


Bochabela says:

Hi, I am in Lesotho, in Southern Africa, I have a nokia lumia 920, locked on at&t, I am unable to access chat. Please help me unlock it, my IMEI is 3536800529389 my email address is please help me unlock the device so that i can use it on the local network.

lousymedic says:

I told them I was traveling to Europe tomorrow, which I am, and they fought me at first but when they actually tried it, I got a code. Just be persistent and they should give in.

Confirmed. Just did it over live chat moments ago.

moc426 says:

Chat said they had to open a ticket and they would get back to my by 17th I think it was. I don't know why for some, they do it right there.

Because for some phones they dont have an unlock code and they have to get it. Unfortunately I am on the same boat.

I was however able to unblock my wifes right away

I called and gave them my ticket number and they gave me my unlock code. didnt have to wait until the 17th.

moc426 says:

I called on the weekend as well, got 20 digit code but it didn't work when I was able to borrow a sim and try it. It has enter button greyed out after the 20 digits are in. I ordered a tmobile micro sim so I can try it out again later and can speak with at&t and test while they are on the phone.

Sam Sabri says:

Confirmed. The above comment is from Daniel Rubino. 

Confirmed with photo of my AT&T phone loaded with a T-Mobile SIM :)

Sam Sabri says:

Confrimed. The above photo is from Daniel Rubino with a T-Mobile SIM inside. 

erzhik says:

Confirmed that everything above is confirmed. And cheers for the "thanks" and story.

Wagan8r says:

Before we have final confirmation, can we first confirm that Dan has a hair caught underneath his thumbnail?

CJ Thunder says:

Dan can you confirm Sam's confirmation of your confirmation?

jockyTBK says:

Roger, Roger

IamDefiler says:

"That's a vector, Victor."
"Roger. Over"

Cornbean7077 says:

So much win right here.

IamDefiler says:

I got it wrong but that's how I always remembered it. :)

Cornbean7077 says:

Close enough ;)

Reflexx says:

EXCLUSIVE: An anonymous source familiar with his thinking has confirmed that Dan has confirmed Sam's confirmation of Dan's confirmation.

WPenvy says:

Lmao... you guys are too much

pookiewood says:

Please confirm that they are too much.

enzom09 says:

Do you get 4g (hspa+) and can you send mms still on the device? Really tempted to sell my 8x, tired of HTC not caring about updates.

IamDefiler says:

This is what i want to know as well.

Are you getting 3G speeds? IPhone 4Gs is showing "4G" on a regular basis in Houston.

Flagz says:

Daniel can you confirm speed of Tmobile SIM in the 920?

Meloo_mm says:

How can I get in touch on the live chat with att ? i'm not using att and they ask you for a login.
By phone i can't get a representative since I don't have att.
Need some advice.
P.S. Bought my phone non-commitment from best buy . Using H2O.

jbedoya says:

Per ATT website, you may be eligible. check on you can also request it from therr, if it does not return the code for you, you can use the reference to contact them by phone or chat
General Eligibility Requirements for Unlocking All AT&T Mobile Devices
AT&T will unlock an AT&T Mobile Device under the following circumstances:

  • The person requesting the unlock must be:
    • a current AT&T customer or
    • a former AT&T customer who can provide the phone number or account number for the account.
    • a non-AT&T customer with an AT&T Device.
  • The AT&T Mobile Device was designed for use on AT&T's network.
  • The AT&T Mobile Device has not been reported lost or stolen.

jemu82 says:

Hello! ...Sorry to bother, but, how can I have a live chat with AT&T if I´m no t a customer? ...I´ve had a Lumia 920 sine January and I really really want to unlock it...Thanks!

erzhik says:

Before anyone asks, I chatted with International support agent. But any agent would probably be able to help you. And if you do get an unlock as fast as I did, do leave a feedback to your agent. I think they get brownie points for good feedback.

Sam Sabri says:

Thanks again for sharing!

Did I have to buy it off contract?

gan1981 says:

Mine is still under contract, but they provided me the Unlock code.

phirefly says:

Your account must be in good standing and I think you have to have been a customer for at least 3 months if you are still under contract for them to unlock it. Or of course if you are not a customer and paid full price they should also just unlock it.

cvaughnatl says:

Does this mean I can use tethering / internet share with Straightalk (AT&T) .. and not be prompted "go to to buy this service" ?

Natebird says:

They throttle I believe after 1gig - 2gigs of use

neogodless says:

To rephrase the question, will the device allow you to turn on internet sharing with Straight Talk (while using an AT&T compatible SIM), or will it still do what it does now?
When you click to turn it on, it pops up "Connection not shared To enable tethering on this device, go to or dial 611."

mistacombs says:

Just unlocked my at&t 920. Using in UK right now on 3. Internet sharing is still blocked by at&t. Really pissed off about that since my unlocked at&t iphone4 does tether in UK on 3

Zokudu says:

Got a code but don't have another sim to unlock just yet.

pankaj981 says:

Goto a tmobile store and tell them that you want to test their network on your phone, they will provide you a sim card and rest is...

gan1981 says:

Had an remainder setup in my calendar and the first thing I did today was to Unlock my phone. Just called ATT and within mins they gave me my Unlock code. Thought the date (May 9th, 2013) was specific to my contract.

gamepop says:

I called yesterday as I am traveling internationally soon and they didn't unlock it, said it was in contract

gamepop says:

Thanks for the did , they unlocked over chat

benners76 says:

Fabulous... Now if only I could remove the at&t logo from my 920. =P

ibuyufo says:

try sand paper :D

walter1832 says:

Try a black marker

ScubaNitrox says:

Use black electrical tape, lol

AlexNYC says:

You can unlock your Lumia 920 after one month of purchase (or replacement). You just have to say the magic sentence : "I'm going to a foreigb country and I need to put a foreign SIM card in my phone".

Jazmac says:

Awesome. I hope they don't require a passport. LOL.

cdubbsworld says:

funny thats the same guy who gave me my unlock code

jmarnell says:

I purchased my red Lumia 920 full price from AT&T when it first came out. Love the phone. I just unlocked it after a call to my AT&T rep gave me the code and instructions. She confirmed I purchases full price and was good to go. Tested it by dropping in a T Mobile sim card and what do you worked! Just got my Xperia ZL, factory unlocked LTE phone from Sony today. I now have two of the best phones on the market and ready to roll.

IamDefiler says:

Are you getting HSPA+ speeds?

PeterFnet says:

Will call now.

Is there a way to get this unlock code with Rogers in Canada ? I want to break my contract and leave them. Really bad service...

Coan says:

I bought my phone straight out from rogers and unlocked via an online service, i think rogers charges 50 bucks for the code (reportedly). I used mobile in canada dot com, took about 2 hours to get the code. As far as I can tell, people have been unlocking them for months on the forums, but, you have to buy the phone out first. 

pankaj981 says:

Try cellunlocker, i got mine from Rogers and unlocked from cellunlocker for $15 in less than 2 hours

MaximVi says:

Overpriced too.

jlynnm350z says:

Ok but I don't want to

running a mac, and having windows phone, isn't that quite strange

Jazmac says:

I'm interested in unlocking my L920. I'll try tonight when I get home.

Illumiroom says:

Chatting with an agent right now, let's find out.
UPDATE: Got the unlock code.

squire777 says:

So that means that the AT&T version has AWS capability like the Rogers version?

pankaj981 says:

No it doesn't, peeps who are getting hspa are living in a tmobile refarmed area

aaa6112 says:

Thanks guys, I just got my unlock code from a live chat agent.
Is there a way to unlock the phone that does not involve using a different carrier's SIM card?
Edit: Just ask the live chat agent to connect/transfer you to his/her manager so you can leave some feedback. I just did..

thomg57 says:

I got my unlock code by following the instrctions, but what do I do with it? I'm okay for now, but will be travelling to China later this year. Can anbody tell me what is the next step?

  1. Stick in non-AT&T SIM
  2. Reboot phone
  3. Enter in unlock code
  4. ?
  5. Profit

chad08er says:

Damn it! Need to find someone that has a T Mobile micro sim.

w8vi says:

Or cut down to micro size an old deactivated t-mobile SIM.  I stoped by the local t-mobile store and they gave me one when I explained the situation.

I wish I could do it over chat, but it seems you need an AT&T account.
I hate calling, especially when I have to read out something like an IMEI or serial number.

luiislp says:

I wonder if you can buy the code on ebay for cheap. That what I did with my old phone and the codes were really cheap (around 5-8 bucks)

darkoman4 says:

Xpress unlock will do it for 5 bucks.

luiislp says:

Thank you , I hope this is not a scam :P

darkoman4 says:

I used these guys in more then one ocation. They are legit.

Flagz says:

Does it run HSPA on tmobile? And is that itsdagram I spot there?

BK-one says:

Just got my yellow 920 unlocked and tested with t mobile sim card. Its on eBay now. Item number 281105036002..

BK-one says:

Works just fine with t mobile. Tested it. Made several calls and web surfing.

jabz9 says:

Will T-Mobile LTE and HSPA+(4G) work on it?

RaRa85 says:

Yes but this is dependent on where you live and if T-Mobile has refarmed their network in your area.

jabz9 says:

Im in NY

Dusteater says:

Too late for, already bought a Lumia 620 for my Russian SIM. I tell you this, I will never buy AT&T again because of this.

hamitime says:

Will this allow a Sprint sim and better yet, adding my phone to Ting?

IamDefiler says:

Two different types of networks. So, no.

swimomatic says:

I didn't even have to say I was going away on a business trip internationally, but probably isn't too bad of an idea to make sure they provide it.  I just said that I wanted to have it unlocked when the Live Chat agent asked haha.

arterbizzle says:

I am also interested with how it works on T-Mobile.

BK-one says:

Works just fine. I tested it..

Flagz says:

What's the speed though 3G or HSPA? do a speed test using official app.

RaRa85 says:

I know for a fact that depending on where you live you could get 4g speeds on one. It has the same bands as the HTC Titan(unlocked for T-Mobile) and I get 4g in 80% of my area(Baltimore).

GoodGuyTX says:

I chatted with an agent, there's an online method:

neogodless says:

I filled out this form and faxed them my receipt of my non-commitment purchase. Waiting to hear back.

neogodless says:

"Thank you for contacting AT&T Customer Care about unlocking your AT&T Mobile device.
We cannot to complete your request for the following reason:

  • We cannot find a valid current or former mobile number associated with this device.
  • This device is not associated with a current or former AT&T account."

*Punished* for paying the full price. WTF AT&T? I bought it. Paid for it. Sent you the receipt showing that. Bad company. Bad.
P.S. WSYIWYG means "what you see is what you get." This editor is "what you see is nice, but what you'll get is a jumbled mess."

csudvm2003 says:

I got the same response. Then called customer service to tell them I'm going overseas, and was told they would give me a "Europe Only Unlock code" once it got closer to the date of my trip. Sigh.

hacer619 says:

Dan, are you the fearless leader??

hbkzara says:

confirmed: I just got an unlocked code although am not on contract anymore..

izzykahn says:

Based of the article title, I know this won't seem right, but would anyone like to purchase my T-Mobile Lumia 810? $350 or less. Just give me your email and we can text from there.

Sam Sabri says:

Go to the forums. People sell devices there.

izzykahn says:


suruwal says:

I called and got the unlock code.

ibouchez says:

To confirm, will the 920 once unlocked work with a CDMA carrier like Verizon (With a Verizon Sim)?

mister2d says:

No. The 920 is not a CDMA phone.

jrpeters89 says:

Got the code through the chat window - pretty easy actually. Not that I really needed it unlocked, but I figured why not if I could haha

I'm 70 something comments down, is it too late to confirm anything? Lol

donkhalil18 says:

Hey what's up with instagram tile there? Is that itsdagram??

Sam Sabri says:

Yeah, that is Itsdagram

RaRa85 says:

So my full upgrade isn't until August 2014. If I buy the 920 from EBay or Craigslist as opposed to putting $100 down and paying $20 a month(which is still awesome IMO), will I, a T-Mobile customer, still be allowed to get an unlock code from AT&T?

pavvento says:

What a pain.  I purhased the device off contract on release day but had it replaced last month due to the dust issue.  The agent told me that she couldn't unlock the device because I've only owned it for a month even though I explained it was a replacement.  I'm currently speaking to a supervisor and I'm hoping he can help.

mammaldood says:

I signed the contract on November 9 to get the phone and then cancelled and paid the ETF a month later. Been on Straight Talk since. Will AT&T still unlock the phone?

pavvento says:

According to the agent I spoke to the device must be active and on the account for 90 days.  As per the lead: "Generally, she is correct about the policy for the activation. So this will be a one time thing. Just keep in mind for future unlocks that it does indeed need to be active for at least 90 days, paid in full or not."

mammaldood says:

I got the unlock code.

My Straight Talk SIM is an AT&T one so I guess it isn't triggering the Unlock screen when I take it out and put it back in... did you have this issue too?

goldenpipes says:

Now if I could only somehow enable internet sharing....

gllygd says:

So just to be clear, this AT&T unlock for L920 DOES NOT enable Internet sharing? Still have to pay AT&T more for that?

Easy as pie thnx
I'm on contract. I went to AT&T International live chat. Told them I was going to a foreign country and needed my unlock code. They walk you through the steps and in 5 minutes or less I had the code. Thanks for the heads up.

mrmdj31675 says:

Now, the billion dollar question is will Nokia manufacture the Lumia 920 for other carriers (including a US based CDMA variant which is not the 928), and will Nokia try to convince other CDMA carriers in the US (including Sprint and US Cellular) to carry their devices knowing Nokia has made zero approach to them (including regionals like Premier, United Wireless, and Open Mobile de Puerto Rico to mention a few).

Richard_Indy says:

Just did my 920.. was a breeze. i have been under contract for about 6 months now. wish my wife would have been here with hers. as I asked him to unlock both.  He was willing if i knew the IMEI number of her phone.. drats...

kiddori says:

So now my Lumia 920 for sale in the Marketplace is a true deal. Go find it and let it of my back. Thanks!

Azzid says:

I called and unlocked 3 Lumia 920s at once. I said that it was my understanding that the exclusivity ended and I wish to unlock them. Had all codes texted to the phone, if they ask you to write down the code ask them to text it.

newdelhead says:

Shirley this will be a dumb question but the story also mentioned Sprint users (for which I am sadly one for another year). Will i be able to get a 920, unlock it and use it on Sprint?.....oh and don't call me Shirley... :-)

sixium says:

"Surely" you cannot, as Sprint is CDMA, and their LTE is on a different band.

paulxxwall says:

Ok but why would any one want to use a Lumia 920 any where outside an att network I had T-Mobile and at best they had only 2 maybe 3 mbps .on a crapy day att about 18 mbps I pay my bill from my phone att has awesome reception you get what you pay for!!! Verizon maybe

newdelhead says:

I only mentioned the 920 since everyone else was using it and the fact that I am on Sprint....need i say more? I'm still at 7.5 on my Arrive. Speeds r not that important since I'm not a heavy data user. I just want to be some what closer to the times then I am right now.

rtotheich says:

920 unlocked!! Wahooo. Just in time for my one year work contract in France. Call customer service on the phone...the chat guys are mean and have never been cooperative to me personally.

Justin5267 says:

So could I get one of these to work on Verizon's network? Just curious.

darkoman4 says:

No, unfortunately you can't.

RoarinRow says:

I received my unlock code today by using the chat session with the AT&T rep.  I don't have a different SIM card right now, when I do, then at least I'll have my code handly.

npyle says:

Just unlocked my AT&T Lumia 920 within about 5 minutes of on line chat with AT&T customer service representative.  SWEET!!!

RichardAZ says:

Oh wow, this is great news!  I have an off-contract Lumia 920 and I pay $65 a month for AT&T prepaid service.  Now I can move it over to T-mobile and pay $35 for the same level of service.  Tomorrow!

bt66 says:

It was  breeze. Just did chat with an intl rep & he provided the unlock...very simple. with T-Mobile SIM in San Jose, it shows LTE. Cool. This is great.

<p>i have been on contract for just 2 months. Went to Internation live chat and got my unlock code this evening. now the question is - it is possible for ATT to relock my lumia 920?</p>

ihavewp8 says:

I rather get lumia 928 which more thinner and very light. Also mostly.updated

JW888 says:

should be 20 digits, from the picture, doesn't look like there are 20 digits

jbedoya says:

I got my code, TWICE, via chat. first agent took 2 mins to provide it to me. second took half hour.
I try it already with T-mobile

Confirmed! Just got my 920 unlocked by chatting with AT&T using their online chat tool. Just in time for my 5 week international trip. Confirmed it works with Airtel (Indian SIM)!

Reaperzer0 says:

Okay, this all sounds well and good in theory but let us be clear about a few things. The exclusivity agreement (just like the one with the iPhone) simply controls the manufacturer’s ability to sell the product to a competitor for a certain length of time. It also prohibits the unlocking of the equipment for use on another network for that same period. The unlock code is in fact a Subsidy Unlock code. Subsidy referring to the discount from the full retail price of the product AT&T and several other providers offer in conjunction to a 2-year agreement. This is put into place along with the early termination fee as an attempt to recuperate the subsidy AT&T forked out in the first place.
AT&T's policies are clear in that the 2-year agreement must be met before an unlock code is to be release. Yeah you can work the system and rep shop until you find someone who will forgo the script and process the unlock request anyway but that is not going to be a regular occurrence.
You can also cancel your service an pay the ETF, Wait the contract out, or make up some bullshit story about international travel and possibly get the phone unlocked as an exception. Yet again not a common experience for all. You may have successfully unlocked the phone and even more may get the phone unlocked but please be honest with your readers and include details such as your current contract status, the purchase cost of your equipment, and the entire context of your chat would be nice. =)

neogodless says:

That's all well and good, but I paid full price for the device up front. Really I should've been able to unlock it on day 1. As it is, I'm having a fun time getting it unlocked as an inactive AT&T customer.

Reaperzer0 says:

The most obvious question is if you paid full retail for the device why did you purchase it from a carrier instead of a 3rd party retailer advertising the phone as unlocked. If I was to pay $400+ for a device it would be unlocked right out the gate.
If you are attempting to unlock the phone via chat. I would instead call in 18003310500 and provide your former account number/telphone number. Advise the rep that your calling regarding a canceled account. You may need to have them search by SSN. Then request an unlock code.
If they cannot provide it to you right then they will need to submit a ticket for the request and you will need to be able to provide proof of purchase. You should recieve a fax number. If you dont have the proof return to your original point of sale to request it.
Unless things have changed in the last 6 months you should have your unlock code within a week depending on how quickly you get the proof of purchase to them.

mistacombs says:

Unlocked and working great on 3 in UK. Internet sharing is still blocked with at&t popup message.

andrijankara says:

hey you all!
well I live in bosnia and Herzegowina and I got AT&T 920 in good deal about 300 $,but it is sim locked, can i get it unlocked from where i live, of course for free???
Danile could you Stood up for me :D
hope someone will answer! thanks

jmk1127 says:

Can u use the 920 on a Verizon sim card with this?

mrmdj31675 says:

Not possible since the 920 sold by AT&T is strictly a GSM model.  It will require Nokia to manufacture a CDMA version for Verizon or any other CDMA carrier in the US (and we all know how "well" Nokia's relationship to CDMA carriers in the US has been for more than a decade, especially woth Sprit and US Cellular).

vemulasri says:

Got mine yesterday and switching to Tmobile today :P

neogodless says:

Tried "Technical Support." They said...
"thank you. In order to request an unlock for this device you will have to contact the Prepaid Department. I will give you the phone number. Thanks,"

neogodless says:

"I have a system that brings up this phone and I am sorry,  I cannot unable to unlock the phone.  Due to the history that is coming up for this IMEi it is not eligible to be unlocked."

neogodless says:

"Thank you for your patience, I have completed further research and I do apologize, your device can be unlocked. The unlock code is..."

Johnny Lam says:

Just unlocked mine, you have to speak with technical services, not customer care.  There is no reason why they can not unlock with or without contract it is not stated under Terms and Agreement like others have mentioned.

jSlides says:

I used
It cost $15 and I had my code in 5 minutes.
I now have an AT&T Lumia 820 running on a telus network in Canada.  It is connecting to the 4G network.  Seems faster than my Samsung Galaxy Nexus.

wozburger says:

Please forgive my complete ignorance here, but I have a general question about this unlock: is entering the code a one-time thing, allowing me to switch back and forwards between AT&T and other SIM? Or do I have to enter the code (or get a new one) each time I want to change SIM?

Johnny Lam says:

One time unlock, unlock it once and it's all good

wozburger says:

BTW for anyone still under contract... I tried chatting through the regular chat option in the site and the rep there was pretty unhelpful (and rude!). They told me it wasn't possible to get an unlock code as I am under contract. I asked if they could pass me to a supervisor and the response and the response was, and I quote: "No way!" and then "You'll be disappointed twice". Needless t osay I closed that chat session.
Then I tried an international chat rep - no problem: got the code straight away after giving the IMEI.

muskrat39 says:

Unlocked mine last night thru an international rep on the international 800
phone number. I am not an ATT customer, nor have I been one for over 30 years. I purchased the phone two months ago on ebay for $275. I explained this to the rep and he asked for my name and the imei number of my phone. He put me on hold and after about three minutes came back and asked me if I was ready to write down the code,then gave me the code

Masterboy23 says:

I also used and it was cheap - $15 and had my code in a few minutes. 
I have a at&t Lumia 920 running on the Telus network. Has 4G LTE and it's super fast! 

vignesh1985 says:

how many digits are UNLOCK CODE? i cant find "p" or "*" or "#" on keypad to enter. pls help

w8vi says:

xpressunlock dot com unlocked mine for $5.00 US and it took about 4 hours.  After I entered the 20 digit numeric code it said "Pin Accepted".  I used a deactivated T-mobile SIM card to get the "enter pin" screen to display.

avazee says:

I got my unlock code from AT&T, however, I don't have any other non-AT&T SIM I can put in to enter in the unlock code.
Isn't there another way to unlock the phone using the unlock code, by punching in a few different commands using the phone dialer?
I remember that is all I had to do when I got my unlock code and subsequently unlocked my Lumia 900 last year.
Any help would be greatly appreciated.  Thanks.

muskrat39 says:

Avazee, just go to ebay and buy a ultra mobile,spot mobile, red pocket, or telcel micro sim card for a buck shipped. It does not matter whether it is an original micro sim, or one that has been cut down. Mine was a telcel cut down, and It worked perfectly

fishsniffer2 says:

Went on the att international chat and got unlock code in 3 minutes,
did not use any excuse just plainly asked for an unlock code for my 920.
Did the same on my 900 six month ago.

bishop1378 says:

Fantabulous. Did an international care chat session and got my unlock code in about 5 mins, even though I'm still under contract! 

vemulasri says:

@sam are you able to get data connection on your ATT unlocked L920?

Nikky says:

Hmm.. :( I tried chatting with a customer care agent and an international agent (twice). No luck. They keep directing me to the ATT Device Unlock website. Wah!

NykoAlly says:

You have to livechat with Technical Support. Customer care and internation agent will just keep directing you back to the site.

life3000 says:

I do not have an at&t account bought my phone on Craigslist for $300 with a charging plate but nonetheless after a 3 min conversation I was asked for my imei # and was given a 20 digit unlock code so it does work whether you're a customer or not. My question is LTE enabled on prepaid for T-Mobile because I only see "4G"

jerrynomenon says:

U might not be in tmo's LTE market yet

Nikky says:

Whom exactly did you call? Local ATT Customer Care or Technical Support or International Customer Care?

JimmyRespawn says:

This is actually kind of cool. AT&T version of 920 cost 300 bucks in China. But official local price is 500-600 bucks. More Windows Phone users brings more Games and Softwares.

w8vi says:

Does your TMO prepaid service include LTE? Many only include up to 4G.

Harry Wild says:

I hope the announcement on the 14th mentions Catwalk will be available as an unlocked U.S. smartphone.   I don't trust AT&T with unlocking their smartphones.  Apple sold their smartphones unlocked after the exclusivity is expired.  Hopefully, Nokia will do the same with the 920 and Catwalk smartphones.  I will just wait and see what takes place.

muskrat39 says:

I called 800-335-4685

BBlackwo says:

FINALLY I got it working!!! :D I just chatted with an international chat rep, gave him my IMEI, and he gave me the code!
I tried several times to call or chat and this is the first time it worked.
So happy now!

Jabid21 says:

Officially joined the Windows Phone 8 bandwagon, got a fresh red Lumia 920 for $200 off-contract and bought unlock code for $5 (sounds unbelievable doesn't it?). Using it on T-Mobile with the $30 prepaid plan right now. Had been using the HTC One X, which I'll still alternate with every now and then.

gavir says:

If you don't have an At&T account, you can always order it through Unlocksexpress. I'm a tmobile USA customer, cost me $20 and they sent the code to me literaly 10 minutes after I placed the order. Just thought It might be worth knowing for anyone who is in the same situation that I was.

cheapren says:

I called ATT today and provided the IMEI #, but the Rep told me he was not able to find the unlock code in system. I am sure i have the right imei, anyone knows why? thx

Bochabela says:

Hi, I am in Lesotho, in Southern Africa, I have a nokia lumia 920, locked on at&t, I am unable to access chat. Please help me unlock it, my IMEI is 3536800529389 my email address is please help me unlock the device so that i can use it on the local network.

Bochabela says:

Hi, I am in Lesotho, in Southern Africa, I have a nokia lumia 920, locked on at&t, I am unable to access chat. Please help me unlock it, my IMEI is 3536800529389 my email address is please help me unlock the device so that i can use it on the local network.

Get your AT&T iPhone, Galaxy, Lumia 820, 920, and HTC factory unlocked for as low as $10. Super simple!

Why cant I post links and others can???

This forum is bad it deleted two of my posts

The online unlock takes DAYS and they want a reciept. I would include a link but this site wont let me how lame is that!
After you submit your information, you'll receive a request number and a fax number. Use the fax number to send a copy of your original receipt with the request number and IMEI. In 5 to 7 business days, you'll receive an email at the email address you gave us giving the status of your request.

That option is JUNK
Next thing for me is trying International AT&T: 1-800-335-4685 [saw that numbe here]

Called International number and Got my UNLOCK CODE. 1-800-335-4685.
I didnt ever have an AT&T account and my phone was never used. They asked for my phone number so I put in any old cell phone number, [my real cell on Sprint] then kept saying operator and hitting zero because it was annoying to sit through all the recoreded BS you have to listen to. That worked and got the recording to say it was connecting me to a person.
I called once and got to a disabled vet, they forwared me to International then got cut off and had to call back again with my whole story and pressing buttons.
I am going on an overseas business trip and need my unlock code. I purchased my phone outright and is paid in full and never has been activated nor have I ever been with AT&T.
Then once I got to international they took my IMEI and told me to hold, then they got another person more techy on that confirmed my IMEI then gave me my code. I asked her to text she said only to AT&T numbers.
So if not on contract or something you should be set...

semish says:

I am facing difficulty in unlocking my phone and getting code. Does anybody used to get the code? I am really confused how to solve unlocking issue. 

Jay M Cruz says:

I do not know how this company does it but I purchased a 920 already unlocked  eelectronicsunlockedphones  it took about a week which was a little longer than I wanted to get here but once i got it very happy.

kurtd says:

ATT won't unlock your phone unless you're a customer or former customer.  I have a lumia 920 that I bought outright and dumb ATT won't provide unlock code.  I hate that company.

Jazor28 says:

How to access CHAT without having an Account with At&t ?? I'm outside US. Can someone please tell or get me the unlock code . i will give my email address for you to mail me personally . 

yak55 says:

Hello All

ALL Lumia models can now be unlocked at


Hedi Chomany says:

nokia lumia 920 sim unlok  at&t usa