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Congrats to our HTC One (M8) for Windows winner!

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Lumia Cyan now available for all of India; 525, 920 go wide

Lumia Cyan Updates!

Lumia 820 getting Cyan in UK, Ireland and EU

Lumia 820 for Cyan

Lumia 820 in India getting Lumia Cyan


Win a Lumia 635 from Nokia US for the new school year

Lumia Cyan updates

Lumia 620, 720 and 820s begin getting Cyan


Snuggle Truck and Jack Lumber contest winners can look on the bright side of life


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Nokia launches Gift Voucher promotion for select UK Lumia Windows Phones

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Delta Airlines to upgrade its fleet of Lumia 820s to Lumia 1520s


Nokia’s giving away a Lumia of your choice, a Lumia 2520, Xbox One and more (US only)


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Weather+ becomes OneWeather, upcoming features announced

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Lumia Black now available for the Nokia Lumia 920 on AT&T (Update: Lumia 820 too!)

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Nokia Lumia 920 and 820 receiving the Lumia Black update, India and Italy among first countries

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Grab the Nokia Lumia 1020 with free accessories for £559 at Expansys UK


Demand 5 app for Windows Phone 8 lets you watch your favorite shows from Channel 5 (UK)

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Deal Alert: Samsung ATIV S available for £199 at Expansys UK

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AT&T Amber and GDR2 updates for the Nokia Lumia 920 and 820 are now live!

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Nokia Lumia 820 Giveaway

United Kingdom, here's your chance to win a Nokia Lumia 820 (Reminder)

Just a quick reminder, if you're in the United Kingdom and are interested in winning a Nokia Lumia 820, you only have a few more hours to enter the Expansys/Windows Phone Central giveaway.

We have gotten our hands on (courtesy of Expansys) a red Lumia 820, a wireless charging pillow, and a set of Bluetooth Monster headphones to give away.

All you need to do to enter is:

  1. Live in the United Kingdom
  2. be a registered member, which you can do here.
  3. post in the comments below what local app you'd like to see come to the Windows Phone Store.  It could be a UK banking app, retailer app, or anything that would make life more covenant in your neck of the woods.

We'll shut things down at midnight on Thursday, May 9th and randomly draw one winner shortly there after. Again, you need to be a UK resident to qualify.  Good luck everyone!



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tamalyn1 says:

instagram!!!!!! please
and a halifax bank app

Mr osi says:

llyods tsb app

morpheus1982 says:

First Direct banking, myo2, virgin media, Tesco club card, skyGo

cypripri says:

RingGo parking app, thanks

JJUKJJ says:

BBC iPlayer
First Direct
(for WP7.x as well as WP8 - I know it's a long shot but I suppose that's a good enough reason to be entering this comp to win a Lumia 820!)

cypripri says:

RingGo parking app thanks.

archkron says:

Snapchat. I'm hopelessly addicted to it, to the point where I actually carry around two phones. Being able to finally ditch my aging Desire and go full-time with the Lumia 920 would be a dream.

bonehead411 says:

HSBC Banking
Tesco Clubcard

oldgaius says:

Santander app for English-speakers. :) The mobile site is woefully basic, and if Natwest can pump out a good quality app then others must keep up!

Carlos GuVa says:

<p>now tv app</p>

Yahn Filcak says:

Lloyds tsb app would be nice

smithy05 says:

Cant wait for Sky Go..... one day......

Daniel_H_UK says:

Even though its been Confermed Barclays Mobile Banking App as im sick of getting emails about Mobile Banking and them only having Android and IOS

HSBC and First Direct banking / Tesco clubcard app


Personally I would like to see a Barclays app, will give me quite a lot of convenience.

Ihawks says:

Ebay please with better search facilities.

Corkers100 says:

Beer app. Where to find beer when in a strange town or village. Be it a pub or off licence, but able to show me where to go so I don't have to wander around or try to use outdated search tools that say there is an offie where there isn't.

twiggyrj says:

Barclays Banking and Bluestar Buses App

Corkers100 says:

Virgin media app as well so I can change channel etc when my other half has 'lost' the remote down the side of the sofa and tries to make me watch only way is Chelsea or some such tripe.

thegooner says:

An HSBC banking app, failing that, more movement on the promised iPlayer app

Corkers100 says:

Finally I would like an app to help me quantify my comic and graphic novel collection.

Corkers100 says:

One more. A mind reading app to help understand what im being told. or just one that can instantly summarise for me what the other half has just said to me when I wasn't listening.

BBC News
BBC iPlayer/Radio
Virgin Media Tivo control
FirstDirect banking

National Trust app

MrJefegu says:

I love PicsArt app for editing and having some fun with my photos in android, that would be a great windows app, wouldn't be? already has a modern ui style!

jackincaves says:

BBC iPlayer. It's the only app I miss from my iPhone.

thisise says:

It would be great if there was an app for the Metro subway service in Newcastle. It's a great city and would be a complete life-saver for busy-bodies such as students, including me! =)
(Or have this added to Nokia Transit, but it would be great to buy tickets through a separate app.)

LimeSoda says:

Has anyone said BBC iPlayer ?

LimeSoda says:

Got to be BBC iPlayer!

Pippa Pip says:

There are two apps which will put the icing on the cake:
Barclays/Barclaycard App
BBC iPlayer App

Del_B8 says:

Bank of Scotland app or an app for Strathclyde Uni services would be lovely.

frugo says:

EE app to manage minutes and megabytes!

JSACES says:

BBC iPlayer app would be great!

fishmanmtb says:

I would like to see a BBC iplayer app, lloyds TSB, Barclays and santander banking apps.

Fleisch says:

the Paybyphone parking app
BBC iPlayer
Remote control and near vision testing app for UK made optometry test chart i use! (quite specific that one!)

crypticnexus says:

Congrats on convincing me to sign up.
I'd love to see an app similar to Google Now. 
Seamless collection of information that's relevant to you without you having to do anything other than use your phone for some things. It'd be great if it could be expanded to show times for local transport (train times/bus times) and such as well, based on your location.

Freuder says:

Autosport app

Freuder says:

Autosport app

Alien CCTV viewer app, is available for windows 5/6 mobile use on my N8 symbian version

Superleague Rugby app, Use daily on Symbian.

pam213 says:

I'd like to see a Barclays app for Windows Phone

timliand says:

Sky go would be great to watch the football.....also Santander/first direct banking apps would be useful. Generally though I can get by with the apps I have and they are good quality apps.

Krazeh says:

Would like to see a BBC iPlayer and Sky Go app. A return of the BBC News app and a Co-Op Bank app would also be nice.

Zambzuk says:

I live in bristol uk and would love to see first group busses implement NFC and a bus fare app, so you could swipe your phone and get on board.

Flash Browser (Skyfire), Barclays Bank, Santander Uk, BBC iPlayer, Sky Go Player, Vodafone UK

Flash Browser (Skyfire)
Barclays Bank
Santander UK
Sky Go
BBC iPlayer
BT SmartTalk

bigmickc22 says:

A Tesco clubcard app, BBC apps from the BBC, like iPlayer and sport apps

bigmickc22 says:

Sky go app would also be nice :-)

A task management app that asks me whether I've completed a task after a set period of time, which I can then set to ask me again in another set amount of time without having to go into the app and manually reset the alarm.

Svenster23 says:

BBC iPlayer or BBC Sport apps

chemengoff says:

BBC i-Player
HSBC ebanking
Tesco ClubCard
Starbucks card

A Vodafone app would be good. Can't login to their support site from my Lumia!

sylv696 says:

I think NatWest have very good app, but I really miss a proper football live score application not limited to 5 or 6 leagues only.

BBC iPlayer would be on my list

A betting app SkyBet, Paddy Power or Bet365 anything :) so I can win some money on the football/soccer ;)

Halifax / Bank of Scotland app

TJ_UK says:

A Barclays specific app that makes good use of the NFC capabilities of the phones, that can also be tied into Barclays "ping it" service

Jacky Hui says:

A better o2 app

Lloyds Tsb mobile banking app.

Lloyds TSB mobile banking app

marksuth says:

Lloyds TSB app would be excellent

McScroats says:

Would love an app that showed the safest bike routes in my city (Plymouth) as I rode around. The council has a map on their website showing all of the available routes/conditions, but its a 40mb PDF. Would be great to have an app that would suggest a different and safe route, maybe even giving voice navigation cutting in over music, as i peddled. Would make the 8 mile ride to work everyday a little more interesting as there are hundreds of routes i could take! Plus would absolutely love to see the obligatory iplayer app!

Faise says:

A rat tracker app, so I know which cheap restaurants to avoid.

TheNerosam says:

HSBC FastBalance

dle233 says:

Lloyds TSB!! It's pretty much the one app I'm missing from my previous Adnroid phone! :(

jezza8 says:

Hsbc online banking

jezza8 says:

Bbc iPlayer app

TomRawlo says:

Festival/gig app where you can put in your preferences on music to show what fesitivals or gigs that you may like and how close they are to you!

TomRawlo says:

Also a Barclays banking app (in addition to my other comment)

jeff says:

Arsenal FC app!

Need a Barclays banking app would help me so much.

dseverard says:

Barclays banking app please!

rsood79 says:

Barclays bank mobile banking app (not just the mobile authenticator!) and as a bonus Football Manager 2013!

alistair4267 says:

Switch user app just like windows when having multiple accounts.

Neal58 says:

Totally another vote for LloydsTSB app!!

jdt_61 says:

BBC Iplayer app, HSBC app

IADK says:

I know its been said plenty of times already but an Iplayer radio app. also a decent data monitor app.

iagpk says:

HSBC Mobile Banking App


mark4130 says:

An app that pulls events together based on either GPS location or an entered location. You choose the types of events (sport, music, festival, fayres etc) that you want, it then produces location based results. Or you just go random and let it provide any results!
So often you happen to have time free and it can take forever trying to find localised sites with a "whats on" section.

Hi wpCentral! For me the most frustratingly lacking app is definitely an HSBC Mobile Banking app...Natwest do it so well! Also an official BBC iPlayer radio app the same as Android and iOS is much needed! Ciao for now!

MikeRoz2012 says:

Custom Live Tile app, something you can have cycle between various feeds from social networks and even rss feeds if required. One tile to rule them all!!!

dep2ks says:

Would love to see O2 money wallet app for windows phone

yloops says:

Pageonce.... and a form NFC PAYMENTS APP, hopefully through our banks!

norsuie says:

Barclays banking app.


would love a Halifax Banking App, perhaps an app to locate your car?

HaraldB says:

Barclays, Tomtom, Google now! equivalent.
All-in-one free communicator (iMessage, BBM) - just kidding ;-)

HSBC Mobile banking app.
VIBER with voice streaming

Mobile-dom says:

LloydsTSB needs to come to Windows Phone, like now

Wilbur Lin says:

RBS banking app for England users...

tj321 says:

The Economist magazine would be pretty sweet.

jouan says:

A proper Grooveshark client app!

I think Nokia's phones are one of the best one a market, and this one would be a nice change, to push my daily driver ( Nexus 4 ) to a secondary place ( at the moment HTC HD7 with WP7.8 hack )

Local file explorer/manager with ability to open pictures/pdf/multimedia etc. files.

adurbe says:

LlydsTSB banking app + iPlayer app

g clark says:

UK GPS Ordnance Survey hiking app. I use Viewranger on Android but would love it or something similar for WP8.

kellow87 says:

Sky Go App would be sick

jakal121 says:

An Odeon Cinema app which can be used as a virtual loyality card with their current points scheme and ofcourse for bookings and listings!

windydene says:

Nationwide  banking app   or (HSBC) 

hamphlet says:

Sky+ Sky+ Sky+

greedypnguin says:

A sky go app, a reliable notification center, data sense, halo with multiplayer would be awesome, Barclays app and last but not least an app that locks your phone when you clap twice xD