Facebook Beta for Windows Phone updated

Can you figure out what's new in Facebook's latest update?

The slick new Facebook Beta app for Windows Phone, which was released at the end of April, and saw some bug fixes and minor improvements a few days later, has just received its second update. Version doesn't seem to come with a change log at all, so it's not quite clear what exactly is new.

Given that this is still a beta and only got a slight version number bump, we're guessing this is just some more bug fixes. At any rate, even with whatever bugs remain, it's a huge improvement over the original Facebook app. If you haven't tried it yet, you really ought to. You can get it here for free.

Be sure to report any bugs and suggestions to the developers in the Settings > About section of the app. Your input will help lead to a better user experience.

Thanks for the tip, Er!

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rodneyej says:

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Stupid spam. And not even gonna humor you by clicking on your lame link.

sholokov says:

Me too, me too, me too.....spam.


Z3MN says:

Please ban this spammer.

walter1832 says:

Metro-smetro...I'm really liking this new FB beta app.

89caps says:

I'm really liking the speed of these updates

xankazo says:

YES! It feels like everything is speeding up! Cool!

DenniSundaY says:

And the speed has also been improved compared to the old app. The design is just awesome!

Spicymikey says:

I agree.  Nothing wrong with the Metro style, but this is not their product and it's best to have it work and act like all the other platforms and certainly the web app.  This is a fairly good product and it's already less quirky than the current production version, which isn't saying much I know

rodneyej says:

I like the features of the new app, but I like the looks, and function, of the old app.. If others can make their WP version of apps fit into the Modern style then why can't FB?

Mouthsmasher says:

I can tell this complainers at least one thing: I actually use this app, which is much more than I can say for the previous version.

rodneyej says:

Its not complaining. We're not children.. It's called input, and its our opinion.. Believe it or not developers of these apps read these comments, and there are some members from the WP team on here from time to time. So, its a good place to, as you say, "complain"

unreal_rik says:

You should make another poll about new Facebook not having metro. I'm sure the devs are very interested in your polls and comments.

rodneyej says:

No, that would be called spam.. Lol!

WaywardBus says:

I wish it would launch on my 920...

It is available for Windows phone 8 devices. Lumia 920 runs Windows phone 8 so you can try this app out.

I think he means he is having issues with the app on his phone.

Sometimes Unpinning the tile and repining the tile or just launching it straight from the app list helps. If you already tried that... Uninstall it and download it again. If you already tried that well then just sit there and read on lol

WPmunkey says:

Mine wouldn't open after the last update, well it wouldn't open from a notification. I had to launch the app using its icon and sign in and then I had no trouble after that.

zsolo1122 says:

When will the app support WP 7.8? :)

fwaits says:

When they release the 7.x version which was said to be in the near future.

larspassic says:

I feel like my phone had been getting much shorter battery life after using the FB beta, hopefully this fixes that

longcipher says:

Is that what has been killing my battery lately?

Same here. It was sucking my battery dry. I'll have to try out the new version and see what happens.

rodneyej says:

I think others have been complaining about this too...

newfiend says:

Ya my battery life has diminished a bit since the latest FB Beta install as well.

sqlchicken says:

Experienced battery drain as well. Also Live Tiles stopped working for me but that blame may lie on new Foursquare app. Had to iteratively remove last installed apps until tiles updated again.

Gorki247 says:

Have you guys got the original FB app still installed? I was also getting bad battery life after installing the Beta app, but once I removed the original FB, it improved dramatically. It is possible having both releases installed affect battery life in a bad way. Just a thought.

RyanAMG says:

That was my problem. Removed old FB app and battery life was back.

gamepop says:

I think I am experiencing same

Not sure if i have the same problem. Battery in idle is much sorter even without using the app. Deinstalled the beta right now.

Whodaboss says:

I had the battery issue from the first release of the beta.  Dropped it and went back to the original (battery problems resolved).  I can wait until they get all the bugs/issues fixed.  I'd rather have battery life than a FB app.

raycpl says:

I took it out, together with HERE Drive+ beta,... I saw immediate improvement on the battery usage.  Also, I found that my phone dont heat up like before

SchueyF1 says:

There is a search bar now at the top when you swipe from the left.

jusatin says:

There has always been, you just needed to tap the search icon

eskerrik says:

You're right. When I needed to search one of my friends, I had to touch "Friends" but now you don't have to do that. Thnx for the information.

zsolo1122 says:

wait, what? Did they just deleted from the store the facebook JDB app??

DenniSundaY says:

Living underneath a stone recently? Facebook is removing many third party Facebook apps ftom the store :P

zsolo1122 says:

Yea I knew that, but that app was not so bad as the others imo.

JoeMeekFan says:

But they still used the Facebook logo and name, which is, why the apps are being removed.

DenniSundaY says:

Yeah that's really annoying because no one knows exactly which apps they're gonna pull or if they will pull all apps or let some apps stay in the store.

poddie says:

I don't understand... it seems pretty clear that their intention is to pull ALL fb apps that use their name and/or icon... what's unclear? All they have to do is redesign to not steal the fb name and icon and then they can come back.

blnwp says:

"Social Scout" used to work as the Facebook JDB app once it was integrated. Not sure how it behaves standalone though. Just wait for few days, i'm sure the developer will rename the app and re-publish in the store.

n7slc says:

I'm very happy with the new FB app. has been great. Interested to see what they've done with

DenniSundaY says:

They removed the search buttons in the left and right swipe menu. First it was down on the WP button bar, now the search bars show up permanently above and if you swipe the button bar disappears. Nice improvement.

It seems that the touch big over the notifications area has been fixed now.

Kellzea says:

Still doesn't show up in the store for me.

cddigi says:

Doesn't show up in search results. Have to have link to acquire it.

Edit: nevermind, I realize now you're talking about the link from WPCentral.

Zeeshan360 says:

Download app link not showing in WPCentral app

DenniSundaY says:

I have that problem too, it's also not showing at the article about the Skype update. But the store links is under the 'view links' section but the direct store button disappeared indeed...

The second update supported searching in Arabic; however, we could not search in Arabic after the first update.

Darren Walsh says:

You need it follow the link on this page. You won't find it by searching the store

ksheth2130 says:

I may be overlooking something or just plain dumb, but is there a way to view Friends' birthdays for the day or whatnot?

L2nak says:

People continue not to understand what the Metro design language is. This app doesn't break it. It advances it. This is not some straight iOS clone, compare them side to side; there's small but important differences in the designs.

rodneyej says:

Lol! But, some of like the big but important differences in WP design! Small differences aren't enough to differentiate WP from others..

Anaron says:

Microsoft can't afford to be too different with something as big as Facebook. A major app like that needs to look similar to the iOS and Android versions for two reasons: 1) Consistency. Facebook changes the design of their site and if it's a major change, then the app gets updated too. 2) Recognition. People are looking for a similar experience for extremely popular apps like Facebook, Twitter, and hopefully Instagram (yes, I know it isn't available for WP yet).
The Facebook beta app better represents Facebook.com while retaining some Metro design features. I think it looks great. Also, app tabs (pivot control) isn't a requirement of the Metro design language.

cddigi says:

I am very excited that they have been working on the new Facebook app. Only one thing I hope they have working by the time it's finalized: notifications for group messages. The built in messaging app doesn't support group Facebook messaging. It sounds trivial to me as I type this, but missing entire conversations that have been going on all day about dinner and movie plans with friends sucks.

I don't know if anyone else had this problem but previously if I had opened the fb app and then locked the phone with the fb app still opened and then unlocked the phone after a min or so, the app would be unresponsive, the content area would go all black with only the top blue bars visible, I had to press the home button and relaunch the app to fix it.

I'm glad that it has been fixed in this update, keep them updates rolling Microsoft. 

Andreas H says:

I had this issue too. Glad it's gone!

ahardin says:

Yeah, this was the only bug I kept running into.  Glad to see it fixed!

RN50 says:

Just by interest why isn't it in the store? I know u can get it from the link but not everyone will know that.

lpforthewin says:

Beta apps aren't released to the general store (with the exception of Nokia here drive+ beta)
You have to follow a link for them.
It's just the way it works :)

tbonenga says:

Is there a way to search for new friends??? On the old app when you go to friends and type in the search box you can scroll left or right to search friends / everyone. On this beta I can't find a option to search everyone and look for new friends. If I'm overlooking it can someone tell me how to search for a new friend. Thanks

zazouboy says:

Just swipe left, and enter the name of your friend in the search field at the top...
It is as easy and convenient as this :)

tbonenga says:

Thanks man...... Works great. I don't know how I overlooked that. I guess I'm so use to the old app where you just search under friends and just swipe left or right between everyone and friends.

unreal_rik says:

Actually, the search bar wasn't even there on the previous version. They included it in the latest release.

tbonenga says:

Ahhhh that makes sense. I looked for a couple of hours trying this and that to search new friends. I commented in this thread and then updated. I got that reply and went and that search bar was there. I was thinking I was crazy for not seeing it. Then I tried to justify it to myself by saying well it's grayish black. Hahaha glad to know I'm not crazy and they added it in this update.
I'm still grateful zazouboy pointed it out to me. This app is really shaping up.

DrewLumia900 says:

FB beta has been awesome. All of us need to keep providing feedback to ensure it keeps getting better

RussellMb says:

This is great.

PS:Hello Ladies and Gents, please help me out with this. I just got a lumia 520; great phone awesome OS. (My first WP). But I'm having one weird issue. The back light below the capactive keys below the display don't light up in the dark i.e no backlight at all. Is there any one out there with the same problem? Is there a way to turn it on? Is this the same with the 620? Pls help as this is ruining my WP experience.

Ticomfreak says:

Your phone is defective. Exchange it for a working one.

lin0x says:

there is no backlight for the capacitive keys in the 520. only on 620 and >.

Peppe63 says:

I preferred the older version with Metro Style GUI. Metro GUI is really something new in the world of mobile applications ... and WP applications should be designed consistently without the need to ' chase ' ios or Android GUI. Nokia Lumia 920

glassadam says:

I disagree. Way too much horizontal scrolling in the old fb app (and other poorly designed metro apps, for that matter).

thaman04 says:

I don't think you understand the difference between the Metro UI principles and the default developer template.  The Beta app is stlll Metro, in fact, it's even more Metro than the previous app is. 

Metro UI is simply about minimialism, clearn flat colours, putting content first and only key nav elements up front.  This new app does exactly that: all the content is up front and bigger than before, it only shows the key nav elements, and all the sub features are hidden in the swipe menus, and of course the cleaner flatter colours.

You're simply used to the default dev template, which is what the designer of the Metro UI was talking about.  That template was meant as a starting point for devs, not the basis of metro.  Most of the apps are lazy attempts from some devs who didn't actually DESIGN their apps, but instead just used or customized the default template.  That template doesn't work for all apps, as the Metro designer said, the UI was designed for it to be creative and it shouldn't be the same for every app as each app serves a different purpose, so it doesn't make sense that they all have the same horizontal scroll panning.  The new Beta app does this really well and still sticks within the Metro principles.  Hope that helps you and others who think this is not metro understand.  :)

Dante X says:

It feels a little bit faster..

lpforthewin says:

They fixed a couple of issues i said about, one where if you view a picture in landscape you'd see the edge of the messenger screen and one where your notifications wouldn't count as read until you closed the notification pop up
Seems a bit quicker too :)

useme2useyou says:

Where's the usual link the WP Central provide? Can't find it in the store...

webnoi says:

Anyone can copy the selected text when typing on the chat window?
And about copy the old messages on your chat history?

gerson72 says:

On your wp: Show in browser and click on download link...

Davmas55 says:

Had the same battery drain problem until deleting,,,beta is way better than old app and not that concerned with "metro" style

mdscj4 says:

Store link??

lfjj says:

I hate this app, the old one's interface was better. This feel so un-wp8.

chucky says:

For some reason it won't let me open the Facebook beta app :\

WPenvy says:

FIXED: when pressing on pics in a closed and private group, it used to take you to your own "pictures of you" album. Now it displays the correct pics

Runs much more smoothly too. Buttery.

synthman4 says:

Looking more and more like Windows Phone 7.8 is being forgotten.

btbam91 says:

It was announced that this Facebook app will be coming to WP 7.x.

DJCBS says:

Still no fix for the notifications counter. It doesn't clean the numbers in the red box once you go there. That's annoying.

afgzee says:

i have an issue where after the updates, the timeline pictures stops showing on my home screen, just an F logo now, even unpin and repin doesn't fix anything, anyone else notice?

nunnypern says:

Same here there is no option to put the cover picture in the tile only shows the f icon

glassadam says:

I did too. Uninstall and reinstall the app brought back the working live tile. It's a hassle but it is, after all, a beta app. Hope this helps.


Facebook, Skype,YouTube and SkyDrive are key applications for Windows Phone.


All users, who have trusted and now have smartphones equipped with Windows Phone 7.8, deserve full support from Microsoft. 


To "prevent" Microsoft from not supporting us you can sign my petition, guys ;)



afgzee says:

whats the point of this when Microsoft already said they will be updating Facebook and YouTube on WP7?

thaman04 says:

seriously?  sigh... he said it's coming... why don't you just be patient? 

B T C says:

My Lumia 920 does not seem to be getting anywhere near as hot with this release.  Knock on wood.  I was able to cook a very small steak with the last release, which depending upon how you look at it might actually be a neat feature in a smartphone.

billiam149 says:

Is this app going to replace the current official app for fb?

afgzee says:

yes it will. For both WP7 and WP8

thaman04 says:

He said It's coming soon... not yet.

Toink says:

Still does not support colored smileys >.<
Video upload still isn't possible too -.- pfft!

meimnot99 says:

So much better than the original!!!!! THANK YOU!!!!

Hope they add the ability to tag friends in status updates and comments by typing their names in instead of adding friends at the end with the add friend button, fingers crossed it gets added

thaman04 says:

Totally agree!  Make sure to request that on Settings > About > Feedback.  I'll do it too! :)

I did when it first came out but will suggest it again

Ali Faiq says:

not available on windows phone 7.8, it's too bad :(

thaman04 says:

It will be soon :) Just be patient, my friend.

pfranceschi says:

Wheres the link?

sholokov says:

Click on the web store link

jailman says:

I still insist on the metro UI element it shouldn't be ignored its part of the brand screw ios and android Microsoft should do better not same apps

thaman04 says:

It is still metro dude... in fact it's more proper metro than the previous app... you're simply wanting it to reflect the default basic developer template which doesn't really suit this type of purpose for this app.
See my comment here:

sholokov says:

I like the swipe from both sides.

PeltFrelken says:

How do you locate the version number of an installed app? I didn't get an update download for this today.

Snow says:

They have to fix the irritating part when you click on a link and press the back button it shows resuming for some time.

Another app not supported for windows phone 7.8..... I may just buy a Lumia 520 just until my plan expires

DenniSundaY says:

Yes but then Facebook don't pull down all Facebook apps because nit every Facebook app is stealing the name etc. So what I said: it isn't entirely sure which apps are going to survive. But it is clear to me so why would you say that

How do respond to add member request in group (add or decline) with this app???

AskaLangly says:

Tried sharing a photo that was set to Public... said that it couldn't due to privacy setting. But I was capable of doing so on m.fb.com. Odd.

wizzackr says:

You can call it slick all you want - and I appreciate your argument in favour of metro not being a limitation but a guideline - but I still think it looks generic and boring, sorry. In the podcast you compared it to Fuse, but I think this exactly shows how something can be metro 2.0 without falling back into pure inter-platform boredom.

Chef316 says:

Can't wait for this to come to 7.8!!!

awwww...... too bad it's WP8, I hope it's coming to WP7.8

Manu Tyagi says:

I was using this on my 820..today updated the app and the main screen doesn't show any updates..
swiping to right and left are working and there I can see all chat frnds and settings..but on main screen no updates..its just blank..anybody with the issue/suggestions..
I even re-installed it but no use..

Mike RB says:

Same issue here on a Lumia 620

Andy Yerman says:

Hoping for landscape mode support and the ability to increase font size.