Microsoft offering UK consumers free Touch or Type cover with Surface RT

Free Surface RT Cover

As consumers continue to wait patiently for the Surface Pro to launch in the UK, Microsoft has kicked off an interesting deal for its Surface RT Windows 8 tablets. Should you look to purchase one from the official online store or supporting retailers, the company will hand you a free Touch or Type cover per transaction.

Purchases of Surface RT standalone or in a bundle between May 15th and June 30th will be eligible for the offer. This deal will only continue while stocks last, so be sure to get in quick if interested. Head on down to your local retailer or to Surface.com to make your purchase and get the free cover. Thanks, Mark, for the tip!



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blackprince says:

I want my money back for my cover that I bought when i pre-ordered if that is the case

Tafsern says:

Why? Offers come and go..your not special in any way,

John20212 says:

The PC I bought a year ago now sell for $700 less, I want my money back too. Love it when people use this logic.

cae758 says:

I purchased the Lumia 920 in November and shortly after they had a $50 rebate, which I couldn't convince phone support to give me (though I took a shot). And recently, AT&T sold the 920 for free with 2 year contract (now back to $100 price). That's the price we pay for early adoption. Literally.

Daylife says:

Go cry somewhere else. This is how things work.

Daylife says:

Go cry somewhere else. This is how things work.

pookiewood says:

Well Duh!  That's how it should've been from the beginning!  They should stick with that.  Why charge $100+ for the touch cover or more than $50 for the type cover?

John20212 says:

I admit $100+ for a touch or type cover is a lot, but remember that Microsoft had to invest a lot in R&D to get the touch cover so thin, and R&D costs a lot.

pookiewood says:

True.  Didn't think of it that way.

jsnod25 says:

Yeah engineers aren't cheap

Man I wish I were in UK now. Damitt.

Onager1286 says:

At the expense of sounding cheap and selfish, I really think Microsoft should have made the covers a lot less expensive. I just bought an RT and while its a wonderful device, the covers are kind of the point of the surface's existence. Having to tack on an extra $120 bucks for that kind of makes me feel like they're just taking advantage of the people whom they know will get the surface anyway.

Bigsro says:

Eh? Weren't they free in the UK upon launch? Sure mine came with a touch cover...

HarkAtYou says:

You can buy them with a touch cover in the box, but it costs more than the standalone unit. Also depends where you buy it, some stores (John Lewis) don't sell them without covers.

wautersjr says:

Not just in the UK... Here in Belgium as well... Might be a European deal

HappyDate says:

Also in France!!! I'm asking my boyfriend's mother to get one for me hooray!!!

pr0phecy says:

Yep! Netherlands too!

DJCBS says:

It must be an European thing, the promotion is also available in Portugal.
But I'm waiting for a Nokia tablet.

Subnu says:

And Germany...

rockstarzzz says:

Getting three much awaited surfaces in our home! This is sweet. Been on edge between RT or Pro but will get Windows 8 laptop for real stuff.

petersun21 says:

399 pounds = $600 so don't be so upset.

Jean80 says:

That includes the 20% VAT. US price doesn't include sales tax.

rhodri22 says:

Yeah, it's £332.50 minus VAT.

onysi says:

giving them free means theres a new cover coming.  its the one with batteries in it that panay mentioned before.

Lucky Brits...I'd pull the trigger on this one. Bought my RT sans cover and ended up going back to purchase the touch cover for 120 usd. Works good...looks cool.

I'll wait for 2nd gen and a price drop at this point. 6 months away.

399 64 gig with Cover woud ne ok

rockstarzzz says:

Just to let everyone else know - if you buy 2 covers - you only pay £49.99 instead of £99.99 for the second one! First one of course is still free! Sweet as ;)

Elmenhorster says:

Same here in Germany.

swizzlerz says:

I had a touch I just went and purchased a type cover on Sunday..... :)

HarkAtYou says:

Thank you SOOOOOOOO much for pointing this out.
I shall return my Surface+touchcover and extra type cover to John lewis tomorrow (god bless their 90 day no questions returns policy) and buy it back £130 cheaper :-D
Personally I can't stand the touch cover, partly because I am a fast typer, but mostly because touching rough fabric like that makes my spine shiver, so typing it horrible and using the track pad is out of the question :-D
Yes it may be a bit pikey to return it and buy it again, but the store is only 3 minutes drive from my office, and there's no harm :-)

HarkAtYou says:

Oh, and although I hate the touch cover, I still think it's better to buy from John lewis, as they give you a 2 year warranty, whereas the other sellers only give you 1 year. They don't sell them without the touch cover, but you're essentially paying £75 for an extended warranty and getting a free touch cover. Extended warranties in the other stores are £75. So it just works out better in JL.


I bought the RT with cyan touch pad that is being used as a kick stand. I'm always using screen keyboard. At least it matches my cyan Lumia 900 which I did get a $99 credit. so cant complain.

stephen_az says:

How difficult would it be for staff and editors on this site to stop and do even basic proofreading before posting supposed news? There is not now, nor wiill there ever be, a Surface RT Windows 8 tablet. Surface RT runs Windows RT NOT Windows 8. They share a common interface and considerable code but Windows RT is not Windows 8. They are two separate operating systems. The fact that people on this site still get that wrong is absolutely embarrassing.

HarkAtYou says:

Anyone bothered? ... Nope, didn't think so.

Hope Surface Pro will benefit from this deal when it comes out in the UK next week.

bobdonkey says:

Was on the fence between this and another iPad for a long car trip...this made my mind up. Aspect ratio better for movies, flash, and office for free. Good deal.