Memorylage gets bumped to version 1.2, auto lockscreen images and more


Memorylage is a photography app for your Windows Phone 8 device that lets you view your photo albums in collage style, create collages, share your photos and use them as your lockscreen collage-styled wallpaper. It's a nice alternative to the native Pictures Hub and was recently updated to version 1.2.

The update brings a handful of new features and performance tweaks. Lockscreen collages can now be automatically generate (you can still manually create them) and updated periodically from your collage library. You can now adjust the margin between images and select which photo albums you want the collage generator to pull the photos from.


Additional features in the Memorylage version 1.2 update include:

  • The live tile is updated in the background as well
  • Extra layouts have been added, for lock screens and for photo collages
  • When auto-generating collages, images are shifted up slightly, to avoid heads getting cut-off -you can now set the lock screen and live tile to an individual image, and manually set the cropping
  • When setting the background image of the app, you can manually set the cropping as well
  • Page transitions have been sped up slightly

Memorylage wasn't too shabby to begin with and with the updated features, the app becomes more attractive. We have been told more is in the works including image filters, some editing tools, Skydrive support and more. These features may not land all at once but they will pave a promising road for Memorylage.

The update just went live and you should be seeing it pushed out shortly.  If you haven't tried Memorylage, there is a free, ad-supported trial version available for Memorylage with the full, ad-free version running $1.99. You can find Memorylage here in the Windows Phone Store.

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DennisvdG says:

Aperture science anyone?

kimlo91 says:

That was my first thought as well haha. Here's hoping Valve make a steam app one day.

That would be awesome, but by Gabes statment relating to Windows 8, that won't happen anytime soon. MS got some enemies along the way it seems :/ Google, Instagram and Valve. Just be friends already!

I see a Steam app sooner than later.  Remember GABEN ripped into the PS3 as well.  Guess what you can do with your PS3 these days... 

rockstarzzz says:

7.8 moan anyone?

CJ Thunder says:

Only your mom moans ;)
I jest, 7.8 is dead now that Nokia can make a $150 WP8 phone with no subsidy.

New Apps for WP 7.x are being produced...wp 7 is almost dead, but is still alive