Google to Microsoft: Remove your YouTube App from the Windows Phone Store [Update]

Last week the official YouTube app for Windows Phone received a major overhaul. Version 3.0 of the app brought some awesome Windows Phone 8 features like the ability to play under Lockscreen, download videos for offline play, pinnable channels and more. It went from web-wrapper to awesome with the recent update. Google now wants the app removed from the Store for violating YouTube’s API and Terms of Service.

Francisco Varela, YouTube’s Director for Global Platform Partnerships, sent a letter to Todd Brix. The latter (attached/linked below) asks for Microsoft to remove the YouTube app from the Store by Wednesday, May 22. Not just remove the app, but also disable existing downloads of the app. Aka, the “kill switch”, which (as far as we can remember) has only been used once before.

Here are three strikes against Microsoft according to Google.

  • Allows users to download videos from YouTube
  • Prevents the display of advertisements in YouTube video playbacks
  • Plays videos that our partners have restricted from playback on certain platforms (e.g., mobile devices with limited feature sets)

Here’s a choice quote from Varela specifically about removing ads from YouTube videos:

“Content creators make money on YouTube by monetizing their content through advertising. Unfortunately, by blocking advertising and allowing downloads of videos, your application cuts off a valuable ongoing revenue source for creators, and causes harm to the thriving content ecosystem on YouTube. In addition, your application overrides specific decisions made by some content creators to keep their content from displaying on certain types of devices, which in many cases are due to exclusive distribution arrangements those content creators have with third parties. YouTube’s agreements with creators give them choices in how their content is presented and distributed, and your application takes away that control.”

It’s understandable for Google to be upset at Microsoft for circumventing their ad revenue, but it would be nice for the two tech giants to play nice eventually. This isn’t the first time Windows Phone users have been shafted by the Mountain View company not willing to develop for the platform. We could list a dozen other examples, but the today we’re focused on YouTube. Earlier this year we learned that Microsoft has put the ball squarely in Google’s court to give a decent YouTube experience on Windows Phone.

Update: Microsoft is sending out a standard PR response on the matter, tossing the ball back into Google's court:

"YouTube is consistently one of the top apps downloaded by smartphone users on all platforms, but Google has refused to work with us to develop an app on par with other platforms. Since we updated the YouTube app to ensure our mutual customers a similar YouTube experience, ratings and feedback have been overwhelmingly positive. We'd be more than happy to include advertising but need Google to provide us access to the necessary APIs. In light of Larry Page's comments today calling for more interoperability and less negativity, we look forward to solving this matter together for our mutual customers."

You can view the letter right here.

Source: The Verge



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Hahaha MS getting a little touch of their own medicine. They can block their own WP7.8 users from using those handful of decent apps they made themselves for sheer greed. And they can get a free ride on Google's $20 billion business too. The windows phone team is a bunch of hypocrates and i wish them total failure. Fu## Terry Myerson and Joe Belfiore.

lol looks like the Youtube app will never get a chance to make it to 7.8 devices.
hahah this is pretty fun to watch, google b*tch slaps MS again

Dazzi says:

^ This comment explains why you chose your username -- fools paradise ha ha ha

neo158 says:

Guys, Android Central is three stops to the left!!!

rakeshrai says:

Lol...seems you are pissed off with MS because of Windows Phone 7.8. I suggest you stop coming over here and sign up for therapy. Get an Android phone please. Go away.

Surtalnar says:

I already disabled my Google+ account and I'm currently in the process of transferring my accounts (for games, shops, forums, other things) from Gmail Account to my Outlook Account. When all my accounts are transferred, I will delete my Google account. Good bye Google. ;)

Can i just say "Called it"?
Im gonna say it...
Called it.

Gurggles says:

How did this happen. Google wanted to switch to calDAV and gave MS an extension to make new software so the cloud function works. Now they don't want YouTube on WP? I understand their argument, but this seems a bit far.

Nakazul says:

I hope Google goes bust.

brhooma says:

what ad revenue ?!, i thought they won't support WP cuz it's not financially feasible i.e. no one uses WP !!. what has changed now ?!.

Saw this coming when i first realized that i could actually download videos from my WP, pretty cool app, to bad its going to be taken down!

Schikitar says:

My suggestion, Microsoft to Google "Remove Chrome from all Windows installations... fsckers!"...

DJCBS says:

This is what Microsoft gains from putting Xbox Apps on Android. Google forced the removal of YouTube and if I were Microsoft, I would immediately kill off every single Xbox or Microsoft supported App on Android devices. And then we would see who would lose more.

Rndomuser says:

The amount of butthurt in these comments is hilarious! Fact is, if Microsoft (or any other large corporation) was in Google's position - they would do exactly the same. Can't believe it's so hard to understand for so many people here...

raul_junior says:

Well at least Microsoft isn't a bunch of babies and actually releases apps for android

Dratwister says:

What really hard to believe is suddenly, Google care about an OS that they don't want to make app! And their care's just to remove the existing app on it.

DJCBS says:

Thing is, Microsoft doesn't refuse to develop Apps for Google devices. Google refuses to develop for Microsoft's.
If Microsoft stops playing Mother Theresa, Google is fucked and left with just their tablets and phones and Apple devices. Since the vast majority uses Microsofts PCs and laptops, without them, Google goes down the drain. But they fail to understand that.

Rndomuser says:

...and what exactly MS can do? Google doesn't need MS's services (like SkyDrive or or Bing search/maps or other largely irrelevant ones), it's the other way around for now.

DJCBS says:

LOL You're joking right? Where do you use Google products (YouTube, Chrome, Gmail etc)? On a PC. What does that PC run? A Windows OS. What can Microsoft do? Block Google from computers runing Windows. Simple.

If this goes through, couldnt Google get in trouble for antitrust?

  • Refuse to allow native access to their content on WP, yet allow it on iOS and Android
  • Blocked Youtube from releasing an official app
  • and are requesting full takedown and blockage of the Microsoft built Youtube app (yet the reasons in the letter would apply to 90% of the Youtube apps in the Windows Phone store, which are not being asked to be taken down.)

That seems like a boycott to me, in business terms, which wouldnt that be against anti-trust laws?

kinaton says:

Microsoft should just stop android/iOS users using hotmail, Skype and office apps. :D

that would hurt MS more than google

DJCBS says:

iOS users shouldn't suffer from something that isn't their fault. Apple doesn't refuse to support Windows OSs. Google does.

Rndomuser says:

I'm sure Google will really care with their own services like GMail, Google Voice and thousands of other alternatives (that was sarcasm, b.t.w)...

Rndomuser says:

You are wrong - any WP user is still free to access all of YouTube's content through built-in web browser. No wrongful access restriction here. Also, if MS will comply with these simple requirements - Google will not mind their app at all. As for other similar apps from "smaller" devs - they are too "small" to care about... At least for now ;-) Which makes all the butthurt whining here even more hilarious - just get a third-party app, people. Google don't care about MetroTube or apps like gMaps and such, so use them instead of pointlessly complaining about "evil corporations"...

Google's web apps don't always work properly (ive ran into some that load the ancient mobile html version thats made for PDA's and flip phones), there was the maps block stunt, not to mention they create apps for iOS, yet actively refuse to let Microsoft build the app for them on Windows Phone. That still sounds like valid reason for an antitrust suit to me

Rndomuser says:

LOL... You can't force any company to develop apps for your platform... MS still have no good office suite for Android, how about that? Should they also be sued for this?

Microsoft doesnt have an office app for any mobile platform (Windows Phone's is a system feature, not an app, technically. Cant uninstall it, and its very basic), not to mention, Lync and OneNote are already on Android. Its also user specific. Its not a service. Its an app. Youtube is a service, accessed by billions, cross platform. Yet android and iOS get apps (for more than just Youtube), and WP doesnt. Not only that, its not forcing them to build an app. Microsoft did it for them. Google is actively denying some of its services on WP, and giving others a poor user experience on Windows Phone, and are actively blocking Mobile Applications. (The Google app, by google, is sh**. No ifs, ands, or buts.). I dont see Google being denied access to Lync, OneNote, or Bing, all services by Microsoft. Yet google denies access to a number of its services, and renders basic HTML versions of the rest. (Ever use the gmail website on Windows Phone?) Its actively boycotting Microsoft. I mean, listen to this excerpt of a verge article:

...noting that industry negativity is holding back progress. Page told an audience member that "we struggle with people like Microsoft."

Google is literally bullying microsoft and denying its services (or doing "just enough" to get by, such as poorly rendered basic HTML versions of its mobile web apps.), and it needs to stop. Google is literally going against antitrust laws, yet they are skirting by on technicalities, keeping them out of trouble!

StuboWP says:

The problem, however, is that Google knows that Microsoft cannot comply with the three terms it has given.

You can't say "Take this down because we don't like point 1", and then basically also say "You are never allowed to get point 1 right". You can cut out the talk in the middle and just go straight to "We are never letting you build an app".

HillBillJr says:

As a token of appeciation to Google here is how to block Google from collecting data on your browser, just in case #f**kgoogle

Sean D. says:

I come here and and bust the balls of a lotta the crybabies who post about WP. But one topic that bugs the crap outta me are those who feel left out because things like G+ aren't available on WP.
This is why. I lose more and more respect for them every day it seems. And I for one am glad hey've taken this route. Let them take whatever stance they want. Let them convince themselves that android will stay where it is today... if they do believe that, that alone should tell you about their true business sense.
I'm one fo the few who remember having all google services (available at the time) on my Windows MOBILE device. You know, back when they needed a mobile platform to live on. Much like their reliance on PC's and PC users to get where they are today they once relied on WM users as well. Wont be long before they turn over and run back to Microsoft.

And most likely will take MS to court so MS has to include their garbage their mobile platforms (again).

afgzee says:

Google+ is a failed service. why would anyone complain? 

kinaton says:

Can they legally remove from devices

Its probably in their User Agreement/TOS that they can. They have done it before

It is not fair! Google must fail! Since it wants to remove YouTube from Windows Phone 8 Microsoft must deny any access to the site and deny Office and google + on Outlook. Google shame on you jealous of shit!

lesd777 says:

Lol. I like no ads. I'm sure it will be removed, but I use mytube anyways

CommonBlob says:

Wow, google are really pushing for them to look completely retarded today

Sean D. says:

F*ck 'em! I just downloaded the app just for the hell of it. 

If MS was this petty they would force them to remove Skype from their store.


So, what about third party apps that do the same or more! Why only Microsoft?


Time to develop MicroTube or MiTube or MoTube.....just sayin

A54D says:

Google don't know how big Microsoft really is. I think Microsoft should play hardball too, releasing apps for only iOS and Windows Phone. Forget Android. Let them get their own OneNote app, Outlook App, Lync App etc. The YouTube experience is available on third party apps and the web but Lync isn't.

Why release them for iOS either? In about a year when surface and other windows 8 RT tablets become more popular..they will both see how valuable Ms Office really is.

A54D says:

It'll help Google acknowledge that Microsoft is willing to support other mobile OS's just not theirs. Until they release quality apps for Windows Phone that is.

gevabar says:

What about metro tube??

Google has the right to put the Microsoft employees who created it as well as the people who ordered it's creation in prison. Breaking the ToS of a website is a felony if you don't already know. Microsoft has used it against other people, I wonder what they would think if someone used it against them. Google should not be required to port an application to any platform. They are hosting the content on their servers.

Yes, but they are actively denying use of their content on a platform. If microsoft should get in trouble for violating TOS, google should get sued for Antitrust

sumton says:

my comment remain the same F U Google

heward says:

Oh no! I am protesting youtube and I will delete my erotic videos. You lose youtube.

jedibeckett1 says:

Great move google, thanks for supporting any users you might have left on wp.

bluemooberry says:

screw google and everything they stand for. 

FinancialP says:

Some of you are really clueless adblockers don't stop the video advertisements before the video on YouTube.

Yes, actually some of them do. It's still just JavaScript.

Microsoft, add an update to windows to block all googles spyware, just by not allowing google to track user. We will see a reaction ;)

namikral says:

Microsoft is huge, they have windows (googles main money maker) but for some reason can't use it against google and f them

namikral says:

Lets all use youtube lesser than we do and try to find other video sources. F all google services

dudedud says:

Not once have I seen an ad play on YouTube or metrotube on my Lumia 920. Why is this a problem now?

This is utterly ridiculous! Its time some legal type brings a class action to stop this type of crap! If MSFT can be forced to remove IE as a default browser, then companies should be forced to allow 3rd party apps to access their service. Especially if the services provides no "good" alternative. This is not a blow to MSFT, it's depriving some citizens from access that others have. It would saying only some people can make phone calls but because you have a red phone, you can't make calls. SOMEBODY NEEDS TO BE SUED. And I know just the candidate. ;-)

namikral says:

Microsoft should stop acting like googles bitch and remove all their apps from android, keep only bing and make windows harder for google. But microsoft likes money so much they will carry on acting like a bitch

Josh Harman says:

Removing support in Google and Apple devices would be a dumb move by Microsoft. Just as removing iTunes from PCs would be.

Josh Harman says:

LOL @ the people that are just now saying fuck google.

My god that page is a mess. Was microsoft high when they designed it? Seriously. Call a designer, cause this is an emergency.

tds101 says:

Google can go suck a )!(#!!! I say block "Google Chrome" and all Google services on all Windows PC's,...teach the bitches a lesson.

DJCBS says:

If I were in charge of Microsoft, you can bet I would do that. Even if temporarily, they would learn a lesson they would never forget.

bsd107 says:

MS, don't listen to Google until they make their own replacement app!

toph36 says:

Google should step up and make the app themselves. However, Microsoft should comply with the guidelines, as long as those also apply to iOS and Android. They have a week to do it. Get it done.

Bee Mon says:

Told myself "Don't read the comments. Don't read the comments." but I did anyway. Why do I always torture myself

david90531 says:

GOOGLE can SUCK MS's ****
Such a douche, I used to respect them

RetroMan71 says:

Who cares about youtube app.. Its the redtube app i'm waiting for.. Lol!!!!

damo579 says:

Most likely Microsoft will update the app putting ads in. Or come to some sort of an aggrement with Google.

tony1213 says:

Google just Sucks ass! Just support WP da same way u kiss apples Ass! Hope they leave metro and Mytube alone

jm5001 says:

Oh, NOW you give a shit about Windows Phone, huh Google? You won't make a YouTube app for us, then get all pissy when we make our own? There are certain nicities to being off your radar.

MangoGuy says:

I knew there was a reason I moved away from google, they are crap

Adam PB says:

Every app I have for WP has poor integration in my opinion so it's not a huge loss for me. It is a pretty functional and decent looking app as long as you are using the app but if someone emails or messages a link to a YouTube video it still loads in the browser anyway. A quality YouTube app and eBay app really need that integration. It is one of the few things I miss about IOS.

walter1832 says:

MS has to come out with a new video service: MicroTube?

ahmadcrofton says:

Naw just buy vimeo

JCastillo1 says:

But here's the thing, Google is acting like this is about their users and advertisers not getting revenue because ads don't play within the app; but ads also don't play on the YouTube mobile site! This has much more to do with Google actively trying to lock Microsoft out of all of it's services, and thus pull users away from the Microsoft/Windows ecosystem.

glassadam says:

Work out a way for ads to be shown in a non-obnoxious way. Done deal. Either that, or screw you google, there are a shit-ton of WP users who want to access your service. Make an app for us, then, if you don't like MS' version.

bilal soomro says:

MICROSOFT also remove office and all microsoft apps for google store.

Bratnikola says:

I hate google.

Idzaudin Idz says:

I see that google is now jealous to microsoft. Fuck off google. Youre jealous! Because microsoft has made a good app!

WP8Cr4ck3r says:

Isn't this ironic? Isn't their issues exactly what Android is about?

Joao Pestana says:

As this story goes by, the more I like Vimeo. We should really give preference to a company that considered the platform and respected it since the beginning. I know this is kind of insane, but at least let's make them feel the power of our community. Let's use the competition. 

myjota says:

Google becoming monster

donkhalil18 says:

Google, what the heck is wrong with you?!! I think they probably know that WP is gonna be huge in 4 years *keep positive.

Rich White says:

The world needs a better You Tube. Its MySpace all over again. Ugly ad ridden Google property.Slow to load and navigate and of generally crappy quality audio and video. Kill it and top it. Same with the annoying Vines. Easily bettered.

blurryeyes says:

You love WP or hate google.

RGTrain says:

In that case, MS should turn off access to all Android devices for use of Skype!!!!!!!

donkhalil18 says:

Totally agree with you sir.

Ridlah says:

That would be funny 

swizzlerz says:

No then useres would stop using Skype.

Zamir Yusof says:

that's too extreme, other people that doesn't use Android devices will be affected too

AskaLangly says:

Remember that Google removed all ad-blocking software for Android? I had to find a FOSS repository just to get updates for my current ad blocker on Android. I know, I know, Android post. But it's in relation to this.

Or the fact that you could bypass all of Google's attempts to stop ad blocking by rooting your android phone and getting some lovely superuser privileges to cut Google out of ad revenue. :)

Jazmac says:

F you google. I'm keeping it.  It would be so cool if Microsoft broke every google search on its operating system world wide.

Big Supes says:

I don't know why Google are bothered. According to them, there isn't enough users on WP for them to take notice of us.

Indeed, they did say they weren't interested in the platform so why so serious now...

pepsijosh says:

If the Windows Phone app is such a threat to their monitisation then why have they not tried to make money from Windows Phone before?
I don't think it's right for Google to force Microsoft to remove the app unless they provide an alternative...I hope that Microsoft just ignores their request & keeps this on, to see how far they can push it =P

ogamawab says:

I have a 7.8 device and won't affect me...

Whatever. Metrotube works perfectly.

captaincomps says:

How does the interface appear on other mobile apps including android? If they have ads then fair enough, MS should negotiate a compromise agreement. If not and this is a double standard then this sour grapes protectionism approach reflects incredibly poorly on google. It would be a natural conclusion for all WP users to remove google apps from their devices as a way of saying this is the end game they are wanting to bring about. I wish google weren't so scared about people leaving their platforms, maybe if they weren't they wouldn't taint their brand with these tit for tat tactics.

dainla says:

That's hilarious. As a content creator, there is no media outlet that pays less or is more abusive than Google.

acrodex says:

I just tested youtube playback on Windows, WP8, ipad and Andorid.
On Windows, adblock would block ads in youtube.
On ipad, Chrome would direct you to and I didn't see any ads so far.  There are ads in the youtube app.
On Android, when you went to, again,  I didn't see any ads. There are ads in the youtube app.
Also, I believe Android app has "preload" function:

paulm187 says:

I remember when Youtube was a place where anyone could upload & share videos, ever since Google took over by the time I remove the annoying ads the video is nearly over.

robbiegod says:

Here is how i see it.  IF Google is preventing MS access to the Youtube Ad API's then this is total evil move by Google.  They may have forced the hand of MS to release the app that has probably been done for ages to the masses to try to get Google to open up its API's once it saw how many of us WP8 users there are and are using the app.  
When google was small, they would have never acted like this, but now that they have the most popular video streaming service now they think they are mister big shots.
The other possibility is IF Microsoft broke those 3 rules on purpose or perhaps it was a mistake?  I don;t know.  I'm not an insider.  If MS can make the app comply with Google's terms then they should.
You know MS has to bend over so many time with Windows when it comes to making things fair, it would be nice if someone out there would wake up and start holding Google and Apple to the same measure.  I think if MS wants to lock other browsers out of Windows and if Google is allowed to lock MS out of Youtube on WP8, then well all is fair in love and war.
Ideally, I would love Google to remain competitive and stop trying to lock us user of WP out of Youtube.  It is possible for users to like Windows and Android.
Well if this app goes away, then i'll just go back to using Metrotube or any of the other Youtube apps on WP8.  All of them are pretty good.  I am thinking that the official youtube app on WP8 was extremely well done. 

swizzlerz says:

Sad day. Love the app.

fraserzhu says:


alokinalset says:

Google just want money out off this app, MS just need to pay google to shut their @**.

alokinalset says:

Even in android device you can block the ads by installing ad blocker, is google thinking properly? Bing it on google..

return_0 says:

They are thinking properly; that's why they removed ad blockers.

neo158 says:

Oh really, then why does Chrome on Android still block ads!!!

xankazo says:

All I want to know is what Microsft will do. Will they really pull the plug? I stand by Microsoft. 

afgzee says:

we need to simply start boycotting youtube. use services like dailymotion or vimeo. Microsoft needs to come up with a new hosting site like youtube ,or maybe buy vimeo. vimeo has real great potential and people need to start using it. Stop using youtube!

I downloaded this app last week, the day I got my 920. Unbelievable that a mere week later, Google is having it pulled from the WP Store. -_-

Kram Devil says:

Google has changed their tagline - BE EVIL

return_0 says:

I think you misspelled "Microsoft".

neo158 says:

Nah, he spelled it correctly. Even MPs in the UK agree that Google is Evil, bloody tax dodgers!!!!

Mocah says:

I'm gonna punch somebody.

dmill74 says:

Metro tube !!!!!

DreadVenom says:

MS response to Google request is classic. I think they knew what they were doing, just wanted to air this argument in public. Your move Google, you want to preach about antitrust and don't want to follow them. Typical.

Zeroplanetz says:

I think the law should step in and say if you develops for one you develops for all. Or you can't say who puts what out for th people to use. This us utter bullsh,t

More like "develops for two", since home exclucitivity shouldnt be banned (Such as Pages, Numbers, ETC for Apple iOS devices, and the built in office function of Windows Phone.). Just when they develop outside their ecosystem, they should develop for all.

This is the final strike against Google for me. I will be closing my google accounts momentarily, and I do not, or ever will regret my decision. Google can burn for all I care.

return_0 says:

Good for you. I hope you remember for the rest of your life that every time someone does this YouTube content creators lose revenue. Happy now?

neo158 says:

Boohoo, if they rely on it as their only source of income then they really are stupid!!!

return_0 says:

Well aren't you delightfully kind :)
Why don't you get unemployed and let's see how your stance changes.

neo158 says:

Or, you know, you could use the time making videos to actually do something useful, like, look for work!!!!

katamari201 says:

This has nothing on the billions of dollars Microsoft is extorting from companies running Google's Android platform over dubious patents. Can you play nice with a racketeer?

mjason says:

Microsoft is in the wrong, but i have to say, "Dear Google, don't be evil." You said it, not me.

neo158 says:

How are Microsoft in the wrong, they repeatedly asked Google for access to the APIs for YouTube and were repeatedly denied and now when Microsoft create an app using the only version of the API they can get hold of, version 2 if you must know, that doesn't support ads Google get all sh**** about it.

iamoniwaban says:

The Google team are a bunch of looser wanna be's

there is no "google team". Google is basically a company made up of a bunch of smaller companies (Youtube, X Labs, Ad Sense, etc...) The only true "Google" is Search and Gmail. Though, Google's "executives" that keep doing this are idiots and should be sued for antitrust violations.

return_0 says:

Yeah, the wannabes have 75% of the mobile market share. M$ only has 2.3%.

Desdemona says:

Seriously man, and sorry for the choice of words. But fuck google sideways.

vladi says:

I think some new antitrust laws have to be created. Some law that requires every monopolist software or digital service to have a official access on all relevant operating systems and devices. That way Google can't abuse Gmail, YouTube and Microsoft can't abuse Skype as well.

MS is more neglect than abuse, and what its neglecting is its own platform (Skype keeps getting improved on iOS and Android while WP is only getting incremental, small updates.). Also, current anti-trust laws should already cover google's BS (boycotting, where a company denies access or sale of a product or service, in an area where it should normally be accessible or for sale, just because they do not like the company to which they are denying access or sale, or because they dislike another product of the company to which they are denying access or sale.)

Geddeeee says:

Love the MS response. Cranking up the pressure in a very subtle manner. Good on them!!!!
They have been trying to get access to the YouTube API since WP7, but Google are unwilling to play ball.
Unfortunately for Google, MS are 'old hands' at these tricks. Let's see what Google's excuse will be this time......

Technically, all Microsoft is doing is calling a API from youtube, Google has several methods of blocking this app from reaching youtube servers, so this is actually a pretty clean way of handling things if you ask me, they could of just pulled their access and saw them in court afterwards.

Is the app called "Youtube"? cause that alone could cause legal trouble.


eharris560 says:

If the ads count against the data we pay for each month. We should have the option not to see them. I don't want to pay for someone advertising to me. Small rant.

You pay for cable but you still get commericals...

Tronberry says:

Cable bandwidth is infinite.  Data plan on your cellphone, however, is not.  Commercials would be an extra cost in this situation.

In either case, most ads run from the 3rd party service, not the cell provider, youtube doesn't make money off the bandwidth costs. My point was that you still pay for a connection service, but do not pay directly to the 3rd party to not see ads.

but you still pay. They are forcing you to pay more for something (data) when they themselves are having little monetary benefit from it (ads people block or skip).

mister2d says:

I love this battle!!  It's how companies should compete. Everybody wins with a compromise between the two.

What an awesome response from Microsoft! They're on the ball lately.

This is not good :(

Reflexx says:

MS really needs to make a video sharing service.

Spend an insane amount of money marketing it, just out of spite. LoL

Kind of like what Ford did to Ferrari with the GT-40.

PGWP says:

Heres what Microsoft should do:
Remove the ability to download/save videos - this could be a copyright issue.  Leave the rest of the application the same, Google can go f*ck themselves, the best lawsuit they can bring is a violation of their site terms - which means diddly sh8.
If Google wants to bring a lawsuit they will be plastered all over the web as bullies and hyprocites - win win for Microsoft.
If Google wants ads in their Youtube application then its up to them to make their own application to have ads in it not Microsoft.  Google doesnt seem to have a problem embedding ads into their flash videos, I'm sure placing ads into the html5 video stream shoudlnt be a problem either - afterall they are the biggest scumbag/advertising company around with 'engineers' (and I use that word very lightly) that can implement this into these really useless videos.
Build the ability to upload videos into the Youtube app, and a simple button that says 'upload this support video to youtube', the app would then upload a video Microsoft has created that simply blasts google for being hyprocrites and speaks to how google is trying to block youtube on WP - the youtube site will eventually be flooded with thousands of copies of this video.  Might as well throw in some scrooggled and lagdroid videos too. Using googles own resources against them.
Throw money and support behind sites like Vimeo, giving them the ability to take youtube out.  Youtube is absolute shit with the amount of ads that play on the site, its a ripe time for a real competitor that can offer similar content with less blatant ads plastered all over the site.

sarim_xyz says:

The other day my friend was trying to watch a video on YouTube (some cricket clip) and it said,"This video requires payment to watch"...LoL :D

return_0 says:

Lol troll much?

chinlj says:

What a bully Google has become

return_0 says:

M$ is the real bully here, trying to deprive content creators of money.

neo158 says:

Maybe you should learn to read, Android Central is three buttons to the left at the top of the page.
Microsoft repeatedly asked for access to the APIs to create a YouTube app that doesn't violate the TOS and Google denied them the access they needed, so Microsoft decided to fuck Google sideways and release the app anyway, now Google are getting shitty about it after Larry "hypocrite" Page talked about "more interoperability and less negativity between companies".
BTW the 1990s called, they want their M$ back!!!!

Google just got trolled hard and backed into a corner

MrTimSmith says:

Great response by Microsoft.

Maybe I am reading way too much into this but, Microsoft is a pretty smart company and would not have done this without some alternative motive.  I am sure they have some of the smartest legal advisors around. Maybe they are setting the groundwork for something bigger.  
I mean it is not like there aren't other alterntives on WP and those on Android that are not up to the TOS snuff test either. In fact Chrome iself violates their own TOS.
If the truth is that Google allows only partial access to their API's and held back the rest (those that would allow Microsoft to fuffill the TOS ) this would lead to unfair competitive advantage for Google/YouTube .  I seem to remember a landmark case in 2001 that was similar to this in one respect.  That company held many of it's APIs back from web browser developers thus keeping it's superior market advantage in check.  Oh yeah, there was some of that OEM arm twisting too.  US v Microsoft (2001)
You know history always has a strange way repeating itself, just with new cast members in different roles.

Eddie_Lomax says:

Yeah, I'm guessing Microsoft knew exactly what they were doing too.
Google has been getting a lot of negative press recently (in the UK they are being roasted for diverting their profits to Ireland to take advantage of low tax rates there while making the sales in the UK).  The way I see it Google cannot win this one, if Apple got negative press for pursuing Samsung for $1 billion (even if justified) then here its even better as Google cannot claim large amounts of money but they look even worse for denying equal access to their "free" sites.
As for adverts I think this is Googles own fault, they have the content on their servers, if they then allow users to stream the video without the advert then how is that the fault of the users?  If they really wanted to force users to watch ads then those adverts would be the first 30 seconds of each video, but then Youtube would quickly become too painful to use.

chinlj says:

What a bully

kittananj says:

Don't be evil Google!

palnew says:

F*** google

Back in fools paradise! MS fanboys living in the 1990s. Today Google is a bigger, richer, more popular company than MS, check finances and share values and service user numbers. Well done Google for reminding them who the boss is. Meanwhile, Joe Belfiore can take my Shitphone 7.8 back for free. Hahaha

neo158 says:

If you don't like Windows Phone, don't use it. Go use Lagdroid instead!!!

I case you forget, this is Windows Phone Central, Android Central is three buttons over at the top of this page.

return_0 says:

Hey, say hi to the guys in 2010 for me, will ya?

neo158 says:

I said hi to them for you, they say they're fine and you need to STFU and GTFO!!!!

bluemooberry says:

wow...your comment is so full of sh**.

Geddeeee says:

At least we aren't  Android (Lag TM) fanboys.
Google - the boss??? You keep dreaming. Without Windows you wouldn't have Android. Simple as that. Android is developed on Windows PCs.
Statistics mean nothing. MS will be here a long, long time after Google is a bad taste in the mouth!!!

Umm, MS has a much more diverse company with long term viability.  Google is an advertizing firm and not much else.  They continue to try to be more, but all of it involves sending people back to their advertizing arms. 
One of Google's big negatives - small patent portfolio.  Another big negative - selling a "free" phone OS and requiring Google, Chrome, and YouTube be installed as part of making it "free". 
Once Google has to start paying patent fees to MS (it's coming) then watch all the other Android makers sue Google for dumping.  We already know Samsung is abandoning Android in the future, so their mobile OS is already dead in the water.  They are still dominate in search, but losing ground.  People are tired of them.
Google will be a fraction of itself in five years.  This isn't a company like Microsoft or Apple where they actually make things for people to buy.  MS' Office division is hugely profitable, but so is their Enterprise division, Azure, Windows, and the list goes on.  Google's main strength is gathering as much data on you and me as possible and then selling it while also turning it over to the government upon request, no warrant needed. 

Desmo74 says:

What planet do you live on? The one where you all dance in the evening to the "developers, developers, developers, developers!!" tune by the lardo Ballmer?
"small patent portfolio"...that ended with the Mororola puchase. Samusing isn't abandoning Android, but I'll tell you what platform they hardly support and will abandon completely,....can you guess it? Then they'll join LG and other OEMs that consider the WP platform a waste of time and money. 
Since when do google "require" that certain apps be installed? Chrome and Youtube do not come stock with the phone...those are apps that you can download in the store. 
"People are tired of them"...hardly...having close to a billion activations since day one, 48 billion app downloads and capturing 73% of the market in 3rd quarter of 2012 with 123 million units sold compared to Microsoft with 4 million units sold in the same time frame.
WP is failing and Blackberry will be the 3rd ecosystem by the end of the year...
I'm not an Android supporter either...I use Meego and will be switching to Ubuntu phone or Sailfish. My search engine is Duck Duck Go and I use Linux on all my I have no horse in this race. 

chucky78 says:

It's about time Microsoft grew some nut. GO MICROSOFT!!!

Chen Vivi says:

Screw google, and screw MS as well. Google now is just doing exactly the same thing once MS has done in the past. Remember Netscape.

akshayar640 says:

Netscape? What about it?

neo158 says:

Microsoft squeezed them out of the market in the 90s by threatening to remove the rights of OEMs who chose to install Netscape on Windows machines.

Invaderhim says:

I notice they don't give you the link to download the app like they normally do.

juanbelljr says:

I hate google! That is all!

WoWNyx says:

Good guy google is becoming a dick!!!

JoRdaNeK says:

Im glad google are scared, pretty soon (after instagram inevitably comes) YouTube is going to be one of the only high-end apps being a dick about joining, even BBC have came crawling back!

return_0 says:

Yeah, they're scared that the company with one-thirtieth the market share will overtake them.

MDboyz says:

Let me break the news to you.  Google doesn't own the mobile market share.  It's Samsung.  One day when Samsung moves away from Android to their own OS, Google has to kiss Android market goodbye.

Smart Microsoft. They called google out. And now google has a choice,
both Wins for Microsoft:
Deny API: Called out as hypocrites; Bad PR; Antitrust likely to follow
Allow API: Microsoft gets API access only Google has had; Microsoft Wins
Either way, its a Win for Microsoft.
Microsoft is Captain Kirk and Google is their Kobayashi Maru. They dont believe in a No-Win Scenario. Instead, they change the game itself.

How two-faced can you get?  In the Oracle vs Google case, Google claimed that the use of APIs is "in the public interest".  They won that judgement.  Now they claim exactly the opposite?
I just hope the Appeals Court judges read Google's claims in this matter against Microsoft.  They have 100% contradicted themselves.  If the Appeals Court reverses their decision, Android, and possibly Google themselves, are finished. Obviously Microsoft understand this.  They're doing exactly the same to Google as Google are doing to Oracle.  If it ever goes before a judge, Microsoft can quote Google in their own defence.
Who on earth is managing these clowns?

hutuka says:

*cough* Instagram *cough*

Xaphoon148 says:

Wow... Big brother google strikes again... And they also claims patent to be able to search trough emails for "bad" words...
They've really gone over the edge...
Glad I've deleted every google account and email long ago, and I don't like North Korea much either...

akshayar640 says:

I once had deep respect for Google. Then they said they won't make any apps for wp. Now, trying to play dirty games with MS over YouTube app. Google, I never expected you to go to such a cheap level . Such a shame.

Its google's money loving, power hungry executives rearing their ugly heads. I miss when google was a company of promise, making awesome services and applications, and the company (appeared to be) made up of multiple teams with awesome ideas working in unison. Now they lust for Smartphone Domination and Money. Their Ad platform has tooken over everything (from mail, to youtube)... h*ll, even the Google homepage, when viewed in anything but chrome, has ads for chrome (and an extra one on IE10 for "add google back to start" for its Google Search Windows Store Application)

jonathanrn says:

Google has been being more and more evil lately. Greed takes its toll, I guess.

akshayar640 says:!search/either$20provide$20a$20YouTube$20app/youtube/yqnRuwfmWx4/W7qWCucMObMJ
I just created a post in their youtube product forums regarding this. Please join me and let Google know WP users' voice.