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Nokia Lumia 930 confirmed to be coming soon to Ireland on Meteor

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See what's inside the Verizon Nokia Lumia 928

Lumia 928

Just like the Lumia 920, Nokai's new Lumia 928 has had its case pulled off to reveal what's inside. We're always under the impression that Nokia packs magic inside its family of Windows Phones, with an army of fairies making the experience complete. Unfortunately, the Verizon Lumia 928 is (like technology in general) powered by circuitry. Interested to see what's inside?

Lumia 928

All the goodness, including wireless charging can be spotted in the published shots, but what's interesting to note is how the Lumia 928 doesn't sport the same board layout as the 920 and looks similar to the Lumia 820. Be sure to head on over to the Chinese forum for more images of the multiple parts that make up the Lumia 928 as we know it.

Source:; thanks, dyx171, for the tip!



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willied says:

Looks like they could make a smaller version.

EDMmmmmmm says:

I would be interested to hear where you think we could have made the phone smaller...

John20212 says:

There certainly is space for at least a microSD slot.

In Limbo says:

Surely they must have forgotten it.
With all that room they should throw in a flux capacitor too . . . ugh . . .

jabtano says:

Nobody knew about it...

willied says:


In Limbo says:

Nevermind. We're wasting space now, lol.
Sorry WP Central community!

cddigi says:

Looks like they fixed the hot spot issue on the 920 by having multiple heatsinks instead of the one above the camera.

Choco22 says:

Nokai's new Lumia 928?

walter1832 says:

That's the Chinese knock-off.

What about the Lumai 925???

ZX9 says:

Daniel must be away...

NIST says:

That's pretty clean. Compare it to a cracked open S4?

ninny1176 says:

Got my 928 yesterday (had Focus S w/7.8) - so far it's been a fantastic device!

I've thought about switching from at&t to Verizon but I have a feeling at&t is going to cone out with something better from Nokia

jcagga says:

Not really interested.

mjrtoo says:

Nice device, glad to have Verizon on board!


Best Nokia phone so far. Its like butter.

binthham says:

Great looking phone. Has anyone heard what might be coming out for WP around the holidays? I was planning on upgrading then but this is tempting me. :-)

111san says:

There will always be something better around the corner....if u think this will serve all ur needs today its probably good enough

I'd cancel early with AT&T to get this phone IF and that's IF I can be assured that the proximity sensor issue is fixed.

immyperez says:

They should have made the placement of the flash flush with the curves beside the camera lense! It looks so wrong!!!

dta4316 says:

Hi, I saw some comment that this Verizon 928 is unlocked...but when I go to Verizon store, they told me they don't sell unlocked phone. This is really confusing, does someone really try and see if they can use a AT&T or t-mobile sim card with it?

zvery777 says:

This phone is cdma, has no sim card, so it won't work on ATT or tmobile

techgeek32 says:

Yes. It does have a SIM slot and it is HSPA+ Global Ready. All Verizon Global phones are unlocked due to an arrangement with the FCC in regards to the 700Mhz band. You have to contact Verizon for some models to have them turn on the feature, but if you are a customer in good standing it usually just takes a phone call. 8x and DNA are fully unlocked right off the bat.

jabtano says:

I'm excited about this device because it's adds to the high end WP8 devices.

Rich, can you fix it?

DavidinCT says:

Come on hidden SD slot !!!!

Wonder what at&t the "Premier Windows Phone Carrier" is going to come out with next. I have a feeling that Nokia is cooking something special for at&t

jonchai says:

If you already own a Lumia 920 on AT&T, there's no point switching now. Be patient, wait for September announcement.

Melus Haque says:

Whats the rectangular box right above the camera window? earpiece?

Vroom2x says:

Does the 929 come SIM unlocked?