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Register for the Canadian Ottawa International Game Conference and save 50%

Microsoft Booth

The Ottawa International Game Conference kicks off in a week's time. The conference, which lasts for three days, will take place on May 29th - 31st and features new innovations and trends in the gaming industry in Canada. Numerous speakers all across the board will be present to relay knowledge and expertise.

Here are some OIGC highlights:

  • 45 Speakers, Keynote Presenters and Panelists
  • 5 Tracks (developer, artist, entrepreneur, marketer, indie,  students or just an idea person)
  • A Full pre-conference day of Workshops and learning sessions from the bests of the bests (Microsoft, BlackBerry and Game Design 101 with Dr. Ernest Adams)
  • Exhibitors and recruiters will be attending and giving away tons of SWAG
  • A Demo Zone, where your games will get amazing exposure  (Submissions still accepted)
  • A Game Art expo from some of the most talented artists around Ottawa (Submissions still accepted)
  • Access to resumes and CV's submitted by attendees upon registration.
  • An opportunity to support youth in the different app jams
  • Great parties and networking opportunities
  • If you'll be in the area and are interested in attending, we've got a sweet deal for you. As a special promo for Mobile Nations readers, you can save 50% on the full registration price by using the code mobilenations.

There's only a few days left so be sure to get in quick. Are you heading down? We'll have our guys from CrackBerry at the event, so stay tuned for more information.

Source: OIGC, via: CrackBerry



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buggyglint says:

I'm from Ottawa, should be fun.

I love reading things like this. I'm highly excited to start developing. (after some more learning in coding)

simphf says:

I live close to Ottawa.

chezm says:

In Toronto...too far :(

blackprince says:

Leafs fans make that trip all the time, should be easy.

KillaRizzay says:

It's a 4 hour drive.

bilal soomro says:

Whuch one Symbian or Windows Phone. For me Symbian is better than Windows Phone if it have 1.5 dual core processor and 1080p screen with 470ppi.

blackprince says:

Symbian is dead!

bilal soomro says:

Its dead only because of Nokia.