Liquid Daffodil adds Klingon text effect to all published apps

LD Kinglon

Liquid Daffodil, the developer behind many popular apps available across the Windows ecosystem, has announced that all apps now support the Klingon text effect. Bing originally unveiled that the service will be 'translating' Klingon. For those of you who aren't too sure what Klingon is, it's a fictional warrior race in the Star Trek universe.

As shown in the above screenshot, Liquid Daffodil apps will now enable the user to transform entered text into Klingon. It's a rather humorous and pointless exercise, but many are doing it and it's noted that the change has been well received. In other news, should you utilise the Twitter clients for Windows 8, you'll be pleased to learn that full support for streaming has been implemented for all clients on the desktop platform.

We're sure many will find it handy to have timeline, mentions and retweets displayed in snapped view, while focusing on another app / desktop mode.



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jlynnm350z says:

I am a true warrior. Klingons are god like.

venetasoft says:

Liquid Daffodil is really great :) !!!

tgr42 says:

You really felt it necessary to explain what a Klingon is?  If you were any other man, I would kill you where you stand!

Codesmith says:

According to recent "Medical Journals" there ARE about 4 people per 10,000 who DON'T know what Klingon is...and they MAY be reading this right now! :)

jabtano says:

Very nice something new to play with..some new to annoy my daughters with.....fun

DaiaX says: