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Talk Mobile 2013 Launch Party, live in living color

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Mobile Nations launches Talk Mobile 2013!

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From the Editor’s desk: returning to normal, Lumia 928 specs and Kessler joining the party

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From the Editor's Desk: Get ready for #TM13!

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Mobile Nations podcast 21: Announcing Talk Mobile 2013!

Kevin Michaluk of CrackBerry, Phil Nickinson of Android Central, Daniel Rubino of Windows Phone Central, and Rene Ritchie of iMore come together to talk about… Talk Mobile 2013! What is it, how will it work, and just how awesome will it be? Find out!

Show notes



Got something to say? Agree or disagree with something we said? Have something you want us to discuss on a future show? Don't just sit there yelling at the screen, dammit, leave a comment below or contact us via:






There are 29 comments. Sign in to comment

S_C_B says:

First! I couldn't help myself.

xconomicron says:

Dan you look at least 10 years younger with your haircut. ...Now back on topic.  This is something I am definitely looking forward to.  I couldn't think of any other person to represent the Windows Phone community but you Dan.   Anyway, this is "kind of" like the weekly podcasts from Pocketnow. 

P.S. Kevin still looks like a hipster. xD

lol, thank you (Fun fact: I'm actually the 2nd oldest of the bunch). As someone who is not very comfortable about being public, I can always use the encouragement :P

Judge_Daniel says:

I was just thinking about commenting about how each of the podcasters looks like the OS they represent. I'll let people come to their own conclusions, but I must say that I think Rubino's change parallel WM6.5 >WP7, haha.

LumiaWorld says:

He looks good! He suits his hair.

rodneyej says:

I have to say that D. Rubino is the most "modern" "coolest" looking of them all!!! Holla at ya boi!.. Lol

I have to represent the coolest OS, right? Gotta play the part well and make you folks proud.

jsnod25 says:

Dan are you vegetarian or vegan?

Vegetarian, going on my 16th year. Mad respect for vegans, but I can't give up on omelettes!

Clice says:

The Zune link is not working, getting an error on Zune (http://marketplace.xbox.com) page..
Whats the way people sign up for podcasts in WP8?

Will look into it, thanks.

But TBH, the best way to get all of our podcasts on WP8? Use the app called Podcast Lounge. Quite outstanding and used by many of us on staff here (great dev too). Load it up and search for "Mobile Nations" and will see them all populate there.

Clice says:

Neato!  Thank you for the tip, I'm looking forward to the podcasts!

Nobodykid says:

Saw the app, but it was paid one. Any recommendations for free one? (nb: I'm WP7.8)

Clice says:

I don't know of any, but it's very cheap, let's support a good quality product. I'm sure there are some good free podcast apps though, but this app seems to have a very high quality!

Nobodykid says:

thanks, btw it's not like I can't afford it. It's just I dont know how internet banking works, also how using my card (i've debit only).
but thanks to some kindhearted developers which making free apps and non-time-limited trials (like WPC app) now my Lumia 610 can help me better :)

poddie says:

The unpaid version is fine. Unlimited streaming. I bought it but I haven't yet used any of the paid features...

jsnod25 says:

App called PODCAST! is just fine, free, ties to you Zune and does push notification when new episodes come out...

camptime says:

Hay Daniel thanks for the tip on Podcast Lounge it's very slick.

xyronaut says:

Agree. Daniel's look is the coolest, and pretty much stand-outs among the others without those big mics ;)

Nakazul says:

Sounds interesting this event. Between Dan and Bennett? Hard to say, both are really great and would represent Microsoft stuff in a great way.
When will we get to see George and the Paul's faces on a WPCentral cast, and Sam and the rest of the team of cause.

My thoughts is that representing Microsoft at this point in history should be most fun with being such a young platform and the big M stepping up there tempo. Will be a great year for mobile if they can keep deliver new symtuff and fill in the holes they made in the process.

We'll have some of the other staff on the podcast soon, we're planning on a rotating position.

mrappbrain says:

Dan what happened to webosnation? Aren't they part of talk mobile?

xacious says:

They stated in the video webos has no new hardware therefore they won't have a presence at this event. Webosnations chief editor will be doing behind the scenes stuff though.

Kooosh says:

Not promising. Let's hope the articles and discusion are more interesting than this podcast. 

Dan and Phil I'd say are the coolest

Planblover08 says:

I was expectingn a celebrity deathmatch for some reason. Very interesting podcast. Dan is the man. That dude is cool andn hella chill. I read check WP Central 3 times a day at work. Really looking forward to Talk Mobile.

aceoforder says:

Dan does look pretty cool. And good lookin', I might add!

mishie says:

Yes Dan you're so handsome !! I have a slight crush on you. I'm not even kidding..haha