Note+ gets bumped to version 2.7, adds Kid's Corner integration


Note+ is a rather straight forward Windows Phone app to pin note reminders to your Start Screen. The app was recently updated to version 2.7 that brings a few under the hood improvements along with Kid's Corner integration.

So why Kid's Corner integration? Should your kids use your Windows Phone they can leave reminders for school, chores around the house, etc.  Then there's situations where you might want to leave them a note to remind them about something.  The integration keeps your Note+ notes separate and unseen from those generated in the Kid's Corner.


Asides from the performance enhancements and Kid's Corner integration the Note+ update also adds an screen orientation lock to prevent the screen from rotating as you turn your Windows Phone.

Along with the new features, Note+ still has Skydrive support, voice commands, and security PIN features. It's a rather simple and easy way to take notes and pin reminders to your Start Screen.

There is a trial version available for Note+ with the full version running $1.29. It's available for Windows Phone 8 and 7.x devices and you can find Note+ here in the Windows Phone Store.

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Kids Corner is Awesome. Too bad, I am yet to make kids

cdb033 says:

I never let my son hold my 920. That is what his Xbox 360 is for.

JKOgden says:

Same here, I love the idea of Kids corner, but I don't want my daughter to drop or scratch my expensive phone.

toph36 says:

Kid's Corner is great. Love not having to worry what my daughter is doing when she is playing games on my phone. Great use of Kid's Corner by Note+. Might have to try it.