UPDATED: Vine client, 6Sec, now available as PRIVATE beta for Windows Phone 8

UPDATE: Apologies, but the beta for 6Sec is a private beta, not a public one. That was a screw up on the part of this here writer. Sorry about that.

Last week we gave you a little peek at Rudy Huyn's unofficial Vine (www.vine.co) client app for Windows Phone 8. That app, 6Sec, is now available for download in PRIVATE beta form in the Windows Phone Store for you to evaluate.

Following the recent craze over Instagram and SnapChat, Vine is the latest target for third-party developers. There's no indication that Vine will be putting out an official app of their own, so it's good to know that someone like Rudy Huyn is on the case.

We'll keep you posted on the beta progress for 6Sec.



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scottisafool says:

It's a private beta isn't it? People not approved can't install it.

SahilShah says:

Not allowed to download, even though it is supposed to be a public beta...

tbkern466 says:

This may be a stupid question, but how do you get permission to download it?

Miistercoool says:

I have the same question O.O

aguszucca says:

Check the devs twitter account, its says how can you get the permission to download it

bono5112 says:

Won't let me download, says I don't have permission

oolgac says:

Is anyone else getting a message saying they don't have permission to download the app?

Steven Banks says:

Same issue here, at 11:55 Pacific... No Permission error

jiffffy pop says:

I'm getting the same thing as people above.

WinPhanKyle says:

Don't have permission to download app :(

razorguy says:

No permission. Lame.

arnieman says:

Pretty sure it's a closed beta...

rsweis62 says:

cant download

rudyhuyn says:

Hi guys !!! I think that the writer make a little mistake, in fact it's a real beta, not a hidden published application, so I need to register your live id to add you to the allowed list.
What is the difference between a real beta and a hidden published application : I can upload the app in 1 hour, don't need to wait 4 days that the Store validates the app. So I can fix bugs very quickly and this is the purpose of this beta before the public release.
So, I have some token if you want to test, register you here, I will add your account asap : 

Thanks! Sent my I.D.

SahilShah says:

Cool! I.D. Sent!

androidtoWM says:

Thanks. added my account id and also sent you a tweet.

WinPhanKyle says:

Thanks Rudy. Just sent you my ID.

jrnag24 says:

Thanks sent it in

tbkern466 says:

Thanks for the information. I'm looking forward to seeing your app in person. Keep up the good work!

5tephen says:

Sent mine as well

Azzid says:

Sent a request also.

jrpeters89 says:

Just registered...cant wait to test! Thanks Rudy.

taymur says:

after we register, we will still have to wait for tuesday? or should i keep on hitting install? :P

Seth Brodeur says:

Just updated the post. My apologies, Rudy!


edenmoore says:

Just sent in my ID. Looking forward to it!

mccasive says:

Thanks Rudy, I just sent in my live Id.

FrankEpr says:

Thanks! I Just sent you my hotmail ID

desolateone says:

Thank you! I sent a request

Aleem Aslam says:

Request sent.. Thx in advance.

Sweet! Added my ID

Miistercoool says:

Me too!!! Hope I can test the app out!!

C4llian says:

I've send you an e-mail :).

Micah Dawson says:

Sent an email :)

rikipy says:

send, and i try to help for translating the app for spanish loc

cxily says:

I can translate it in French but you are already French so...

Thanks a lot Rudy

MichyPrince says:

Thanks! I.D. Sent!

jado777 says:

I would love to evaluate this app! I hope it opens up to the public soon, It would be hillariously Ironics having Vine before most Android devices.

C4llian says:

Not permission to download it (FR).

rudyhuyn says:

normal, il faut que tu t'enregistres pour que je t'ajoute à la liste des personnes autorisées avant ;)

C4llian says:

Je vous ai envoyer mon ID (:

DannyBiker says:

Wow...je savais même pas que tu étais Français! :)

clappenings says:

It's EPIC. That is all

mayniak says:

Don't have permission...

Josh Harman says:

Read the comments, developer explains.

mjfadaway says:

He was granting access to people yesterday. Its a clean app!

RMathis77 says:

Great app Beta test  is working well just trying to figure out all where everything is within the app.  such as swiping the post to Like Share and Comment. 
This is nice fast and clean! 

rudyhuyn says:

Tutorial and hint will be included in the public version 

Jrexxx says:

Eat your hearts out I've got the beta and not you! Haha feels good to be in on something for once :P

iboypx says:

Send the Live ID.. add me for Beta test

chadwick611 says:

This app is awesome

FrankEpr says:

Great, now I'm checking my email and WPC every 3 minutes to see if I'm in the beta... :-\

rudyhuyn says:

I added everybody, you will receive an email in 10 minutes (some person hasn't give me there live id email, I can't add you without that)

FrankEpr says:

Hey Rudy, I just receive your email...but there's no link to the app, how do I access it?

abond32 says:

Hello Rudy I just filled out form and added my live id. DreBond.. Would like to be apart of the beta?? Thanks!!

Rene89 says:

hey rudy! i just sent in my live info! thanks a bunch 

polomint says:

Sent my email, registered, cant wait :)

HawkMage42 says:

I got the email approved for beta, but no link. Does anyone have the link previously posted on this article to the store?

tbkern466 says:

I'm in the same boat

mayniak says:

I didn't get a link either. Whatamayniak@live.com

Micah Dawson says:

I got the email with a Link and app installed on my 920

amitnahar says:

Can u send me dat mail...
Thanx a ton...

FrankEpr says:

Check your emails again...

FrankEpr says:

This guy is a genius...the app looks amazing!

msualum says:

Such a tease!

h4ck3d says:

This app is awesome, user interface is sick!! 

O and, If anyone is having issues installing the app after it downloads just reboot your phone.

awesome app. beautiful interface. Cant wait for uploads in future versions!

Just sent my request :) Hope I recieve my email soon!! =D

nessinhaw says:

wow this app is so polished and beautiful it makes me wanna start using Vine :o maybe i'll buy it once it's released!

Unbelievably impressed with this app. Good job out of the developer!

Sent in my details and hoping for the best. Would LOVE to be a part of the beta. Big Vine supporter right here.

aerosmillie says:

Only just heard about Vine. Request permission to come aboard. Love trying new apps out.

eortizr says:

VINER is working just fine,, whats the difference btw this one and Viner?

dainla says:

This one will have an upload feature.

AndyBalboa says:

I guess this one's not going to be on WP7.x . 

Tommy Cuevas says:

I like it way better than the Android app!

meier2k8 says:

I'm floating in the same boat here. I really want to try this app!