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Is the RM-877 the Nokia EOS?

Nokia RM-877 receives FCC stamp of approval: Could this be the 41MP EOS for AT&T?

The FCC recently approved the Nokia RM-877 that is compatible with AT&T's LTE bands, pentaband HSPA+/WCDMA and quad-band GSM/Edge. The FCC documents also not the device has NFC, Bluetooth and dual-band Wi-Fi.

Beyond that, there's not much more to go on but there is a strong possibility that this is the EOS Windows Phone aka 'Elvis' for AT&T. Nokia has requested all the juicy documents that have device photos, schematics, the user manual and device specifications to remain private.  So for now, it's pure speculation that the RM-877 and the EOS are one in the same.

Nokia RM-877 schematic

There is one schematic was included in the test reports that has the dimensions of the RM-877 being 5.13 inches tall and 2.81" wide. While thickness was not documented (which might have been a dead give away), the height and width is just a smidgen wider than the Lumia 920 which, if the leaked images hold true, is along the lines of what we are expecting the size of the EOS to be.  

Could the RM-877 be Nokia's EOS Windows Phone? While there's no mention of a 41MP camera, there is mention in the FCC's public documents of a camera grip. Could a 41MP shooter warrant a camera grip accessory?

While this could go either way.  There's just not enough meat on the bone to say for certain this is the EOS Windows Phone.  But then again, there's nothing for certain to say it isn't the EOS.  The good news is that we shouldn't have long to wait for the July 11th event that should shed a lot of light on things.

Source: FCC, via: Engadget; Thanks, Zack, for the tip!



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xconomicron says:


MMissionary says:

if you're ready come and get it!!

Agent-P says:

And now I have this song stuck in my head.

xconomicron says:

oh man.....  -_______-

EDIT: Since I haven't heard Selena Gomez sing yet...I listened to the entire song.  My ears didn't bleed like they did for Rebecca Black.  Maybe there won't be any delayed side effects...


Haha Rebecca Black is pretty bad. But, one of the teen moms from that MTV show (Teen Mom) did a song, it's absolutely terrible.

mrshamoozoo says:

one of those girls from teen mom did a porno too not too long ago. scandalous hoes!


Yeah, MTV reality shows will do that to a person lol

Duffau says:

She's actually a lot better than most singers coming from Disney.

sayonical says:

When you ready ay ay ay ay ;)

abel920 says:

I'm your wife.  You know what to get me for my birthday :), dear husband.

xconomicron says:

bling and strap-ons! xD

abel920 says:

Have you forgotten you've married a wife with a mobile-esque taste? =)

xconomicron says:

Oh...alright, I'll buy you one too honey.  I still think you should get my old Titan instead of this phone. 

Slater_GS says:

I've got my money, but since it looks like VZW hasn't gotten there s#&@ together yet I am out of luck.

KQ17 says:

If they don't want it, I'll come and get it. Thx.

L0gic Bom8 says:

And here comes the stampede! ;-P

CJ Thunder says:

The Qi add-on cases better look good.

theefman says:

Why would I buy a phone thats been thrown face down on the ground? :)

inferno434 says:

No kidding... Get that phone off of the dirt man! Who would do that...

Denegar says:

Ah! Same thought exactly! Phone abuse!!

piniout says:

Haha,its your money,not nokias!!
Mine goes too to Nokia,but I'd like to be 8,5" inch or less thin.. That's my problem only!!

AccentAE86 says:

Pentaband?  So this will work on Tmo/WIND/Mobilicity?  Awesome!

Musicman247 says:

It will, which makes me wonder if this is a new model number for the TMO 925, since the specs they list for the three existing handsets don't quite match TMO's radio bands.

Duffau says:

Looks like pentaband HSPA+ (refarmed areas already get ATT "4G") and quadband GSM. Looms to me like it won't be any different than the 920. I hope im wrong though.

Mooncow27 says:

If it's the EOS. I'll take two please. HTC surround is on its way out. Should not have paid $35 to unlock it months ago. It might not last.

MrGoodSmith says:

Wallet open, fingers ready

jlynnm350z says:

That is going to be a wicked camera.

KasakDesign says:

Ugly look. Then again I dont buy phones cause they're pretty. Lol

diod123 says:

Function over form, especially with tech

xrs22 says:

Nahhh, to gaudy.

jlynnm350z says:

Why are they going 8xx instead of 9xx?? Hmm. Inquiring minds want to know.

jjmurphy says:

Pretty sure the Lumia 920 had an 8xx number as well.

Duffau says:

The RM numbers are code and don't actually correlate with the lumia model numbers. I believe I did read somewhere that a new 8xx series phone is on the way though.

mictic49 says:

I have a Nokia...and I have loved the design of their phones thus far, but I wouldn't spend a dime on this phone. That big bulge of a circle just looks really own personal opinion.

lubbalots says:

I lost my bulge because of it. Reminds me of Beauty and the Beast. ATT gets the Beast while Verizon will get the beauty (Phablet aluminum version). Sucks to think about it.

aitt says:

Sigh here we go again with the bulge...


The camera on my Galaxy Nexus absolutely sucks. If this is the EOS, I'd gladly consider it, because I'm tired of my photos looking like trash (most of them, anyway). I can only imagine the photos a 41 MP camera would take =)

lubbalots says:

What was your purpose of getting the nexus in the first place. For camera or for Android or because it was cheap? Another thing, did you do research before purchasing your product?


I got it because it was Android and cheap. I was a little tight on money, around November of last year. I had to get something fast, because I just switched from T-Mobile to Verizon. I read reviews about the camera, and I thought the reviewers were just being picky. Turns out, they weren't "just being picky" lol.

vlad0 says:

You don't have to imagine.. there are plenty of images out taken with that exact same camera system.
clean pixels.. clean pixels everywhere!


Those pictures are amazing!!! This may replace my GNex; or it may be my second phone =)
I really like Android, but I'm open to something new and different.
Off Topic: How awesome would it be, for Nokia to become as big as Samsung? I think it would be cool, to see Nokia topple Blackberry and Apple. 

Sean D. says:

...Again, you mean?


Sorry, I was just thinking out loud. 

clappenings says:

Breaking news: This isn't a phone at all lmao

rx74ray says:


xconomicron says:


Miksup says:

They call it a Monstercameraphone

xconomicron says:


Apply_Logic says:

I get a boner everytime I see an article about this phone. Wow. CAN'T WAIT!!!!

mnkhalid2000 says:

Boner !! Come on man Apply_Logic ( apply some logic here :P )
You've got a condition dude .. Thats not a hole but a bulge there :D.

Bugrahan says:

EDIT: double post, please delete this.

Bugrahan says:

reveals that this comes with a new AC adapter, namely AC-60U (or AC-60). Mine which came with Lumia 920 is AC-50, which is their top of the line right now with 1.3A output. I assume this new one has even more output.
EDIT: looks like hotlinking to FCC is not possible, it is at attachment 6a, page 1.

Rockartisten says:

I wonder if this is using the Snapdragon 800, or if they have a secondary chip for the camera instead.

vlad0 says:

My best guess so far is 1:1 port from the 808, whcih requires a companion chip inside the camera module which helps with the processing load.

In fact, I am not sure if even the snap 800 could handle the processing load required for oversampling during video recording. Yes, it does support the megapixel count, but there is more than that to it..

theflew says:

I was thinking the same thing.  If anything it might come with an upgraded Snapdragon S4 Plus or Pro dual core.  And use the Broadcom for heavy lifting still.

vlad0 says:

Yup.. good job to whoever wrote the drivers for that broadcom chip to run on NT.. I know it wasn't easy to do for Symbian either..

nasellok says:

give me this on Verizon, please........

+1  Yes, Please!

OMG55 says:

As one of our wpcentral constitutes says, "My bodies ready"

Note** Not "Not"

rodneyej says:

Does anyone know the significance in the designations for 9xx devices? Why 920 for at&T, 928 for Verizon, and 925 for T-Mobile?? Is there some kind of relation? No obvious answers please.

Micah Dawson says:

I don't get what you're asking.

rodneyej says:

I don't know how I can put it any simpler.. I guess im saying how do they come up with the specific names for each carriers device.. Names are designations.. I think..

Duffau says:

They're just model numbers like any other phone. The 9xx series is the highest end, followed by the 8xx series and so on. 920 is the model after the 900, and any number ending in a number other than zero is a variation of the same model AFAIK. So 925 and 928 are variations of the 920. The EOS probably won't be in the 92x series. Is that what you were asking?

rwalrond says:

Hey Nokia,
The BUILD conference is next week... perfect time to update our developer 920's.

vlad0 says:

130.35mm tall and 71.4mm wide..

xconomicron says:

Wasn't the 920 70.8mm wide?  Would that be considered as a 4.7" screen?

vlad0 says:

.. we will have to wait and see, but if this is a proper camera phone, Nokia would want to put a 16:9 aspect ratio screen on it, which would be welcomed.

But going from those dimensions, its pretty much the same height but wider.. so, I dunno

textomatic says:

Am I'm the only one that thinks this is going to be a 20 megapixel camera???  XX is 20 in roman numeral, right?

xconomicron says:

YES!  lol

Where have you been?  Go back to the other 5 million EOS articles and read through the comments.  This has already been mentioned so many times.

But since I am nice...

Nokia uses XX as placeholders (NOT ROMAN NUMERALS) on their prototypes to hide the actual number of MP from competitors...they did this with the 808 and N8 and are doing the same with the EOS. 

textomatic says:

Thank you for explaining that, insults and all.

xconomicron says:

no problem dude! xD

Actually TBH, I was pretty nice because technically this has been mentioned a lot and like I've said, people have replied some with pretty abusive the past 5+ articles.

textomatic says:

You think you where pretty nice but actually you where condescending.  Anyway, next time if you want to be nice leave out the low blows.  BTW, not every has the time to read every article posted on the interwebs.

Duffau says:

I don't think he was being all that condescending, maybe a touch =D
There have actually been leaks of the XX replaced with 41. So ya, this is the real deal, not 20.

navidee says:

July 11th seems so far away. :'(

Wevenhuis says:

How is it possible that this phone is getting such a fast development to production cycle, compared to say the lumia 920 or is just the way I perceive things, supported by a crazy amount of media coverage?

nano321 says:

Didn't want to post the link, but since there is still confusion in author's mind about it being EOS.
So, it is certainly EOS, nect high-end device for AT&T and rest of the world.

nano321 says:

Didn't want to post the link, but since there is still confusion in author's mind about it being EOS.
So, it is certainly EOS, next high-end device for AT&T and rest of the world.

Fndlumia says:

Ok ppl you will see pictures of both eos lumias by Friday..... Promise

Duffau says:

This phone will be hyping everyone up before tmobile even hints at preorders for the 925. Im so tired of them being so freaking slow.